Cathryn Hinesley
April 22, 2019 - 3:04 pm
(NEW YORK) -- A 10-year-old girl born with no hands is this year's winner of a national handwriting competition. Sara Hinesley, a third-grade student in Maryland, won the Nicholas Maxim Award in the 2019 Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. To be eligible for the Nicholas Maxim Award, a...
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Pornpak Khunatorn/iStock
April 22, 2019 - 1:52 pm
(NEW YORK) -- The number of measles cases in the U.S. so far this year is approaching the record for the decade -- and in just four months time, according to new data. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there have been 626 confirmed cases of measles so far this year, an...
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katleho Seisa/iStock
April 22, 2019 - 7:31 am
(NEW YORK) -- In spite of the fact that over six million women in America struggle with infertility, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there remain boundless misconceptions about conception. In honor of National Infertility Awareness week which kicks off Monday, Good...
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April 22, 2019 - 6:25 am
(NEW YORK) -- Fundraising, grants, loans and credit card debt are now terms just as commonly associated with infertility as the words baby and pregnancy. The average cost of one in vitro fertilization, or IVF, cycle in the United States is $12,400, according to the American Society for Reproductive...
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April 19, 2019 - 7:49 am
(NEW YORK) -- A so-called Sober Curious movement that's been gaining in popularity focuses on eliminating alcohol for health, sleep and wellness reasons, and its founder encourages people to participate by asking them to imagine "what it's like to live hangover free." Ruby Warrington, author of the...
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April 19, 2019 - 6:43 am
(NEW YORK) -- New York City followed through on its threat to fine people who refused to get measles vaccines on Thursday. The city's health department issued civil summons to three people a week after issuing an emergency order requiring anyone 6 months or older who lived in four specific zip...
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April 19, 2019 - 5:47 am
(NEW YORK) -- Since 2010, 23andMe has charged people to test themselves for potentially harmful gene mutations, such as those in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which, when mutated, can dramatically increase a person’s risk for developing breast or ovarian cancer. But while 23andMe can screen for the...
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April 19, 2019 - 5:46 am
(DAYTON, Ohio) -- Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, is about to turn it up to 11. Eleven nurses in the hospital's labor and delivery unit are pregnant at the same time. The due dates for the nurses, one a gestational carrier, span in time from early May to late October. All 11 of the nurses...
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Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment
April 19, 2019 - 3:57 am
(NEW YORK) -- Along with footage of rehearsals, intimate family moments and reflections on her 2018 monumental Coachella performance, Beyoncé opened up about a very personal aspect of her health in her new documentary. The 23-time Grammy winner and mother of three shared in the Netflix documentary...
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Pornpak Khunatorn/iStock
April 18, 2019 - 2:35 pm
(SEATTLE) -- After 74 confirmed cases of measles, Washington state politicians are taking action. The state Senate has passed a bill that, if enacted, would revoke the state's vaccination exemption for those who have a personal or philosophical opposition to vaccines. If enacted, the bill wouldn't...
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