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(WASHINGTON) -- As U.S. and Chinese negotiators sat down in Washington to resume high-level talks on Thursday, President Donald Trump played coy about his desire to cut a deal with China in a tweet as he also announced...Read more

(HOUSTON) -- A Delta flight operated exclusively by women, and carrying 120 young females as passengers, took off this week to inspire more women to become aviators and advocate for equality in a "male-dominated industry...Read more

(MESA, Ariz.) -- An Arizona school bus driver was arrested for allegedly abusing two elementary school students in a disturbing incident that was captured on the bus's surveillance camera.

Police said Jamie...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- A 7-year-old New York boy is in critical but stable condition after a homeless man picked him up and slammed him headfirst into the ground while he and his brother were waiting for pizza to be delivered...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday's sports events:



Houston 6, Tampa Bay 1


(WASHINGTON) -- The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was expected to appear on Capitol Hill Friday for a closed-door deposition with House committees looking into whether President Donald Trump...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- At least some of the still-unfounded claims referenced by President Donald Trump on his controversial call with Ukraine’s president in July echoed a year-old effort by a Ukrainian government official to...Read more

(LOS ANGELES) -- Nine Democratic presidential candidates brought their campaigns to Los Angeles on Thursday night for a town hall focused on LGBTQ issues, the biggest of its kind so far focusing on this particular topic,...Read more

(LONDON) -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, which is responsible for selecting the Nobel Peace Prizes, decided to award this year's prize...Read more

(MINNEAPOLIS) -- As President Donald Trump rallies in Minnesota he brought not only his campaign roadshow to a state he nearly won in 2016, but a pressure cooker of conflicts ranging from battling House Democrats amid an...Read more