Abbott calls on Texans to 'Back The Blue', pledge against defunding police

New legislative proposal would strip cities who defund police of annexation powers

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September 10, 2020 - 3:20 pm

AUSTIN ( -- Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is taking another step against efforts to defund police departments across the state, launching a pledge against the practice and calling on every Texan and every candidate for public office to sign it.

Abbott signed the pledge at a press event Thursday afternoon at the Austin Police Association headquarters. Joined by House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and members of the Austin Police Association, Abbott also unveiled a new legislative proposal to "protect police funding in communities across the state."

The latest proposal would call for cities that defund their police departments to "forever lose their annexation powers, and any areas and any residents that have ever been annexed by that city in the past will have the power to dis-annex them from the city," Abbott said. It joins another proposal, announced last month, that would freeze property tax revenue for cities who defund their police departments.

"Some cities want to defund and dismantle police departments in Texas — but we cannot allow this to happen in the Lone Star State," Abbott said in a web video announcing the pledge. "This reckless action invites crime into our communities and threatens the safety of all Texans, including our law enforcement officers and their families. That is why I am calling on every Texan and every candidate for public office to join me in signing a pledge against defunding our police departments. We need all leaders and Texans to join us in backing the blue."

Back The Blue pledge
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