Hays County Sheriff

Hays County seeking suspect impersonating peace officer

March 22, 2017 - 8:57 pm

(Hays County/KJCE) Hays County officials are searching for a suspect who was impersonating a peace officer last week.

HCSO says the call came in just before midnight on March 16. A driver and her friend were on F.M. 2001 near Goforth Road in Kyle, when a vehicle described as a white or silver Chevrolet pickup truck with damage to the front left quarter panel activated red and blue interior lights. The driver thought she was being pulled over by law enforcement and proceeded to stop.

UPDATE: Another impersonation of a police officer in Hays County

The driver and her passenger then observed a male suspect wearing all black exit the Chevrolet pickup. At that time, they drove off in fear that they were not being stopped by an actual law enforcement officer. The truck began following them, but stopped after the driver turned off of F.M. 2001.

HCSO is asking for anyone with information regarding the possible suspect or suspects in this case to call the Sheriff's office at (512) 393-7896, or call Hays County Crime Stoppers at (800) 324-TIPS (8477).

Hays County officials say that if you are unsure as to the legitimacy of a law enforcement traffic stop, particularly by an unmarked car, to follow some simple steps. First, alert the officer that you are aware that they are attempting to stop you by activating your vehicle’s emergency flashers and proceed to the nearest lighted area following the posted speed limit. Then, you may call 9-1-1 to advise dispatch of your concerns and where you are stopping - best idea is a public place, such as a convenience store, church, or restaurant. Finally, all law enforcement officers are required to carry official identification cards and can be requested to produce them to ensure you that they are peace officers.

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