Chipotle adds tortilla fee for customers ordering bowls

Radio Com Staff
October 21, 2020 - 10:06 am

For the longest time, Chipotle customers could score a cheaper burrito with a little trick.

Chipotle lovers were able to order a burrito bowl, and ask for a tortilla on the side, Fox News reports.

Customers of the popular franchise used to be able to get the tortilla for free, and since bowls are less expensive than burritos, you get a burrito cheaper than usual.

Unfortunately, Chipotle has caught on to this little trick, and have added a tortilla fee for customers ordering burrito bowls.

Throughout social media, users were not happy with the decision and voiced their concerns.

A side tortilla for burrito bowl customers will now cost you $0.25. There is no tortilla fee for burrito and taco orders.

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