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LCRA: Lake Travis now full, will continue to rise

Forecast to reach 690-695 feet by Thursday

October 16, 2018 - 4:57 pm

AUSTIN (KJCE) -- Lake Travis is now at its "full" mark, as the Highland Lakes continue to pass through flood waters from ongoing rains over Llano and the northwestern Hill Country.

The lake is considered full at 681 feet, and any additional inflows go into the flood pool. The spillway at Mansfield Dam is located at 710 feet, so the lake still has some room for additional inflows - but some property owners in low-lying areas around the lake will be affected.

LCRA says temporary and mobile homes in the Graveyard Point area flood at 688 feet, and permanent homes flood beginning at 691 feet. Forecasters are calling for Lake Travis to continue to rise to somewhere between 690 and 695 feet in the next 48 hours.

So far, officials are only conducting voluntary evacuations in the Graveyard Point area, going door-to-door to warn residents about rising waters.

Floodgate operations are either underway or will be at every dam along the Highland Lakes chain. Buchanan Dam, which is upstream of Lakes LBJ and Marble Falls, will begin floodgate operations later this evening or early Wednesday, releasing more water downstream that will eventually reach Lake Travis.

The agency says Lake Travis, along with all of the Highland Lakes are closed until further notice.

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