3/15: Knowledge & Relationships - Keys To Success From The Largest Real Estate Investor In LU History

Del Walmsley
Thursday, March 15th
Multifamily Mentor, Curtis Haines, is an owner of well over 9,000 units of multifamily real estate (lead investing and passive investing combined). This makes him arguably the largest-scale investor at Lifestyles Unlimited. Today, Del walks Curtis through his portfolio to shed light on Curtis’ two key principles of investing learned from the education of Lifestyles Unlimited: knowledge and relationships. Then, finish the show with Curtis’ concept of “playing with house money.”

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Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seven to eat the right choice. And the the following show is produced and distributed private dab radio network. The information and a poignancy here on the Dell wants you radio show or those of the host don't want flee his guests and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell once -- show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product or security. Welcome to the Tel one sleep radio show. Tell challenges the status quo questions everything handed empowers you to return to your core. Don't make your life. You the truth. Lifestyle you. The next hour we'll change your life. And know your nose. National award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of lifestyles that. Once we. Well we don't want radio with the hype and hope begins generals don't lumps and is always working on your financial freedom. But this week we've got special event coming up until we're going to be talking about it we have been talking about earlier this week we'll talk about it again. Today and that is the large felt a limited. Wealth and passive income exposed coming up April 14. Gigantic event unbelievable vent you know thousands and thousands of people who actually really 3500 people the issue would look you already got that signed officials. We'll have more like 5000 this year. And got. Four different main speakers. Breakout rooms educational classes. Networking. We've got a national. And it's it's. All cities all states networking event coming up for lunch where you're gonna go meet all the people from different cities and so forth. We've got the ladies power group which is the women's successful women in our group that have made millions as female leads we have. Passive investor group. There's group of people all become multimillionaires and retires passes all kinds of stuff I mean this is a gigantic event that. Just before that event the day before on April 13 we're going to Arab. Probably what I consider to be the greatest event ever created. Bob Lutz as a limited which is the question as a limited open apparently masters tour to bus tour we're gonna go and see affordable properties and one day. You're ready to serve lunch and then when you're done we're gonna go back and have a giant networking event. Big meeting party whatever you wanna call were gonna meet all these different people. All both the vendor Earl sort of opened the mentors the lead investors the passage everybody choose giant event. Where you can mutant green ball to the people I am also having debriefing we're aware of the questions throughout their scenes properties are giving all the information about them. If you have any questions about how they did what they did or how you can do what they did. Who opened the fourth of those questions now today. We treat for you use we have and officials sporting event I would introduce ms. most prolific. Scorer that we have at lifestyles limited in other words she's purchase more units. In a shorter period of time that anybody ever has electoral affected more units that anybody got no matter how much about time that news. And he's bought and sold apartment complexes. Currently fields so more over 9000 units this is unbelievable phenomenal and what did you talk about today is how we did this and not knowing that. He can talk about the concept of working with house money so let's go ahead and introduce him in here this is mr. Curtis Haines. Multifamily mentor out of Houston. Who's been a member there for about nine years and welcome to show produced. Ayodele happy to be here. World what smokers. With the fact that if he did when you putt and speaks. Everybody listens. When Kurdistan speaks everybody listened to the world was to know delicious secret but he. Com. So for remained well I I think. I think really dismissed as it's I don't wanna be selling something but it it all back on until about I really does. I think I've followed your. Your map. That America has been over the last. What almost thirty years have been and modified tweaks improved. Year after year after year. On this one. I would say very fortunate ones. You joined lifestyles. And just being. It's dumb enough to not question anything. And then just do what you say I know that. One of the things that you do it day to day and make this by the back of the book I will not do adult friends. Maybe I'm just one if you had done. That crossed that out. Well you know I think if you're not giving yourself enough credit and I'm going to like yours. The concept that you started out doing what I said. And as you said art theories grow every year there's been growing fruit in 27 years but each year we get a little smarter as a group. Could somebody steps down a little bit humorous that so little there and and make something nicer happen or better. And so we we aired that tour you know book of ideas and continued on the road but you have continued to modify your approach. The entire nine years you've been here you've done it different ways. And that you don't like to get into who's the psychology. Of why you changed. Your different approaches now ever so slightly sometimes right just ever so slightly. Some of the things you believe in our rock hard you will not change them at all like your favorite is location location location that's you know I was stubborn. Factoid for you in your belief system doesn't change. But others you've changed and slightly over the period of time out of buying how to invest. With whom to invest at Cedric Cedric so you've got a lot of information and it's going to be difficult predicament write a book about your life here. And you look at a par out of nine years I'll write a book right down when you realize about regarding this were running a budget. And I got I got it nine years of Kurdish things out into this book here so let's start with when you first came what you're theories were in your first purchase and we'll start on where you started from you know. Because everybody's got to start somewhere you started somewhere was picking up from there. Yeah but yet I try to I can we kind of inner we've looked. 11 major believes. And I sure this a lot. And that's an initial kind of tie into what that does a starting point and that is. There's no one in in my opinion no one will ever be able to get their first deal without two things and that is what won his knowledge. And the second one relationships. And I think. Those two. The variables. Probably contribute the most to my success. And when I go back to very very very first deal. That knowledge piece. One and things they did was I mapped out. All data points every data point that I can I can come across in terms of purchase cards. Actually gonna Google Maps or Teradata and failed price on the property are plugged in and I valid data mining. All the different data points about prices and so markets and back then I was very very. At all at how much pressure were trading in the gallery area. And they were in that 6070000. Dollar range per door. When. The norm within the lifestyle we look at the timeless trading at 20/20 5000 or. Range. And so that piece of knowledge play a critical role in that first deal. In a relationship pieced tied into it where. Literally. When I was. Under when I was trying to get under contract. I was buying the property. From the second largest real estate company in the world and the country. And I and nobody. No experience no no background or truck or domestic. And what lifestyles that enabled me to do what surround myself. With people that had been years and years experience and the industry. And I remember it remembers it there was yesterday. I did everything I could to prepare for. This conference call. That was basically best seller trying to decide if they're going to even allow me to abduct and I'm going to contract they're just picking winners of the buyers and an unknown commodity started I've spent. The day you preparing for this conference call I had my business plan. And try to they had all that the children wanted and I was ready for any questions. And then the calls started and everyone's introduced themselves just I am all Blondie attorney representing the seller. And we went around. Via the conference call and my attorney introduce themselves and then right after that date to attorneys my attorney. And fellow attorney sort of talk about some vacation during the ads and ski trip to look at and literally within two minutes after the conversation. When that's this seller says look what we're down here we're good start drafting it. I don't expect that a so we're organ and selling what is. With his value to send the signal this value is not what she knows who you know sometimes. Absolutely relationships relationships. Excellent point excellent we'll Smart they would down chapter one relationships. Right that's what it takes relationships and location while we'll take short break we drive back. We've heard saints in the don't want to reduce show. You're listening to the Joseph wisely radio. Principles and just a few minutes. 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You know what mr. on these events the busted by the way there's a limited number of felt. They're getting close to selling out you wanna get on that one right away. Or you'll miss out of the other one you wanna get the free tickets you need to call in and call and we go to the website now and you stick. Code that we have for you available. Would be here today is producing so multifamily consultant and the largest collective owner. Of units in lifestyles group with knows around 9000 units that we've had 101000 sold some off. Right and Curtis is book a flight today in the first two things you brought up who was most important was the belief that you need the right location and second once you need. To have the right connection to snow what she knows who you know. And you need to buy and bright location court is picking up from there would learn from the first property Dugard making changes in your thoughts for the second property. Going through that. Yes so at the time absolutely and at that time bad. I'm on the very first bill I know what at that point time it was very common for for what some members to stop me. And this was just right after the collapse. The market and lenders really tightened up on their lending criteria. And one of the things they tightened up on was no longer allowing first time buyers to self managed. And I'd I'd own previous two real estate I don't know but staffing company and I had forty employees on site it's sixty contractors outside. And I'm used to running a company. But the lender would not allow me to run this stuff apartment complex with which are going out or employees. And that drove me absolutely nuts. I'm so I was forced to hire a third party management company to actually won the property. And when I tried to do I found me a small mom and pop. Third party company had that would allow me to basically. Run the property myself and so they allowed me to be bullying gauged. On site they are allowed me to copy their policies and procedures. They've had. And taking pleasure to experience so I was learning a lot from them. Was released saying no mention phone that was. Sure and maintenance goes to everything that I wanted to do. And if I was running myself. But about. Nine months into its. I realize. That. It's the worst job ever. That has to be actually of arms. And to be. Stepped in the day to day. You know get anything done other vendor to react to. I think that was probably the biggest aha moments of the basic concept of working in your business and on your business and so the biggest lesson learned on. The first property was. I don't stop working in the business. And focus working on the business for me to grow. Let's quite a growth process right there I mean that's that's one but it usually it usually takes most members. Two or three or four prop before they get to their breaking point realize that you fought until the job. You got it out of the way and first profit that's great growth process right there how did you change that on your second property what was in the next step in the process. Or progress Obama. If prop yes for the second property has been very quickly. It was the same owner. That's only. The first property. The transaction was very smooth so I would put. It's a reputation has probably another chapter in a key to similar success so one of the things through. I lifestyle event touring through the whole process I would uncover something that was off like. Maybe they would say some things slightly off or grant or slightly off on on financials. And the push back what Curtis this is in the cheerio don't worry about it. And so I let them. And so we closed on the first still. Very smoothly and so much so I would bet the seller a minute guys. Was really get it was easy it was clean it was simple. No issues and so when they already established second property which is literally six months from the time to close my first wanted to try to cross street. Basically we wanna go through this thing got and so. These reputation of this first one smooth transaction though we trade no fighting every every nickel. I've gotten a package deal and same lender. As the first one so I had to basically take the same third party management company and plug it into the second property. And so I just basically started working less and less in the business is okay now that I have my second property. I'm gonna now put in policies and procedures. For on the business stuff. And think about how I want to grow and I did a lot less in the distance on the that they. Stand dumb ball the deals would someone was right across the street from the other Q still tied in the same location ideas and aired before. So that that adds to it so we've already got quite a few lessons that you taught us. Towards where we're going. And did you how many properties did you use those. Exact same theories on in a row before you started to tweak it again can you tell me was a 1358. What. Forty you decide to start tweaking that give or did you tweak it every single property. And I think I think it was it was a tweaking it every property and so on my third deal. It was. Sane everybody except for different buyer of different dollar so the thinking. About fame. Some are broke first thing. Buyer's broker same attorneys same lenders blame everything on the third deal give the relationship a computer relationship and reputation. As well as on the sport the I it's so deals once you're green or which were literally within a half block at each other or all because of relationships and reputation. And as I went from one topic to the other. This third property for the first time the minister you know what you have experienced now. You can now self manage. And that's probably. The first time that I sped. We're actually had actually. So you know this business model but I. Creative. I'm a person to good I'm good pushing take a break we're gonna have particular saw the show here. We got to go to commercial so we'll be right back with Curtis is book why fear and and do you still want to watch them I don't want to retrieve. You're listening to the Tel plus radio. Principles are just a few minutes. 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We're about to go wobbly radio show today we are. Covering the events that are coming up right now we've got the a large scales a limited multifamily masters tour coming up to some bus tour. Curtis is going to be on that many other engine of our bench was going to be a battle along with many of our top investors disintegrated that all day long event. For property QB it's going out and senior tour than who talk to people dole them and operate them. You have once served view on the bosses and then no come back afterwards for you tried networking. Debriefing party that you be attending here it's like phils limited self. That event is to earn fifty dollars and if you wanna go to a it's multifamily masters tour dot com. The website is multifamily masters tour dot com now this is our Friday before. The election of a limited wealth and passive income expo which is April 14. Aired if you would go to that's only twenty dollars per person to go to the wealth expo. Largest expo real today expo in the country by the way. If you wanted to attend this it's only twenty bucks per person if you go to the website now while the radios on go to wealth and passive income expo. That's wealth and passive income explode dot com. And put in my promo code which is the elk expo DL expo. You can get two tickets for freeze and get yourself your family friends. And load up on two free tickets no packed with a curious Curtis Strange would use the the most prolific investor we have lifestyles in the entire 27 years we've been doing Eagles more properties. And has sold some multi zone as many as 101000 units quite a bit more that if the closest person next to him is like 3500 so he's more than double the next closest person and what he's proving easy sharing with us the theories that you accumulated. Through his real estate career the last nine years the last when he left us with was all right here we are property number four. And duchess who got cut off going into the break he was explaining for the first time they were giving him the opportunity to manage his own property. And Curtis got cut off we didn't hear the rest of that story what did you decide to do. Yes so for our leadership our property and the first time I had a chance to manage myself. And that's why I made the made a conscious decision are really being focused on the business because of like. Decided to go the felt managing partner and creating. Eight and other business which would be eight property management company. And now be working in the business on that management company managing all the properties and so I knew I would down that path. That I would actually gets stuck more more in a business and that's something where Mike I was convinced that. That the on the business was going to be the key to us to meet growing. You know its interest on that point to own my growth through that was my first ten years. I managed everything myself. My second ten years. I created a management company like you're saying I don't the company but I didn't do the management of this. The head of the people that did as supervised the hard part trained in everything we'll keep you busy counting. But then after that on the next. Eight years 78 years. I went out there and I can bench Ridgway who quit his job with their advocate and started loan measure cup because I didn't want to manage anymore. And that's how I got Jon to retire it was are you retired I'll give you know properties of mine dimensions you know I went out and together we bought. Fourth it was four properties for large properties. Which gave him enough income to be able to take off but they're go I hit that's important work. I scan the conclusions what you did I don't wanna manage these things. I don't even one over the management company in the management companies reported income too. It is an income producing business but I just didn't wanna do itself. Then you get so much regarding the third problem I unit on the third decade men. Tomorrow. Patrick I think I think there it's key to what's important bit says to bring up the first three properties. I still was really all day to day operation I think that's important to take no for folks. That on their first one or two deals. They need to be there on a regular basis so I hope I mentioned I was answering phones and and sitting in as a as a manager I was literally. Hour by hour on the first properly and second property I was more like a supervisor. So I wasn't. What I'm there every single day answered the phone but I would they're being really. Managing the property and so I think that experience of knowing how to run your business. Is key this week and over the controls to someone to run scored you. And by the third property of doing that I felt comfortable enough. Handing over the keys to. Your third party and the company say OK I literally can step back. And fully be on the business but you really the first the first three properties battle. I would still be in the business I had the idea where I had a concept. I serve putting and policy and procedures of how I can start. Manage your profit from a distance by tracking data right. But it didn't really get implemented. Until about the work properly to work and say I was a little bit more distant. I'm pumped for my the day to day operations I think that's important for folks know endeavor for forget I mentioned in the very beginning knowledge. And relationships I didn't touch on knowledge to get on a quick talk talk about that. Sure guard. But what I would put out one thing we only equip our one thing for going knowledge and that is. Another chapter of the book is you and John Ridgeway and many others believe almost all the mentors believe. That they did it that way and that they believe that most new people should start by. Part buying something and getting in there and getting involved so you actually know what happens on the day to day activity not that that's the long term goal what you believe that. John believes that everybody believes it's the next chapter of the book is you get your hands dirty learn the business article I'd go with the knowledge that. They're 100%. Mentioned I was capturing the data. One of those starter and so one of things when. At the time that we were that lifestyle that time what I was firecrackers that point 15 range. And the market corrected. The properties and a gallery area were trading in their 60s70s range I saw the first property on the market score in the low forty. And so for me. I knew that I ordered these this. Because I had some little bit of knowledge of what those properties were trading for. And so I got really excited and John. If I didn't know. What the normal price range was just six months ago I made out of bed maker cited so. That we've really played a critical factor of me moving fast on the first deal. And then on the sport deep enough port deal. It would also paid a critical factor in the knowledge of the stock market I got a phone call. From the broker the same broker some of the first three and said that. Did this particular owner. Just had their. Loan. I bought by another bank. And they are forced to sell the property. And the bank or give of this council basically. It was a chance. Deutsche Bank had a Bible Berisha. And so I at what price he told the pride and I immediately knew. As soon as he told me the price I was yes and then let's go for the contract. And the knowledge and knowing what prices trade corridor. One I think that like felt pigeons is how to. We do analyze a deal. And we have a very. Systematic process that go. But once you operated properties as sub market you know your expenses per door you know the price is per door you know what you paper door you know what works corridor. You could start making decisions that quickly and that knowledge part. Help me they'd be a broker. Yes Moran and within 159 days of that call. We close to. We would not have been able to move that perhaps more likely if I hung up the phone. Instead let me think about it ever recorded onto the second third or potential buyers and I may have missed out. But now has played a key key role I think in my success over the first burst many transactions. OK so we move on from there what would be the next. Nuance that you changed in your approach you've got but. A minute and a half on this. Larry could never dealt. All my goodness. I think in other news variable. That I learned early on was always secured my partners. Always take care of my partners. Put them first. And so. Bet. Created. They're very nice dynamic. Close Stanley members of the best who have been the first one to continue to invest moved me on the second and third court. I think that plays a critical here think folks need to always. When they're when they're doing deals have put together partnerships. When your goal you're number one rule bill those are I must second rule right behind that is always exceed your Carter's expectation. On the. Ordered into your outlook passion. Unlike that one that's a chapter in his cellphone it's always. Under promise and over deliver his incredible belief system to have with people and along with that. As we go to this break right now the ability to giving narration to your partners and keep them up to date of what's going on along with regular and timely financial reports. He's into the part of that to where they feel like you're part of what's going to be short break we'll be right back with Curtis Strange and fell 100. You're listening to their job once we break here. Tell will be right back with more life changing principles of justice demands. 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Which is the most prolific investor we have a lesson is limited history of our group 101000 units he's done in total or brown met and still holds around nine. Hundred sold couple off and couple properties off. Chris as we get into this now we've we've brewed written a great books apart has just been you know 45 minutes information. But I think it's stopped who could completely change a person's business success level forever. But you took another twist another term under a new euros. To search for wealth out there. And you started doing passive deals. Everywhere you would had this perfect system you worked your way out of doing the work had the management you were running you working on your business not in your business. And then you took this new approach sure of those what it was that made that important for you to do. Yeah I think but that'll be a whole other segment built that lead and to base my favorite topic of meeting. The I networked family and understanding how and we office works building wheel well. That long story short. Is that success of my. Properties. That I had I started getting some really nice. Cash flow coming in from these income producing assets. And I realized that I could not turn on fast enough I cannot take my cash fast enough. In my own deals and I could probably do about one deal a year. Both the quality of looking forward location looking for an hour do things so part of look about one do a year and yet I'm standing with. A big chunk of money in my bank account earning maybe half a percent. And so that's what I got the idea they look ready to deploy this. With other successful members and lifestyles. And don't get that money working for being so get more income producing assets out there that's really. What I think. Catapult me into. The larger and larger number of units as I continued today he's very excited about. Given my money to. Young gun out there. Two best weapon and enjoy and return to getting the passive investor. Home. How do you pick them Curtis. How do you pick the younger and the bodies. Yeah I'd it's eight it goes back to. But the thing we're talking about I was relationship so I still am very very much a focus on location. And so. Is this gonna crediting her for that my head down that that that's rattling my head is if you had an investment vehicle that was guaranteed to make money. Would what you wanted to put as much money you can't intuit interpret what caveat to that and it's an if I can find the quality asset quality road location. That's run by a quality person. That meet that criteria. Apps will be guaranteed. Bank I'm really make good money so bad if I keep history variables. If it meets my criteria. I'm a moment and I'm just I'm trying to duplicate and trying to or much looking. With what does recruiters quality asset quality locations with what the call quality operator. I guess you concrete Jews and and that's that's how I'd make my investment decisions. So now we go all the way back to the beginning were I started the show with this comment you were going to teach us what it meant to play with house money. You've got two minutes or less admitted after so. Let's hit that what does it mean to be playing with house money at this point. Yes so it's a beautiful thing out when I first started you started with lifestyles we're despair have a dollar. And these passport to to today I have 55 dollars my bank account but yet I own over 9000 unit. Into how to light go from one dollar five dollars and yet have all these. All these assets. Income producing assets and the only answer is. To all be redeploying. My quarterly distributions. Read according of my cash out refinances. Redeploying of the properties I told. And I'm literally constantly redeploying. All mine. Our income that I generate from his income producing assets. Back into more income producing assets and has created snowball expect. Two are now I have five times more than I started and I and yet I have 9000. Units. I'm on my balance sheet. Incredible story courtesy appreciate you coming in telling of course today. Share in your time spurring more of your time you already spear and you know actually spared even before he became a mentor here you were mentoring people left and right so jokingly you know whereas it's almost a mantra if you're already doing all this. What a cute with a few pennies to do it right. So appreciate all you've done to give back and also to be a leader cause leaders go places no one's ever been before and send back maps. Some people go places. And they hide everything that they find is they get there and they were also backed maps that you put down to the bread crumbs for the rest of us to follow in the footsteps. And to get to where you can be. Financially free in a very quick pace because what people weren't factors the stuff you said today problem's gonna send a lot of people. Opens up very quickly. I'll also look forward to seeing you at the expo and on the road trip bus tour. And for the rest of what do you have to have a wonderful day for you tomorrow. It. The radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. Access pass you by. Okay. The information and opinions he here on the Dell wants it radio show or those of the host don't want sleep is gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell wants the show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the don't want to show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product or security. 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