AISD board approves $1.6B budget, staff pay raises

June 18, 2019 - 8:19 am

AUSTIN ( -- Austin ISD trustees unanimously approved a $1.6 billion budget Monday night, including what many say is the largest single-year pay increase for district staff.

Teachers, counselors, and librarians with more than five years of experience will get a 7% raise; other staff will get a 6% raise. Bilingual and special education teachers will also get a bump in their stipends. Those pay increases, which total more than $48 million, will go into effect on July 1.


Of the $1.6 billion in the budget, AISD is expected to pay $612 million back to the state in recapture payments under the state's "Robin Hood" school finance system. Following the passing of school finance reforms by the Legislature, that payment is down by about $182 million. AISD will continue to pay the largest amount in recapture payments in the state.

District officials had previously forecast a $60 million deficit; with all of the funding changes accounted for, that deficit is now down to about $3 million. District officials say that shortfall will be covered with the district's reserve funds.

Student enrollment is forecast to drop for the seventh straight year, with the district expecting to lose more than 1600 students - a loss of up to $8 million in state funding.

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