Austin set to increase parking meter rates

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October 08, 2019 - 9:37 am

City of Austin


AUSTIN ( -- Street parking in Austin is about to get more expensive.

Beginning Monday, the base rate for metered on-street parking across the city will increase to $2 per hour. Currently, drivers in the downtown area pay a base rate of $1.20 per hour; elsewhere across the city, it's currently $1 per hour.

The rate increase was approved as a part of the 2019-20 budget by Austin's City Council.

City staff say the goal of the increase is to encourage turnover in parking spots, and that the lower rates have encouraged drivers to exceed parking time restrictions. "This rate modernization better represents the true value of street parking," said Robert Spillar, Austin Transportation Director. "It also supports the City of Austin’s goals of providing more mobility options and reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips."

More increases may be coming later, officials say. One goal that city staff will be monitoring is that one or two spaces should be available at any time on any given block, which helps to minimize the amount of time that drivers spend circling in traffic while searching for a spot. City officials say they'll be monitoring parking usage quarterly to see if that goal is being met, and incremental pricing adjustments may be made to help ensure it is.

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