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Austin-area gas prices hold steady this week

September 20, 2018 - 8:15 am

AUSTIN (KJCE) -- Gas prices held steady this week across the Austin area, according to the latest numbers from AAA Texas.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in the Austin metro area is $2.59, the same as last week. That price is seven cents higher than this time last year, and a cent below the statewide average of $2.60. The statewide average is down one cent from last week, and up 12 from a year ago.

Nationally, the average sits at $2.84, unchanged from last week and 23 cents higher than this time a year ago.

Across the state, drivers in Midland continue to pay the most on average at $3.04 while drivers in San Antonio and Texarkana are paying the least at $2.52 per gallon.

As expected, Hurricane Florence did not impact gas prices in Texas, and had little to no impact elsewhere across the country. Unlike last year with Hurricane Harvey, when dozens of refineries along the Gulf Coast were directly impacted, the Carolinas only contain pipelines and terminals - limiting the impact on crude processing and gas prices.

"Gas prices remained pretty stable across Texas week-to-week," said Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas. "What was Hurricane Florence caused little to no disruption to the state’s gas prices and even the nation’s, as well."

Florence bumped up South Carolina’s average gas price to $2.60 earlier in the week, which was only a penny more compared to the prior week. Otherwise, pump prices for the majority of the south and southeast are dropping slightly or seeing no change. And with no impact on Gulf Coast refineries by tropical weather, processing continues as normal.

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