Austin Police Department

Six indicted for conspiracy, possession, money laundering related to K2

August 09, 2017 - 5:50 pm

AUSTIN (KJCE) - Six people have been federally indicted in relation to investigations involving K2.

Last Thursday, a team of officers from Austin Police, Houston Police, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Internal Revenue Service conducted a round up of six subjects that have been federally indicted for Conspiracy and Possession with Intent to Distribute Synthetic Cannabinoids/Money Laundering.

These arrests are the culmination of two separate investigations into subjects responsible for manufacturing kilos - thousands of bags - of K2/Synthetic Cannabinoids in Houston, and then distributing it in the Austin area. Police say these investigations began from follow ups conducted during the rash of adverse reactions in the downtown area over the past several months.

The individuals charged with Conspiracy, Possession with Intent to Distribute Synthetic Cannabinoids, and Money Laundering are:

  • Charles Kevin Herd, Black male, 56 years of age (Austin)
  • Juanita Deshawn Price, Black female, 42 years of age (Austin)
  • Sidney Henry Franklin Jr., Black male, 59 years of age (Austin)

Charged with Conspiracy and Possession with Intent to Distribute Synthetic Cannabinoids:

  • Salah Said Omar El-Hennawi, male, 44 years of age (Houston)
  • Obdule Ware, Black male, 43 years of age (Austin)
  • Mothanna Abdallah Yousef, male, 28 years of age (Houston)
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