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(DALLAS) -- Jurors in the murder trial of Amber Guyger, a white former Dallas police officer who shot dead an unarmed black man in his own apartment after mistaking it for her own, were shown the harrowing body camera...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Nissan is recalling approximately 1.23 million vehicles worldwide because of a possible defect with its rear view cameras.

The recall affects the following Nissan vehicles from model years 2018...Read more

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) -- Ten-year-old Ryan King has never let her wheelchair stop her from doing anything.

"Ryan is a spitfire," Ryan’s mom Shelly King told ABC News' Good Morning America.

The...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- When a famed French chef found out his world-renowned restaurant would lose one of its highly coveted Michelin stars reportedly over a soufflé review, he was deflated but whipped up a plan to try and earn it...Read more

(SEATTLE) -- Employees at an Idaho business got the news of a lifetime on Monday.

Workers making $40,000 -- the company's current minimum salary -- would get an immediate $10,000 raise and that within five years,...Read more

(BONITA, Calif.) -- An in-home day care facility in California was issued a citation after authorities learned one of the workers administered Melatonin to the children "to help them sleep," officials said.

The...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Fashion retailer Amour Vert has partnered with resale platform Thredup to create an easy way for shoppers to recycle unwanted clothing.

In a tweet from Sept. 21, Amour Vert announced the...Read more

(MOSCOW) -- Russia is once again facing a potential ban from the Olympics, and all other major international competitions, after the World Anti-Doping Agency said it had found "inconsistencies" in test results provided by...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced she was moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

"The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the...Read more

(LOS ANGELES) -- Tracee Ellis Ross is ready for viewers to see the early beginnings of her black-ish character Rainbow Johnson in the new black-ish spinoff, mixed-ish....Read more