March 20, 2020 - 8:00 am
(NEW YORK) -- In the last 24 hours, damaging storms were reported from Texas to Iowa and all the way to Ohio. Reports of property damage were widespread in Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. There are no reports of a confirmed tornado touching down, but it can’t be ruled out at this point. On the...
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March 20, 2020 - 5:42 am
(NEW YORK) -- A pandemic of novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people worldwide, mostly in Italy and China. The new respiratory virus, known officially as COVID-19, has reached every continent except Antarctica as well as every European country since emerging in the Chinese...
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March 20, 2020 - 5:38 am
(NEW YORK) -- As schools across the country close and employees are encouraged to work from home in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, some experts are concerned about an increase in domestic violence. The outbreak of the coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, hit in the United...
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March 20, 2020 - 5:37 am
(NEW YORK) -- Scores of people across the United States are currently following the advice of public health officials, hunkering down in their homes in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus through social distancing. But even as more people have become ill, many college students...
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Becky Perlow/ABC News
March 19, 2020 - 7:21 pm
(NEW YORK) -- Amid the closure of restaurants and restrictions on nursing homes, veterinary practices are also starting to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. One clinic in Maryland is taking steps to slow the spread of the virus by offering its clients curbside check-in to keep both its...
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Angela Mandigo
March 19, 2020 - 6:34 pm
(NEW YORK) -- When a bride's big day was canceled because of coronavirus concerns, her and her florist teamed up to create a silver lining by spreading joy to others. Keali Lay, 28, and her fiancé Jeff Scheider, 31, got engaged on Labor Day weekend and were set to have their wedding ceremony on...
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Victoria Bay
March 19, 2020 - 5:47 pm
(ANDOVER, Kan.) -- A Kansas middle school teacher found a heartwarming way to let her students to know that even though she won’t be seeing them every day in her classroom, she is thinking about them. Victoria Bay, 29, teaches sixth grade Social Studies at Andover Central Middle School in Andover,...
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North Shore Animal League America
March 19, 2020 - 4:56 pm
(NEW YORK) -- Animal shelters across the country are encouraging people to adopt and foster pets as they hunker down at home. As social distancing becomes the norm and millions of Americans stay put in an effort to blunt the spread of COVID-19, North Shore Animal League America explains now is the...
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Sara Byrne/Instagram
March 19, 2020 - 2:24 pm
(SYRACUSE, N.Y.) -- A 95-year-old in self-quarantine received a surprise birthday visit from family during the global coronavirus crisis. On March 18, Kathleen "Katie" Byrne of Syracuse, New York, was greeted at a safe distance by loved ones singing "Happy Birthday." Her granddaughter, Sara Byrne,...
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New Hampshire Dept. of Justice
March 19, 2020 - 1:51 pm
(LOS ANGELES) -- Former California homicide detective Roxane Gruenheid had helped put a murderer behind bars, and yet, there was something about the suspect that nagged at her -- something in his murky past that told her this wasn’t the end of his story. It was 2003. The killer, who by then was...
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