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Phone scam targeting Leander, WilCo residents

June 18, 2017 - 8:54 am

(Leander/KJCE) Another phone scam asking residents to purchase gift cards to avoid being arrested is going on, this time affecting residents in Leander and Williamson County.

Leander Police say they have received reports of a subject calling residents, claiming to be "Deputy Mark Bowen" with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office. This subject asks victims to go to nearby stores and obtain gift cards in order to avoid being arrested.

The subject then tells the victims to drop the purchased cards off at the JP Annex Precinct 2 office, but first asks them to read the number on the back. That allows the subject to use the cards.

Officers have verified there is no Deputy Bowen with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say an officer will never ask you to purchase gift cards if you have a warrant. They also say these calls are coming from (512) 688-6271 and (512) 265-6798.

Anyone with any information on this case, or anyone who has received these calls, is asked to contact Officer Glenn with Leander Police at (512) 528-2800.

This is not the first phone scam to target Central Texas recently. Last month, Austin Police reported a number of cases involving elderly citizens being asked to purchase large amount gift cards to help loved ones who had allegedly been arrested.

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