Voters pass Austin's $925 million bond package

November 06, 2018 - 10:24 pm

AUSTIN (KJCE) -- Austin voters have approved $925 million in bond projects on Tuesday's ballot.

With nearly all of the votes counted, all of the bond propositions had passed with 70 percent or higher of the vote.

Proposition A: $250 million for affordable housing
The money is set to go towards buying land for affordable housing development, housing for renters, residents with low incomes and the homeless. Low-income home owners will also get help with home repairs.

Proposition B: $128 million for libraries, museums, and cultural arts facilities
$56.5 million will be used to renovate four Austin cultural centers and museums, and another $34.5 million for library reservations. Also included: replacing the Dougherty Arts Center at a cost of $25 million, and $12 million for the acquisition and improvement of creative spaces.

Proposition C: $149 million for parks and recreation
$45 million for new dedicated parkland, $40 million for renovations and replacements of city pools (including a new Colony Park Pool), $25 million in parkland improvements, $21.5 million for building renovations, and $17.5 million for infrastructure improvements.

Proposition D: $184 million for flood mitigation, open space, and water quality protection
The money will be used to reduce flood and erosion risks, and to buy properties in flood-prone areas.

Proposition E: $16 million for health and human services
The money will go towards the creation of a Dove Springs Neighborhood Health Services Center - including Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) services, immunizations, child care and a neighborhood center.

Proposition F: $38 million for public safety
$25 million for Austin-Travis County EMS renovations, and $13 million for fire station renovations.

Proposition G: $160 million for transportation infrastructure
This bond proposal includes $66.5 million for reconstruction of existing streets in poor or failing condition, plus sidewalks, curbs, and drainage. It also includes $50 million for a replacement bridge on Redbud Trail over Lady Bird Lake. Another $20 million will go to sidewalk improvements, and $15 million for intersection and pedestrian safety improvements.

Four other propositions were on the ballot, including two dealing with changes to the city charter. Both passed by a two-thirds margin.

Two citizen-led propositions failed Tuesday night. Proposition J would have called for citizens to vote on future changes to the city's land development code, the latest revamp of which had become known as CodeNext. And Proposition K, which would have called for an outside audit of the city, failed with about 58 percent of the vote against.

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