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(WASHINGTON) -- Maine Sen. Susan Collins, the lone Republican in Congress who represents a New England state, is gearing up for what might be her toughest Senate race since being elected in 1996.

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(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened Iran with "great and overwhelming force" and potential "obliteration" in some areas if it attacks "anything American" after Iranian leaders said the White House...Read more

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- After 10 years of living on the streets in Oakland, Calif., Greg Dunston and Marie McKenzie have a new normal thanks to a generous Bay Area homeowner who wanted to improve their lives and share the...Read more

(SPRINGFIELD, Ill.) -- Illinois is expected to become the latest state to legalize marijuana.

The state's new Democratic governor is expected to sign a bill Tuesday legalizing the use of the drug.

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(WASHINGTON) -- The thousands of women who serve the United States in the military reserves hope a piece of legislation will give them access to paid maternity leave.

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(NEWPORT NEWS, Va.) -- A man charged with gunning down a Virginia dentist was allegedly "lying in wait" outside the doctor's office before the killing, according to court documents.

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(HOLLYWOOD) -- Ariana Grande is heading to The Prom with Meryl Streep.

According to

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(NEW YORK) -- You’re not officially part of Taylor Swift’s cat family until you get trademarked.

After previously trademarking "Meredith & Olivia Swift” -- the names of her first two cats -- Swift is now...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- On a mild summer Tuesday this month, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg stood before hundreds of supporters at an Indiana University auditorium and laid out his plan for American foreign...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- ABC News' Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts took home the Sager Strong Award at Monday's nights NBA Awards and delivered an inspiring message.

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