5/12: Pay Off Student Loans by Investing in Real Estate

Lifestyles Unlimited
Sunday, May 12th
Lifestyles Unlimited, for May 12. Over 44 million people have student loan debt totaling $1.5 trillion! Student debt doesn’t have to delay your financial goals, though. Andy Webb, the host of today’s show, has a radical solution to the student debt problem. If you have student debt and you’re a homeowner with equity in your home, consider using a cash-out refinance loan to pull the equity out of your home as cash. Use that cash not to pay down your student loan debt as many might be tempted to do. Instead, buy single family rental houses and use the cash flow from the rental houses to pay down the student loan debt. When the student loan debt is gone, you ‘ll still have cash flow from the rental houses and you have multiple houses that are growing in equity.