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(LONDON) -- There is a peculiarly British phrase for all those things that split opinions to the extent that no one, no matter how indifferent, has to pick a side.

Named after a particularly divisive condiment...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Three incredible young brothers-turned-entrepreneurs have created a successful candle company that sheds light on a bigger issue and gives back to the homeless community.

Collin, 13, Ryan, 11, and...Read more

(SEOUL, South Korea) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a newly built submarine on Tuesday as North Korean and U.S. negotiators wait to return to the bargaining table.

Korean Central News Agency (KCNA...Read more

(LOS ANGELES) -- Adam Sandler has gathered his friends again for another Netflix project: An as-yet-untitled Salem Massachusetts-set, Halloween-themed comedy.

Sandler is writing the script with frequent...Read more

(BROOKHAVEN, Miss.) -- Four little girls with big hearts are raising money in hopes of paying for the adoption of their fifth sibling.

Susanna, 11; Mary Anson, 11; Eleanor, 7; and Evelyn Tate, 4; have earned $1...Read more

(HACKENSACK, N.J.) -- The fiancee of a New Jersey principal who died after donating bone marrow to a teenager filed a lawsuit against the hospital on Monday, accusing it of negligence and wrongful death.

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(NEW YORK) -- Nineteen people in Costa Rica have died after consuming alcohol tainted with harmful levels of methanol.

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health has confirmed that out of these fatalities, 14 were men...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- New York could become the latest city to punish businesses that refuse to accept cash.

New York's City council will vote on a bill Tuesday that would prohibit most shops and restaurants from...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- Facing pointed questions about a hot-button government investigation in June 2013, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller didn't budge.

"I'm not going to speculate," he flatly told Rep. Jim Jordan, R...Read more

(LONDON) -- Boris Johnson has been chosen as the new leader of the Conservative Party, and will take over as prime minister from Theresa May when she resigns on Wednesday.

Johnson was always the favorite to...Read more