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(LOS ANGELES) -- Kylie Jenner is clearing up rumors about her health amid reports she's been ill.

The reality TV star

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(NEW YORK) -- For years, Emily Doe suffered behind the scenes after she was sexually assaulted, shielded from public view by laws that kept her anonymous.

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(ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) --  Jen McLellan wants something good to come from a recent car crash that seriously injured her husband and left their 9-year-old son with mainly bumps and bruises, injuries that could have been much...Read more

(MYKONOS, Greece) -- A 65-year-old Lebanese man, who was arrested last week in connection with a deadly hijacking, was released by authorities after it was determined that he had been wrongfully accused.

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(WASHINGTON) -- It didn't take long for President Donald Trump's reelection team to leap into action after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday night that House Democrats were moving forward with an impeachment...Read more

(BROOKLYN, N.Y.) -- Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving suffered a facial fracture at the team's practice facility on Tuesday, the...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump told Ukraine's president at least five times that he would task Attorney General William Barr with assisting him in investigating former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- In the newly released account of President Donald Trump's call with the president of Ukraine, Trump not only asked the Ukrainian government to dig deeper into still-unfounded allegations about former Vice...Read more

(GLENDALE, Calif.) -- A California man who purposefully set a homeless man on fire and took pictures of the incident while it was happening has been charged with attempted murder and had his bail set at $1 million.
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(NEW YORK) -- Climate change -- marked by rising sea levels, ice loss and extreme weather -- is accelerating, according to a new report, which found that the five-year period between 2014 and 2019 was the warmest on...Read more