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(SANTA ROSA, Calif.) -- A shooting was reported near Ridgway High School in Santa Rosa, Calif., Tuesday morning, and police are now searching for "the lone shooter," authorities said.

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(NEW YORK) -- New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard is recovering from his second concussion of the season, but is hopeful he will see the field again in 2019.

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(GENEVA) -- Over 7,100 refugees arrived in Iraq from Syria within seven days, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Tuesday, as Turkish forces targeted Kurdish regions after the U.S. withdrew...Read more

(PHILADELPHIA) -- A 2-year-old girl was shot dead in her home one day after an 11-month-old boy was shot and critically injured in a car in two horrific crimes that are rocking Philadelphia this week.

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(NEW YORK) -- Amazon Prime's show The Boys was renewed even before its first season dropped on July 26, so it was clear the company was confident in it -- but now there are some Nielsen numbers to back that up...Read more

(LONDON) -- New details are emerging about how Prince William is reportedly reacting to a documentary in which Prince Harry said he and William are currently "on different paths."

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(NEW YORK) -- The images are stunning, but the cause is bittersweet. Victor the cameraman eagle soars over the Alps with a GoPro on his back to catalogue the impact of temperature rise on Western Europe’s highest mountain...Read more

(OREGON) -- Actor Henry Thomas, who as a child starred as Elliot in Steven Spielberg's E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, was arrested Monday night in Washington County, Oregon on DUI charges.

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(XIAMEN, China) -- Indonesian athlete Aries Susanti Rahayu set a new world record for women in speed climbing this weekend, climbing up a 49-foot wall in under seven seconds.

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(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump compared the impeachment process to "a lynching" on Twitter Tuesday morning.

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