'That 70s Show' Star Laura Prepon Boils Pond Water to Do Her Dishes Amid Outage

Jacquie Cadorette
August 06, 2020 - 6:56 pm

As tropical storms swept the northeast, many were left without power and some without water. Laura Prepon was one of the unlucky ones, and she had to get innovative if she wanted to wash her dishes.

Prepon took to Instagram on Thursday to share how she was combatting the outages by scooping up some pond water and boiling it for practical purposes.

Sporting an all-black outfit and a pair of pink Crocs, Prepon knelt down beside the edge of the pond with a big water jug to get her fill.

"Sometimes you have to boil pond water to do dishes. I'm among the many east-coasters to lose power and water... Stay safe out there!" Prepon wrote in her post alongside the photo.

'That 70s Show' costar Wilmer Valderrama took to the comments section with his thoughts, simply contributing a wide-eyed, shocked face emoji.

Prepon has been taking to Instagram a lot lately with photos of herself spending time with her two children during the coronavirus pandemic. She gave birth to her second child back in February.

On July 10, Prepon posted a photo of herself snuggled up with her little one with the caption, "In these strange times, it’s so important to find moments to breathe, connect with nature, and hold the ones you love."

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