1/7: Ready. Set. Retire!

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, January 7th

What’s your resolution for 2018? Find out about some things you can do to get your finances in order for the new year.


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The. From the nodal capitol studios in Austin, Texas this isn't really well blu. Where we bring real wealth strategies T the real world but start the show here's your head Chris got kind. Hi this is Chris Wragge Lyndon welcome to the real well blueprint shows are real well talk show for the real world. We talk about a lot of things financial enlarge starts this year offer writes I'm joined as always by my cohosts mr. Romney Navarro says hi running in their Chris hey there everybody and mr. GA Newman CEO of noble capital. Hey everybody happy new year. Are right it is a new year new year new show we've got some new topics but we are instant in time talking about the new year today just to recap a little bit if you're new to our show. And you're wondering what are these guys all about you can find this out real wealth blueprint dot com yup you also follow us on all the social media outlets as well FaceBook instant grand Twitter you name it. That's around me just all holidays he just history in Stu grant that we did not even close I think it's I could go ahead but we did have a little action over the -- on the ground ball places yeah we did in Sudan and I didn't know a lot of our listeners were on means to Graham maybe I'd say that's the thing apparently somebody's on consumer and gavel last week we did when he seventeen. A year in review. This week wears basically saying let's kick decide starting your New Year's off with your resolutions Canada are ready set. Retired his current deal we we tend to focus on retirees and that's why we lead to label the show that recent retire. What are your New Year's resolutions. Marty what my first resolution. Is to quit riding 2017 and everything right so get ready for that seven to be like scratched with a over the line down his son makes it an eight cent. As you are a lot there are a lot of my gate disclosure I haven't started writing and so yes until the second on the first and right rate the are they writing things down on the second all day long 171717. So drew did at the Goodman and everyone's going to be dead yet you watch for it out there now how many times I I'm on specifically linking for the seven has been turned into an easy to. Configure and all you know and I'm happy it's football season this is this is bittersweet to see this football season's almost over oh gonna have the second SEC championship game rankings show. If there with it within being almost over I'm I'm kind of at the point where it's like. I just want it to be over because all you do is eat drink gather you know just have a good time. I want to slow download that I slowdown meanwhile I'm here waiting for August. Got a a a app that does the dark part of my year where there's like basically nothing going on in my eye off what's that I guess he's been case. And Harare America's dying pastime yes and if it. All right so listen if he had to solidified your financial resolutions maybe today we can help you do just that that's what we're Randy Ayers up and I'd like to hear you guys really quickly what are your resolutions from you wanna start off what are we got some. Besides not writing seventeen anymore. Yeah well I mean everybody I think not everybody but some people. One troubled QLB's I think that's always kind of there on the list in bomb ended up last year at so last year yeah I mean it's it's on there. But what is Buccaneers just they don't even say resolutions. I always is just get excited. It's more until the year before to just end already want to December to be over in just jump right into Toni Tina just start going for her so. I can tell you some resolutions but really I'm just so excited that it's the beginning of the year we get to start you knew but I'll say that personally on a personal level. My wife and I wanna talk about a wanna increase our personal real estate holdings a little bit this year and that's a real one. Arm and I just came back from the triple my family it was just the four of us it was just my wife my child my son and my daughter. And normally we take trips a bunch of us you know this family that family my in laws everybody. They used to support us and who's the best trip ever so I resolve to do that again somehow some way it is here that's gonna do you go. As piazza on the radio now so it's a real man here who have shoots it up before he gives her resolution Eugene. Well you know I think I'm listening to Romney talk a little bit about his family trip. Just kind of let him solidified what what's on my mind for the New Year's Mets. You know a lot of a lot of guilt might not know that I I have two teenagers at home fourteen and seventeen year old. And a map that point as their father that. You know it's starting to feel like that that time the clock is ticking and so. I would say my New Year's resolution is to. Really this year get. Help them get a real sense of direction and passion about where where they're going you know with their life out of high school. You know this month my daughter's a freshman in my son's a junior. So she's got a little bit of time but gosh it's just you know another eighteen months and he'll be graduating high schools those sign. What what's on your mind what do you tell him about yeah. Yeah yeah I was thinking a lot about that on my trip this this past week last week. And you've kind of trying to figure out your purpose in life knowledge of everybody EU that you always have that type those kind of thought that comes to mind at the beginning of new year. And I couldn't help I think but you know really what what are we here for their rear for a lot of reasons but one of the main things is. Seated to guide your children to be great adults tend to be an advisor for these people attracted to leave and they mountainous. Cash or to set the multiple things that's that's great but that's secondary it's to make them great adults. It really is you don't you know I mean that's near mission as a father is too. Prepare them for what's coming out amendments in this world so you we we had a great new years. Out of out of my place I haven't a clue that only Travis and we we have little property out there are so. Clinton spent a few hundred bucks on fireworks and realize that my my children are piracy. Betty all kids are right there especially when you renew Yoni of fireworks and it. Yeah it's easy to bully your hand off tejada from personal experience. Circle. That's fun in all mines will lure us somber sobering you know where I'm sure this little bit on the show a couple times that my dad and is a early onset dementia. Guys so. He's dealing with that and so we are as a family so. My goal this year is to have a clear plan. For my parents actually. And so you know Tom how long term care are talking about all those really sexy fun things that everybody wants to. To really talk about. You don't from medical powers are attorneys to long term care plans to insurance just. All that stuff waiting and zoomed hiring and handler and those are real things though. You know it's it became very apparent in 2017. In my family doesn't have a clear strategy for that so for me that's my goal this year is to get that set up. So that I don't necessarily have to worry about that in the future says one in my. Yeah I remember last year kind of turn going in 117 you're telling us and telling me if I remember correctly is each wanted to spend time with the old man yet an idea you guys are terminated the deal I think it just about every other weekend on Sunday I go out there on the hill country and spend time with them because. If he knows what's going on believe me it's it's his tied to dementia is very particular there's a bunch of varieties that he knows exactly what's gonna and he has motor issues and he can't necessarily do what used to deal obviously but. Any has a hard time communicating but he knows who you are what's going on in whose plans flirts and whose buttons bigger on the desk. No lower net a plane and that man because you know. So many resolutions are started but don't actually armed followed them into just don't follow through on and you said it and then here we are fifty some two weeks later and boom he did. Yeah I got to spend some idea they had spent some time with him I got better shape physically I'm actually lost like 4050 pounds and when he seventeen and then from some muscle cells nice. I did I accomplished my goals bit. But most people don't see how. Connect it around anything here you flexing American Israel and yes you're doing good though but you know what most people usually don't succeed their goals we don't talk big talk and that we don't get to do it in nineteen there's some pretty some for reasons why in its. They didn't have a plan. You know and that's that's kind of what I'm looking at my parents and me I'd they don't necessarily have. The full plan you know they had a retirement plan in there in that mode now especially my dad right obviously but. They don't have the long term care play and they don't have the what do we do kind of at the end of the rain the plan they don't they don't understand that very well so. And in because they don't understand it you know they're not going to do it gracefully and so that's what I recognized and I said. Hey I need to help deliver this plan with my family. And and I think that's that's kind of what we're about to a special on our financial advisory side we help people with retirement planning and that's what we do right now maintaining you do that on them. Daily basis at least he talked to people about that. Absolutely one of the things that I don't talk about later in the show is you know once you get out of the dark ages and you actually get the plan you know I'm I mean I still can't. Imagine really not having a roadmap and a plan for something as important as retirement be right plan for vacations. More than they plan for their retirement. Is so you know when we talk about. You know some of the benefits of Arab and a plan there are numerous but one of the things that's topical this time of the year is it is worth more now sitting down and helping people review their plans. An end setting and that that budget for this year effort on the eighteenth. Making sure we know we're in comes going to be coming from him. You know it's it's it's awesome when clients amend the confidence they have they're kind of a little lighter on their step when they come in and they know they've got a plan in Howard is optimizing. And dialing in end to help them. Go forward and achieve what they want to achieve and and and their retirement their lifestyle and when he eighteen so that's all we want for all of our clients that's what we wind. For for all the people that we serve only work when. Like like anything else that within resolutions if you let it takes concerted effort you half to. You have to act. Then coming into CU is action you know on you. Writing down your goal that I'm going to see I'm gonna spend 26 weekends at my father next year is action. But not doing that is just thank you so I think the word you said it was going to be Iraqi landing your son on the Clinton it's it's gonna be. Tough to ticket those goals if I don't lose fifteen pounds. Do something right it's not just. Show up and try to lose weight especially here age yeah. Yeah that's a path that. Aren't good I got a really bad haircut this week and then you and I got to lose fifteen pounds of America and getting old well litigation initiated starter and I. You know fresh beginning. It's a great captain worked at the capitol where it looks pretty cold this league has the critical thing you can you can open up and tried to lose a big week in and we're gonna we're gonna take a break carried his leg of the that's what we're talking about is the grid news is you can be optimistic the good news is most of us. You know you're listening to this you've got a shot at coming in developing applying and setting up your goals and actually achieving those in life and that's what we're all about the noble capital we do that a number of ways. Whether it's through real estate strategies income plans. Long term care plan that's a lot of stuff that we specialize here so on the next segment I'm gonna come back we're retired about. How to make these resolutions. Stick essentially. It's one thing to talk big in to say this is what I'm gonna do in this is how I'm gonna accomplish it but. That really truly how do you make it stick we don't want you leave twenty tango you know I talked big in January like Romney but I didn't accomplish except. But if we get back we'll talk about how to make those resolutions. Does it happen this year top thirteen seven you don't write so. You're listening to do real well I live friends. If you wanna ensure retirement with the lifestyle user then this could this show freedom. I welcome back to the realist who prey on Chris fragment your host joined as always I'm mr. Ron RO NT Newman and today we're talking about. 2018. Resolutions and how you can get that in retirement. We're specializing in retirement on many of our shows but we also talk a lot about private lending that's one of the ways we create income in real estate. For people so if you're curious about what that is in mourning and indeed ended after right now but you can actually find this. At real well blueprint dot com we've also got although the social media stuff that Rodney monitors and plays on over the holidays. Specially instant camera running Yahoo!'s lie if you guys downloaded unto themselves this week. That was going you know we don't talk about that much but you can find us online the various radio shows that run in markets on our website then we are slow even have the show and podcast that sound clouds so. There's a lot of ways you can actually listen to us whether it's live or in downloadable format which I think is pretty young. Are you guys Sokol you gotta go for retirement everybody that's a goal together whether it's retirement whether it's or whatever Tino could be a lifestyle goal. You've got a goal in 2018 how do you put that in action. You know I think. And I think OK this team unique is that I may be wrong here but I just know generally speaking it's human nature when we start thinking of goals it really is more a wish. It's this kind of this abstract thing out there that nobody really knows it's like I walked in my goal is I want to retire in a noble goal. No pun on a noble goal but thank you what does that even mean if you wanna stop working. How do you how do you want that to look come you know when you hit that finish line so. If you have a goal yet put into action that what exactly is our goal paint a picture mate. That's good you know I think the first step. It is defining you know what are your needs and wants. But it is in the synergy start to crystallize that goal undermined. You know you've got to write it down. It's really like he said just a wish until you you put it a pen to paper and write it down something powerful happens when you begin to write your goals down. And you know I think about the way we do your retirement plans. We don't just sit around and talk about are all these things that we wish can happen and we hope can happen. We actually put down a written plan it's a roadmap. That we can follow and that we can continue to monitor and like I said in the and the last segment we can sit down and do an end of formal review it and see how we're doing and what are we need to tweak it. So writing down the goal. Is is very important. And then. That goal is something that that begins to become something you think about you subconsciously you're working on it. If you start sharing that goal with people that care about you people that love you. You know then you got other people that are thinking about it and and try and trying to work on that for you to act I had someone. You know you get a lot of text messages and encouragement you know usually over the holidays from fat friends & Associates that. I had someone tattoo Meehan and asked me this this New Year's. You know they really wanted to know was what my goals and and what my vision for 28 team was because they wanted to get behind me and support me anyway they could just meant so much to me. It in and say what is he said something special happens when you put pen to paper I think it's 100 X. A stronger when you start talking about it I mean that's that's just when he catches fire. Right when you have the conversations daily and it's just it becomes second nature do you. It's almost inevitable that you can hit that goal contagious absolutely. It happens but you know for me it's like. You put that gold down in the knees are breaking it down into achievable objective straight and that's the interesting part if you look a lot of people are not necessarily sure. How some of these objectives occur. And it's one thing now have a goal and say okay here's my goal. In order to achieve this tacky these ten things in each of these ten things have for parts inside of those and I know these four of those are. But you just have to sit here for a minute and realize specially when it comes to you like what we do right retirement cleaning creating real stayed income strategies. They get to a point where there's there's there's just like as black area on the board when you're trying to break you Garrett but I don't know how to do that. Right so it's like I have the goal and I'm breaking it down but what about that what are you doing that case and of course. You know for us I mean this is our business he knows I don't I don't think about those things and that way I just literally just run through it but everybody can do that. It's important for say the listeners to to really break down their goals as he said it wants and needs I need to achieve. X financially that's a thought financially for just moment need to have so much money to to lose too little I saw him accustomed to living so long and so forth. But I want to do the following XY and Z yeah there'd be vacations. Whether that be. I don't know savings for grandkids whether that be whatever it may be. You kind of start deer and then it starts getting a little clear in the east are doing the back either go backwards right they do that you do that with some help I mean you have to figure out how to Jim pins that you can't just. Google it and and set in motion arm if you can't do that then you're awesome it. Yet I think it's important understand the difference between. Needs and warrants because how you achieve your objectives for your needs. Is any different than for your warriors right now especially if you're talking about retirement planning in complaining strategies in a few needs are must haves. Well we're Ernie is these types of strategies because they must occur and that's the whole idea behind it being me I need right it's a must. And the lines it's like okay we have little more flexibility there's a few ways that that are arrive by that we may not even arrived by that rate in because it's a warranty you know so it that's that's a big difference also. You can dream a little bit now let's specifically right now as I said I get so excited at the beginning of the year TV dream so yeah sector needs up in check. Start thinking of those wants a little bit too because often times and you ours. And planning for your finances it's just about can covering the baseline or frankly just put you into some type of deal where there's going to be some commissioner and by the financial advisor or broker whatever. Yeah did you do you did IJ moon every year I knew you were any the other advisors that noble do you guys really kind separate their wants and needs. We do you know. When when we look at a client's retirement pitcher that it is really always comes down and come planning you know some people think we'll. So how much do I need to save to retire well. You need to save enough to where we can take those assets in position and should generate X amount of them come. For you to live and maintain your lifestyle I mean that's what most people would say they're. Their goal is in retirement as I would like to maintain my life style. So. You know that's that's not a huge ask you would think if you work hard your whole life. And you know your diligent. He had some good times and some bad times bit over time you'll be able to accumulate enough to be able to maintain your lifestyle if you position those assets right. So. When we talk about means and once we show. We we we start with the budget and our budget combines those things that's very deep Elden and and there's something like seven the line items. We call it. You know you're here necessities you dated a living necessities. But we don't leave out those those ones those those dreams. Is lifestyle. Like eating out spoiling the grand kids traveling you know RBs. That's part of being human terrain engine in what you're doing it sounds to me like easier educating because I think a lot of people whenever I watch them come in sit down with you. They haven't thought of those things in terms of their retirement planning right yeah you're educating our advisors right we're educating its like. Hey by the pay you need to think about all of these things to. That's right it's funny you know we have we have clients come in and glass come you know so what is your monthly spending. And you know the thing that some of those the look at two in real quick say you know may be the mr. rules say. Oats we didn't get by on 4000 a month. And you know so 4000 times 1240 about 50000 a year. So. I mean I I normally just just don't even respond just looked at them you know for a minute and then they start processing yeah. Wait so Kyrie into you can live on 4000 dollars a month. And usually it doesn't take long for the misses the chime in and say no I don't think so Lakewood where did you come up with this number you know and it's a total surprise like well OK so maybe your bare bones bills you know if this happens and if that happens then. You know we can squeeze by and get by on on 4000 a month point is that the xetra is that what we're trying to accomplish here. And a little out item or literature but if you wanna see this in person if you want CJ NASA made this question I wanna invite you guys to come into one of our seminars you can do that anybody can come we'd enjoy speedy deli Holden in Dallas. And in Austin you can call us at 87728. Wind. 9314. Gives a caulk on the seminars and watched Hayden asked that question. How do you respond to that could pick it. Who knows that's the tough for many nice though I've been a date with the with this company going on ten years and still to this day and probably find. No more joy than seeing somebody being able to retire. It's nice it's a good feeling it's weird when I had people come innings like as for me like grandma's coming give me a hug and they're happy to see Nina might understand what I do and she's like. He just he made it possible. Including and wow that's pretty. So all right so we talked about setting goals and we talked about getting education whether that's through awareness. Meeting with an advisor come into a seminar. Is a lot of ways you can learn. About things that you need in order to accomplish your goals so okay great seat got goals and you got education what's next thinking you some tools. Ranking you some tools to do that okay so we get back our next segment we'll dive into some of the tools that are helpful and necessary. In your income planning strategies for retirement. This is the real well blueprint that shows the brings an. Is expected to take on all things financial on the real well blueprint we will give you the tools simply grow and protect. And yes finally enjoy your well. Hi this is Chris Wragge and welcome back to the guerrilla blueprint showed joined as always my cohosts mr. Romney the RO NG new and we're here talking today about setting. Goals resolutions welcome to Tony teen listeners. Here we are. Yeah yeah 2017 is long gone it's time to get started yet when he teen feels good I'm glad we're here we're talking about the essentially setting goals and education. Did you can go out. And learn used to set your retirement goals in your objectives I think that's really important piece to this it. If you wanna learn more about this he can use act. Real wealth blueprint dot com let's jump back content without much education we do seminars but there's a lot of ways you can get education out there right on these types tools were talking about. Yeah we do seminars we do workshops we do we do all kinds of in person events. We we host a lot of appointments we meet with a lot of clients and try to toss them out you know what exactly this looks like. On yes we did it we can do like a Social Security workshop the other data library right that's pretty cool yeah there I got another one coming up out of a real cool co working space article is BI says there are going to be real need to wonder wonder who's gonna show itself when it's it's also. Bomb if it is only we we're gonna have other when cementing the objective for us apparently it's not about the seminars and stuff it's really about you know two we like each other. And can we help you I mean that's really what this is about and that's why we like to have like an in person face to face it's like we want. To know that we're providing value to use the receiving value and that we like each other's that's that's really wait. You know incoming new Tamar seminars is about as is like blood do you like us if he does if not we're probably not gonna is we're gonna be you know have a relationship for life that's the idea here order. Retirement planning experts in coming in helping you build. Income strategies the use real say in a variety of other tools are gonna get into that. You know if we don't like each other's product and our count because we're gonna be working together for awhile that's the AD the idea right. James speaks to hundreds of people a month on the straight so you're you're talking to these guys and in part of it the very first part I would say tier one is education. This is what it takes to retire you know all of these things and it's a lot meaner you come at the Olympics seven really big bold points. Arm that's tier one tier two though is tight like this guy like these people. Does that make me feel comfortable with they just said. Because it because here we are going to be together for life it's not a it's not one in we're not selling you stock we're not selling you a theme it's a forever thing you. And we ask hard and in the entering look of the new cup legend seminars I try to go maybe every other month or so of a sit in in line now and first though we probably ought to warn people that they're gonna learn a lot. And I think some people come in think he'll listen to me funds will be light and NG digs in his kids and charade of raw material you know they're like war haven't thought about these things and and that's the other thing that's one of our core values being candid. We just tell you how it is you know this is just how it is we didn't create these rules but we did help develop some tools that can appeal on the way that's the idea right there. At the end of the day there we can you know with all that said. We still remain optimistic with who whenever we meet the client because this week we we do is we plan. Yeah one of the things that's cool about our process I think I think people really appreciated the feedback we've got is is it's. You know it's not. A high pressure situation and and the reason why is because we don't. We don't charge a fee to sit down and have a meeting with somebody. You know I mean we thought about this long and hard from beginning in India we're putting our resources for more we're putting our experts out there. You know we think it's fair to sit down and have a conversation and get to know somebody. Long before you agree to any kind of fees or commissions as you know we we get and all of that of course if you're gonna become a client will tell you exactly how we make money you deserve to know that. Full transparency. That before you decide whether or not you want us to be your guide and can be your advisor. We don't charge any fees for that will sit down and go through our planning process now sometimes in the first meeting we find out that you know we might not be a good fit. For whatever reason and in our advisors are sharp they're they're not gonna waste their time or spin their wheels bit. If you're engaged in you just wanna talk through does he want to bring in your goals and tell us this is what I like to accomplish. How we get her help me get there how would you tackle this will be happy to sit down and then taught you about that. And if we connected we feel like we have traction will will walk you through the entire planning process present a plan to you and ask you. Would you like me would you like us to be your advisor. And if you say yes then boom the journey begins. We keep going so let's get in some of that dirt might orders these tools are talking about to help people along that journey what is that orders in these tools. I think he's said it best and again I always kick it back to junior but you said you start with the needs you know I need. My baseline expenses covered by your guy who said he did little four grand a month. Little did he know then that's how his life was thinking but let me before grant Hayes is lights pays its cars pays itself phases you know is basic living expenses. So I think you start they are ending start stacking on top of that yeah Indians instead of the biggest misconception is people. Think how much and how big of the how many do I need to make and that's not sure that's not where you start you actually start with wool how much money do you need every month for your lifestyle. That she won half and and Howell and then there's another layer right it's it's how much we need need your lifestyle on them on a regular basis. And how much confidence do you want to have knowing that it's always going to be there so there's that's that that's complex rate could you could have. More money coming friend but there they could be subject to some outside forces and so forth so. There that's where you start right so things are looking at tools and and by the way not every investment or retirement or insurance product is gonna provide income. In fact most of them don't. That's right you know so you're you're exactly right it's it's not just connecting the dots and figuring out where that. Where that in comes gonna come from and how you're gonna structure your investments. There's and then there's numerous investments we can talk about and just like you said Chris. Defining the level of risk that you're willing to take with those investments in generate that income is critical we've got to nail that down and and that profile changes as you continue to age and you move further and further away. From your ability. Andrew or desire to go create a paycheck if something goes wrong. So but once we dial that in and of course we build an inflation for our 4000 dollar a month I mean one of the things is woman's soul what about inflation did you know or were you calculated that in. Obviously let's not miss inflation that's that's 101 right. But then what what about tax planning and tax optimization mean nobody wants to get hit with a tax bomb from Uncle Sam in retirement and things do change in the end. Retirement with taxes. So there's a whole discussion around taxes and tax planning. Yeah and talk about just recently a big changes we made changes the big changes right I'll I'll take advantage of that and. Exactly I would actually see anybody listening right now I mean if you're at at that kind of sweet spot we are about to go into retirement this is really an important important time in fact even if your in retirement. They come in and talked to somebody. About what this could look like for you in fact just. You know yesterday couple days ago at the office somebody came and specifically to try to squeeze a little bit more income out of their at their plan this year given their. They're new tax situation that's when that was the first of many telephones ringing off the hook turn to come in and figure out what they're gonna do. Yeah and an intense night it's not all good it's not all bad idea it's this is different I mean this is it them the first major overhaul of the tax plan since you know owns early Reagan years were talking about a massive change fair many people. So what I wanna say honestly tell everyone listening out there it's like whether you come to talk to us where you come talk to somebody let's just talk to someone. That specializes in retirement planning you can't just go call your broker that's going to be talking about stocks and bonds although there's a place for those. I mean you need to talk to someone that specializes in this particular area right. Yeah yeah I think this is a really great year to start doing it back to New Year's resolutions at the indeed mean with with the new tax plan might be able to find a little more income. That's right and you know we we moved through taxes tax planning. We've got to then talk about estate planning we gotta talk about how to finish strong in transition strong all the stuff that Chris was talking about earlier. That he is that he's thinking about for his father right now. In either client one of my original clients. She's 88. Years old she was in the office right before Christmas. That's always good to see her. And we we've been cooked league leading up to this point that we're at now I. In our relationship. For the last couple years she's been struggling with this that. She finally came in and told me that she's ready to. Get serious about. Putting her her home on the market she is a beautiful home. And in Tarrytown and you're in Austin. And about selling that home it's a very emotional process there's a lot of stuff that. She's held on to that she's now ready to start divesting herself of and she's now interviewing. Long term care. Facilities firfer options on on where to spend the rest of their life. And she didn't want to burden her family with a new it was a really big deal to her not to our family get involved. So she asked me I'd I think this is it was a privilege you know and an honor but she asked me to come over. And visit this potential facility that she's she's looking out. And you want and need to hear about all the numbers how the financials were and what it's gonna take to get her transitioned. And then overlay our plan on. And make sure that it makes cents. So you know that's I mean you talk about and special to have just the the opportunity in the honor to help somebody like that. Is is what what these kinds of relationships are all about. Man it's close to whom I know exactly who you're talking about because I saw her so it is incredibly special further for you but stop for a moment and think about her. Sheik who I don't know what the reason that she didn't wanna include your family in this was I can imagine what my reasons would be home but you know mission accomplished. Yeah and you know what we're gonna present that to her family looking forward to that. Where we're gonna show her and only what the planets that's great and I know her kids pretty well together we will we've done business with them and so you know long term care we got to button that up that's a huge part of the process. And then you know you you get and once you get this things that happened and you start to. Have that confidence that comes with Ivan a retirement plan. It's a dynamic player and Mike we say you never set it and forget it it's something that we wanna continue to talk about re fine. And dial land. Because times are changing I mean Chris to senate that the tax changes that just came down the piper her big deal I mean. If if something like that can change that fast that went into the winners there has started talking about it a few months ago boom there it is there it is. They did and yeah it's amazing what a little political pressure all they're really and then brooms and a full charges tax over always seen in you know multiple decades. That's a big deal if you're listening right now you're going oh man what happens. What's going nine I'm not sure how this impacts mean look just give us a call. We be happy to sit down with you can meet with you there's no obligation here we just wanna talk to you and see if we are right for you give us a call 877. 281931. For. You know Chris and another thing. You know we talk about planning and if it really requires. Knowledge which we we would say one of our core values as expertise that's the way that that that we project that to our our clients and our armor on our team members. But not only that but precision planning. So. We where. We can we meet we need to daughter I's and cross our t.s were talking about retirement plan you know it's that it's a big burden. And what and we're ready to to be that expert were ready to. Help somebody. Dial plan a plan to beat it up look at different scenarios. And NB either four then two to help be their guide to get all the way across the finish line. Yeah I think I'm when you say precision I always think of the shock and approached vs the rifle approached he could still at the target with a shock and you've made it to target with a shocker and but. You can you can nearly with a with a rifle. And it's and it always kind of what I think of retirement I think about that because there's so many things he can be doing on your own to get there and you could stumble across it make it happen. But man it's it's gonna be messy it's going to be an organized you need to do precision in a UBU one of the things that you you said. That that's that rings true here as. A lot of people have a lot of accounts retirement accounts and and one of the things best that we do his we we the place we start we start. Get to getting in the that precision planning. Is analyzing those existing accounts. All these like life insurance contracts and annuities that are laying around in this for a one K over here. You know what do I need to do with these we'll start with telling them they did detailed review of those. And really understanding how others are performing and if if if they're gonna fit into the plan or not. And we talked about that before accounts and plans are very different things when we get back we're gonna put all this stuff together. We're also gonna put some pressure on Romney and see what his first real wealth to the week is for 2018. You ready for that rod got a good one little bleak arrogantly PRK so to sum it up here we decide to not look whether it's with us whats with someone else get some advice especially you're looking at retirement planning. From strategies. And in between eighteen and we'll be right back. Talk thirteen seventy. And now back to real well blue paint where you'll learn the secrets once reserved only for the wealthy. Eyes are struggling to welcome back to the real blueprints show going towards. Hello there this NJ news. Yeah. I think if we didn't seem very worried did is so you know listen honor our show we talk about a lot of things financial we tend to talk about retirement oriented objectives because that's what we do it noble capital that's our company. We help people. Developed income plans and strategies for their retirement. And that's that's true we do and one of the ways that we do that it's different. On is actually private lending and talk a lot about that on the show today says one to bring it up for two minutes but. That's one of our differentiators as we incorporate real estate strategies in your portfolio so. If you've got some real estate experience or some interest in thinking time that's interest and no one's talking about real state our retirement portfolio. Talked to us that's what we have talked a lot about retirement next we did today we we just got on incas. I think it's top of mind you know it's because it's the new year in these are thinking about what going to do we're going to accomplish and that's pretty natural for us it's like what my building when might working towards. Our clients just say to make sure that you could drive his point home are not just investors in our clients are retirees navy. They retire with multiple differently you know multiple different vehicles some investments. Some of those investments include private lending which basically is making new listener the bank. Yeah we don't entire shows on being the pink yeah pouring creating and complain and so. Yeah I UN talk about a way to differentiate your retirement portfolio increase that income stream Jed talked about listen retirements not about how big of a pile many created. It's about you know how much income are you going to have and part of that income for us we use private lending we're talking about you being the banking lending other people money. And we do that particularly. On fixing flip houses we've seen on TV people flipping houses guess what they all use loans and we're the largest lender. I'm single family residential investment property in Texas. That's the leader of men as pretty cool so are right we talked about it a couple of different subjects here in Paris started off and just really. Do you really know the difference between your wants and your needs yeah. And I mean I'll give you a little example my I know my needs are. I do have a little bit more of a baseline need I don't need to get too extravagant without the my wants a little bit. Funder and as I was on vacation. This New Year's cut between Christmas and new years we were its New York City the same. On who's feet best trip we've I've ever taken because it was just before let's. And done I couldn't help but think about it now like. I wanna do this every single year that school also no offense to the other people this traveled in the past but a lot of fun of the justice they are in Los authority best friends with the sorry mom. You know man I wanna do that too. But I don't plan for these I literally I even I didn't come up with a plan and I don't have this trips some version as for the may not be the city it might be something else it could be. Something warm it could even be anywhere else and we Georgetown Texas rocker. But I wanna do it every single year until my kids there are married and gone and I mean at some point they're gonna leave the house but still until they have family there I want to for us try to do something together every single here that's pretty cool you know I want a plan for that don't financially. Right and it's against anyone in need you and your thinking OK does some things I wanted to use I to a plan that. They're in it it's that went right down. Step to start getting your finances in order. By talking with an advisor yeah what's your plan that initially your plan I don't care if you're talking about building year old or wealth. I don't care if you're talking about having your annual family vacation. Or your retirement strategy. Every one of those scenarios can benefit from having a plan. And so it's all about and that's that's exact. Why we exist. Expert expertise in planning it's critical so. You know when when we do. Planning week we also learn a lot about her clients. The end that that's always there that's one of the things that brings us a lot of joy. You get to hear. You know what what are these folks dealing in this this phase of life called retirement. And you know what one of the things after Christmas and new years we always like to hear kinda how I went what they do for the holidays. How do you do it this year and what you do this year so. We're looking forward to hearing from you fearless and an energy you're one of our clients and can't wait to theater next get together or function error when you come in for your review of we have a lot to share our hearts are full and we wanna spend more time with you. Yeah yeah in fact mean it be fun to see them at the at the state of the company coming up here and senior think it's the 23. January 23 noble capital state of the company were doing that the new central library in Boston it's a big deal that is an awesome location if he hadn't been there even if even if you don't wanna talk to us right now because whatever. Come and see the location our clients actually always showed that these things were always up to 300 people deep. These events but normally we do matter tells the doing it at the library. Which in and of itself is is it's kind of like destination. It's cool it's turned into something really special it's it's it's something the city bus that'd be really proud of you know we're talking it's not a library in the traditional sense it's a very very modern is very digital. And they actually have meaning spaces and if you're listening are we have a stated the company where at least twice a year we do it in person and you can actually come in hear us talk about how are companies performed. For the last six months and this year and yet start to show for doing it downtown. At the brand new library. By the way there's parking TSE intimacy downtown and mealy has grown and law barking and it will Vegas where there's parking here in this facility at 930. Where was funny is it's a library but there's new books. Just can't I think there are some books written but it it's not that's not the main draw beyond there is parking player that in fact I think they only reserved a couple hundred for us for this event OK yeah that's I own them are looking pretty good so yeah I if you wanna hear more about that you can find out even information on say the company. And in this show pat real blueprint dot com yeah bodily. Why not just visit our company's website to noble capital dot com you can do I mean that's we we've got state of the company heavy there right now because we're we're about three weeks out. We have what I'd like to hear back from people those lists and just. Resolve to meet with an advisor. And make sure that you're meeting with an advisor that's right for you by the way if your financial advisor a fearless in his radio show organized kind of interest in. We actually work with other financial advisors to I talked about one of our differentiators being. On income. Strategies using real state. By the way we actually offer that other French advisors that's pretty cool not everybody knows that so hey there it is their financial advising you curious about that give us a call. You know we're we're actually got stern because a little more fired her own and frankly it's it's exciting because our capacity is only so much our reach is only so much. And we since we put that product out through financial advisors. You know we can only touched so many different folks. By eight connecting with financial advisors we now multiply how many people can take advantage is very demanding things that's great this is it's this is really important if you're an advisor. It really is it's cool that you need to consider. That's the needs right thinking yeah I know you're really the low. And so you know speaking and needs and wants. What one of the things that that comes to mind here is for for summer listeners will. One of the things that you might want to maybe it's a wish list thing. Companies that are around and think about. Is his may be you wanna retire early. You know you wanna go I didn't tell tell this job to to shove it. Hooligans let you know entirely new plane and yeah so that one more so it made me think of those the way we have the number of clients that are tracking with us to retire early and by having the plan. And every year working on that it's just like you know getting in the gym working out you know anything else. By getting in there and and BM diligent in and staying after it. Were able to make progress every year and close them on an early retirement date and that's so awesome because you know frankly only live once so yeah if you wanna retire earlier and that's one miracles you can get started with a certain we have people in their mid forties. You know mid late forties may may be early fifties that are already in working with this and planning with this for the future Sanyo. All right broke waived for on time what's your relative of the week Romney are well you know let. Resolutions back it up with a plan guys and remember this real well that's a good beginning makes for good and anybody while I'm gonna leave that hole. Oh easier yeah could have Elena a true guys its cherished your right you don't have a good plan it's really hard such Suffolk success in christianity just win by chance tonight we kind of deleted alluded to that a few times on the show to a from a private lending and how to can differentiate your portfolio that's who we're going to be talking about next week so if you heard about this in you don't want to just go download previous episodes. Wait till next week and we'll dive right back in pretty hard candy. Privately. Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next week think you guys there's some things here thank you make it did here have a great when he team thinks. 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