March 26, 2020 - 5:17 am
(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- The FBI announced on Wednesday night that a domestic terrorism suspect who was allegedly planning to use a car bomb at a local medical facility was killed during an attempt to apprehend him just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Timothy Wilson, 36, was "actively planning to...
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March 26, 2020 - 5:15 am
(NEW YORK) -- As the COVID-19 virus continues its relentless march across the nation, the looming crisis inside America’s jails and prisons appears to be deepening, as corrections officials dig in to prevent outbreaks in the nation's more than 6,000 prisons and jails. So far this week, a total of...
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March 25, 2020 - 4:55 pm
(MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.) -- A Minnesota doctor is calling on healthcare workers and people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are showing early symptoms of infection to participate in two of the first trials of the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients. Dr. David Boulware...
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March 25, 2020 - 4:37 pm
(NEW YORK)-- New York officials have confirmed the first homeless death from the novel coronavirus, a grim statistic that homeless advocates fear could rise in coming weeks. “Tragically, one New Yorker experiencing homelessness succumbed to this virus after several days in the hospital – our hearts...
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Stefan Havadi-Nagy/iStock
March 25, 2020 - 3:04 pm
(NEW YORK) -- Claudia Danford sat on the couch in the living room with her host mother in Rabat, Morocco last week, watching an announcement on TV that the country was effectively shutting down due to novel coronavirus concerns. Danford, an American student from the University of Vermont in...
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March 25, 2020 - 3:03 pm
(WASHINGTON) -- For 10 days now, Kimberly Gleason's two daughters have been seeking help and a way out of Peru. Julie Gleason was visiting her sister Sarah, who was studying abroad in Cusco, the beautiful ancient Incan capital high up in the Andes mountains, when the Peruvian government closed its...
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March 25, 2020 - 12:06 pm
(PIERRE, S.D.) -- A search continued in South Dakota on Wednesday for five inmates who escaped along with four others from a minimum-security women's penitentiary on the same day a prisoner tested positive for the novel coronavirus, officials said. The breakout at the Pierre Community Work Center...
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March 25, 2020 - 11:56 am
(WASHINGTON) -- The Justice Department is urging federal prosecutors around the country to weigh terror charges against individuals who either threaten to spread or purposely attempt to transmit novel coronavirus to others, according to a newly released memo. The memo was made public just hours...
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Prot Tachapanit/iStock
March 25, 2020 - 10:30 am
(WILLISTON, Vt.) -- While schools are closed across the country, custodial staff are doing their part to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus with deep cleanings lasting several days. To show their gratitude, parents have been raising thousands to pay these janitors overtime. "They really...
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FILE - In this March 13, 2020, file photo Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, adjusts the microphone to speak during a news conference on the coronavirus with President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)
The Associated Press
March 25, 2020 - 9:35 am
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department has advised against all international travel because of the coronavirus, but that didn't stop Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from flying to Afghanistan this week. Gyms across the nation's capital are shuttered, but Sen. Rand Paul, an eye doctor, still managed...
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