10/15: Your Income on Steroids

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, October 15th

Is your income plan strong enough? Private lending can give it a shot in the arm. Learn how to beef up your earnings by supplementing your income with a private lending plan.


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From the nodal capitol studios in Austin, Texas this isn't really well blues. Where we bring real wealth strategies T the real world let's start the show here's your heads Craig Franklin. Yeah hi I'm Chris Wragge Lyndon welcome to the real world blueprint show I'm joined today. By my cohost Romney Navarro sit higher on Heller who Chris Kluwe everybody right we also have our producer back with us from vacation Temi here is. Yes that's been fat cats bury dead vacation went to Canada say it oceans. But just content even. That's traders who into Canada. And then also on today's show that we just jump right in we've got our business partner and founder of noble capital mr. Jay Newman. Hey everybody glad to be here again yes with a financial playing in complained things of that nature because that's part of what we do and noble capital and if you're not familiar with us is a company. We're really financial institution one of our core competencies. Is in private lending and we spoke about that a number of Tynes and really address that topic today. We're gonna dive back into that but it kind of just give you a website no frame of reference of this is your first time listening to as she can find out more information about us and our preview shows he can even download the shows. And all the topics that we've addressed at real world blueprint dot com. You can also check ins on social media we are on FaceBook. In Sudan and Twitter please leave us some comments. You know we had our question episode last week we did yeah and we have some people who commented on married. I'm I'm actually and I believe on all all of our social media's though. Please you know we listen we do you cannot. Yes those two reserves in last week's show we did a Q&A sessions is Romney nice sorry it was really boring. Led no we informative so it was very informative yet though we jumped right in and we took a lot of the questions that we've received over Latino past couple months. From social media that's really the main pot only got those questions from so. You're asking Wu who asked these questions and where they come from then came from these are you guys as they Jack yeah. As I think we ran to about thorny questions too so we went we went deep in in the private lending rolled out last week is a great episode is if you haven't tuned in tune in on our own podcasts. Yeah check it out again I mean we've guides let's see two days at says this is like more almost at Tony now so we've got a few shows that you can go download online and listen to and and we talked about a number of topics we've in the past he's an acronym based Kyra. Really help us define our topic sand that's there really is the bees for bass or blueprint. A very key nearly Aaron as for security needs for enjoy this relief. Our entire business model is is built on that we here. In come experts. Primarily in the retirement space and that's what we do we had financial advises an office that help people create retirement income plans. And then on the other side of our office we're real estate experts. Particularly in need realm of prime lending and and what do what is prime lending we're talking about helping people earned six to eight maybe even 9% on their money. In real estate there's secured real estate loans so all the guys you see other flipping houses. They don't usually do at their own money they're going to let alone and we're providing that capital and home of the secure investment torrent clients. Jane's been designing these are plans for three years 8910 years now and down. Actually he's been doing he's been in the private lending space for even longer to designing these plans for a while so it's. It's great to have you on and know your busy guy and it's and it's really hard it is a pin down when we can get you on here but these are my favorite shows and so it's going to be it's going to be good I hope. Absolutely unite it is flew in from Kansas. Yesterday. We're here in Dallas recording now and RA was that there are meaningless. One of the special companies that that we work with. That are all about the retirement space and I'm really leaders. And then in the country in helping folks retire. By inspiring independent financial advisors across the country. And to go out there and build their practice and bring this message. You know to to people that need help retiring. So today is this is right on point we're talking about retirement income. And that's what we do we build retirement income plans. And just to put a frame of reference on today's show it's you know people have. Typically when they retired some known sources of income they've got Social Security. They've got attention if they're lucky me and I may be again what do you do you even know it attention as and out there we we've joked about them why no team has no idea now could. Thanks so forget every time we talk about it. Now they wanna air on the other kids they're essentially nonexistent as the 401K that's the extent and there are. At their retirement there it is I had a Klein and I. I was that said you know let the definition of attention if you first of all if you wanna get a quick laugh as the millennial and what attention this. And that just to stare at home but he said that my only meals would define a pension as living at home with mom and dad that that's a penchant for their. Because it's nothing. Okay how and some people have. Tried to resort to that so they're so good as those of pensions are disappearing rain maybe the public sector employees are one of the Alaska places where he sometimes see them and even there having problems right I mean look at some of the municipalities. I mean we're recording here in Dallas and you know not to touch any sauce us but I know they were having some problems there rates it. It really is it's it's it's an area of concern and so you know back to live to their retirement income plan we have are nuns we have our Social Security. Are and send. And then we have some source savings or investments that we need to fill in the gaps and make up the rest of that plan. And you know the options are are very clear I mean EU you can go stock market. And try to generate income from the stock market I think that that's okay to an extent that a lot of folks right now all the feedback we're getting is they don't wanna be too heavy and in the stock market especially right now and insane right now what all time high. All time highest ranked you know it's great if you're in there and are making money by that will. Well you know our message now is you know at some point you've got to count yourself blessed and and then take some chips off the table yet again there and then and they're calling it profit taking rent so it's like look it's okay to grow and when you hit Iran like we're on right now great but don't forget to rebalance don't forget to rebalance I mean you you had a goal in the beginning there were your bounces. You're probably out of balance now. It is you know sometimes we get blinded. By age the upside down you know we're just seeing green seeing dollar bills and we forget to be irresponsible also the challenge now that we're getting you know from mark from our clients when they come in they're saying look how ten not a diversified. And especially now in these important retirement years where are. I don't wanna have to go back to work. If something goes wrong with the stock market yeah I don't want to have to do. You know. Clamp down my lifestyle that's the last thing I wanna do. It is you know after us you know kind of sacrifice. Some of those bucket list things are things that I wanna do I don't wanna kick the can down the street on the on this things so how annoyed diversify. Without giving not. You know to match yields and still feeling like I'm getting a good return at a good value. So that's the big question right now what's the best way to put together that retirement income and fill those gaps and that's where we amend strong. I don't you know something's happened to me recycling is and personal has started to spring something that I think maybe to be relatable so obviously I'm not worried about my retirement next year that's on earning time still left in me but it's you know. I managed my own portfolio I do I do decently well it's not too hard when yearn. The stock marker on like this rank. But I am is looking first and durst occasion mostly because I don't have the time to Jim back in management portfolio. So I kind of like drew the parallel. When your retirement. That's not what you when did you when I mean doing time to drink it's going to mean doing those trips that you always wanted to take you can't be a day trader. And you can't worry about your portfolio in your traveling overseas or to Hawaii or wherever you may be going he can't be doing that and and I can't either whenever I really said Paris had this to says and make a lot of sense. I need some things that are more auto pilot and any diversification so I don't wanna get hit. And and I personally I'm actually investors noble capital as well which is really great great and obviously I'm more the partners but I am also an investor I have my own private money in loans in our funds. And I get that check every single month and I think to myself I England to do anything like as an investor purse say of course I work there. But this was great in nano whenever I relate this to you people that are looking at retirement options in terms of income. I think it really strikes a chord than they say yeah. That is great I don't have to think about it I can put it together and I still get that security knowing that I've got some diversification. This is cool dude an an an art to sacrifice yield messaging so we're talking about earning six to eight maybe even 9% consistently and returns. Yeah there's a lot of predictability that comes our way of this this private lending thing and frankly the people who are gay treating don't have that so it's it's it's a very common occurrence where somebody has been staged reading to the point of retirement and says I can't do this anymore. Yeah it's a guy I did John that's announced pelican and nineteen from mean again I'm too busy better retirement you know it's like. While an and his gives all my money order broker and let somebody else just manage it kind of from a more traditional standpoint why wouldn't do that. You know Chris I would say quite simply it's peace of mind. The type of private lending we're talking about there's a lot more security and stability. In the stock market and it's significantly less risky. Guided OK so we get back from this break we need to talk about what does that mean we say there's less risque and and I'm I want to clarify what that means you know what you mean their security there's less risk. I think that's imported energy Aden is joining us today but. Or the really cool part about it Jed doesn't he's actually. Does he seminars kind does that in Dallas and he does that in Austin. And we do these usually once or twice a month but already he's in cases it just uninteresting to you in your warning to know how you can earn 68% in your money. Increase in additional income stream for your retirement. Please join us of one of our seminars got a couple of dates the next one coming up is actually going to be the evening of Tuesday October 17. And that's going to be in the Dallas area it's actually technically in Richardson at Texas beef fish and found so that's going to be Tuesday October 17. And we have another one coming up in Austin. Thursday October 19 at 630. And that's going to be at Fleming's. So we got a couple of seminars freed you attend if you wanna commend this is there's no obligation to come in let us buy you dinner. See if you like OC feel like our strategies are really honestly were as passionate. About education and telling people hey this is witnesses. Once you know about this strategy there's something else out there so. Please join us you can register. At real wealth blueprint dot com again that's that real. Well blueprint dot com we'll be right back. Top thirteen seven. The right choice. You're listening to the real well blueprint. If you wanna ensure retirement with the lifestyle user. Then this could this show trio. Hi I'm Chris Wright Linda this is the real wealthy. For children it's a real talk show something real wealth. Issues and we tend to concentrate a lot of time in complaining retirement explaining. Private lending because those are our core competencies that's what we. Has spent years actually. Where we're almost two decades as a company right so we're we're coming up there but we spent a long time perfecting our craft and speaking about what we do for people and how to help them live. Six year. And predictable financial lives that's great I mean secure and predictable financial and you can't ask for much more as we all want amp. So it's a big deals that if you just tuned in this the real blueprint showed you can find us at real wealth blueprint dot com. Also check this out on social media brown face could. And screaming Twitter thanks to any you'll come back and we're joined today by our business partner and CEOs noble capital mr. Jay Newman who conducts these seminars. There we basically educate people line in terms of income planning for retirement as well as. Private lending which is really our quarter as a company in terms of what we do so it always prime lending we're talking about leaning people. Really small business owners across the state of Texas. Monies that they can go on flip a house he seen on television. Does orcas actually like that and I did does work and we're essentially the premier Linder. On single family residential investment real state so that's what we do come with a big poisoning and we help. People just like you are listeners earned 68%. On their money so we were talking about other forms of essentially in complaining NJ was kind of getting into world you know if you just turn a nerd or broker in something you're not necessarily gonna get peace of mind you may think someone else is doing are to worry about it but. Detaining and here using the main reason same strategies that but I TDs so private lending we're talking about this is. Putting my income if you will on steroids right that's sort timeout. Essentially it's not only on steroids and it brings those those kind of main pillars of people are looking for the security peace. He predictability peace in the capital preservation not I was thinking about it driving in this morning kind of you know what our ideal client looks like. And done I can help the Kinko's you know as I mentioned that you last week. Can somebody like my mother who's entering retirement and then you know what is what is she needs she's got a little stream of income she's got a pension grape that's only a part of the of the you know didn't use the bucket she thinks nothing god she's got some Social Security great -- fell off the list but to live that lifestyle she needed something else. And she couldn't she couldn't process the fact issues is going to invest something and then let it ride. So she needed predictability. So often times and meet our clients realize really what they're looking for a little bit a sense of comfort. In a sense of keys that when I put my money out there it's still out there working these are my Newman working soldiers. As compared to just risking my money I think at a certain age it you have to take that risk off the table. That's a private lending makes sense he take a lot of the risk off the table you're very you're you're mitigating risk in a week. I mean that we haven't done their vehicle. Yeah you know when we started in prime lending that was the idea was we wanted to maximize security. So we started with individual private lenders rate because they were each going to be on the deed of trust and we can get in some of the mechanics there may be on another show. The late and we were trying to provide that level security that safety net knowing that if something went wrong and that changeable real property. And they sort of looking at predictability and said hey how can we smooth out the predictability. Of those payments. And that's when artists and moved to the fund's strategy so. With the advent of our signature fund which is essentially our core of what we do we lend people money to flip houses. We added tremendous amount of diversification. And predictability. Now they know they're gonna get that payments comes in it's now by its money of course it's a commuter composite that I mean this is no much money it happens. You know. Every single quarter you know that money comes and and that's a pretty big bonus plan genuine probably address this when we're talking about an income strategy. And the securities and important that sows predictability year it. Oh absolutely you. Note this reminds me. One of my favorite clients. Dan and Denise you know when they came in and met with us. Dan wanted to retire early. And and his words I'm you know he's he says will do do I want to. Go and put another five or ten years in my career. Or door I want my grandson to to know whose grandfather is so when he told me that it was like OK this is serious we need we need to get serious here and start. Talking about how we're gonna get this done. So when I when I really got down to the brass tax Dan Assam in what order we look America for what quarterly concerned about he just simply said Jay even. I do not want to be forced to choose between. That too. You know worse options than in my mind that would be putting my money in the bank. Make him what I would call point nothing on that hey I wanna be safe or. I do and while my stockbroker who was advising need to do in and just going heavy in the stock market and just kind of trusting that over time that that everything's going to be okay he said I I know there's a there's a middle ground but I'm having a and a hard time finding that so at the end of the day. Don't make me choose between the best of the worst. Show me some alternatives Shawnee another way to build this and come plan and that's exactly what we've done for them and when you hear him talk about worries that now and then even better yet entered a niece talk about where they're at it's it's so special you know it's like what is a lot of folks are kind of wondering where were those good old days when I could make up high single day jitter double digit returns on my bank to bank deposits you know right in. These days are long gone out of that was the thing. So miss Damien once upon a time there was a thing try and limit the naming honestly when you're much security. And having guns in the last recession the financial crisis I'm humming the danger isn't always like and I don't feel super agreed about that. My design just put on air mattress I yeah honestly is probably just to secure the you know the same time it's like. Having an in real statement actually you know. Because of these this prolonged. You know compression of those interest rates. The financial mart markets and the fact frankly the retirement markets. Are developing new strategies and other ways to combat this mean there is another option you don't have to just choose between the two best of the worst options. And this is really where we come in strong and that is looking for alternative ways to generate retirement income. And you know we can. When we get what the client we can set a profile up you know Chris you were talking about you know I'm I'm I wanna deal that lifestyle I don't wanna be focused on steering and my my stock portfolio every day and sort of that that determining minutia of the day or what on the need for dinner whether I'm gonna buy that that bottle. That I want to live your return not not really know so except the buying bottles the underlying Mosul one Arianna I'm downs and so. And what to bring that predictability and stability in there. We know we have clients that'll come and say we'll look for me. I really want to have a certain percentage of my retirement income for for my my spouse and I I want it to be safe and predictable. I'm OK with some of that coming from places that maybe aren't as predictable. But only if I diet that. That base and and that that majority. That coming from places that I know that money's going to be there every every month and I know it's also done the last. And it's going to be secure brain it's it's something that is changeable it is a real property this is. Which are Nemo loans on real properties are real property last time I checked and I'm making any new dirt. And people are moving to Texas at an all time record high everywhere needs a place to live. That's that's the real thing so we talk about security wise is so secure it's because EU. In the funny you invest in are going to be in the first position on the deed of trust if anything goes wrong you have real security changeable security is something goes wrong in your stock portfolio. You don't really give any security pact. Does make hundreds of you know rightly ask the question you know more talking about this. Asset based lending you know what what is this asset based lending this concept. So. Noble loans up to how much are on the dollar. So we'll that's good question we're diving into this are under no duty did and all that we're talking about seventy cents on the dollar seventy cents on the dollar so your town. Army there's a 300000 dollar property Noble's gonna make a loan on it. What what's the what would be that maximum loan amount on that property to 102101000. Rooms okay so. Had to edit at at the gut I have to ask myself OK so would I be comfortable in and in this investment where I'm lending 2101000. Dollars on 300000 dollar property on his face on senior 70%. Monday about yes okay so that if the real estate market drops in Texas 25%. I still OK on that on the alone yeah you're right in real stable about stocks. So you're not a place of the stock market drops 45%. How far my doubt on that stock portfolio. Yeah after you're down 25% for that monitor nomination and it's not no question about it. Now that's asset based lending and that's and that's also is is really speak into the chorus of the security and that is that this is senior first lien. Debt this is top of the food chain in other words you are. In the most secure position. You can be in a real estate investment. Are we get back will be a dive into what does that mean exactly so we were talking about security really highlighting that you can download this episode and learn about. Honesty wanna know about prime lending and real blueprint dot com. We'll be right back to hear more about legit means unsecured. Go real well blueprint that shows the brings an unexpected take on all things financial. I'm no real wealth blueprint we will give you the tools to plan grow through tax and yes finally enjoy your well. I am Chris Rock Island and this is the real blueprints show welcome back I'm joined today. By two of my business partners Ron Navarro came Jay Newman and of course we also have. Teeny tears with us and justification wondering team yet she works a lot of financial advisors. Throughout the US actually you were in Chicago not to Orlando at the convention and less and you're essentially networking meeting with a financial advisors we talk a lot about our private lending program it's not exclusive to noble capitals of your financial advisor listening. Or if you already have financial advising you thinking gosh I wish I could participate in that I'm good news is you Keyon. And just to have your financial advisor. I'd give us a call and contact teenage heroes that's what she does she actually works with financial advisors across the United States and helps educate them on how they can offer. This prime lending platform to everyone else so you can do that Pat's real wealth blueprint dot com had a strange advisor reach out as we'd love. To educate them on this product so that you declines can also have that diversification security Jane's talking about. We left the last segment at a number 7% in Jamestown announce an analogies here. Tomorrow loan to value and that's ultimately with a security comes from yes it's changeable property but you won't catch me buying in a market value or leaning on the market value. And I notice some of our competitors are lending. Add more extensive rates I've now heard 85 maybe even ninety cents on the dollar I think that companies that are doing that. Don't remembered 2008. To Dion Ricky who. And I've got a memory you are than that in real state so I've been through to reel stay recessions myself personally as an investor so. And seven cents on the dollar that's our number it's written on the walls of our office I mean like come on down and check it out at seventy cents on the dollar and that's that's. First sixteen years now. That's cool kid that crazy I mean if there's something right about something that doesn't change along and that there's. We we it's it's a principle for us and Danielle is saying about what's there's between. Us as real state. And stocks and investments goalie can't rabbi your socks he can't drive by or start sister and I am not add to gain you drive every single opera where to live because there's hundreds of them and that's the cool part about diversification. If you're an investor in our find your money actually is being protected by hundreds of properties you know that's great. And it's one thing that it's it's always a lightbulb moment goes off at any time having the conversation it's a lot of times you say private lending and it's a little bit about what what does that even the little you know mystery behind this thing I know lending either bank still don't get it meant in the NG just cheesy analogy if I tell you there's a property worth 300000. Dollars. In your investment is 210 and your senior protected about anybody else would does that sound good to you and then you make that connection right Karen and more often not. I don't know I think there yet because it's a you have to understand yeah I'm only lift you know 2101000 dollars as property it's worth 300. It's not last bridge that last connection is yes and if something goes wrong. You get to foreclose on the property and take it back in now you own the property. At 2101000. This retreat and that's that's final bridge nod to the filing that's an awful. Lowe's senior I can actually own property at 210 is resting and yes that's 70%. Should have an. I mean that seventy cents on the dollar when you buy a stock unit that would. You're headed to market he did maybe even higher when you put your broker fees and full of journalists not get into that I three you're going to a minute ago. Well that's right in in you know led to two to bring this back in the context of retirement. One of the cool things with private lending. Is like every like a lot of things we do we are big on tax strategy and tax planning so as you know. A lot of things start changing with taxation and retirement. And one of the things about retired or about private lending in retirement the so special is that you can use. You're IRA. In retirement accounts self directed IRA is to invest in private lending Colette de. Hank is that a candidate we did all a show line and they I didn't that's a huge joint and so few people actually know. That they can convert diary to a self directed. At those questions last week I think we need to do to your market showed that you have Luke welcome back indicted if you're curious about and you know take a look at our show and that we put on last week it was essentially and a all your questions answered show and download that we did died and it'll that we probably do a whole show on the mechanics of that we did have a a guest star on guessed her telling us. G a bit so Jean she was against our secure that jesuit but anyway we did died and a little bit Mabel don't push on in the future but qualified money we're talking about special investment accounts IRAs can be converted and there's nothing stopping you you're allowed to do. It's too you're allowed to do it and in what it allows us to do from the planning standpoint. Is really timeout. The the timing of those income streams. When you start talking about using retirement account you get to choose whether you want that that growth. Does returns as monthly interest payments to go back in your primary and grow. Or if you like them to be distributed of course if you're over 59 and a half he can begin taking him time he and if you have a Roth IRA can be tax free income we just had a client and our Austin office that had to get this. Almost a seven figure Roth account our military he knows full. Of India Matt you have enough time they get there yeah. Seven figure out the count and in our advisor and Austin his. It's immediately saw the opportunity and had a conversation with his client was able to take that rots. And furs and the early years of retirement income focus that Iraq on generating retirement income tax free. And there was a good amount of debt that that is going in the private lending program prison and what that allowed him to do is in those years when he had lower income. OK in the lower tax brackets guess what we are focusing on doing. We're focusing on converting either. Tax deferred accounts. To tax free accounts in those lower tax brackets such as Roth conversions and other tax free vehicles. So if you start understanding how to utilize these these accounts and the timing of these income streams. As you lay out that that abroad and come plan. It's powerful when you introduce something like private lending itself directed IRA. And because you can start really dialing and timing. And the effectiveness. Of of managing your your tax. That's along the way listen if you're not gonna take the time. Income men can have an appointment. And actually discuss the strategy is really simple you're leaving money on the table. I've heard so many stories about our clients that said I wish I had done this years ago. I didn't realize that by actually lower my income is such a small amount I would say so much on taxes. As a big big mess. Retirement planning is serious specially you spent your entire life meaning for this moment. But you need a sophisticated advisor by your side. So I wanna ask everyone if you're not doing this what are you leaving on the table what could you possibly be not taking advantage of so our advisors and noble capital are really. Very well educated in terms of these specific types strategies retire complaining and especially in in complaining. Go to real world blueprint are com check out the seminars that we have and attend one of the seminars no obligation we just want to show you which have been missing out on. Planning is a science I'm a lot of people think they can plan on their own. That's not true it's it's you know to see and now we eat easy analogy in the medical field can't operate on broken arm and speak on her own. You can't Google that I'm sure Google go to plan needs to get need to get meticulous and and planning is incredibly important that eight financial planner. Help you with that so. I I I just want a second we just said. Take take a moment and come and visit with somebody because at the end of the day if you don't have a plan you could probably still make it the boy the peace of mind that a plan brings use it is. Is what it's all about wins and here's the thing. It's not magic. Going and it is is just you don't know. Which you don't know science that's right that's a scientist and so it's if once someone else knows that and has that knowledge and they're willing to allow you take advantage and knowledge which is what we do. I mean in we're passionate about this stuff. You were about lifestyle and fulfillment right I mean that's what we're really about those are cornerstones of our mission is like. If we're able to create an experience that day Anthony's tablet they're praying kids now that's the win. And for us that is the when Christine now that it's. In our our slogan here is is helping our our fellow Texans achieves. That the security to go forward into retirement with confidence. Lifestyle and fulfillment. So that they can go live that dream and passed that legacy on. And can create that legacy for generations to come in and that that's so special he hit it right on the on the head that's what were passionate about because if we can achieve that then we've we've done a great thing for that client and more importantly we've we've established a lifelong relationship and friendship CM. I mean I know these and these that says he gonna be in forever land on the Internet but right now rent an all time high. In stock market so if you've got investments in the stock market now's the time to think about you know bouncing your portfolio. Profit taking licking at adjusting that portfolio depending on where you are in your life plan. That's what we do that's so we hope people do it's like oh are you making the transition into retirement are you five or ten years away or are you already and it. And you didn't really play and I took advantage of all the vehicles that are out there that's or hairdo where you're guilty do that in our biggest vehicle one of our biggest differentiators. Is the prime lending that we participate and that's what we're experts in that field in particular we don't entire shows just on prime lending and and this one's. A lot about private lending we're talking about a lot in complaining here because that's what's about we've combine these two different strategies privately mean and in complaining in retirement. It's so unique in so much more powerful than what outside scene out there. Yeah I'm I'm actually curious if you don't mind on. No word ten months since the time I trumps presidency. And things seem to be normal Wall Street when you are meeting with clients now Indy Ressa our advisors are meeting clients. What's what's your temperature mean what are what is what are they asking for what are they saying and what do you depending on situation you think what are you proposing. You know running the best way it is to answer that it's. It's almost an analogy it's like you know you you work hard your whole life. You know immunity you're climbing that mountain. And in its its its of its grueling at times. And you're accumulating accumulating accumulating well we've had this nice run up right now. Were a lot of our clients are now looking at retirement. And they know that there it's time to stop with the focus on climbing and now let's start to focus on. How now are we gonna get down the mountain without getting hurt so this truck bomb to that almost 23000. Point Dow. You know the trump let economy the potential tax cuts. Okay this is great and it's going to be it's gonna. Create some value but at the same Time Warner MI out on that mountain climb and as icon to the peak here and I'm now focused on getting down the am I need to find some strategies in the trusted advisor to help beat my guy didn't get me through this. So just as Chris was saying we're looking to now rebalance. And refocus that portfolio. So that we can and get down the mountain without didn't hurt. And for anybody it's not just say easy now understand mountain going up and down in terms of life actually training either climbers all the injuries occur amounts coming down. And that's why we're using that so we don't want you to fall on the way down right there once you have a on his smooth landing in come in and enjoy the rest of that experience in your life that's what it's all about her that an outing at the peak is moments might feel a little euphoric with two with a truck bomb yet and everything's going right. Don't get down yet the plan now completely silent when we get back here in a minute I wanna see a little bit more on discussion about the the benefits we get inside of the fund we talked about diversification we talked about. And security those types of things and changing kind of hinted at it and I want him to really folks on Ameritech about the differences between growth. In income strategies in your term complaining so. It's when we get back in his second many of containing on her real wealth tip of the week but if this is instinct you anyone who attend one of our seminars. On come on out no obligation just had dinner on us and will teach you what we know. On this next one coming up this Tuesday October 17 at 630. And that's going to be at Texas beef fishing found us and Richardson have thrown you on the Dallas metro area. That's our next and then again that's Tuesday October 17 on to those he down in Austin the next event is Thursday October 19 that's going to be again an evening event. And it's going to be at Fleming's. And that's the wind on sentry upstairs so those are next two events that are coming up here again those dates. Our Tuesday October 17 in Dallas. Thursday October 19 in Austin and if you really wanna see all the dates and the shows that we have you can find more information about us. A real wealth blueprint dot com. Also on our social media days that Twitter. In two Graham we have some comments. Are continuing their relatives of the week we get back RA and then that Jae min talk about some growth and income strategies. With respect to the fund so. We'll be right back in a minute again you can find is that real slow bleed Red Sox. The right choice. And now back to real well blueprint where you'll learn the secrets once reserved only for the wealthy. I'm Chris Wragge Linden this is the reload blueprint show welcome back today were talking about essentially your. Incomplete on steroids and how we accomplish that and private lending. And if you curious about who we are what the heck am I talking about you miss the whole first half for the majority in the show you can download these episodes. At real wealth blueprint dot com or also an all social media platforms. I'm where we gather questions we'd love to hear from you get some feedback on our show again and joined by Mike those mr. Ron Navarro also are CEOs of noble capital and the founder mr. Timmy here is his on the show so Timmy we kind of teases out a minute ago the menu and then give it has now I'd like to hear. What is this week's real wealth of the week. Always planned for more than you need. I'm always plan from what he had is just days I just came back from a trip are. And I over packed but times shocked I know right. I was actually very worth it because actually used every single piece of clothing in shoes that. I ask who I overtaxed but I play in more than any. He did and you and it's always been from Iranian al-Qaeda worked out I see LSI's ending complaining dilute our conducting complaining a lot on the show today and and look at the end of the day we don't wanna put the plane together where you're like bouncing your budget and having zero. Every single month you know show we're trying to create strategies that allow you to have both of filling retirement experience and a lifestyle that you've always wanted to have right that's our mission. In terms of our products. And that's why we look at some alternatives and in were expert in one alternative teacher that's private lending we're talking about how you can earn 68%. Sometimes as much as 9%. On your money. Through a secured loan. You were lending people money that are out their changing neighborhoods. They're flipping houses in your earning a great return to great part but your portfolio. Absolutely. I had so it's private lending. We've been talking about 678. Plus percent return to strength with a secured investment. I monthly income the ability to use your retirement and your retirement accounts if you like a lot of flexibility and diversity diversity of the does your vacation low. Well I guess what I did I know you're excited to encourage our. So thank you so you at the end of the day. Using this tool and an income plan. Gives you more options than just. Shooting their money up to Wall Street hoping for the best which is what some people are doing. Horror having to settle for the just the minimal returns in. In these safe accounts traditional blood bank deposits and and things of that such so. It lending has become a great alternative our clients that are participating in private lending one of the things that that we get a lot of feedback on. Is the ability to start generating monthly income now. And start having that income coming in which in turn allows them to lead other accounts that are maybe more long term focused. Safe vehicle searches and income annuities are some tax free. You know life insurance accounts things like that it allows those vehicles to defer and Oro. But it it allows them to do that because of the immediate income debt private lending generates and and that that monthly paycheck that begins coming in your mailbox. When you do privately. Things can change too right testicle partisan side of flexibility in his vehicle so I've seen several of our clients come in where they need the income after this idling vehicle. And then as they age overturn this and hey it's now time to switch this around now so it's like I don't need and I have this like abilities to do that how great is that church. Think I'll skip songs I need that income anymore. What can we do from the air and that's really deep possibility for growth kicks and only you know it's funny we have the saying this is same to you Tommy and it was cheating actually you know as we're looking at deals in determining where we're gonna invest our money he. Very early in my tenure no we said trust but verify. Trust but verify. I think another thing that people find interesting about the private lending program is that you contrived by these properties. Armed once you make an investment in any type of sock any type anything just about anything else. It's kind of be let the black box to expand you know the machine goes to work and you don't know words that. And speaking of the machine you know and and just like everything's sometimes thing can go wrong and then that's the beautiful part about what we're offering through noble Kaplan our platform. Is were also a full service asset management company. And how challenging embody else that's in this business this year not up to snuff an asset management team and you don't know what to do when you have a foreclosure. You don't have any business being in this business you know we had Steve Cochran on her show luckily we didn't need to translator. Yeah he's Australian if you didn't get that joke I delayed a download it for Steve but he's in charge or asset management division they do a great job taking any of the properties that failed in turning them right back how's that those assets go performing and but that's the cool part about being in the under. If you are in the fine meaning that diversification. Union feel those bumps in their own. Yeah the only Armenians as compared to say mutual funds reinvesting in a bunch of stocks gear missing inventions. Properties inventions you know loans on properties a UC drive by these neighborhoods and see the difference that it's making and frankly see exactly where your investments that he had that whole part of my favorite things about this program since the beginning since we started. I like to have a year and tied and we don't have no time for this to you and mutual fund when these are getting a dog in and one and one of the Sox are known to do. Let's move they sell it. And they take a loss and they take a loss and an intern take that capital they put in something as performing what happens in our fund when we have a dog in foreclosure. We sell it to. Except we sell it enrolling in a seven cents on the moon and ha. As a huge change change you got to really think about that difference for a minute there so that's a big big deals that absolutely may and that's an if you didn't follow that manual there show on that in the mechanics of the fund and how we mitigate losses and so how were able to add the additional security. There rollicking force so. This about wraps it up for our show today in terms of are in complaining on steroids we've got a couple of things to chat about and first off we got next week Nixie Simpson. I mean we're gonna actually dive into one of these areas talk about. Right did illegal kind of side of it TV security that you gain we knew incest murder her participate in private lending and a lot of people don't realize that when we say security where we're saying that there is eight a physical piece of paper that secures your investment as compared to just like this is safer than that it is physical. Piece of paper recorded at the courthouse saying you are the main. Yeah there's a document actually as an emirate document sooner. And we can get into some of those things were talking about the legal documents that the bar signs and had it when they take on Islam and there's a lot of security goes into protecting. The investor both upfront. And during the alone and then even after things go wrong that's for those really come into play. So I'm going to dive into that some minutes so that's what's gonna be next week. And Jane thinks searching the time to come out today and talk to slow that absolutely this is good look forward to be in that spent I wish you good is on the calendar a little more Austin's we're just do an all time. Us weekly. Think every day right. Any doubt that but I just fit every time we get it we get an episode and with TV it seems like we get really deep into the details that I you know I personally love and and I think that the listeners appreciated too. Yeah definitely so again if if we selling decent guys Tia and you wanna get this a shot to learn about in complaining retirement cleaning. On private lending in need the other subjects that we've covered on a number of shows. Ruined by EITs seminars I'm Jay and actually puts on the seminars. And we do them in Austin as well as in Dallas. If you were a listener indeed Dallas area are upcoming event is going to be on Tuesday October the seventeenth and that's at Texas be efficient I children Richardson. And then if you're in Austin listener. The next event is Thursday October the nineteenth at 630 and that's going to be at Fleming's so tablet disciplines in north rate. My guess is that kind of an in Austin says it's their own mind that doesn't mean it's a domain domains let me just make sure clear on that. Well been a great show. I were so passionate about this I mean do we even we had a whole other area we wanted to talk about today about leaving lasting legacies we actually had. A number of people on her show about conscious capitalism and impact investing. And decrease talk about battle of the morning future observed is. Honestly our programs change communities and it's doing that for the better and we really don't and that a few times so. Again please join us at one of our seminars on that are coming up any can register. At real wealth blueprint dot com again obligation just wanna buy you dinner and show you we're all about how. Real wealth blueprint. And you're ready to. He's pulled on her with his can and a Texas state fair. 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