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(CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand) -- Survivors scrambled for their lives, scaled fences and hid beneath benches as two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, came under terrorist attack from at least one heavily armed shooter...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- A group of Girl Scouts in western Ohio fought to put a locker for menstrual hygiene products in their school restrooms, and even used some of the money they made from selling cookies to fund it.

"...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- A woman from North Carolina is about to give the gift of life to the man who adopted her when she was an infant.

DeLauren McKnight will soon donate her kidney to her dad, Billy Houze, after tests...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Kevin and Ashley McAlpin turned their love of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects into their own side hustle.

The Knoxville, Tennessee, couple launched their own business, McAlpin Creative, that sells...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Jessica Nabongo is on a mission to be the first black woman to visit every country in the world.

And she's getting close. So far, she's hit 157 countries. In the next seven weeks, she'll add...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday’s sports events:


Miami 12, Houston 6
Washington 10, Minnesota 4
...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration is preparing to further expand rules that would disqualify more visa applicants living abroad and in the U.S. believed by the administration to be using too many public services....Read more

(NEW YORK) -- A powerful storm that triggered nearly 150 reports of severe weather, including five tornadoes, Thursday has finally ended.

The top reported snowfall from the storm was more than 18 inches in...Read more

(MARION, Ind.) -- An Indiana man said he found an intruder dead in his home this week, trapped under his family's 900-pound safe, according to police.

George Hollingsworth, of Marion, Indiana, said he made the...Read more

(LONDON) -- As the countdown builds for the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal baby, the guessing game over the baby’s name has intensified, too.

Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have not...Read more