The 401k & IRA Reality – Featuring 2-Day Presenter David Fisher, 3/12

Del Walmsley
Monday, March 12th

Del Walmsley and David Fisher discuss the ineffectiveness of conventional retirement plans and the swiftness of obtaining financial freedom through real estate investing.


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Again as stands today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind they're Great Lakes. The information and poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host no one's sleep is gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or appetizers the Dell wants the show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any prospectors. Welcome to the until one sleep great Yoshi don't. Tells them. Questions. Powers you to return to. Yeah that's true. Next hour we'll change your life. Now you're. PO one. Welcome you don't want. Radio show I know still while actually that is always were working on your financial freedom here with me today to try to share some very insightful information. Is one of my right hand man I mean this guy's been with me for years she's the only other person right now that is. Passing the message on at the entry level like I am he's doing exactly what I do. And these doing a better job that I am I mean nothing to sterling reviews from everybody that meets him. And spends time with a solo document issued today to mr. David Fisher David welcome to show. I mean don't they felt pretty. Dave got asked a bunch questions today but today you wanna start with one that is just I think very important to listeners out there. And since I never prepping you my speakers to come on the radio show for anything I like to have them. Think this stuff out life only ask you this. You got a great present for us for many many years you've motivated me I don't know how many thousands of people. To get started doing something in their lives and changed two lives but I think most interesting. Changeover that I seem. Was you treat you over your wife. I'll watch it sure there's too many men out there do we know. Would like to otherwise be interest in what they think decision or vice Versa because a lot of time to select disinterested and open isn't. How did you make that transformation. Because I know that she was very very interested in her job she'd loved what she did. You know she she'd figured it was her dharma our karma it was her place to give back. And somehow you broader all the way across into our world. Can share that with his David Baltic and help each other people out there that have a spouse. Isn't as involved as your wife that was in your life. Absolutely Dell's so triple back well for lists are so they understand why it. Me and my wife did as we came blystone to try to have to have a little history behind this what became the lifestyles we'll regular working class folks were both patriots. We'll profile sort of our military and my wife was still serving the military. What we joined by establishing the cap in the air force she was to create a person who loved serving our country that was. Her why her power of getting back to a country she was the first one and her family born America who loved doing that so. She wanted to give actually what sort of country and should cap the air force I've stayed home to act quickly moved the routes so I had to have that. Booty where I could be a good job watch so. We enjoy myself a limited and I started retired myself real estate I think what she loved her career certainly the military. Since I want to be a real estate investors she decided to get out the military to let me pursue that but that was my thing and her thing was. Still be in the military she became a reserve Christian made it to major as a ranked. She's a nurse in the NBA in the air force and then what she did what she got out of that and then she served our veterans she looked at Ali Murphy which is. You know the FDA taking care of going to war in particular geriatric. Soldiers got through Vietnam and World War II with a she'd love that and that was true passion. The problem this is. Like any job. It gets political at some point there's a point where you have this higher ups telling you have to do your job or her most important thing was take care or better it's her way. I'm sure you'll part of the problem with the PA and whatnot she wanted to do it relational particularly put the patient person within well there's some politics about. What really inspired her was. It's starting with one other person actually at lifestyle it was another nurse just played her it was a lieutenant air force and that lieutenant Indian Murray. She was there working on the forced to take care of the patients alongside. Karen and one night we had a case but what we show these examples. Of people cheat geologic terms all the tiger to let the roof they well the one time that bush got up and she talked about the fight Elvis she bought and that would be motivated her because. I should wealthy young lieutenant to to a habit he stepped up. So that's what inspired person he went and she decided to wolf she bought five I should start doing this myself. She ball one will probably a little four units. Since this is too slow political bigger and it should put more and more if she retires so quickly would really inspires me about Curtis. Now that she got that's sparked by the chief saw that they don't started coming in from all the properties. She made 92000 dollars a year toward the end of her career at a veteran's administration after Greek government job with all the benefits and everything. But her little properties which he gradually help me through over 120 felt about your action literally retired yourself it's in one year. Know what's more power and that is why she got there at had been fired a seeing how she can we tell ourselves so quickly. She decides what to tell everybody else about it so everybody we need pony up until about like stop people like that jumping improperly. Telling everybody likes you need to do this come off of the which I don't like. You can do it she says this was totally out of my comfort so I'm embarrassed and I know about real estate investing. But she listened tormentors. She stepped up she took action to solve the math if fact you are principal David mentor yes I am a mature in many. But she would listen because the other good. If you actually look to all the other mentors and essential to develop its as simple advice actually do don't try to do her weight to what the problem happened do it by the books. If she's one of those people suffer from CEO that's OCD in the right order everything SE in the back in this certain way. That's what she did and that's what empower her and now she's empowering others but shared the same message that don't wildly you showed me. Back in April 2000 I want I enjoyed. Guess interest in the story gave -- so true I've known my entire life whatever. The woman who is so very important part of my life important time. They never wanted to listen to me do do do some Q and I called rule 1432 BJ seven. No notably with things went to see you got your clothes on or more commonly known as familiarity breeds contempt. But that's good that she's able to get somebody else and also the competition thing is there's interest because of I didn't know that that's exactly how it started. I like that. So let's go back and let's talk about you for a second. When you first came up and and you still you were able to grab something that I've long since lost. You have the enthusiasm. For being somebody coming out of the bottom working their way into this stuff. And it's it's not that I don't. Don't care about that it's is that I've been away from it for so long. And and so far away from that I can't. Project the passion that you do. So if you can't hear for the audience who listens to me and such a regular basis can you share the passion of what it means to come out the bottom. And work your way up through the system. Actually intimately ability you know I love the common man that is likely to you know serving in the military service with my fellow. Other people in the military we all took care of each other. And you know everybody picking your Dell hey there's got like fifty million dollars that's million or what about me. That's kinda how what I do like south I don't think they would like all the millionaires around me. There's no way I can do this. Always learn as you replicate amid a successful. It's up by both times it was no you can get book advice to pick up by middle class until it doesn't give me the best advice how to this report gather that you direct. But if you have five rich successful friends. That became multimillionaires. And you listen them and just did what they showed you. What do you doubles success. Doubted the premise that got me going and when I teach our loved teaching that's about every single month. And those new folks out there they go can I do this if this were leaked this something I can see myself doing. That is what is so empowering and so powerful. Our members. Because I would them. I had like that you are just like they did and so this is something I can do and I love seeing what I can just similar to isolate out one at a time. I would like to refer to my very person I ever talked Politico I think he's definitely this wasn't a rich guy. This has got to a 27000 dollar a year that's an average guy he worked in the territories of but he completed basic level he was doing I put myself and issues. This is somebody I can help this subject ensure that they can do it I don't start it would bind that personnel. Kerry is maybe five years later he's taken 30000 dollars your office properties of cash flow smelled some of the optical wanted to what do we have here I understand that. But 38000 dollars a year to actually is a life changing experience for Steve. That changed his life and that was the first one of many. Thousands of people come foursome or are we teaching how to retire tigers left there's nothing more empowered and showing that the average guy everybody can do this. Guess if you have millions or hundreds of thousands it's so much usually go much quicker. What about the guy that does have a lot of money twenty by 3040 we have. 81 how. Slowly start buying back its life and that's why I'm so passionate about this because I know everybody would think. They can do it. You don't have to sit there recorded job for 3040 years. Scripting is giving away where the average American record of bill that Fidelity Investments has certainly put up an irate at Connecticut 57 programme here how all but the last few. You real life it will not work you have to do something different and that's why can the white southern that's why I love teaching the message that they. You don't have to work for the man wherever you can work for yourself you can empower yourself and buy back your life. And by the guitars. It's we're doing short break and we'll come back what more we did pretty sure they'll want to read. You're listening to their tell monthly rate here. Principles and Justin. 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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay export with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Conventional wisdom. The man on a mission to retire. Once. Well I don't want to radio show within days David Fisher. He is one of my conference understands. Long time mentor for lifestyles a limited. And David today is I'm sure in his past experiences within us so that we can bring you up to speed. So David where we're sitting here downward and we're looking at 25 years of this. And it is grown British changed. But yet the message has remained basically the same. So what do you think is the most important thing that you get across don't understand is sixteen out. Then there's no way I'm asking you to explain everything to get across. But what is that you think they're really big to people I see that in the seminar there's like an aha moment is when people's eyes opened up into the blows them away. What do you think is that. That message that needs to get out there today. I really think that if it comes on the traditional way that people think. Gil everybody thinks I have to work 2030 years I have to work harder than everyone else to get the promised land. You know that is to let everybody see it's what they all Thanksgiving Day doing this hibernation would've let's just to the Forte the irate work forever. The aha moment for me well for people as they realized. You know what's this is a map that works. It's not complicated swap hard you don't have to have decreased to do it anyone can do it and they can different style this map and I don't feel lawsuit. I can retire myself quickly and easily got post they keep changing lives for the better. And they can buy back this time because most people always think when it comes to similar I want to get rich a lot of equity they think that's the most important thing. What they don't realize just how I was most valuable thing in your life. Time to do what you want time to spend more time differently time to pursue the crew you wanna pursue pursue not just the monetary reasons but because you love to do it. And once people see that they can save and put enough money into these investments that we place their income. That she hobbled I think most people do what they say well I've been doing it this way also long. Hollywood all my friends have been doing the 41 K the Irish have a copy here for the party spot a couple of outlook does the water to a public public. I can literally retirement so very quickly is that doing twenty or thirty years is something I can do between three years. That he is very eye opening for people it's it's breaking away from those traditional ways people think. That does seem really afford chicken get me there. But you know if you didn't think stops we get 3% in the scheduled to grab 3% to a grand success here and I can we tell you it is not realistic. What if we can teach you how to double your money how we determine how to win it would have been it would have been afforded him that is very eye opening to people what they say wow. This is doable this as easy as I do it correctly all the income Communist actually. That just blows them away that they can buy that this time. Because even a good doctor make it 300000 dollars here if you're working with a sixty hours to we feel practice. That's not the lifestyle you and your family deserves. People went about Beckett type he'll eventually like to travel I love what people like FaceBook page your FaceBook page they were keeping him remember publications enjoy themselves. It's because they bought back the tide. They value debt everybody has three or 65 days here. Everybody's just surpassed 500 to 5600 hours it's what you do I mean that's what you do with that type each year their differences everybody. Well we asked people to dedicate sixteen hours of their time nor similar. It is a life changing experience in the wake them up. I think well I can do this I can retirements of some five years I didn't realize how the money to be able to do this it doesn't take a lot of money if you are at a deliberate way. But that does take money duo Jacqui we'll look at what your goals. But it look 304050 grand if she gets started and do it very quickly I think that's talks on the biggest aha moment for people. It seemed that can even find a small little house the TP 500 bucks a month I'm buying back a little bit of my time I think that's very powerful people critical 500 total which will be. No quote Billy's decision steps. 500 are spacious guest or however lost Asia electrical what do you do about stuff like that good people do that we've received over the little excitement should they can understand. They all get that aha moment sometime in the morning on Saturday they wake up the street get excited ICC people get excited. You know it and I think that's ice in the head just start quickly estate while I can do this packaging it like for the better I can retirement so quickly. Actually it went down quickly is so powerful. Well do you feel good yourself. What a tremendous play with the one you worked with thought I did show while back I couldn Doug dollar days there and the basic concept was. What I was trying to figure out is you know I didn't wanna make a lot of money that was my goal at first I was make seventy grand taken home forty grand when I first decided to retire. And two nephews leader retired but he was because I started trying to figure out how. To get my dollars in less days I was working six days a week is working twelve hours a day. And you know that's that's a lot of work and I think you'll how can I make the same amount of money. Don't work half the time and that was the goal sort of started creed Jessica. It was amazing gate if you figure out what you hourly income is if you work in corporate America. It would lose twenty bucks now around about two hours irrelevant. Then you go what do you buy or rent house and you see that you work one hour a month on that rent house any makes you 500 bucks. That's that's unbelievable that's a 5000%. Return on your time. Compared to what you have to go do to earn a dollar in the workforce until our iPhone so you write a memo that the time is the most important thing. That's why call it you know it's not a money flushed out 25 years ago I came opened a consulate there really wasn't the money wasn't trying to become rich. And that I think is the next big misconception Dave. And I don't even know quite get it felt well enough in the two days similar I think I would hope I do but I don't know and that is most people think if you ever retire that's the end of your earnings. That you don't that you get Limbaugh proceedings. But the reality is. When I stopped working in I had some passive income communion. I was able to increase that passive income every year for the next 25 years thirty years ago spent. I don't think they get the idea that every year you make him more money you made before even though you work endless hours to review found that to be true. Oh absolutely it's economies skill people don't realize that that's that's that's hard concept coming from the outside they think what do you mean you work less but you make more. It's because of those exponential returns to some people are so. Talk about society that you have that incremental savings you try to say the way to retirement putter grant 120 then I thirty there. 3% fluctuation of the data the market so he's he's very small pizza. But you gotta realize we by the department we by the Al east we make over half a percent return if done properly. I think he turned 200 grand affordable enrolled 10% to replicate your temperature reported transported. And so we're making more money every year and we go up and up you know when I started I had very little that was hit oil mouse regretted deeply into my dad. You know my network might have been reported out of now we're several million. Guess probably worth gesture a few more million because we learned a double your money at every year we make one more money I have this restaurant is what I do I don't know how you do Joba. I would also 40% whatever makes. Hey this just this way Appleby more money life. I reward myself I reward my tablets are reward. You know living lifestyle because as we like all make more money like this you know why he's got a T Rex are just part of it is a pretty big. You know could I'm comfortable that way but at the same time we're enjoying ourselves you know. Two weeks from now I'm going off that so why you know it's taken a family haven't been tried that that's the idea of it is. It's not just to bring most money which you when you die you never creates. Do all that if people. He should enjoy it as you go so I believe in rewarding yourself a lot of people there are too brutal sometimes they don't want to enjoy life and when they tied to try and what to do it. If I remember what I retired myself the first wife felt like quite well enough. Little property that's clearly what should be Danielle that was enough about. Well we gave we're we're gonna pick this up after the break because they're taking itself too hard break. We'll be right back with David Fisher and the Dell while you review your. 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What about the del Walters radio show with Vijay is Dave Fisher. Gave him look for a long time as one of our best prisoners and also mentor for many years. I didn't we're talking about what I thought were some. The epiphany moments one of the big ones. That I think kind of ticked people over the edge who doesn't come until the second day of the presentation. But one of them I think the ruling takes people over the edge as one ever met up how much passive income they're making. And then divide that by how much network they have and they find out there making less than 1% return on their money. And then we go into the discussion that your house even those paid in full doesn't pay you anything you're still paying on it. You're 41 K doesn't pay you any money you're actually paying hit. Sort of negative cash full experience. And all the other things like the college educations and they're saving for the IRA's and all these different things they have that none of them pays the mini money. So there's no way they could ever retire in most concepts. So over the last week I've been talking. Two people this whole week about. Why do people not understand you actually can retire what people believe they're gonna have to work. Until they're 7580 years old because there is. No investment out there. The patient enough fraternal what you have to be able to retire except real state. So that part in mock in my similar rights to people's lives control over it like you're right there's no way doing what I'm doing it's gonna work. How do you present that immediate. Can you get across appoint a 41 K is ineffective. Well first off it's it's fine that they look forward KB irate individual retirement accounts. All what do we turned his retirement for us because it is when you need to achieve all your bills to the first Liza things. It is not a retirement account it has seemed to count it is to kick the can down the road accounts. Depleted this tax deferred but eventually the pulled out of the big taxes. So out of fear the government and everybody financial planners are teaching people you can listen to tell you don't touch it till you're already a dot. That's probably the most force concept but if you try to point out we attacked the living crap that you and got people like you could formerly. I think the whole concept that it's your money you can't even get it is the first problem. The problem is you know who you know it was cool outdoor ice I don't fit there's several ways we do we do these things were we individual to do the same thing over and over again. Expecting a different result that's insanity well this same thing with this sort of keep putting my uniform can't irate. Do you look at how the grounder toward a grant. If you're making you know 3% off that you'll never get to retirement and we have to should dictate you need money now not when you're eighty. So why not invest in something that we teach you were just totally different concept vehicle produced cash flowing right away. So we've got out he bogeyed the first but you're actually start to make money. You actually get we turn anywhere from eight to 30% to help this. This tax free that blows away any other investment class felt there. You know the same with our public published that we make just say percent which are all about the public well actually that blows everybody else away. Between this is people are so used judicial thinking. Because all the friends tell that's and all the financial advisors to let everybody find something that's so this part of the wake it up. The problem is able to get equity all these assets producing them I think that they listed Dave Ramsey who has the concept that it would do yourself that you're told. Because one thing I learned about Dave Ramsey everybody loves about it he says the paid off house is a new BMW. What happens if you lose your job tomorrow if you paid out. You can't get a loan against say more people have a job you're nobody you're used to have to pay your taxes he showed that reassurance to the extent just don't go away. Did Dave Ramsey why you gonna pay your bills for you of course not. Between this if you took that money out and you Odessa apartment owners about most basic training here even if you lost a job he'd be okay. The concept is what Monday's Dave Ramsey program he still have to go to work. Well Monday if you do we teach you you have the option to go to work. Because you love doing it now because you have to do it I think that blows people away what we actually show them that mathematically. Stepping up your house will not retire you. But actually investing money and having income producing assets is actually more safe and more secure if it's done the right way. Plus if we do it the way we teach you at all actually got and that's one of the biggest things of blows people away. Especially a lot of the people like you should also like you can doubt that a lot of the guys detective streets the six figure income. Well I sure that the other than their payroll taxes from their jobs and they can invest and so they'll have to actually come so you have to get wave offering people have a Beale carried. That is the most powerful thing for those people because if you don't have that traditional mindset a good save defaulting matching all that stuff it just doesn't work. If the average American has certainly put out a dollar and I say how Long Will last. Think if you driving around listen don't be right now if you 7400 grams if you make 7500 dollar to hear how long the last few. How about reality check make this deal wakeup call it's safe traditional thinking world now work. I obviously more how we gonna get there because I know your financial planners are ridiculously good way to a billion dollars our retirement. Most people don't have a million dollars at retirement. They promise you got a difficult up and down and close every year we have different crashes they have different things they don't cult classic course correction. You know your black Monday had detectable but you how many have you been hit by the stock market crash of support could. We all have. That's what the biggest wake up call from being what I would like Staal was no war. I'm sick and tired of it I'm not polluting the body as well the first for the don't talk it was never lose money. And most probably I can tell you listening right now is I've never lost money to a state should take all the maps don't talk me. And others just say map that I didn't teach you become Russia of course. How would never lose money if you do probably all be tax free if you do it correctly the way we teach you. Don't reinvent the wheel mimic accept all millionaires before you and do what they've done. That is most powerful message I could tell you people and if you're listening to someone about free workshops. I know delta polite applause before it got he wants this to be a show about you know the concepts but blew through workshops at least cure what we have safe. If you have to actually come it might change your life just sign up for one snippets of everything for you that's all I asked. I think it will change your life when you come that's seminar you'll thank me because it will change your life there's so many people that listen this radio show for walker it time. And it eventually come and say wow I would say joy that you're pro here two years don't would you like to regret. Take action stepped up change your life. If you would have just actually concluded trust me you'll thank just because you're by the have to time annual change your life. You know David it's interesting because. When you when you look at this what their taught constitute taught like the 401K if there's so many lies that are taught into this concept for. If they're not lies than they're telling you that you are planning for failure in other words the concept that this most uninteresting to me. Is that. You are going to take and not pay taxes on income figure highest earning level and way to pay taxes on them when you have no income. Which is your lowest earning level. But I don't really believe David there's very meaty people out there today right now that actually wanna make less money when their older than they did when they were kids. When they were younger that doesn't make any sense to me do you. Right and then they tell you that it was still 4% drop down on what you're eating your assets and is another concept. Nobody wants to make twenty grand here that when they retire will also streak when he went a year you know it's. It's just accretion concept why should I would have the same lifestyle my retirement years I'd like working yours in the that the goal of retirement. And that's what we can just different you know I look at it like this it's you remember the old cars are important so. You know people you picked up from behind him blow up that means what performance in areas. It's a terrible cause but nobody quite true. That would blow up of people hit from behind it's not if but when how many you know if you have a you know this that you're stuck in the stock market diversified. 41 KI RA full creepy and has some large cap of some of small capital mid cap at some blood but some of overseas but just simply totally divorced so far. But it goes up and down every year. We have the possibility here you retire is a bad year what happened to be up almost 40% it's where you're million dollars is a reporter felt. And I have to start throwing Dallas. You're just hoping for a good you can retire debt is increasing and that is gambling. We can sit virtual like those who back that is. Never lose money why would you lose money why would you dissect anything that he could out of value that's creepy but don't give out there listening. You understand the concept of real estate. Can you help tackle the value every single you're pretty much across the border does figure out what kind of continue to build it they got a mortgage some is not worth more money. We look back conscious true all the other concepts we're teaching this should we make money find ways we mostly domestic and that is very powerful you don't make money sideways and anything else. When you have the hiring in the forward okay. All these Jewish you're sitting muddy and eventually gonna pour out your making money one way and the only way you're making money is savings. Because we know the stock market edging close and really doesn't have that effect of gobbling. You know we used to have a saying called compound interest we only have compound interest anymore because interest rates are so well. But that's the huge disadvantage for us right now and Lucie market because the interest rates so low our task order so I we are making more money right now than ever. And that's the best time to get involved why didn't look good look those thirty year low of one rocket no matter what the economy does well okay because. April oh we're gonna have to log into another break here. Thirty cut you off but we got to go to break if you want to ask you this question would go one more segment left will be right back with David Fisher. And they don't want to radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants. 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What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow for the next couple of days before week a couple of months. A year how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time it took your earnings. This beard keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies we teach at lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and finally true financial news like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin. Dot com. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. In weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money. Stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Thirteen seventy. Here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one person. No one's. Like Joseph Walsh British show would do that it's. Gave his one of our main centers and more mentor for many years of lifestyle was limited. David. When you first started in your hanging out doing deals. Q I don't. I ask you multiple times. To take the next step and go up to the multifamily level and grow your business and for a long time you worked at the small stuff and really enjoyed it we do think a person is ready to make that moved you about it how do you see that. It really depends on the individual some people cold right away. But on the super conservative guy a lot of our listeners just they way they're very conservative. Dayton throughout life they don't wanna make the states. Still 100% right because they never make a decision. That's how conservative people are I mean I don't smoke I don't drink I don't do drugs some of Family Guy I'm a constitutional conservative second and the guy. I'm like a lot of listeners out there. And we're so conservative I don't fear we don't take action. The point is this the concepts is they're sound and this what me need to step up to multifamily. I think that dealt taught me this single family and my first single from the deal I guess it's 2000 dollars immediately I felt all profit. I said wow if this concept is we all the single golfer apartment complexes. And I would just take a model. I would think outside the box to do exactly what equipment just with Toby. Have I just mimic the success I can do it as well. And most people that listen they look for systems and it can understand that if we can break everything down to a system. At a spreadsheet and we know the map despite big numbers don't move which locked limited. He did the right way. That concept holds true. And we can scale back multi step we will we can't single family so that once you understand the consequences that would wake up call I'm saying this cycle bigger. Public by the war my time because just single family took great steppingstone. We might bite out of fourth place we're still looking into what we can afford to have somebody who managed just something small like that. But if we go a little bit bigger now we can have staff and step by backlight time and they can handle leasing and make it able to maybe it's not that. And a good example that that is how the small apartment complex in Houston at a popular territorial. I have not set foot in that apartment complex for one year get this B money. All the time. And that is truly being definitely come or you have a property that can run itself has staff on site can handle everything for you. But yet you're still making money and you've got accurate time and yes I do have a little to work a piece of paperwork. But guess what how many of you out there working what at two hours a month whether working forty hours week. Actually that's the concept of apartment complexes that are some people who do even less important that they in this apartment complexes with partners. We put money to deal station received checks quarterly they have that actually you they don't benefit the same way. That's even more glorious cause all of your doing is what's horrible about your mailbox. That's even better way to invest it all depends on what's right for you from before by their own deals some people wanna partner up some people just won and guess what somebody else. All of those options are available. We could take advantage of all these situations. And a lot of people we talked publicly firstly about diversify the portfolio. Well why not just do that puts some real value real estate and once you get involved I guarantee you you'll do what I did. It's funny how diversified awards were first cable ourselves and now if you look at my portfolio I have all my money and one of three places. Cash money market accounts between deal well guess what real estate and that is that I put all my money in one basket. But I make sure nobody can kick it over how I protect myself because I know what we invested we will never lose money. If it's done properly the way that we teach because I'm buying it middle class areas. What middle class hardworking people at every day they get up to go to work and once a month they give 13 of their income to pay that went. And we know there's always going to be a middle class we always know everybody have to go to work at night at home to sleep. Some of what the economy does well inflated because people always need a place to live. And that concept just also bbb. Because it's an ancient concept if you owned land if you all real estate this way that you will always having them coming in and that's what actually. Yeah guilt when you look at the situation here with the elm. The multifamily. Food the last concert we'll have a lot of time left we get to make to ensure the last concert that I think. Really blows people ways we show them they can refinance out Alder capital gains tax free. That would does that affect your people say we don't mind. Absolutely it's why we should not force appreciation well we are in control of our business if I can make my business more probable that the guy next door because he doesn't understand the process. I'll despotic best fight best people at a big picture there make it's probably more valuable. We're into the three years we can actually got more money at all that money out tax free that blows people away when I showed. That is the biggest shock of all the analysts and they always show that. And you're like wow. It's funny because I don't ask before that you don't candidate senator Evan who would be singled out going to be people developing belly everybody knew what he's going to be. But Sunday morning after Russia an example everybody switches and it might say well multifamily is much easier. I wanna go there and that's what I know tomorrow how well because I actually ask that question that I would receive. If the crowd understands that the data especially pulled all the money out. And we felt that we rolled through domestic work you know never lose money how he was what if we do without recourse when we pour money back up. How are we losing money it's covered by insurance how to lose money if it's an LC protect us from lawsuits. Well protected in every single way but yet we also got all of our money back. What's the risk anymore if you got all your money back he's still on the activist nobody nobody and he got it all back tax free. That's what people love about lifestyles that's what really is could you imagine people listening out there if you hit a 100% Richard. The concept that is don't want anybody would we got there is in the stock market yeah I'd be out of that one sort of stopped but that it lost 30% the next year. We'll talk to make a 100% in the immediate few years later he could probably have again. Fortunately the 10% cast all the time that's just blows people away dealt there's nothing more day without. Always thank you for coming on and sharing your time here here excitement enthusiasm about life and about investing with everybody which is your next presentation gonna be aware it's gonna be at the. I'm going to be the Dallas next week is next there's going to be doing case study and next week I'll be up in Dallas so don't be teaching a similar there's so. You know all the Irving office come see me was even cooler is actually my my first and you know. Yes sir he's actually become a third and I doubt February what's to come to is excited so this money could actually talk to some of the one time. Actually the one of the properties I showed in this summer's democratic. All right do able thanks a lot for coming on really appreciated and so I'm sure the listeners do to for the rest to go out there. As we close to show today remember this where does doing this just to make a little more money. We're doing this to have an incredible lifestyles have a wonderful day I'll see you tomorrow. The radio show. Can obtain the rest. Enjoy the seven day. Can't get enough. Enjoyment. Okay. The information and opinions he here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host don't want sleep is gas and is callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell wants the show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product or security. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy.