4/2: Texas Constitutional Carry

Come And Talk It
Sunday, April 2nd
Come And Talk It, for April 2. Do you support HB375 or HB1911? The gun community is split on Texas' Constitutional Carry Bills. Also: gun sales are down around the country, except in the LGBTQ & minority communities.

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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael card bills brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And the chief national exposure in such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon and Austin, Texas the live music capital of the world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Well the talk of the town this week is the decline in gun sales. President Obama was the best gun salesman the world has ever seen and since Election Day. Gun sales have declined or slack off. When you take away Barack Obama in you give the Republicans control both houses of congress which is extremely freely to the gun lobby. Then the political pressure subsides. And that surely is at least a key part of the explanation for the drop off in sales. Now the Washington Post reported that the FBI. Conducted about 500000. Fewer of background checks in December 2016. Then in 2015. Gun sales this year have reportedly dropped about 70%. Now from 2004. To deduct 2013. Seals them all handguns. Pistols and revolvers increased nearly fivefold. According to the industry figures. And sills of rifles tripled in that timeframe. So if the trump administration and Republican controlled house and senate want to save jobs they need to pass the hearing protection act. And concealed carry reciprocity bill. Now the hearing protection act would that would do. Is that all remove Salinger's or some pressures from the image Fave list the national firearms act process. And what you do is just walked into the gun store just like you purchasing any of the five armed. Being you will be able to purchase that silence or or suppressor by just fill out the form and do in the background check. And there's no wait unless you know you have it we your state already. So just like any other firearm. And so we're trying to get that pass the issue here that this needs to happen within the next year because we have mid term elections. Then things typically change. Due in mid term elections but house of the senate usually flips the opposite side of whoever's holding. The White House so that's why this needs to be done within the next year. Or we're gonna we may lose this chance for quite awhile also the concealed carry reciprocity bill. That needs to be passed so that way you're hinder license will be recognized in every state in the United States just like a driver's license. I'd sell just like you haven't Texas driver's license you'll be able to leave taxes and travel into other states Oklahoma Mississippi wherever. And your license is recognized. And so you just tap of all the laws of that state pitcher and why you're and it's. Well we're trying to get the console care reciprocity bill pass he can do the same thing which are handguns with your handgun license so that we recognize and every state. That also needs to be done within the next year same thing if we wait until after mid term elections we may miss this chance. And so now. On the flip side of that you have a surge in gun sales for members of the LG BTQ community and also minority communities. There are set there actually are going to the gun stores now and purchasing guns where they did not before. And some people are saying and I honestly I don't know why. I have no idea why this is happening but something machine because of the trump supporters maybe some supporters are races or something like that I ain't. And we will and what you get in today because we don't know would just people just guessing. But the fact is these people aren't you know. They're fine they need you know for whatever reason on the other T actually goes to gun story yet. Purchase a gun gets in training and start carrying a firearm so hey Andre if you won against Michigan shouldn't sports and that's wonderful. We look forward to having. And so yep organizations like the pink pistols after American gun club and other organizations have seen their membership just Grohl overnight. Also this past week we had constitutional Carrey was brought up in the Texas house. That's house bill 375. In council also house bill in 1911. Now houseful 375. Which was a bill that was sponsored by. And state represented Jonathan Strickland and wanted to do was a match gonna bring in. Justin Deloach from. Most are gonna race into the conversation Justin welcome to come talk to share. Lying to. Yeah I go I just and so going to tell us about HB 375. Well it beat recently saw it basically means editor legally allowed to possess a firearm like to keep going to a gun store and urged certain walk out of the store with the bad day you should be able to Wear it openly or concealed having the bag crumpled permission. I'd sold in house bill three said if I was filed back in what November. November skirt. He's on the number and I'll get and so. Now explain this 375 to me how to lay it out loud as laid out so. This means what you know why I won't need as he realizes that while I'm inside the state of Texas. That is obsolete correct in and basically it makes it it makes it. Legal to carry wood and that they would they handle my content it does not impact the old PC requirements at all. So anybody who want to get a license in order to carry out some of the state it's still going to be there are still available for those people. All right and if you want to chime in on this because some people are upset about some things we say they're sending apples and on line. If you wanna chime in in let me know you know where I'm wrong you were lying please give us a call my call in number is 5126435483. That's 512643. 54831. More time that's 51 team. 643. Lives come and talk so deftly call us and an and let me know where I've gone wrong. Does that I like to talk to my FaceBook lawyers and less you know let's hashed this out because one thing I do no idea no the Texas penal code I sleep this stuff. I can crack it out you know first thing in the morning so deftly colony in colon in explaining to me let me know how wrong about this deal. Idol houseful three signified and I'm also gonna go to Derrick in line one. Because I want dairy to tell me about HB 1911 the before I go to Derek let me go back to you Justin you know an agent at. Tell me a little bit more give me some specifics about HB 375. Well I guess what area do you want me to be specific about I guess is that you don't have a lot of fun. Hi currently currently right now I don't even dig a license to carry in my vehicle. When HB gross 75 bills into effect. Izzy being done to change with me canyon signed my vehicle September the first if he goes into effect. No sir other than the fact you'll actually have more right now because now you can actually get a book are conjured out loud volume on your car. OK so if if some if I'm charged with any type of crying. If by a deal don't pay mom back in dopey my child support. From the chemically dependent person none of that stuff sound just would suspect in prep fees and storage and he and done. If that stuff I don't pay my my my sales tax my property tax is any of that stuff going to affect. Maher writes on September the first. Those are there wouldn't impact you for being able possess a firearm it's not going to impact you New York carrier. I so there's a difference between possession. And being able to purchase so what is the difference between possession and purchase. Well. OK all I get the thing that you beer either find a felon and about. Com and in the and the Fed taxes for five years you can actually they've got a farmer you don't give up on your property. Yeah that's right it goes that you cannot go to yoga to a gun store and and and Kyrgyz parliament of element axis of. And so there's going to be a big there's a difference it. So there's difference between possess in the gun and actually person again so you know not everyone he can possess can actually walk into the gun store and actually purchases. Pepper on the general order. So I give the right word that would be that if he could purchase it you can carry it because. Are that particular part of the language and taxes is is not it did not want to change to Teresa because. Now are there are some flaws in 375 gimme gimme that the whereas this bill lacking what are some things that you think well you feel we should be able to change. What we just mention very bitter about the fact that appear if you're a nonviolent felonies you know you've done your time on your already allowed to possess far all on your property. Our median time will be able to will be able to make it weren't big areas well. Mr. I and then what about. Now there's a federal law there's a federal law that says I can't be within a thousand evil schooled with any firearms. You know. Alicia but he angle license in the state he should live in. Or you limited thousand feet under house bill 375. Will I be able to have my he and gun under the federal law within 1000 feet of the school. Well that's that's that's a tricky subject I mean I don't know how the other armed security states are handling that as well put them to my knowledge under 1911 that's not. I thought had a daughter enters nothing you can do within the state law that's going to make it legal federally you know. Ankara. I am Indian creek you actually right. As wanted to bring ales stuff on the council now let me before I go to Derek is that what Derek to lay out 9011 fours and then you know. I wanted to hear about the pros and cons are 9011 before we do that let me go to Donald Donald lying three young would come to talk. Did not odd stuff Rollins gentlemen it's like counting down 4310. B five and 1911. Something. That we needed something to freedom and liberty and being that I'm retired military are required a license to carry my site weapons. That Ron couldn't you know that's wrong Matt. Whereas so why do what he likes to carry a weapon and I didn't acquire one of the military the only time I ever need it. Any paperwork was one Alastair REIT qualification so much sign weapons. But you have bet on back I am well first said he probably not in a lab I call Texans. Should Indian how means without a doubt. To me a ticket outscored the and the constitution. Intimate that Second Amendment that he you know personal but to. But that's a lot stand on the essence appreciated. I'm not a problem thank you for your call. So now let me ask Justin one more question before I go to Derek Justin is there a difference between constitutional Kerry and permit the scary. Yes our I would I would consider each beat 330 called constitutional theory and I would consider ninety and eleven unlicensed care to see on our online security still I was. Restrictions on who can carry and went in and went in when you lose her. When and if you lose your rights like for instance some of the class they'd be misdemeanor stuff. I'll wonder whether our what are your shroud was something not convicted. I mean I would consider beyond might have portion would have way more restrictions ban unconstitutional Carrie wood has concert from Carrie. Again I think if you could they be legally purchased our nation military. Okay Eric writes are now living goatee I Derrick lined one sold Derek. Give me some give me the trolls for our house bill 9011. You'd think they'll Oscar Diaz is in India. Ahead in the bill number is probably the biggest hurdle of 1911 and prospective bill number but that's really about all had to go on for a at least from what I got. I am house bill yet Neitzel and you you know you hear that you'd think it all Mike get this. My prayers have been answered you know via that. The gates of heaven and opened up in and and this is the bill that's gonna save us from. From tyranny and it is it's all about liberty 1911 right. And not not not so much of anything at all left. I don't wanna get all ten will have on him but it seems like the only way to enforce. Any of the per qualifications. Under 1911 is you need to have at least as somewhat of a police state you need to law enforcement detained. All anybody that they see carrying. And make sure that they meet the qualifications either demand that there LTC a they have wondered if they don't you have to run a check on him to see if they. If they how. How they restraining order that affects your spouse or relationship to be infrared steps. And the problem with that is you can't enforce it any other way. Whereas on 375 it's just as long as we know like just impose our. And purchased a firearm you can carry lightens and there's no need for to have. Had that and in fact 335 even as specific prohibition against. Law enforcement containing an individual. Sir engaging and otherwise lawful activities within it and. And kind of if an end as I understand nights eleven when he came out the door as it was filed. So as the bill was fouled it actually included everything that was listen in for eleven about 172. Which is the eligibility for getting a handgun license. So there right yeah. First came out. I'm I'm sorry Mike whatever it first came on the immediate had to get residential estate taxes for six months. You know you could not be charged with a class there class B misdemeanor. And you know they've come out of committee substitute I think they're on the third one now to try and tighten it up and make it a better bill but. You know you can't even only you can only Paula ship so many so much before you. You know edit it there really what it boiled down to it becomes excited but for the butter bills why would you want to water it doubt she's and they they've. Does the latest committee. Actually goes hand and strike now. And their qualifications. And 411172. Which is your qualifications to get aerial PC. And while that sounds good. Severely put in jeopardy are reciprocity agreements we have reciprocity with. 34 other shape at the moment. And by my last count at least six. Were planning on and pulling their reciprocity agreements with us. If 1911 becomes law because they start tweaking that the qualification. Whereas 375 you still have all the qualifications that are needed to get the old PC. But you don't have to have it in order to care which make it about for a better deal. And seeing you know collecting that we want to say too is to take steps backwards. And try and mend these reciprocity agreement that we may lose because we're dealing with Pete the qualifications. And you know but that step backward out of step toward. Iso hold on jet from Arizona hold on Derek gold on Justin hold on John from Austin, Texas. I would talk about costs usual care or we talked about how spilled. 375 house bill in 1911 as a whole bunch of little elevenths but this Levy didn't jabbing going on here we're gonna get down to the bottom of it this is Michael Cargill. And you. Are listening to come and talk. This industry is great and I thank what about venues and from Michael Cardoza I'm gonna copy it. Sound off on the news today with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back becoming socket and now here's Michael card you. I so we're back. We're back we're talking about eight feet 375. Or talked about house bill 1911. We talked about the pros and cons are Colin numbers 5126435483. That's 512643. Lives. Come and talk. Right so are you Ford are you against it are you for customer care or gets constitutional Kyrie he support one built over the other bill. Let me know I'm just curious you know citizen messes on FaceBook or whatever. I just want to get your thoughts right so now let me go back to Derek Derek was laid out house bill 1911 fours. I used to almost the pros and cons for in 1911 and we're talking about the eligibility the 411 dot 170 team. Okay and that's the eligibility for you get your he handgun license. The difference between 375 in 1911. Is nine to eleven when it came out the door. It added all the eligibility requirements for the handgun license. So let's think about that process therefore second night so it at the eligibility requirements for the handgun license so that means that. If you. Today you had Zurich handgun in your vehicle that means that you can have your handgun in your vehicle in just must be concealed the vehicle he didn't he didn't need a license for. Okay that's the law today. Right so if you were charged with any type of crime a class your B misdemeanor that still would not affect you can't you that he and done in the vehicle. If view what charged with a felony that would not. That would not change you carry that in gun in the vehicle because you could still do it without a license the judicial charged. We get if you didn't if you all back child support that would that have changed you Kerry met in dent in the vehicle. Get so. September the first in 1911. Was to go into effect as the bill was originally written. Then that would change that you would lose that right in your vehicle. You know and I don't like you've given me something with a left him in the turnaround they take it back from me with a right. I have a problem with that is saying on one him I'm gonna give me constitutional caring but Dan if he if I think that you you know what. Officer pulled you over an off decision had a drink one drink no refusal weekend which is going on right now and Austin. Know what he is a weekend that music pull you over it think it drinking they take your blood. They may try your blood and get so. We're saying that with a nine to eleven if you're charged. Indeed if you're you get pulled over with a handgun in your vehicle gay and they think it's youth. It you've been drinking age value blood and I called you system. That's a class a misdemeanor on the nights eleven currently. The way the law is. You have to be overlooked wanna wait if you don't have a license. So if you don't happy in the license you have he's getting your vehicle. It would have to be porno ain't the way you bed TW why would you charge the class beer class a misdemeanor. But it's not like that after 9011 goes into affect when I 211 goes into effect. That means that. They remove the limit. Kate you remove that limit and now it's a class a misdemeanor. Is not a class seat it's classy guy. You'd and it you hit it right on the right now being intoxicated or carrying is it's purely a two officers discretion and one as it. Great things about recently signed a bit defined intoxicated in the bill as having the same meaning as point zero way. So even if you are carrying and you go out and had a beer. You know you can you don't have to take it you're not risking getting that eight mission near her being intoxicated or care. Same thing went in your car eat you know they have to be able to definitively proved that all that weapon is on. On your ship that year you blow it only one year wait before they can charge. Which is another positive should treat 75 whereas like eleven everything still up for interpretation as far as. A go for your hand got. And further. You know we go into oh you you mentioned how. You still charged with as you could still lose your license you're charged with Sony. You can petition. You could station a judge to keep your license are your right you care if you don't have a license if you want but that means Ken Paxton cannot carry that. That means that Dwyane still ball cannot cherry right now because they've both been charged with felony. And you know I thought that in this country we were innocent until proven guilty it seems to be a big violation of due process and. And the one thing is own mask because Oro site in my hand on this hang in especially at night in eleven. Would also these rulings affect long guns for people's well maybe honor. Going in traveling in you pass a third town would know refusal weekend I mean would that affect something like that. I'm due to the way that I've read 1911 is it specifically says handguns so long guns would not be effected have not be affected under 1911. Chrysler is just it's like what the current law is now so if a person had a handgun license right now. You know you have to fall on the kingdom license. Oh. Is on Larry you know uncertain about someone's calling in again and take care of that. I sold just pissed just like he's just like they kingdom license law. And persuading them license. In its view you know you get stopped by police and they think here in intoxicated. Then you know yes he can you lose it's all of European debt is where abouts it's not about the long god is all major have you have a near fifteen AK 47 in your vehicle. In. In and it's you know go to come down from the due east there and stop off at Apollo have long guns and your vehicle that he and got loan guns and in your five S on major because it's just it's been hammered night you know pandering hand in hand and you know and is an article about this is effect because you know. Without so I'm always asking mold as an effective you know it is someone could slip something in there and you know messenger Braden and it create another big giant mess so. So on and ask for the people actors honored none out and that political telephone lines and go to Jeff in Arizona Jeff Young would come to talk. Thanks to our I might alone right. Not bad a figure out offers some insight from Los someone who lives in a constitutional carries stayed calm argue guards may have nom nom. Arizona and a constitutional carried states and around Tony Antawn eleven. And having moved cheered you on I'm used to living in states where. A licensing requirement. With the proficiency exam is mandated so when it first appears Basel will go to apprehensive. But I actually realized and I did some research and sense that and the data shows that. Since the passing a constitutional carry an Arizona the actual actually the violent crime rate has gone down. I know a lot of dirt dirt people who talk about the potential for constitutional period to result hired gun crime but the bears opened back that. But I think that though the potential point of concern even amongst. The gun owning community. Is that when you take away the but licensing requirements he take away the requirement to have to take a class. Before you get ST GW license. You you risk people becoming a liability. In real defensive situations. I can't really Beatrice legislation. Unless you know it becomes slippery slope. Well I think it's. The only way we can. Addresses is that the gun only community needs to be able police ourselves Barcelona also gonna try to do for us. On so in order to assuage DC years we've got to make sure that. We're training regularly and that we need to push are still go and owners to train and be proficient and responsible with the farms. Well world see you know what every. Actually in her neck and incidents of negligence is just so calm down look bad. So right now things are great in Arizona you guys are not you not seen any problems crimes going down but just saying hey we need to remain vigilant when ET. Continue to practice continue to you know tell a loved ones they go to the gun range. You know seek. It's some help from an instructor in is still do those things and Gaza has led as a instructor. You know I actually should be against constitutional caring. You know does that if you would think I and I think a lot of people lark but I'm not because. I know I trust the people that I come in contact with I trust. The gun lovers and I know that aids they're gonna seek me out you know why they gonna seek me out. And they're going to you. Want to give that training does he view have a good program. If you own. Have be a good you know curriculum than people are definitely going to take that class and reach out here and just like they're doing right now. People a lot of people are saying hey how will not that many people had taken my handgun class right now lol you know maybe that you need to look within yourself. Because I don't have that problem. Our classes are still full you know most older classes on Thursdays Saturdays Sundays Mondays Tuesdays whatever you know and we still have a a nice size class because. You know we have a good program rym good curriculum if you do look. Then he did yes substance something that people are thriving Ford they're gonna come to you and they're gonna wanna learn that stuff. And and right. Right and I absolutely agree with everything you said palm what I'm trying to say is this is that the issues of constitutional care isn't about. No potential write to box crime that the data doesn't support that. That accusation. The point of concern is. That when you take away licensing requirements and people ought to pick a class. You know anti gun people are getting worried 00 I trust this person Karina and real situation. And you can't waste all that legislation the only thing that we can do to swisher spears. Is that we have to community need to ring did you elect and we need to make sure that were proficient. If you're the kind of person that goes up the rent regularly you Niki Q what if you round. Upper session every two weeks you're already trying to more than I would say the majority of the Ghana population. And you've seen one of your friends are I don't know which is not doing that all you need to tell them other than the raw. And if you're the kind of person and you go to the range and you practice to carry your and you can't. You can't consistently. Has shot in the eighty don't complete seven yards. You need you to train harder. That the only way weak in the combat this mindset and and oh we've beat concerns from the gun community is we need to be able police source. I am a little bit I was to say. All the the whole trust factor do we trust anything anymore like I feel like you know when you first meet somebody you're not in other truth for the takes time so. For all these people saying all. We have trust as you don't even Charleston begin so mean the only thing that I think he had a good point on is. They just training more in giving and these guys are reasons you do try to say that. To take it away you know and take their aunt ammunition oasis beats and they're not hiring Magnus. And so I said I mean it's. Trust is and I think it's the danger scary place out there anyway to begin within panel think anybody trust us. Tried so many and bill that teach Derek. Which gaffe was there. You left out here last caller brought up to very interesting point about the homicide rate in Arizona. Load common Joseph Kiefer. Statistics and I was compiling some statistics over the constitutional Kerry state vs Texas. And one thing that I noticed about Arizona. In particular is that their murder in non negligent hum I'm sorry their murder and non negligent manslaughter rate for the first time. Dropped below taxes. You know those trends kind of matched mirrored each other but Arizona's dropped below taxes as you know right up to date. Enacted constitutional care in 2010 Arizona's murder rate was six point four per 100000 in Texas was five point oh in 2015 Arizona four point five and technical four point. And you know further and further point on this we already had constitutional Kerry for long guns why is that so hard to do enactment handguns I mean. But you're saying that if somebody was going to have malicious intent they would be loading up with everything and anything that they could you would see you would expect to see violent crime and homicide rates through the roof intact is because. We don't have any real regulation only carrying them long guns but. We won over regulate hand out to the point where it's you know it's absurd. Erica. Erica I agree with you man I mean like the fact is a summary also do harm to do harm. I mean you can even see it over in Europe right now I had an in tallying nine in this week and he says you know French is gold. The and at the French. France has gone down the drain he said he lives outside of Paris he says Paris you know the one city a lot. Is so filthy nasty dirty knees like owning Don Anita Dunn. And you know the fact is if people want do malicious harm anyways they're gonna do other weathered what they're Bair says she no knives I mean it doesn't matter they're gonna do. Harm. And so there right. Back and it goes back the old adage that guns don't kill people people do. Really boils down to what what is in the person's heart bench in acting as if you were to repeal every single gun law federally and state. Except for the Second Amendment Amare. Homicides would not skyrocket because all the sudden now people just think that oh we've enacted a purge so let's go kill everybody that we can't. Happen. Right Beck is an arm exercise applied society you know I don't wanna as you know we. Probably don't wanna make some random guy man to begin with will own that if the guys armed. You know so my main. Candidate. And I know it's some people wonder you know little. Well we tape this. As far as 9011 goes when the the deal first came out. Yet she had board members from Texas gun cents. Boy remembers from Texas get a sense actually liked 1911. In like 375 B lightning to eleven. Because of the eligibility requirements that would listen on the there. Because they said over these are the same requirements as the you know the handgun license so they actually like that. And whenever you have an anti gun group that likes portions of your bill election bill and that is gonna be a problem. You know he deftly should take a look at it. Mike should only be using their curriculum that kind of a guideline as what we don't want. And like OK we're we want seated at the nets that we should make sure let's make sure the debt that the nets are not enact it. Not that I get up in a day diddle you know if I here's a look from Texas got a sense you know. A gun says Liz tell me that they like something number nothing gonna go the opposite direction. I would talk about house bill 375 would talk about house bill 1911. Pros and cons for against this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk it. Hello this is Gerald already hand the precinct three Kelly commissioner air and travels in and you're listening to come into office. Listen to your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at sock thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael's car deal. I toward backing where we're talking about constitutional Kerry talked about. Pros and cons when he afford or against it. Also talking about which bill do you lean toward the lean toward 3751911. Dealers and iPod ordeal like them both you know so just try to get people's opinion that's all I call a number. Is 5126435483. That's 51 team 6435483. Come and talk it. I it's illegal to deny my cohost and I still there are some act a whole bills out there. I know there's quite a few. SA and the reason I and I want to talk about those bills because I hate you know we're done numbers are low of the drinking I love to drink my milk and I need to know that's pressure. And need to know what whether some of the jackal bills are gonna affect you leak here and my my firearm. Endesa bills because right now you know I went out to eat brunch this morning. And I wanted to have them Molson with my brunch and I was a little early you know to that act I didn't realize that they couldn't sell me conserve the before tinian yes that's correct yes I could have my the most is are there any deals that are. She addressed that. There there's some HB others actually to calm pertaining to beer and wine on Sunday HB 327 and HB 1231. Between seven okay. This idea of three to ease at three. 327. And then HB 1231 both are fairly similar. Okay and they've both been written Erica referred to license licensing and administrative procedures look at some of the fold is bill. And and deathly goes the committee when this bill actually comes up the authors acknowledge so that's good thing I like ribs in the canal is so he's a big guy so yeah deftly wanna. Green into this bill may challenge tendency we get some of that stuff change does that at a I don't like you know there's a time limit on it you know I can't DOD's of them until certain time. And now. If I would agree there's. There's several pertaining to places handguns may be carried on and venison. That would have to do with alcohol which ones those like HP 560. If I sixties that's been relate that's been referred to homeland security and public safety. To release the places where personally carry handguns the person's license to carry kingdom and the certain related. Criminal offenses. By springer. That's I have to take a look at that and I'm not familiar with that and all. And of just in or Derrick a familiar with that and all DR chime in let us know I'm Stephanie Niger. Think it's. Kinnear Michael yeah he goes. One thing that I feel like you really need to drive home and I want to go to understand that so so that when somebody told them that he's been 1911 Wal-Mart. Effect reciprocity. I want them to fully understand what it is but we're talking about with the sort of they're on the same page that. 411 dot 172. That a ban handguns are licence requirements and taxes. HB 1911. Adds up to those requirements but make it to where you do not need the life. And at what happened is on the third committee substitute their striking some of the requirements for license. How much of the license requirements do you think that you can take out before we start losing reciprocity. The so when you start striking out different lines like paragraph 123 fours five whatever from 411 not 117. It's gonna affect. Whether our license can be recognized in other states like for instance in and let me explain to people this way. My parents live in the state of Georgia my pants heavy Texas gained a license. Right so since they have a Texas gained a license but they're not a resident of Texas they actually live in another state. Would that Texas kingdom license they cannot carry in Florida Colorado suck a minor Michigan. Because those states will not allow you to carry. With a license from another state pitcher not a resident of so they have to actually get in Georgia license to carry in Florida Colorado Sepp Blatter mission geeky here in the Texas license. So when you start striking out some of the eligibility. You're gonna start losing some of those states so the State's gonna say hey wool wool is you know they're they're sent out there that that what. If you charged in a war convicted of a class AB misdemeanors you know you can't have a hint you can have licensee like that requirement. So if you remove that requirement then. State HD beastie seat may drop us and not recognize at Texas in the license. It won't be to carry there so it will affect our reciprocity. We start striking now the eligibility. Skis before they handgun license so that's what justice talked about re Justin. Yes I don't wanna say that we can't remove some of the performance in keeper of property like make it you know. The girl who police restrictive did. But the problem is people don't know people don't eat I've got to know until you contact that state. And you really do you know you're really not gonna know until that state looks at it that they're legislative session. They look at it the war there's you know attorney general looks and says hey wolf. You know these are to our requirements so we're gonna we may drop is no one's gonna know toll contact each individual state you get contact Lee G here in Texas and that's the only G in taxes if if Colorado is gonna drop us or not village in tech doesn't know with the contact Colorado. We not a commitment of the other states whether they were so they. Whether or not they read off a reciprocity would our license it's completely epidemic not a lot exactly but the only thing we have to go bought it's it's by looking at what other states have done. And what their requirements are and whether or not accepted in those certain states. All we had to go on. They got a look at the big picture and ended. The way our laws are the way these bills come out these bills are not going to lay it out fortieth and market a spell everything out the not gonna draw you'll lie in India and explain it to you. It's just gonna put it did and you have the figured out and there are consequences. For bad legislation they're gonna be some consequences from this. Just like after the last session which I actually elected by the way. Let that the last session the whole big thing was they did not want. People they handle license to openly carry here and got on a college campus. That all their talking about we don't want license holds it openly carry here and done on a college campus. That's all the focus is on. Handgun college campus that's it. Session in that the bill passed. The next day I came as they are right now we can open carry are he and then it did sole care he and got on the streets I want what was part two scribes and elm school mill school high school. Let me. They lost their crap. Hey there yeah exactly you know why because he didn't say. School you sit college campus so that means on the calls campus you can't open carry a handgun industry sat walks walkways Barca scribes of calls campus. But you can't all we care that he and done. On the street sat walks while we sparkle to grudges old elm school middle school high school because they told you forgot. Schools in its in the wording means a lot. And it's not gonna spill about forty people I'm sorry you have to understand the Texas gun laws he can't be a FaceBook lawyer when it comes to this crap. There's an old joke here so if I tell you that this is gonna cost and consequences that you what are wake your blood up and pay attention because sing and it's for no reason. This crowd is gonna screw us around and they got us girls would know Greece. I'm calling numbers mar 126435483. Come to talk to tell me wheel wrong. Billy just. 290. Eric Oki data good. Are what wander over to questions are. I mean which crop yet if he's it's got to meg delivered. Falwell will again I could say 1911 you know you do like the fact that it that it is certainly allowing more individuals two to. Kerry in the state absolutely but I do not like the methods are going about it I mean. The requirement secure within the state the requirements to carry out some of the station totally beat. And you know and again to not get the reciprocity. Now but don't begun hard the you know the so called gun rights or divisions that are that are pushing 1911. They understand that if they put us into that box that's a box were never going to get out of because again you cannot get rid of all those requirements. And 411 dot 172 otherwise Egypt and unlicensed about it. And then we literacy property but that's why we think the requirements securabit in the state. And the were armed security outside of the state should be two totally separate things. And another argument that is Yunel. If you don't like the handgun license here in taxes you can always get on another state he can get a non resident Oki. That have been log that you like or feel that you like who eat a lot of low orbit early youth you like better than the ones and taxes to the promise. From a 1911 as well I wake up 1 morning when not to have any choice to wears. What are guilty Phoebe you have which which were now we've got several states being you know he's he's. CNN and Britain and asked a question Britton said did I did I just say that the Florida. That Lil Texas LTC is not recognized in Florida know what I said Britain was that. Right now if you're a resident of Texas and yet the Texas Hinkle license European alliances will be recognizing the certain amount of states. And if your resident of Texas yes she can carry in Florida he caring Colorado South Carolina or Michigan. But my parents are resident residents of Georgia. Since their resident of Georgia the not a resident of Texas but they do have a Texas gained a license for them says they're not a resident. They cannot Kyrie with the Texas he and a license because they're not a resident of Texas so they cannot Kyrie. I'm in Florida Colorado satellite or Michigan because those states would not recognize the Texas licenses she says they're not a resident of Texas. But if you Texas resident you can cure in the states. On the chair clean enough for Brent. Isolating an eagle that won't return our combat team Justin and Derek I wanna go back to July patch and I were talking about the alcohol what does a little alcohol bills over the there's some pertaining to powder. Alcohol how how is that. Going to be classified. 1074. I'm not really sure it says it's. Per pertaining to sales of distilled spirits. 437 and applications for alcohol beverage permit there's just a lot of them are just reply how we able to find some of these did you just search alcohol or would you do a search I I looked through each bill like. For whatever reason I could not there's a search button on there and it would put a wooden pull it up went wow alcohol alcoholic beverage. It wouldn't do anything side is live it literally was going to each film. You know. I would definitely take you'll pay close attention that HB 327. By reps and come dollars. Because in weekend if we can actually fix that requirement in change the tying. Or remove that it was some state senator I'm sums I'm sorry some counties. Some counties at a dry counties and you know. Nothing to me as just a problem in. Just for me and maybe is local control. Maybe that's an issue you know I don't know but especially here in Travis County are really like to be able to you. You know walking and you know brunch India to have would ever want to injury while I'm you know eating brunch. Yes that would be paying you back. All right also inside studio you know we have. We have Phillip turner Philip. Is an activist in the Philip is what I call a law enforcement activists. Philip goals around and he actually films law enforcement you know in their line of duty. A while they're working and Philip you know it feels got a lot of things happening that that I think are going unnoticed because. Philip comes in contact law enforcement in the wind field does it. He's actually really quiet he's polite. Very professional. And it's it's funny how old that the tables will turn. And he finds the sub either in handcuffs are being mistreated or whatever and yes take that situation to court. And Philip wins. He pushes it to the court system and that police department pays up. In have to pay up so and so one needs to get fired behind this stuff you know because if you're violating your ear and law enforcement policy if you're violating. The law they need you know you need to be. You know terminate or least prosecuted now the reason I'm bringing this up because there's house bill 2908. Which is coming up I believe this week. It looked it up this houseful Twain and the way it is Kansas just about any crime if it occurs because of a person's service as a police officer. The wording is different from other hate crimes and it appears to involve lists into nationality. But that's not no that's not a lawyer is reading it also enhances some key level. I'm sorry keep low level crimes like terroristic threats simple salt in the law force strength. To various serious felony offenses in the occur on account of an officer's official duties. You kind of think about that and there's a list put that in perspective. Bring it down to reality a little bit. So. Truck drivers. Truck drivers you know are supposed to be professionals and hill to a higher standard than your regular drivers your car drivers. Because of the commercial truck driver. You're actually held to a higher standard so you oh. You can't even you know have a certain amount of alcohol that live there's a certain limit you can even hand in your personal vehicle if you considered a commercial driver. Give your question drivers you it is porno weight is lower than that now president held so much higher standard as a commercial drivers. Because there's Apple's be a professional. Rightfully so the problem that some people have is if you're law enforcement officer. It seems let you know the law enforcement officers and certain situations are not guilty any standard at all. When it comes if something is done wrong or incorrect where there's speeding you see the speed limit we just saw one the assistant chiefs. Actually get pulled over in he was going like ninety miles an hour in the 65 mile an hour zone and that's reckless driving. I think our debt that's reckless driving you know he'd be so that's actually you know that's not a class C misdemeanor. So. You. They're not guilty you know in certain circumstances it held in state is an Albany should be yields are much higher standard. Is what should happen so former law enforcement officer and I do something wrong I should be held to much higher standard. Because I'm a professional I've been trained and I've been taught what the laws are. Correct Philip that's right. And so you've you've had some situations they you've been and there's and a case here in Austin, Texas. Adds it that was recently on the knees what was then tell me about Austin. Well that was. A recording from a traffic incident back in November. OK okay and filled you know we're gonna come back to you just wouldn't do heartbreak here and come back right after the break. I would talk would Philip turner he's got to talk to us about his interaction with law enforcement is this is Michael Cargill and you are mostly coming talk. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Boom boom boom. Time pro competitive. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael kargil. There's no say some ways it is a safe space this bill say plates on. Except you know your license holder did not license holding. There's no safe spaces. But hopefully we're gonna pass constitutional caring and every won't have a six makes. I sort of sent here to talk with Phil Turner Philip. So you tell us about eager interaction with that the Austin police department here. In Austin, Texas. Home I've been occasionally go now filming eight PD. They have been polite and cordial and I always wondered why and it never shocks me that there was a complaint that was launched. Back in November from an incident where James and Jesse were harassing me these are two APD officers. They harassed before completion rate our Wallace filming a traffic's. Now. This was not about officer safety at this point this officer came to me stood within two feet from the and plug his flashlight and shine in my camera and his goal was to pretty much intimidate me into either leaving. Or provoking me to do something to. Start a physical encounter now how did you come across the one officer that had a vehicle pulled over. I'm typically this was like I think I believe it was a weekend and some of the always go down to choose to do some filming. And I have this traditional routine down I would go. Two century and if I see traffic stops along the way how we get on film so I was taking. From. 183. To run bird and in 35 traits it's century. And I just happened to be heading to run bird and saw that traffic stop. OK so he came across this officer with eight a person pulled over and this Lee started filming in the in the second officer pulled up. And actually started flashing is his flashlight writing your camera say ye. There were some you know words going back and forth you know why you do in this and officers asking you you know who are you in. A unit you really don't have to tell you cannot do anything you're setting and a but really a great distance away. So you're not interfering all they're doing. It's so. And this cannot change a little bit. Because your dare for a while and then they started like kind of following news and wiggled eagle to your vehicle. That's right and you know at that point dolls made it clear that he didn't care about department policy he didn't care. You know that I had the rights of film please off. Serves you actually were telling him via the policy that he you know need to. Take a look at them and actually read it and be familiar with what was that policy number your yelled and out 302 and now the site interacting with the community. He kept. And so. It got to a point where you guys would got a good understanding you know on the sidewalk you try to go back to your vehicle. And any refusal legal to your vehicle they say you couldn't crossed us yen in you could step on the grass or anything and they just would block you from getting to your vehicle to lead Italy to leave. But refused to allow you leave to get to your vehicle. Right and you know that was just like a bully tactic tactic right there. They wanted to wait until the tow truck got there to remove the car from the scene. And then I would be allowed to get in my car but this guy knows RE. A restive. And already hauled off to jail. And they are saying leading to leave well okay I'm trying to leave and try to go to my vehicle no utility vehicle that you believe well is it fat in our relief when he gets in my vehicle. All need doorstep and don't touch me by the way. I could end and it is there's nowhere to walk I really trust the lost or left to right I did hold 360 around the scene in they would not allow me to get to my car. And it just got some points where I had to step back. A good distance away because that's the point to where are these officers were grabbing me and shoving me and I was like look look dude. You know leave me alone get your hands off me you know I. I felt nervous I felt. I fear for my life at that point because I felt like there was no one else out there with me that night now that happened it would it would happen it was like two years ago dollars and I should know a couple months ago Obama seven months ago was actually in November. Is on the mirror 2016. Now because I noticed that you know. For the last 34 months. If he's been really nice and polite a kind of notice and notice the the atmosphere is actually changed. You know why when I see you also know on the the road the out there on the road SE hi. They're very nice to polite that this is really change and I am I'm I can't figure out why. It's because our city news in here anymore well I don't know because I ask me I can't figure out why did it is changed. Yeah I would agree because I'm downtown all the time and in the past I've seen some of the most unfriendly police officers. Never seen that lately you're right yeah they're very mention it very nice very polite cordial and me and it's a good relationships. And I'm glad you do what you do. Because the bills to officers where was. They were suspended. They were suspended James this is 120 days without pay and Jesse suspended as ten days without pay but the funny thing about James is. He was a house where he not only was he suspended twenty days without pay he was also put on a year probation so if he gets us and another similar complaint. That's the sting to this incident here. He's gonna be suspended indefinitely without the chance to appeal. An ad out now here's a problem with that UK because it what there's there's just we suspended someone and terminating him because if you terminate them they lose their teen cool. If you suspend him they can go to another are another department. And that is where you Ian you bring into the fray of Gypsy cop. You very veteran right Gypsy cops who where you know you can go from department to department so when he start playing those little little words I act. I'm sorry I'm just a stickler for the law I'm just become a stickler for rules of like that and when you suspend an officer. Then you know begged they can actually quit leave and go to another apartment to another job to start off over fresh. And and just like nothing else happened. It's and in that that's a problem with that. And so and that's something needs to be addressed with the legislature. You know if there's you know we have a problem officers in their board from department to department we actually decent and now have you. As a case going to court is you folic. Eating in civil court. Walt wit the funny thing about that was I had me. Fourth case go to the fifth circuit which their president to allow. Filming a police midsection establish personal right. And that was ruled on February 16 between seventy so that covers the states of Texas Louisiana and Mississippi. And what that does is establish rights have come police officers now a police officer interferes with your right to film. Don't iMac who's qualified immunity no questions us now. That incident there happen before the ruling so what this ruling does have pretty much known avoids any previous incident before. February 16. Saying it wasn't a close I was right then but now we're saying it is now needs of local or Ford. It's a violation of the First Amendment right and it's a clues published rate and that police officer will lose qualified immunity. Tell us about what happened in Fort Worth that brought this case TV. That circuit. I was actually on foreword. And doing a little bit of filming this was this was like near Nashville wrote it was a police department there it was actually bill like a castle among the buildings and neighborhoods houses in that area on the area was run down a lot of vacant businesses homes. Buildings are torn down sidewalks are just messed up trash everywhere. And then you see this police station with these nice new vehicles and I was just sit near think you know like. How could this money couldn't go in to the community making it better. And I'd decide to get done on film. Was filming a arrest at the high school I was actually not a flight two blocks away from the police station. Walked back to the police station is sort of taken a couple of shots on opposite side of sidewalk. Now as I was walking on the sidewalk I was approached by two officers who confront me about filming one of me so I. And that prompt them to grabbing me and cut to me and throw me back into police car how boxing me. Now. I'm ask about hot boxing in his second year as big as as a reason I ask you about four there's a bunch of reason I ask you to explain the story about Fort Worth and out a lead everybody into that. So what. Why do you why do they feel they have to use you know well I guess this and why it. What do you think they you have to ID yourself. Why do they think that yeah. I'm I'm not you have to ID you're so you do not. Why not. Because Texas penal pinnacle studios too says you do not have to I. If you give a fictitious name resident or date of birth so peace officer who has detain you. And I don't see how peace officers can get that. Makes you were detained yet I was detained. You were detained at that time I was detained the when he cells attain I had the option to either give him my information or darts or not. But if I do I just can't lie about it or becomes an offense OK and now they put you said that they ink a few which in the vehicle. Right and hot box and was that they had the windows rolled up AC was not running and you know this was during the summertime. Now the reason I brought that up because a state representative well the reason I ask you that tip to explain that because a state rep. Filed a bill this session. And his name is mimics keeps rain now. That comes to me yet she filed a bill that said that if you forget your that your dog lover. Your dog lover I read them all same bill earlier today and I knew your nine yeah if you're a dog lover in you forget it you leave your dog in the vehicle for five minutes or more they cannot find you. They can break a window and take in say the dog which is great. I love that we can't. But then they also gonna charged with a class a mr. media but yet they'll put a human. In the back of represented below ABBA I knew would come to me if it yes he filed this bill the Alba. Ribs state reps and a diablo at a north Texas father's illness as you know it if you're dog lovers because that's who carries a dog in their vehicle someone who loves their animal. For some freezing you forget something happens eagle somewhere whatever. And yet so that takes a little longer and you left that dog in the vehicle doesn't say what the temperature is as if it's. You know 75 degrees 65 degrees doesn't save his ninety degrees say anything just says he'd leave that dog in the vehicle over five minutes. And they have to break the window take the dog out of the vehicle they can't find you that are charged with a classy misdemeanor. But that was very serious. So in an and I and I testify against this bill because I said the point that I brought up was. If something happens if I do something today in this building you hauled me out of here it put me in handcuffs arrest you rest you put me back in the vehicle. And he'd you've rolled the window up don't turn the AC on a leader charged a police officer what a class a misdemeanor. In the what do answered a question cause of course not you know you're not gonna. That is what I'm talking about when he comes to law enforcement. We got a whole law enforcement officers to the exact same standard as civilians are not even ask him to hold until I standard. CN holds a high standard she and hold them to this standard. You know as. When it comes to chapter nine of the Texas Google when he comes to use of force in dearly force. Civilians how the fall the same law is law enforcement officers. Everyone's got to fold as saying chapter nine when he comes he's a force and downforce and all of a loss. So in that that's what talked about we need to hold until the same standard. As a regular civilian if they do something wrong they need to be prosecuted for that. And that is was not happening so that's why you know why G takes. When their little bit okay so that case. End up going to be sifted circuit for circuit of appeals look at. And you won their case and then. You know. I was actually pretty excited my learned there at the news to meanwhile is not see his son to go to class he's so calm he's so quiet that is a really big deal that went to the fifth circuit. Fifth circuit. That means that law has been changed for this area. That means that you know someone thought that you couldn't do what you're doing. Benefits are to say. Yes he does have a right to do that and that stands hold true to what states. Texas Mississippi and Louisiana that is a really big deal this. I will do. Phil Turner is doing more. For your rights then any legislature in the capital telling you right now. When it comes to protecting you as individual people will decide who wrote now let me go back to Justin and dairy. Because the reason I brought that up because the house bill in 1911 a line one line to Justin Gary house bill 1911. If you're in charge. With a felony or if an officer. In order to verify all these little different let's go back. To verify all the different things in nineteen and in 411 dot 170. That things that are still in in that deal the eligibility requirements in order to rear by uncle I don't. We're all but the point of the fact that OJ can be all of this and got introduced that bill last session eager to be introduced a bill that would make it if illegal. Do videotape or or law photograph police officer. I don't know if you remember that and I'll. All I remember that's love that's another reason brother. I assure me that I didn't think it. That completely pertains to what it is that your guest is doing so are I don't know cubicle where Babylon but yet he's he's he's certainly can't in the lot of off. Our anti liberty bill. Oh yeah easy he's a consistent tyrant. I'm out in Seattle this day consistent tyrant I went out when spit on me if he was on fire I'm sorry. I sold for eleven got 172 eligibility requirements that are still in the bill of house bill 9011. Bill's premise and still be here. Okay. And you just eat yet you just. I will to get some breaks a really come back and now I'll talk about it this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come to talk. Peace that much weight you Lipton it's common talk radio clip Michael Clark. Listen to your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at sock thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. Hi so we get we had a very short time left here so let me give all this you know this insulin we bring Gary back into the conversation right so house bill. Ninths eleven. You know on the the eligibility requirements Derek after the committee substitute number one committee sets to number two U I know they're probably working on to decent seed number three now. Meaning that this bill has some problems that's why they're making corrections to it in fixing it. They're only there I think during the third committee substitute because we're bringing all this stuff up by the way and under set on fire if Florida didn't bring this guy out there will be nothing to fix so obviously something is wrong with the build their having the on the third committee said Steve which means it when we get to the house floor is going to be an amendment to the limits and amendments and amendments an amendment. I get the Derrick. If not to stop she. They won't need to verify all the requirements that are still left. On the Formula One seventy so that means that an officer stops you and your chair and a handgun in your vehicle you don't have a license or anything. You're carrying that he and done. On September 1 of this bill goes into effect. They can hold you they can detain you they can take you to jail and hold you why they verify if the old back child support. While they verify what is some of the other arms that are still left on the. Well under the current committee so they actually strike out the child support and back taxes portion which is that the OK you know like it doesn't he kept it but the thing when everything went the eligibility. Start messing with the reciprocity. But. They still can check or if you have a over restraining order affecting it I'll hold her relationship so they're gone they're divorced or you come home late one night your wife doesn't like it don't get what you got a restraining order against you and you lose your right to care. An officer I have to what have to verify that if you care and he and done that before they release you. I don't it was excellently. You still couldn't start you still need to. He may be 21. You need to you can't have any billions it only charges. Felony convictions. And all of these things they require. A legal detention of an individual for the sole purpose of the fact that they are carrying in order shall enforce. So the one hand are gonna give you your constitutional right and on the other hand I'm gonna take something away from reactive plea on the side of real detain you and Todd verify you know a certain amount of information here. Because your kids in gun you don't have a license but because your candidate constitutionally. I can actually take you to our revered by the each and ousting citizen you meet the eligibility requirement. Right there's no other way to enforce that you would require eight lawful detention toast if you're out there carrying without a license you're gonna be cut or even with the lights. You're going to be constantly worried that if it as a copy all he needs do we see you and state you can hear. Unedited Pena until I can figure out of here legally allowed to carry out. So what are so what do we what we did last session you know he will now be on done this session. He's got to stay on it freaked out once it got to understand how these bills spill out in the end what you gonna get what you gonna leads. You can't they can't give team with a let him in turn around to take it from you with the right. And this is not right this is what we're fighting for this what we're fighting against and the more we bring dubbed this stuff they're listening they're listening right now. The training they are all there are listening because the more we bring it up the more they turn around and try to fix this bill. Committee substitute number three. When he gets the house floor amid the number one amid the number two a minute number three speaker a minute number ten speaker limit number twenty. The more we bring it up the more than six until he gets right. They're not gonna do it unless we bring this stuff up and that's why. I'm talking about this bill. That's why I'm criticized in this field because this is terrible you can't give me something with my left him in and turn around and take it back from the right. And don't forget all that actually. Thousands they don't get called color represented isn't saying hey this is what I don't want this I don't like this. Every time you call that gets amplified amplifies lower trying to do. Go look him up there they're foreign they're they're gonna listen in the deep do we years suppose you guys won't work clincher for the people by the people going Derek. Absolutely a phone calls work all the time as long as we keep colony keep keep that pressure on. And you know we get really save a lot of headache with its amendment process that you just brought up. I just had increased 75 out of out of the committee getting it to calendar is getting on the floor for a vote. Because. Three Tony try to lose it if not entirely perfect. But that only that it lacking I believe or for another bill anyway so three Sony get path at this and I would be completely happy. And we wouldn't have to go to shoot through the cement process these to fix the problems with nineteen let that 1911. Exactly. All right and so it in you know I really wanna look at what will first before we go because we got like five minutes left when you go to Justin and what you got Justin. Obama have been the phone numbers and you could underwriting right now but are you out there's there's all represented that he wanted to beat recently. Five US the people civilians FaceBook or anything like I know he did only emailing list. If you go along Oregon right on FaceBook every single day during the week we post up the phone numbers or representatives. Better that are at this point it almost seemed like refusing to sign on is the trees at a five but definitely first thing Monday morning go to our page lone star guard on FaceBook look at those phone numbers call home. And don't stop on fundamental business bill voted out of committee. And so is an unlocked it cannot find little stunned and rice for. Our army and tension on the main page second I was have a problem of the main page it never comes up for me. You're yeah. We're Carlo right there on this just again I can't act some on the main page okay solos Hardenne ranks main page. And it's up to look you. They'll look to postpone Friday we both of those phone numbers Friday morning and apparently do this every single morning every single day of the week. Sort of we can just personal point arm on the weekend. If you detects a much crap that we get to the moon pulls some stuff here. Massey okay alone. Okay. What else. Slower. These people are waiting they're waiting to be let out the gates and a I. Not anybody at a cricket soundtrack manner and I know IIRS. So not find it fast enough either you know on Koppel tackle and then I'd still filled turner you know. You. You can't there's another case you have and who yet born is not the case he had this down south in south Texas where you're at. He went to a police department to file a complaint. Against one of the officers. And you videotape you walking into the policed into the police department beards and actually find out what the complete process was. And I was shocked by what I saw on the video how shocked how these treat you. I was shocked you know how they wouldn't tell you what the process was and how they were just in it they. Told you the information is just wrong information. And I was really you know surprised by that. And so called blue Tarver that June 2 a giggles poll numbers the names and phone numbers are. Our representative Phil king. Is number is 5124630738. Representative Dewayne burns. Is number is 51 team or 630538. Justin Holland. It's 5124630484. Represented John rate that's 51 team. Forced 630516. So all these numbers are what 512463. So I'll regional last Ford numbers representative Phil king. 0738. Ribs and into Wayne burns. 0538. Represented just in Holland it's zero for 840 some good lottery numbers say. Play my ribs and John raid 0516. Yes a Leslie lottery you that you may win the lottery this this week canceled deathly please numbers. In deftly give these guys a call. And at electing justice for coming on the show I don't think I Derrick also. We're gonna show that most are gonna ranks and and explaining this bill to us in like so we always get you know. Whoever's to call and I tell people all week long the colon and explain your position on these bills. Instead they reticent on FaceBook. And in and talk about it that way but when it's time to list talk about it live on the radio on air less explain it. Then we get no shows. That's how Gilles. Banks. So this week a house bill twin 908 which is gonna be it's a blue lives matter built. We've explained you know you that bill Glenn look it up to side with the night was supported or not support that deal. There's most things that are going on the capital deathly take a look. Online data loss to Oregon race speech go to Texas for Campbell got rid page and see what type of action you you may need to do now is always. More guns equals less crime. One by yourself down even the incumbent talking. With Michael Hart.