Congress reaches deal on government funding

April 30, 2017 - 11:00 pm

(WASHINGTON) -- Negotiators have reached a deal to fund the government through September, Congressional aides said, staving off the threat of a government shutdown through most of President Donald Trump's first year in office.

The agreement contains increases in spending on defense and border security, which will allow Republicans to claim a political win, while it does not have any cuts to Planned Parenthood or any of Democrats' other "poison pill" non-negotiables, according to aides familiar with the deal.

The bill increases funding for the military by $15 billion, with $1.5 billion of that going to border security, but none of the border security money goes to funding the construction of a physical border wall or to hiring ICE agents.

Republicans will be able to tout increases in defense and border spending, while Democrats will highlight a $2 billion increase in National Institutes of Health funding and year-round Pell grants, as opposed to grants only awarded twice per year.

The measure also includes $68 million to reimburse local law enforcement for protection of the president in New York City and Florida, which members from New York and Florida requested.

The deal does not cut off funding for Planned Parenthood or sanctuary cities -- two things Trump promised to defund.

The House and Senate return Monday night, and could set up a midweek vote.

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