WilCo: Dozens of animals - some dead, mutilated - found in Georgetown area

Shelter seeking adoptions, fosters to help with space crunch

July 25, 2018 - 8:38 am

GEORGETOWN (KJCE) -- Williamson County Sheriff's officials are investigating a large number of animals found in the Georgetown area, some of which were found dead and others that were beheaded.

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody said on Twitter late Tuesday night that preliminary reports said as many as 50 animals may have been involved, including dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, and ducks. Later, officials clarified that a total of 52 animals were found at the home in the 600 block of Private Road 914 in Georgetown. 14 of those animals had died.

"Four dogs and two cats were found decomposing inside the house in locked crates, the rest were deceased chickens and ducks in the backyard," the sheriff's department wrote in a release. Some of the chickens were decapitated.

The 38 animals found alive were taken to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, where they are still being assessed. Officials say the animals - 15 dogs, 3 cats, 2 cockatiels, 1 parakeet, roosters and chickens and a peahen with her eggs - will be cared for by the shelter until the case goes to court. That's creating a space problem at the shelter, which is calling for people to adopt or help foster other pets at the shelter to make room.

"Right now, we really need people to adopt or foster so that we have space to maintain these animals while they go through the court process," said Cheryl Schneider, animal services director for the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. "We also could use some newspaper and chicken and bird feed for those animals that are not typically held at our shelter."

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering a dog is invited to the Canine Corral, 425 East Morrow Street, in San Gabriel Park in Georgetown.

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