12/10: Is Private Lending For Me?

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, December 10th

Many people just aren’t familiar with alternative investment opportunities. Are you curious if private lending is right for you?


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From the nodal capitol studios in Austin taxes this isn't real well blu. Where we bring real wealth strategies to the real world let's start the show here's your heads Craig Franklin. Hi I'm Chris Wragge Lyndon welcome to the real wealth blueprint showed real low talk show for the real world where we talk about various topics mostly financial related. Com we tend to focus on private lending says that's what our core businesses where. The business owners of noble capital texas' premier private lending platform and join of course by to my cohosts. Mr. Romney Navarro. Thank you Chris for having me again as your Carlos and there you go. I'm looking forward to today's episodes coming up with a top ten this is this kind of fun yeah there's about a hundred great that's order in the top ten list right that's today shows so if you're paying attention to us last week quarterly ruling today it's the top ten list for private lending and it's it's essentially why you should consider private listening. As a viable alternative investment and use so and then of course you know we kind of tease this out last week a little bit we said. Gene is going to be a permanent extra on the show of course talking about. On our business partner the founder of noble capital mr. Hey Chris thanks for having me again and thanks for making me a permanent fixture there you don't have to act the cornerstone is finally set and we finally talked him into staying in here say advances so this is does he know the noble Capital Radio show essentially is talking about here and I mean that's our corner fundamental offering we help people investors earn between 60% on their money all secured. By Texas real state we're talking Russ single family residential real estate when we do you folks it's really simple. We actually financed these guys that are out there flipping houses that's our core competency in addition to that we work with people. On to help them with the retirement plans. We help people find viable alternatives. To essentially the stock market and other investments you'd normally think about so. Last week his show was essentially call hedge your bets. And now man Rania and we into the deep end on one of those segments you should have been here Jed it was a lot of fun and we got really nerdy and we re literally. Deconstruct it a deal on the show alive and it was fun. Yeah I know and if you don't know what that means if you're listening he has no idea what that means we broke down numbers probably about. 5200. Kind of numbers variables in a transaction what you need to look out for. And we did it so fast so if you if you happen to get a chance to listen to podcasts go back and then slow motion your wife. Sir thanks slows down like 50% BP that's great I listen to every podcast it's funny at one point five. I don't know if you guys do to her parents and borrowing that's what happens when we've been doing this for sixteen years yet we're about to celebrate her sixteen year anniversary here yeah I kind of ball we get to time our anniversary party in December when the company was formed in 2002. And so yeah we we get to have a holiday party and company birthday party count all rolled into one which is this coming. Weeks so it's it's pretty exciting. Last year we had the teens and you know. Right every party and big ball down we did not know quite remember now whereas now it happened is fun all right so this week we're word in Ronnie Canon dropped a hint that's what we're doing today we're saying is private lending for mean we're giving you a top ten lists ten things to consider. Oh win you're taking private lending into consideration so we're gonna drill through these arm and essentially. That the kind of questions you want to be asking yourself here and NASA's has really agree guiding principle for these top ten questions is do I want to be debating. That's a really simple way when you're looking at this investment and you don't get to see that in meaning investments you know if your your buying stocks and bonds that are or CDs or mutual funds or. Our work another alternative stuff you're not the bank ranked you're an investor in your buying something but you're not really collateralized and it's an intangible. That you are when your lender and that's the difference here when Yuri lender and you only need someone money that's essentially what banking it. It takes a little bit to get there and understand that topic I mean because because traditionally and still see it as large banks are once they give loans. Right they're not private loans so when we talk about being the bank UE do stepped into the role of the bank by giving somebody alone and grabbing collateral as your. As your underlying asset. Yeah as we're talking about the lending side I was thinking and that's what banks do journey they'd they operate is lending institutions in this country. We're not talking about collecting people's deposits and you know if not that sighted thinking we're talking about providing a loan to someone. And making sure that whenever you are providing loan on and that collateral protects your loan that's essentially private lending rates you're gonna boil this down to its basic elements. Alone returning you know I'm going to someone's money. And they're gonna pay it back but if they don't whatever it is they're doing with my mining law that genie back instead. That's what that's really all we're talking about here that's as very very fundamental lending and that's what we've been able to boil this program down. And in the and that's why we consistently deliver that 68% or investors right they're getting that scene return consistently over and over and over again. Yeah it's is predictable we're gonna jump right in what you wanna do this Ellis give us let's jump Enron money taken away gives the first aren't sort of do it we're gonna do it top ten style I will. Ask the question that you should be asking yourself if your interest in this he should ask yourself if if this is important tee right. OK so I will ask the question not in the U guys maybe just answer in and out of little color to it. On because frankly we knew they are about a hundred questions these are probably the ten most important questions that you should be considering 'cause. If you if you answer the wrong way you're probably looking at the wrong investment vehicle OK I. So first thing that we always look at on the first thing we always ask people to ask themselves is. Are you looking for growth. Or are you looking for preservation. We think they're simple and so it would be looking for your investment are you looking for this thing to grow. Exponential leap or are you looking for your capital to stay put with steady growth. So in over do you guys. Yeah I mean others of those things mutually exclusive. Always there's there's a hybrid OK so there's a little bit of a hybrid right so I can I can focus on preservation. And still achieve some form of growth rate. It's OK and so and I think that's honestly won't kind of where we lane and and turns aware that we can provide preservation. And we can give you. Steady income streams right it's not a get rich quick but it's nice were I mean when we said the number now a couple times where Thomas 60% on your money right so this can be. A great income stream rang NO GA new work with people in their retirement planning you know I hate this could be an alternative income stream for you right. Absolutely. I would say most people. From the retirement planning aspect of of our business or worse than download the client we're talking about the growth vs preservation. They're definitely. At that at that point their life looking at this as a preservation play and it's not that they can't grow their portfolio but that the fact is they need income so this is the old you know. Live off the interest protect the principal live off the interest if I can just skim that interest every month and take that is income. Still watch my seed money my principal. Secure and protected that feels really good yeah that that gives me a lot of options and a lot of security that I'm looking for. That's huge so you can provide a income stream. Brain that are time there any any age that you may be you can create that income stream and that and that's option that Jed said at night. We can also provide as a growth tool right so if there investing in some of our funds you have the ability to elect. To essentially compound that interest into your principles that you can. Deferred any of that income same now thinks I don't need right now maybe you have other income stream set up for me I'd like to just continue to grows he can do that to him. And even even better of him you know if you do it in quite enough qualified accountant and retirement and beyond. Even have that tax benefit of not paying taxes. On that growth so you know use one of president and IRAs are retirement account to work at 68%. Watch it grow for the future. You can certainly do that your new as the. That's awesome Menino what we did holes showed just on that so if your regular listener or you're just tuning inning you wanna go back in time. And look at it we it's it's absurd number thirteen subject to diary the best kept secret she was talking about being able to you. Invest in private lending. Easing your self directed irate painting that's that is a big secret and if people don't know about they think there IRA has to go and he's very very boring. Vehicles that they had no control over whatsoever. Not the case guys so stockbrokers definitely not on the love her not that there's your rate media are and and we we tell you why that is too by the way and that episodes of feel free to get back in their self okay cool do it so yeah you can grow you can get income anything of preservation. I mean that's pretty nice so that's a great consideration what's next front. Zach is so when you consider that you wanna consider a couple of other things there's different types different strokes for different folks investing right so number two and I always ask this to people because there's this misconception with private lending. But do you prefer to be active or passive with your investments or your returns so are you the guy that wants to be out there. You know swinging hammers using your hands using your brains using all these things and make the investment work or do you rather. Put it set it aside and let a ground. Yell let's take it day even philosophically hire are you the kind of guy who is gonna launch in every single day check your portfolio and make trades as a hands on investor guess right if that's CU and that your style of control and direction. Then prime lending might not be for you you might need to be to god it's gonna go out there and swing hammers and go buy the property take all of that is significant risk yourself. Mean aim that high return that's the day trader equivalent rate. It's really all about being act is in my managing your portfolio very proactively or being passive and allowing yourself to take a backseat they're probably going to gay. A smaller returns but you're gonna have preservation that we just talked about all key for you that's that's there's convene active and passive for me. Somebody else is doing work. Right somebody else is doing the invest is is doing the part that pays your investment right so that that's a really big one I think a lot of people miss that one because often times and people think private lending they think it's very hands on. Too much work I've got to stay engaged and frank well you can't engage us on. Saved by the by the way prime lending is very hands on and very engaged if you don't have someone like Noble's having all the work side and that's why we did your origination and underwriting the servicing the asset management the collateral management to construct. That's their hands on eyes of ousting their private lender by myself. And I wanted to be active well maybe it's a good match forming but you know if I want someone else that's been doing this from a sixteen years to Jean's point. To take control and actually manage my investment for me. And I'm going to be comfortable being passive and still earn a nice return game that's pretty nice so 8001 couple were gonna roll into the next segment here in just a moment and we're also gonna talk about. You know what does it mean for you in terms of being a private lender and your involvement in the community. So that's not normally something people ask people who want you to be asking that. When you're considering should idea private lenders do I wanted to be involved in the community I wanna make a difference in neighborhoods in communities. That I live in that were all part. So stay tuned we've got the next let's see renew the next three questions here in minutes from here right. Back from commercial and got. Here we are you need a doctor and seventy. Oh right doing. You're listening to the real well blueprint if you wanna ensure retirement with the lifestyle user. Then this could this show trio. I am Chris Wright when your host of noble capital's real good friend welcome back and joined as always. My co host Ron Navarro NG new alls I should say my business partners. Three of us are business partners Jeanne founded this company about almost sixteen years ago this month. And we did business partners now for 78 years together the three of us there's actually a fourth that we've had on the show a few times mr. Grady Collins. Who if he's ever been to any of our larger stated the company events which is a big annual event that we have every year he's DNC says he's the one with those. Really terrible jokes are he's one of the funniest guys I know that he really is is doesn't eases Cammie getting through to the show and because he's asleep. Yeah we keep him locked up in Heredia counting pennies well we are counting pennies for you know seriously that's without him we. Proof were different company no doubt and are good that they were doing the top ten things you should consider if you're going to get into the private lending business that's what we're doing today so the party jumped into a couple of them and one into and so one is. Issued view I consider preservation. Or growth strategies and and we talked about that number two is. You prefer passive or active investments and I kinda ended pretty quickly and by the way I said. If you're getting in a private listening independently. Completely by yourself. This can be very hands on expect incident I mean we have an entire company. Formed around this with sixteen years of experience in lessons learned. In terms of how to properly do this and that's the only way we've been able to create a passive vehicle period. Yeah it that active one is is it interest in Monty because a lot of people think he ought to look at that little bit of money in savings. In my eyes open all that into an investment like this that's not the way it works also yeah also attracted did it don't do that. Right do not do that own removal into and Melissa let's let's jump right in after number three on the top ten list. That's when my drummer already does and does special effect number three. Do you require your investments to be fully liquid or not and and that's really important. Dear parlance we fully liquid or not to you're required to be able to hit a button and cash out or commute essentially let them right furlong. I'd say Romney did you know with a lot of Google back to their retirement clients. You know we talk about this all the time liquidity is very important so before we can start talking about investing in anything. We make sure that we met their liquidity needs and our our rule of thumb is it is to set aside one to two years. Their annual budget. And no imminent and immediately accessible liquid account. And it if they have a higher need for liquidity may be it's three years bird once we've done that. Then we can responsibly approached the rest of the portfolio in terms of of how to diversify into different allocations would different levels of liquidity and so. You know. The fact is with the liquidity there's really only two options if you require a year here investments to be fully liquid you're either in cash urgently to CD or money market account. You know we call that right now via many sitting in the bank. I don't know what we call that losing your money safely. So I was gonna say something else and got in this outfit yeah so. Yes the client edit edit one of our events the other day you know. What's the risk of having your money sitting in the bank right now. And you know I was looking for the answer let. Inflation during an. Lady raised her hands and well that the bank could get robbed. It's. A good karma that is not the answer at the core of that and also your everything you need Clinton and you re a 1980s while lady and so anyway I'm hearing there if you're liquid here either in cash or you're in the stock market. And it's a very very narrow selection went out and about liquidity it's no wonder really look and said that building more comprehensive plan. You've got to explore vehicles that are a 100% liquid all the time I would say private lending is more liquid than many other investments. That. At the end of the day. If you responsibly approach approach liquidity then you can afford to take on some political illiquid investments we have. And and by the way if if you're only investing in one thing and it's private lending then. If if liquidity is important you stay away. L you messed up if you don't have some diversification your portfolio that's really what we're talking about I mean we're an alternative investment intern from private lending standpoint. I mean honestly it today where and how location and that's what we're trying to highlight here is. What you should be putting into that allocation for us that we wanted to be private lending. And so when we say not liquid we're not talking about long lock up periods he's seen reads. Which tend to be five or seven years we're talking about a winded two year lockup period dad's typically what you're seeing and by the way the reason for that is because that's how long it takes. You know being very conservative to flip a property that's one full year right being very very conservative from the time of acquisition renovation marketing and sales takes about a year. So we have vehicles. That I'm tend to lock up about a two year period that allows our mind to turn over two times and anything need your money back then you're able to do so so okay that's a great wins lets us move on what's an excellent. Number four so the suns interest in Kansas and is kind of in our DNA you're right we've been that we've been the type that had been picking winners for number years in terms of the investments that we've made. However on if it does question you need to ask yourself if private lending is for you. Is are you the type that likes to pick winners were spread out your risk. They say this is and our DNA because there was once a point in time we started this business that it was one deal at a time picking one winner at a time. Issel extremely Diallo that we're talking about Mina in our DNA we. Historically. Did it direct lending rates that we would pair up a lender. And have them. They're named directly on the deed of trust right so their entire investment let's say it was a 150000. Dollars trade was on that loan. That one loan and we were picking the winners that's the idea behind this so you have a lot of security to your names on the and deed of trust as the lender. And and that's that's great break but we've evolved over the past few years more to fund a model for some reasons but one of the biggest reasons. Was he wanted to provide diversification. To our investors so instead of your money being tied up on one winner. The idea is let's read amongst other people your money across several winners so that if something does go wrong on one property. Your entire return isn't taken down ranked that's the idea here. Yeah I mean it's it's the old and what we call internally if you're listening to us is probably doesn't mean a whole lot he just yet but it will your interest and the private lender network. This is what the private lender network was you pick a winner. K that you had that option but if you wanna spread your risk you have that option and that's really where we like to clean that in that space for your just. Your your risk is diversify. We do and ask me just compares and another shows before or that we went essentially from peeking like a Greek stocks. Now from angry mutual funds right so we have a diversified portfolio for you to pick from so and think. Everybody if you're looking at this from the conservative standpoint I would rather have a proven track record mutual find. Then a couple of stocks where one or two things can go wrong and I'm in trouble my portfolio crushed after I was the next one. Right number five. Does improving our local communities appeal at all team. I think they're important mean if this is important seat if it is seeing communities change. On is more important than seeing the another company just get richer as what is a terrorizing communities change for the better we should say yes now is that is that. You know it's because I know some people from an investor standpoint they'll say that's that's not my job that's not my aim mine and there's nothing wrong with the lottery right they're like and that's some that's someone else's should be doing is okay to investing in you get a return level one level to you make a difference and but that's what we're trying to say is is we can't we can allow you the investor. To actually make a difference in communities spread a big deal right we're talking about. Essentially refreshing. Tired inventory write there's houses out there that'd been here for thirty or forty years. It's time for them to have a renovation and make over an expansion or trying to reestablish. That inventory for a family to come and and and essentially take advantage of so we're taking Cheney's that. Tend to be pretty tired how a lot of problems have Venus and depressed economies in revitalize these communities and bring them back to life. And that's pretty Karine that's a really cool feeling yeah that feels like sunshine we drag and neighborhoods and he really think there's this one house that is just about to change at all. Yeah and I should say though we're not simply interested in Enola I'll say it but the gentrification right now and I'm a catalyst that is a bad terms and some circles but. I'm we're also interest didn't affordability that's another reason why nobles taking a proactive effort more actually part of the affordable housing accelerator for Texas. It's a big deal and we sit on the committee actually were one of the underwriters along with JPMorgan and Google that's nice company to DN means they got Google JPMorgan noble capital. And you know so we're part of that affordable housing so raider and we're saying hey there's a problem here how do we continue to provide affordable housing for communities that's big yeah. Yeah I know and and I would think we think is most exciting at least to me we're starting an Austin. And if this works if if this accelerator really catches fire at the goal is to take it across the state. So we are literally gonna affect change. Positive change across the state brain if you're talking to people there there there they've got even bigger eyes right they're looking at other communities around the country and saying you know how do we not have another San Francisco you know that's really kind of the the other side that's. Mandate in mean create that create the prototype here. And assurances to the rest of the country we have. Yeah and I understand that completely are right so those were another of those are great three right there when we move into the next segment can be delivered alarm will have I think for come and appear to we're talking about. How important is it TU to secure your income in retirement we touched on that just a little bit broken and come back and highlight that I think those are. You know some more things to consider like. We are you in your life and how important is it the you have these different types of income stream so as an investor we want you to be looking at in considering privately. For those types of things up that's all move into more direct attack. This is the real well blueprint that shows the brings an unexpected take on all things financial. I'm the real wealth blueprint we will give you the tools to plan grounds for attacks and yes finally enjoy your wells. I am Chris Rock when your host of noble capital's real wealth we pray welcome back I'm joined as always by mr. Ron Navarro and now mr. Jay Newman. We're talking about private lending and how our investors earn between 60% on their money. On Texas real state pretty cool set a program that we've had now for quite some time we're actually celebrating our sixteenth. Anniversary as a business. This December so happy holidays everybody thought it was into us that he'd like to learn more about us he can find us at real wealth blueprint dot com. Yeah you know you also find this on all of these social networks specifically FaceBook and it's a grand definitely give us. Reach out. Yeah I just you know on the Twitter is also a big thing there that's right it's that we have all of those mini anyway we do enjoy engaging with our clients we actually get these ideas for the show in terms of what we're talking about mostly from our social media feeds so if you've got ideas or topics of things for us to consider specific question about private lending his sub there will talk I just don't troll. Right don't troll we get a little bit of that tune yeah we do get the trolls and I overplay you take you don't know. And getting loser loser does make firfer good review yet definitely side but we jumped into a few here on the last segment we talked about a few things I do you require. Your investment to have some form of liquidity which we talked about we talked about and spreading your risk purses direct investments. And then we also talked about on is having an impact you know impact investing that says a hot topic right now. Is having impacting your community important to you so those are three things that we jumped into you have to hit rewind if you when he hears that but let's jump into the next few questions here. Yeah I think we're jumping right into James sweet spot too so this is this going to be fine. These are always things to consider so numbers six of the things you must consider it spread to lending his free use do you feel. Bond that you know or trust what is happening in the stock market in ask yourself that question if you got the crystal ball you know. The chances are probably wanna stay in the stock market or whatever you want to do also they have a crystal ball when you know any caucus yeah I wanna do it every year doing. These stock market is crushing it right now rates so if you know if you feel like you know what's going on then okay your your okay whatever that means to you. But if if you feel like there's any. Possibility that reaching or have reached just the top. Let's let's talk about yet agencies. I can't and Nina and radical here but it's these kind of liking a big point and I'm gonna bring that failure of that right because as stock markets a lot like that poignant and stuff so. I'm just gonna say this like. When my grandparents. I like how much money shot that ended that Corning you know. You know it's over the keynote I mean. Think yeah they might make some money game I just really well they could have been for a little while longer but win you know I got literally blue collar working guys that are having trouble scrape being one month of their bills together as a savings account and they're asking means they should invest in bitcoin. We have a problem folksy thing another time there you go. How are so true. They I mean ask yourself that question do you feel you know having stock market great great question to ask and you know the fact is is even if you do feel. Like you know what's happening in the stock market. It doesn't take the match. Two to read these days of almost every day I read an article. About you know big investment banks or her big fund managers coming out and more and starting to to flash the the warning signs the cautions irons. And and that's what they do mean the fact loses the market is crashing and all time high records almost on a weekly basis and you know we don't. Endorse or condoned. We don't endorse fear mongering you know that that's that's not a good approach for people so. This is the way we look at it oh sit down have a conversation with a client. Last week we are talking about his stock portfolio. And you know he said something very interesting to me Romney he said that. Even his own standards of what a balanced portfolio looks like he just went back and look at his own rules that he created for himself. Which by the way there's there's your first that may be should have some rules right. He was out of balance. And he knew he was out of balance so. While it's nice that the markets on on this great run in and we're making all this money we have to go back and into a quick sanity check in they look. Even in my own standards I'm out of balance is it time to sit down and in rebalance that doesn't mean you run for the hills and pull everything out necessarily. So if you're an opportunist and you wanna make money in the stock market great you can still do that. But at the end of the day. There is some money from for most investors are some money now that they need to begin to harvest and pull aside and protect and get back in balance so the stock market continues to round. Then great we can say we we have participated in that run and that outside. And not feel like we missed out but at the same time we were. Possible tour I think it's great Dermarr rebalancing turnabout you know that's where you hear the Talking Heads are saying it's time for some profit taking. Right so you have to take some money off the table. In reallocate it into another bucket that's the whole point here we're not saying don't do this or do that specifically were saying. Have a balanced portfolio and specifically for us we're seeing happen alternatives that hedges against these types of activities and for us that's private lending. Sure and you know look at us were worried and are late 30s40s. I'll speak for myself. Duma Granger you guys are almost there and we're almost there so if I'm talking to us you know we're having a different conversation yet lord we could afford. To let it ride and take a big hit and in our earth or stock market portfolio are for a one case. And and let it come back over time even the even you guys how do you feel as a younger investor about taking that hit right now. I I'm totally against taking any hit in its funny that we mean ten years ago would have been a little different but because of what we do. Today I feel just sitting in my late thirties and thirty years older now. I'm IE. Love what we do as an investment vehicle not the sort of put all your eggs in that basket but that's how I rather live in that space where I'm getting a high return. Capitals. Safe meaning in turns into a recurring income. I wish I reinvest. And you yeah we we do I do the same yeah right so when you know we're we're actually clients of noble capitals won his that is to say so we're investors. And you know from an allocation standpoint. I know I am acting much older than I normally would and because I've I've been in real state now and next year will be twenty years right now it's a long time to be in a sector as an investor. And I've seen a few cycles now and you know and I was. On a plane right going to convention in California I got back on second two guys sit next to me was in his eighties great. And this guy I was sharing wars stories and it was fun literally war stories he's a twenty year veteran from West Point. And he was tell me about I mean some of the most incredible things have ever heard in my life but whatever else telling him what I do and why do it. He was excited. Mikey was like me and you're speaking my language you're talking about like someone who's been through once twice and my buddy. That's because I had Tina I've done this before so I think it's ingredients are talking about reality aiding we're not saying yes and no to any team that we're saying just be cognizant. I don't know what your portfolio looks like what your profile looks like and were here rat and in the life cycle money you know we talked about the 38 year old bull now what if you're 58. Aaliyah and you're coming up on the retirement decision now leader it's a lot higher stakes is the. Absolutely it's a good lead into the next question yeah girl had a right now we've got an opportunistic stock market right so so ask yourself this question when considering private lending that what's more important to you. Predictability. Or opportunity. Right so is it is it what you can expect to receive tomorrow. Or the opportunity your ability it tests to earn unlimited amounts what's more important to you. So so let's let's continue on then so. Bat bat to the 58 Euro and you I don't wanna throw in the towel and give up on opportunity. You know I I I really want to still be able to be in the game. But I can only do that. Responsibly. By blocking end that part of my portfolio. That I need to to make my. My spouse and I ain't secure. Or myself if I'm single secure up to that point of security so. Once I filled the predictable bucket to a responsible level then I get to be opportunistic. But it took to miss step one is foolish. Yeah light life is too short to not be as predictable as humanly possible. Right I mean if if you're just writing. I own these waves it's just it's that it's a roller coaster that's just too scary I had my my mother in law's hospitalized this weekend. And I saw kind of my father and all react to the whole situation. And he was strong man and he was he is on a rock she it was pretty serious. Unfortunately everything's good shall be let out a hospital here soon. But I'm you know the he was so strong and I any kind of started thinking about then when you retired now. And part of the reason he's strong is because he's got things under control. And part of me is financed right being. Especially even leader Egan life mean yes I'm able to take more risk from the fifteen year old. Fifty year old more able to think Marie Smith seven year old but at some point you need predictability. Yeah and I think it's you know meaning of the financial advisor I think is really important here on and that's obviously some of the stuff that we do if you were. If you this push striking intones you right now and you're saying okay. I need to be asking myself those questions perhaps. I need to rebounds my portfolio perhaps I need to gauge what level of predictability and opportunity that I'm willing to take here. Give us a call. You know normally we have these seminars that are going on all the time I got news for you were full for the rest the year and so holiday season. But just give us a call come into our office you can reach us at 877. 28 wine. 9314. Again that's 8772819314. We'd love to sit down once you talked to you to see if what we have is right for you. Yep this does keep going man so on this when actually threw myself. Then you heard me talk a little bit about my mom in the past she's been a government employer was govern government employee for a long time. And she when entering retirement she's a campfire and I got a pension and got Social Security we're gonna be good. And I always think about her and said she never really set up other things became so. When wind kind of thinking of the specs questioned if private lending is right for you think of you know what you need. Aren't as you into the later years so think about this do you need secure and predictable income streams entering retirement. The reason I ask this is because a lot of these investments that are out there are not secure predictable something like private lending can be so good is your client see this all the time. Absolutely and you know the way we break this down sewed again number eight was do you need secure unpredictable and constraints. Entering retirement. So the answer is yes absolutely. And you mean the question as. Then this is the way we ask Mitt Romney is how much of your retirement income do you want to be guaranteed. In predictable. What answer is always well it's it's what and we ask what percentage. And to be fair you know I say look it and it's not always a 100% some people say look. I could live with. 50% or sixty or 70% of my income being predictable and guaranteed. And then that other you know 50s403020%. I'm gonna have to go out and take some risks to generate and and manage and oversee. That I can sleep good enough knowing that this a majority of my age my income is guaranteed. The fact is this one rerun an analysis and look at exactly how much is guaranteed for for most people. It's astonishing how how big that gap is how far they are from their target yeah I mean yeah I think about it you comment and you have the Social Security you may or may not have a pension. You know as soon enough you may or may not even know what attention as I the next generation right now so. And then you maybe you have some other income streams that are bent but if if you need addicts and you've only secured why Wilbon what is that gap and what do we need to do to fix that. Once that's fixed then we can start talking about opportunistic. Investments and other things that might be a little more exciting. And we use private lending to fill parts of that gap. Whenever the opportunity presents itself right if if there's an opportunity to use that doomed it's it's inserted because it it does work absolutely not pictured as ya wanna spend that back and most this is astonishing to me. Most retirement by age individuals they do not realize retirement campaigning at its core. Is in complaining. Like try to add on for just second whenever I say hey how are you doing I'm playing for retirement most people's immediate thought. Is usually medical related H usually can be estate related what do they can do when I'm gone that most people don't immediately. Two in complaining and then lecture retirement income strategist right which is well we actually have on staff that noble which is pretty cool but it's like. They don't think about in complaining and it's so much about it so that's why that was a good question re like that lets see in the next segment Romney when he hear your real well tip of the week in the us it's going to be awesome. He spent a lot of time on that. Aaron Rouse a don't talk about other ways. If she can hedge your bets so please join us again you're just the second we're gonna talk about the final top ten which is idling for youth. We'll be right back can't. This is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime you add top thirteen seven lead dot com sock thirteen seventy. The right choice. And now back to real well blueprints where you'll learn the secrets once reserved only for the wealthy. I am Chris Wright junior host of noble capital's real wealth blueprint. We're talking today about top ten things you should consider us about pride and is it right for you what is titled winning we're talking about ways that as an investor you can earn between 60% on your money. All backed by Texas real state so another way what do we do as we finance. Those guys that are out there flipping houses that's what we do we've been doing that for a number of years sixteen in fact we're coming upon our sixteenth anniversary this month that can mean exciting. I'm joined as always by my hosts mr. Ron Navarro NG Newman so let's jump right back in. We we do a little bit of storytelling talked about predictable income specially retirement planning which is where that's particularly important but we've got a couple more. On our top ten lists Iran militia jump right. Out of daylight to we've got the top ten list where you've gotten 910 to don't entrance reasonableness so we'll jump right in there wanna see one thing about retirement you know I it's something that's still. I just astonishes meat but most people spend more time planning vacations than they do their retirement. I got a better one for you most people think that they can plan their retirement. Crickets it's an entire profession people literally go to school get a credit nations people go to training. People's an enormous nine time all learning how to help you in retirement. And yet it's you'd think it's more important for someone else to catcher a year you know I mean like I I'm I know I need someone else to cut my hair but I don't need someone to do my retirement how ludicrous is that there's I think about it here's a life yeah I know no big deal forty years I can figured out myself because that's what I've been to in my whole life right so unless you're a planner yourself. Urged parents and even then you mile and have an outsider's view looking into right but understand it's amazing to me how many people think they can do it themselves that we're all guilty of some version that's on at some point the seriously mean it is an entire profession it's like it's like. Not trusting the doctor yeah I don't say this we we've we kind of softly tell you this we have financial planners on staff and we actually specialize in retirement planning that's what we've do you but we also work with other financial advisors. In fact we work with a range of buys all across the United States. In terms of being able to offer our private lending platform so we have a couple of different funds that we have different financial advisor is offering their clients of your financial advisor and you're losing to the show you're saying this is great but. And I can't offer this is there's no meaning get paid hey guess what you can actually there are ways for you as a financial advisor to get paid. By offering our product of our private cleaning product tier client so if that's interesting to you give us a call Lucas up we can do that you can find out more on us out real well blueprint. Dot com part number nine in the top ten list guys does investing in something tangible bring you more comfort than the alternative. I mean the stock market your investing in the company that's great I you know Romney I'll take this on off. Just by saying that. You know. Let's let's talk about it a little bit that we only win money in Texas yes and we always tough. So we're talking about tangible. Real property real estate residential property in the state of Texas. That that that's our space that's the market we're investing correct. And that's a special story in and of itself. Texas is a wonderful state for a lot of different reasons. I'm sitting here looking to you right now bundled with your coat it's like you you do you forgot your scarf it's forty degrees outside of the day it. Even the weather in Texas is amazing grace you know really isn't that everybody moves here. That's right if it can't hurt everybody's moving years and I got news for their on making anymore dirt now. A lot of thought and that the fact is is you look at you start breaking down the economics of Texas residential real estate and you want to look very far to see that Texas seems to be insulated from the rest of the country. When it comes into residential real estate evidenced by what happened in 2008 we talk a lot about why that is. But that is the tangible security behind your investment when you're investing in private lending through noble couple. Yeah and in I think investing in that in net tangible thing is it brings me comfort because it's it's always gonna be there. As compared to whatever may happen in fluctuate in you know on the market Itanium and nausea I see other people making other parallels here to write especially people that are. Little bit of the games they people are losing I'm getting in his on the re owns and contained on getting in the gold Dino and Mike OK and that's because in their mind you know we're not making a lot more gold nowadays and you know that's at some intangible they can hold an image is get a certificate that says they have some gold somewhere. My boy here are addressing that lets you work but you know I'm sort of not real estate I mean he needed to get an address in their drive by this thing you know. That's that's real tangible perfect Segway to the last one. Number ten I would I like to call the drive by affect. But how much do you value transparency. In your investments. Mean it's a real important transparencies you drove by property and that is mine yeah if not no that's mine I'm the bank on that thing right and then being being the lender being able to say I'm the one that has senior secured debt. On this property. You know if something goes wrong and I need to foreclose and by the way when I do that my exposures only seventy cents on the dollar back again and now as a whole show on that but. I mean I'm in a great position if something goes wrong as a lender that's huge right that's the cornerstone of our entire program of transparency. Accountability. The drive by fact that's exactly what that is but it didn't stop just there. I mean I know I'm really proud of the fact that we provide that data. Our quarterly basis we tell people this is what's going on to some new loans we have how much money we have where it's located. In what stages it is how mean he's properties failed that we had to take back over and take control over and finish you know ourselves and all that data is there so yeah I devalued transparency I can check a box at least on our side. If you do this is this is definitely something to consider so since we're trying to squeeze in Maine I'm gonna try to squeeze in a bonus question or thing it's not so much for consideration the natural rule. On the Congo really didn't practice leading guy is really exciting and then don't we accessing the coming pajamas by bringing us those sorry it's gonna be there are Chief Executive Officer takes us and our chief operating officer and two biggest screens in the office better know this would. Andre Miller is great because that's yet they just bring us honest publicity on this team should we should text them. But number eleven or bonus number one whatever you wanna call it. It doesn't so much question this is just a role but are you credited or UN accredited investor. If the answer is yes. You should you should consider or you can consider probably don't even if the answer is no. You can necessarily consider so let's talk about what and in credited investor is and who never wants to take it it's yours. Yes we'll find a minute compromise a compliance had on here for two seconds and just say that Tina she wonderful definition anything online you can find that at the IRS of the SEC's website so do you that pleases you want the full version. If you're looking at it very simply play you know we're talking about total assets in outside of your homestead there are others at a million dollars outsider homestead. If it is vineyard credited Wright there's other ways to look at it to you from an income verification teammate more than about 250000. An annualized basis as a single persons in your accredited. There's a few different ways to do this but we are talking about a higher Echelon. And in only really. Of an investor or be very specific here at noble points specifically on our funds you have to be accredited that's a choice that we made. It's at a higher level of compliance that we just doesn't do that. You can find alternatives just being honest that are out there in the market to people have we don't have to be accredited but you really really need to be careful if that's the game you're playing so for us and noble capital yes he need to be credited to participate in this type of an investment. Doesn't mean you can't retire though there's enough really raised to get there right what are we some of those gold to me the relative all right so we've been talking about ten things you need to know. You need to know if you pay interest and Brad Atlanta right yup so the real tip of the week is Smart investors make decisions based on their needs. Not their wants. Right Smart Smart investors crest right Smart investors they're not leading with that wind people wanna invest and according yeah I loved it's great and maybe skate but I don't necessarily need that investment my portfolio I were running out of time here next week. We're gonna tie and I think this is a great we would we're trying to open this can of worms will be here on the show today's or deaf leaning into that next week but. How you apply private when he specifically how do you apply NT your retirement plan so we had GA back on the show again obviously and we're gonna really kind dig into the weeds here. I hope you've enjoyed the show today just topped the most was a little bit differently and enjoyed it. On Wisconsin's been kind of find so if you wanna find out more about us again normally we have seminars we don't announce is they're all full and we have the holidays that you can give us a call where he can look us up. At real wealth blueprint dot com. This gonna be the great little weak during the holidays next week we're gonna jump right into retirement planning and prime lending is that as a cornerstone of it's it's going to be fun. I Jane thinks we'll show again today absolutely guys have a great weekend guys you do Rami here's. 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