Elizabeth M. Ruggiero GettyImages

Elizabeth M. Ruggiero GettyImages

A Must Watch / Re-Watch: Shanghai's Stunning New Year's Eve Drone Show

Over 2000 Drones Light Up the Sky for 2020!

Talk 1370 Newsroom
January 06, 2020 - 12:15 am

On New Year's Eve, over 2,000 drones lit up the Shanghai Sky over the Huangpu River. A perfect way to celebrate especially for a city that has a huge population with big time pollution problems. Or areas with wildfires like Australia, the Amazon Rainforest, and many other places all over the world destroying eco-systems. This cutting edge production w/ drones is an Amazing way to celebrate the ringing in of a New Year! In this case over 2,000 drones, fitted w/ multi-colored lights that were controlled by a central computer, were programmed to fly around and create beautiful images in the sky. Ringing in 2020 like a Boss ... a much Greener Boss! 

Photos and more here!

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