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(EL CAMPO, Texas) -- A food worker at a Texas elementary school has been arrested after allegedly placing a small hidden camera inside a boy’s bathroom.

Scott Gelardi, a 42-year-old contract Aramark food worker...Read more

(BOSTON) -- A security guard at a clothing store in Boston has been indicted for choking and punching an 11-year-old girl who was shoplifting.

A grand jury returned indictments on Tuesday charging 36-year-old...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Wednesday's sports events:

Philadelphia 109, New York 104
Washington 138, San Antonio 132
Milwaukee 135,...Read more

(ATLANTA) -- The Democratic primary's top 10 polling candidates appeared in Atlanta and the debate matchup featured a night of mostly civil exchanges over the party’s policy rifts and plenty of tailored pitches as the...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Wednesday that could decriminalize marijuana use at the federal level, giving states more room to craft unique regulations.

The "Marijuana...Read more

(ATLANTA) -- Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to deliver a speech on workers' rights Thursday evening, the third speech she has given on the topic since announcing her candidacy -- but the first solely...Read more

(ATLANTA) -- Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren led Wednesday night's Democratic debate in speaking time for the second debate in a row. Warren spoke for 13:54 minutes over the course of approximately 2 1/2 hours....Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Apple on Wednesday abruptly canceled its scheduled Thursday premiere of The Banker at the American Film Institute's AFI Fest in Hollywood, citing unspecified "concerns" surrounding the film.

"...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Actress Brenda Song, who rose to fame playing an air-headed heiress on Disney Channel's Suite Life of Zach and Cody, claims she wasn't allowed to audition for Crazy...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- Former senior government officials and private sector executives warned of major election security shortcomings in a Capitol Hill hearing less than a year out from the 2020 elections.

"Our...Read more