Council members ask APD about election unrest plans

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October 29, 2020 - 10:57 pm
Austin Protests

Lola Gomez / American-Statesman via USA TODAY NETWORK


AUSTIN ( -- Four Austin City Council members are seeking answers from the Austin Police Department on its plans for handling any post-election demonstrations.

An open letter to APD Chief Brian Manley, signed by council members Delia Garza, Jimmy Flannigan, Greg Casar, and Natasha Harper-Madison, calls for details on "what plans are in place to ensure the safety of all those in Austin," going on to say that "what happened at previous Austin protests this year represented a failure to keep people safe."

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The letter came out the same day that APD officials announced two more officers have been identified in connection with "critical incidents" during the protests in downtown Austin earlier this year. Those two officers, along with five others previously identified, have all been placed on administrative duty pending an ongoing investigation into the nine different incidents from May 30 and May 31.

Earlier this month, APD officials held a press conference detailing some of their preparations for the election period. The department has said it will operate on "tactical alert" for the week of the election, which means that every officer will be in uniform and have equipment ready to respond to a protest or disturbance that becomes unlawful.

"We certainly respect people’s right to peacefully assemble and voice their opinions, they just have to do it within the law," Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon said during the briefing.

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