5/20: What's The Risk?

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, May 20th
Noble Capital Radio Hour, for May 20. Diversification is crucial to any investment portfolio. But do you know what level of risk is associated with various investments? Listen to this episode to learn more!

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It is time to embody. This. Let's start. Hello I'm Chris Franklin and welcome to this week's episode of the noble Capital Radio hour where we explore investment strategies for the modern financial landscape. With me as always my cohosts Jane Newman and Ron Navarro welcome back to show guys. Thanks Chris it's gonna be fun again yeah I'm rising and be fine. All these are target about something that I finally know something about it and that's why does truly don't not always time. Number I mean I'm I'm always Kansas in your third tears as colonel watching you guys talk about things that. You pretend to know things about Al hunt and gene says are hammering into so pretend to know that's good it's gonna raise. And there aren't words and earlier this. I had a look thanks for tuning in everybody we can learn more about who we are and what we're all about done by listening to Romney. Or earth you can go to our website and check this out at noble capital dot com. Yeah you know like guys can all. So text us you can text the word secure to 313131. Get a lot more information on what we're up to what we're doing specifically join us at some of our upcoming events. They take place all over the state of Texas in your love toasty. Absolutely so last week and last week showed of one of the neck and I don't know cute little sayings or something that came out of Sean segment. Better than selling butterflies that was agree I got a cracked out of that but even better. Whom you know some of the the way we were kind of putting off of that that that was pretty good I don't know it was a good episode I enjoyed dinner last week in. Also enjoyed if you think people are social media. You'll see what I'm talking about that are creative team is even incorporating seventies quotes and sayings. From the show. And damn I showed it to someone in the day has a better than. But then selling butterflies. But what does that even mean like well it is gonna have to download podcasts find out for yourself the speed in the podcast we didn't and maybe mention that but you can find this. On iTunes sound cloud also Google play which is really cool so finally landed on Google play and then of course the big morning I was out of his pitcher. And that is the that is yes sorry I don't remember we advertise on NPR a little bit and there related solo okay well I RE so maybe that's what I really good at dating big. Driver amidst this together great night who does I don't know. Does doesn't it in that's crazy I've got called out Fernando it's that you as a as a who stitcher I don't know it's like prayers go to. Now or gender or didn't. Dario and anything's on her he I don't know so lastly we discuss. Basically house flipping the stakes on things that we've seen it go wrong Hawaii. Doing a flipping how's comes with a lot of risk. And it's why we have gotten really comfortable. I'm playing in that space though so we're an alternative finance company we specialize in three major areas right so we do retirement planning. We also specialize in private lending which will be too. And in real estate real estate investing in general so private leaning what's that it's a great vehicle. Where you can participate in real estate investing without having to be the guy on the street during the flip and taking. The majority the risk instead he can create. Reliable consistent in Khun. A really great secure basis and that's kind of what we're all talking about private lending. And how that incorporates two really really great wealth management and retirement strategies and that's that's really were all about and that's what we have a Dayton talking about at these seminars that Mitt Romney mentioned. That's right on in you know we. We get into a lot of things we talk about retirement planning that we particularly are proud that we set ourselves apart from. The competition in the and the retirement planning filled because we put a big emphasis on real estate that's a big part of what we do you say it like in the first thirty seconds. Seminar we do when everybody isn't what what is this thought this is retirement pretty talking about we'll we get we get them to one of the first big decisions people are gonna make what made. Given to the retirement planning mode is are they gonna bring an advisor alongside of them and then as we say as their guide. To help them get through the retirement planning process and not only retirement planning but actually get through retirement all the way across the finish line. And we talk about the types of advisors are that are out there are so little little's tidbit from what we talk about here. But a little teaser it is you know there's really three types of advisors you've got products salesman. That sell products that's pretty much speaks for itself that most everybody is dealt with the product sells and hopefully got a good product. I mean you know the chances are you haven't heard from a new data and give you plan you're not sure exactly how the products working that's a product clearly north coming in the mail anymore. We've got to you know loser you know and our environment it is doesn't know exactly what you're Gloria about soda. That yeah yeah and then the second one would be a stockbroker. And the show's not about the stock market that there's a you know there's plenty of evidence out there that that would suggest that the stock brokers not here I deal. Retirement financial advisor. They might be great on that that part of the portfolio that's in the stock market and we have great you know stock managers and money managers that we can refer clients to. But that's not a retirement financial advisor or not. At all and so in fact we're talking about. There's there's easier ways that you can actually create income plans inside the solution right. That's really were talking that in we'd do that one of the ways that we do that. It by incorporating real estate investments and that's what today's show's all about basically an easier way to invest in real states that think they're calling this one. Money that makes itself so it's not quite money treat it but it sure feels like it sometimes does when it's kicking up that interest every single month. Oh yeah and none especially when you don't actually have to be as you said a minute ago the guy on the street journal hard work that's a perfect segue into everybody's favorite. Segment right back first I'm battling Al that was your first one you'll get back to today's segment shot on the street we have not heard this but we're actually gonna listen to a keyboard thinking about out there when it comes in money that makes itself. This Sean on the street. Today we're. Their money to work every year that phrase put your money to work. What does that mean to you. User for the purpose to make money off of an investment how much work this out. Hard hit hardware good hardware and continue giving examples like he should be prep. Preparing researching what you're investing and know your business is either and that's the first rule I think when you hear the phrase put your money you work for you. What does that mean to you. I'm serious investors when it when do you are OK so tell me a little bit about that what kind of real estate do you invest in presenters but for properties. OK so you're kind of a landlord. Yeah my effort so anyway how much work is it pretty easy. It is Gary's about Conrad tenants for sure he's but you know just have that he'd probably just practice bombs past possible life. I sit there and it just comes and yeah how many units do you have runner up straight. Three inches yeah that's also is that here in Austin another throughout the states accustomed Florida some of north some here in Texas alone so I guess you can say that that's diversified JFK and LA yes you must get those 1 AM phone call senior toilets broken right now. That has happened yeah come with the other means 1 morning my conferences in the kind of want her house owners to take take a look at. I can't fix it from Texas right when you're in Florida right effort right hey what is the worst thing in your opinion in just being a landlord in general. Those surprised. Either vacancies are actually sort of a disappear has happened now Michael. They they burned the kitchen down but you know that's the worst case scenario yeah what do you think whenever you hear the phrase. Make your money work for you. Any passive investment strategy to where. Hide your putting it out there are new and something that is a higher or higher risk area where. You may be able to achieve your significantly higher double digits and so whenever you think about investing and how much work. Do you think people. Typically put into it and say that it actually any comparable model we'll see you what you do in any other any other profession. On the couple people that I am event are pretty much full time investor predominantly. The tax base spin a solid forty hours a week quirky thing. Companies that they're considering investing OK answer me this what do you do for a living I sums opera. Your software developers. How do you know so much about investing plus the points that we work with are actually in the real safe space and OK so and then also I am working careers just working in the startup space having a lot of our actions winner Angel investors in these things okay. Will you be my financial advisor there. Sean on the street. Hey you know thought might be one of the best schools segmented interviews he's done so far. I agree man that I added that that last I was greedy kind of sounded like mail Siri can see into her hands on Iran and I designed a computer game what kind of this year well actually I am a softer and I think I'm a robot. Nothing got a great great feedback though he had a really good feedback that we is Alec we had three. Kind of different perspectives you know affairs for those like you know does know your business. Number two we had a real estate investor which will probably dig into that more here in a minute and the number three was. Essentially knowing that like creating it it was funny he's talked about having a passive investment what that meant to him an Indian entity is like it's basically a full time job. Yeah as like wow you know they got in. He is great I was surprised how much knowledge he had been obviously he's in the space so these are guys that think we need to talk about here we come back yeah definitely and we can do that dad at the other part was that means the guys that he has three. Feral properties is a plug at some in Florida and some appeared in sounds I think he's had three. I agree is due to drop to fourth location location at. All right so. Stick around we'll talk about what some means you're in sisters thank you we'll be right back. Listen to talk thirteen seventy. Anytime anywhere. You all already he'll tell us how. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash I. No. Hello again this is Chris Wragge when your host of the noble Capital Radio hour we just got terrier from shine on the street any interviewed some interest in people that had some different perspectives. Unlit passive investment means to them to just joining us Michaud. Welcome. You know we art noble capital and we're talking about. Alternative investment strategies wary full service financial firm that focuses. Online retirement playing private lending and real state so we tend to do a lot of shows that have a lot to do with real state and that's definitely what we're talking about today. A socially and easier way to invest in real estate. So we can come out maybe to the first person here in second but that second one really was like a bullseye hit for us in terms of an interview. You know he was a a rental property kind of landlord and I can tell you right now he's got three properties and he's a landlord that's not his full time job you know. That's that's something he's doing on the side. He's urn mean you know some pretty nice little and hopefully coupon he's getting a clip on that house and make a little extra cash that. You know he did start off by talking about how it was easy. And with any kind of does a full circle in talks about in what I call barn burner you know where you live literally indicating judges on fire and it's do or remodel project and any hints on some other things too like yes Torre about vacancy. Tenet turn over. Those types of things it's split that the point is. The new landlord tends to be a full time job tends to take up a lot of time. Played the rewards can be high as well. That surprised vacancy at the recall that yup that's a tough for me and yet he don't know what's gonna it was happening and then come Friday get a phone calls like nobody's here anymore yeah I knew I was surprised they can see is a kind of a 12 punch. Is the one pints is Celia. Cash flow and usually when you surprised vacancy. You get the number to punch which is oh by the way we tore your house. Or we left it in a bad place and we're gonna completely skipped town on because if it's a surprise vacancy unplanned something bad happens death and am just telling you ruled them hearing generally speaking that's about him it's going to be a bad condition on the property to NI you're like oh great and all I have was like a one month the posited is that enough to fix all of the damage. You know and yes that's offset though by long term appreciation you hope. If you bought right in your in the right area and you're getting that so there's there's some ways to combat debit. With a point I'm stressing here is it can be a great strategy if you had the tying the knowledge and interest to do that damage. Passing too so there's there's some EU need to be able to. Maintain these investments somehow even if you're actually pushing off to somebody else be your your manager. So many people I think can mean I don't know with the percentages. But it does people that are getting in the retirement age generally speaking and had sun run in with real estate investing. Some at some point maybe they flipped from house to house the house policy you know those guys that live and how entry for years moves in our house for 34 years. Or they volunteer to report rental properties or they've just invest in a couple deals. Generally speaking people are investing in real state specifically you know it the easiest way is through rental property. Yeah it's nice and we all three of us right have been rental we dilemma before all of us. And it's funny because now we're all private lenders that says something it would this comes up in a very every time we have a meeting with the client that's got property that's only a lower than we you know let's talk in the last segment about the types of advisors. That the third type of advisors a complete advisor or holistic planner meaning. This is an advisory that's gonna talk about anything you wanna talk to that you bring to the table real estate comes up all the time at the table. And one of the things we're proud of as we can go deep with a client on on that conversation and so. The way we approach it arises when when a client comes in with rental properties. We won actually grabbed the data the performance that often does rental properties and we we run an analysis for the analysis for them and show them. What kind of actual return their making on their money I was gonna ask you edging how often do they come TU. And they tell you like Owens might operate on my property portfolio that I've developed a the last ten years twenty years very rarely I did do they have a perform or a spreadsheet that accurately reflects the the true return on that on the property and what were looking that is an advisor is it. You know what if we sell the property how much cash fully pull out of the that we can. We can invest somewhere else ends achieve a different return vs. Believing that cash in the property what kind of return is that creating for you and a lot of people miss things like you know being conservative with vacancy and credit Lhasa really should only count on eleven months of income not twelve months have been I'm right. And and how they stepped up there and count our that are you know the fees essentially what they're charging. Width you know cost of living changes with inflation. I CNET kissing the landlord who has the same Marie I'm not kidding this is an an exaggeration who hasn't changed the rental price. In a decade. Ten years went by and he enjoyed his incident but they're great tennis exactly because they lack the tennis I don't agree landlord for a guy off Mike please can you team I'm on some my house and her friend for immune to be fixed rents for the next ten years threat in the grocery stores not gonna keep the price of milk flat free and so you know your your Bittermann monies eroding their wits inflation so. You do there's other things to date people don't understand. One of the big fallacies I see is like well I I only bought the property for a 100000. So I make a great return on my money our body of twenty years ago so it in their their calculating their return on when I'm paid twenty years and yeah instead of how much money. They could they could pull from the table right hold it and invest somewhere else that's super comment I don't do everything I concepts here that we we help people with. And I intended to be honest guys when we break down a couple properties usually there's one good one. There's one kind of mediocre and then there's one that's a dog that probably should be sold in reposition because this is not a good rental property here. And we showed them more or we can generate more cash flow from that that investing for. Talk about numbers which is great we probably very comfortable there but there's this whole other soft aspect of it too like. How much is it worth not to get a phone call mill the night at 1 AM like our armed guy here said. That your toilets to temple Chris I insist if if there my client I insist that unless they love does Leakey told Calder urges managing those properties. Which some some clients do. Would they have to build on the cost of management and this and in an aggressive price for for management because truly passive income. And management so we don't have any problem with our clients happens rental property we we think it's great it's it's what we do. But when we compared to what we do actually getting into here in this segment in the that's private lending. We are two private lending. I as a manager was a a good property manager is to to a landlord. And there's a lot of parallels there. The the differences is the the the risk level that you're taking when they're going out like this gentleman says Walt easy this is so easy just go by these properties and you just respond when people need things. And that's that's really not a fair picture did it in terms of being a landmark there's a lot of things that can go wrong. And especially market forces. You know one area you know and when I got to the lane that sounds like a landlord. Post 2000 intent. You know I was like let's not let's not just totally dog I rental car there's a place where if it works it's a great spice cake if you can stresses with management fees after taxes and that's your insurance. After vacancy after maintenance and you're still making great cap rate. Buddy hang onto that property but again I think the other part is you know when you're buying it earlier on in life there there's a place for the appreciation right yeah we call it the accumulation phase absolutely and then somewhere and then in the in mid life. Right there's there's also played there but then that starts really depending on your bases in your cost and you're this you're that. And then later on in life that's what it's like you really have to start questioning what is this thing is it an income machine. Or is it an asset on the balancing dominant pass on to the next generation. Or do I need cash. Media that's that's the thing real estate is great it's this kind of comes in different forms it's it's a. Vehicle and it has a place and it has a timeout a place on your timeline. On your life you know so and sometimes it's appropriate to fall at different places and that's the whole point in terms of when we're doing retirement advisory. We're really giving you a complete picture in letting you understand hey here's an asset that we can make we can take advantage of in a much more efficient way. And turns income. Guess that's that's really when hinting at right because timing is important to you know you can to sell property that you picked up last year in the official investment tax standpoint there's there's things you need to think about. That Chris I'll tell you real quick before we go to the break you know we have clients come and and we run that analysis and show them. Sir did you know you're making that 2.2 percent return on this property. You move and then they had no idea you have no idea they're only making too amused better than having the money in the bank but they're they're literally only make him 2% on their money and that that means that's probably not a good rental properties. Yeah I think so I mean there's there's no real number we say for sure yes or no like for mean perceived everything stressing and out in the Texas market and I can still eke out of Byron sixth precinct separate. I'm gonna consider keeping it. Anything above that and insert strongly considering it right so you just have to have a decision. And that's ultimately why you need to be talking about the visor so when we get back to talk about some of the benefits. Of true passive investing will be right back. Welcome back I'm your host Chris Wragge when this the noble Capital Radio hour if you're interested in the topics were discussing today again we are an institution of focuses. On retirement planning private lending and real estate they were really talking about. That green line between real estate and private lending but if you wanna know more you can find is that noble capitals dot com. Yeah guys you could also just go ahead and text that he can text the word secure. To 313131. And you can sign up for one of our upcoming events here in Austin and in Dallas this is coming up on the Tuesday may eighth in Austin and Tuesday may fifteenth in Dallas. Text the word secure. To 313130 when we would love to see you there. And you know that's that's how you do it that's how you get in touch with the assists in his text messaging in one word secure to 313131. We also social media. Oh yeah we do don't come check us out we've got a picture of jade and every single week. And interview to Chris. And a picture of David that's we're you know we've been playing this game at the in on the fourth segment of the show. And we will get their a little bit but we were we're trying to capture our little quotes. And you can always seem genes. Game winning crude exit at every time every week entrance exam it's fun and we look to engage it does get it's really great Romney's is generally lame mine is boring and jeans is pretty good men most fun last week. It was all I can tell you isn't about a food item. Since enchiladas how. But in school does the eight killed as of Alamo I was I was preppy guys in two weeks of Pino thought I think it was no income plan no insult us. It's funny if he if there was a radio visual be just easier fingers Gionta where we always gamblers because we're complete easy. And we can't do that in their head. Then that's great all right so if you're just joining us. We're not an enchilada show no though he hawker an alternative finance show and we we do a couple of challenges and some fun stuff for each other but we're really talking about. An asset class for men and investor standpoint real estate and I know there's a lot of real station is out there and believe me all three of us in this room we're real estate investors all of us have had time in our lives when it made since our portfolio but. Alternately declined held that we're working with the talking about people who are looking for an alternative investments slice. Inside of their retirement portfolio and their income strategy which generally speaking. Is our target market. And we're saying look there might be a better way for you are entitled to about that on the segment and we are talking about private lending we're talking about how you can participate. In real estate investing but she needed you can do it in a way that you may have never done before you can actually. Be the bank. How interesting is that you can be debating Kim banks don't take enormous amounts of risk. They give people loans that those individuals can take the risk and read the return if they knock out the part but the bank always gets what it. It's day income you make those payments every single month well we've devised a way. And a strategy where you can be a private lender with us we'll be right there with you. You can be passive and hopefully you any bind to learn talk about this break this down here in a minute and you can earn consistent returns were talking like. 8% on your money and annualized basis completely secured by real estate that's a really really interesting way to think about this. And at a low basis to say you're not in at a dollar for dollar the investment like he would be say in the stock market when your buying market price. You're literally making loan on something. At maybe at most seventy cents on the dollar. Really really great vehicle. That's the big differentiator Chris a lot of people ask are so when they start here and about as they say are cooler you guys are reaped. And I think you can make fun of Grady at this point and not because there hasn't even announced 3.3 I react I don't know how rat yeah I don't know yet that's. I don't know if that's the south southern thank you thank you need to be on the show and as they can thank so we consider. I think we actually have McGrady coming as a guest stars oh what is your bring every night again so I read for those of you that don't know is a real estate investment trust and I can see where we're asked this all the time because essentially this is a fund. That goes out and invest in real estate but. That the big differentiator you are just hitting on his. Most read some fact I'd say 95% of them do not only end on real estate they actually own rules state. So they are indeed pain. Dollar for dollar they are on market value speculating they're saying we can go and develop this property. Arguably better than most people can and realize a return through that development date they are essentially. The invested ethnic grounds for a guy guys that we lend money tends to Jesus and what it is yes and actually no it reached new. Take out loans. And they come to people at mostly are. I would even say one more thing about the difference between not so much re and M we'd do but lending vs owning a mean the regional ones that are operating the business the ones that are in the weeds trying to get things done and David Poole is. Green who cleaned and cleaned it up. The owner or the bank it's always the owner right yes they revolve awards and also. And benefits but they also get crushed when things go wrong the bank is slow and steady. So I don't know I love the I've always loved the place of being the lender. But I can see why there's the confusion reits especially since we act at a find you so differently at that financial incidents. It's similar yeah I think Anne Reid is also passive that's why we get compared gat a lot we're basically saying look you're gonna put your money to find and the fines gonna go do the work the differences the refund goes out and develops property. And also by the way goes in its loans and things at our fund. Is actually the one that lends money to developers that are going out and flipping houses like the stuff you see on television. Spell out exactly how it works but we actually give those guys and and I literally mean those guys we give them loans. A lot of times and they're flipping these houses and you see these these budgets. They're coming to someone like us and saying I need a loan to go purchase and improve this property. One of our clients actually speaking of which so we you guys that are listening probably knows this but we have our annual herb biannual state of the company needing. Every six months we've got our necks and coming up in July it's going to be an Austin. And done we're actually working with one of our clients who is on TV to try to bring them on to bring them. Add to the event so you guys get it can meet and greet with you know these these celebrities on HGTV they're flipping houses all over the state of Texas. Yeah and you mention it's in Austin but we saddle cast in we have a facility in Dallas as well so for our listeners that are in the Dow's market which we know there's a lot of you guys out there. We also have a space in Dallas he can come to. And you can hang out and meet with our staff and so forth but you'll see the entire presentation their BI we generally hold it in Austin which is where our our headquarters as. Yeah I think it's just need to dig at say content. Touch and feel and see how these people are in their own kind of natural habitat because these guys are real people doing real things and winning constantly so. I'd love to put that in front of our clients and our you know our friends and in just our listeners anybody's listening I want you guys to see what we've we're we're all about good Saudi find out I can come to that event simple I always tell people to Texas it's easiest way to do it detects the word secure. SEC URE. To 313131. Sex that's in that'll be the quickest way to connect. Yeah I mean are you interested in learning how to have a passive investment Truman won not like the guy I think it was. Maybe the second the third gentleman that was interviewed on show on the street seems like. Yeah it's great I've got to passive investment and then by the tiny finished interview with the music it's basically a full time to look at Apple's slate that's not a thousand Desmond we're talking about a passive investment where you're investing in a bind. Beginning diversification. With all the other people that are inside that fines and you gained diversification because he goes out and does in a large number of deals all of your money earlier eggs. They're not in one basket right and in the best part about it is he gets predictable. Income so is predictable income allows to do. Well. We like the predictable and I'm more put retirement plans together because now we can build that end as one of those income sources it's gonna actually provide them come and a little office. And the thing that's so cool about private lending. For for our retirees are our investors. Is that this is one of those investments words I complete my principal lure of securing it. And and then just live off the interest in the interest most clients take that interest and actually live off of it. Some let it grow and defer in the fund gives you the ability to do that but retirement is all about income and I don't want all my income coming from you know things like the stock market or. My savings are CDs that the bank. I've got to find some alternatives that. But I believe in the and I can get behind in Texas real estate. Is a great story Texas residential real states even better. And landing at seventy cents on the dollar on Texas residential real estate you gotta be kidding me how to I joined this club. Yeah you're just you're about to be quoted because he just gave I believe the quote to the guys. Some magazine out in New York. I'm talking Chris only guys I'm pointing in and do all it appointing we're truly love there yes you're not on film and TV action decision Howard Stern owns watching on it and not at all or listening painfully. I. It's another huge as quoted by some group out of you parked well let's get. About the state of Texas real estate economy how it's still strong and it's still making national news I think that's awesome. Actually kind of curious man. So if free use that are listening out there. Chris Wragge and myself this is Romney we don't miss we don't meet with clients from an advisor role Jane's been doing that for over ten years in our staff has been doing inferred. She's going on fifty. Sorry just sorry Wayne they've been there forever maybe longer yeah so long story short when you start said nothing comes dreams I'm curious like which is. How many income streams is too many it or is that even thing. Well I think I'll I'll I'll look this up for Mexico but there's actually a proverb about this and it's something about seven streams. And an income for slowing end to the river. Is what a wise man will set up for for themselves. So we need to look at up and follow up on her that that'll be in my five words and by the way I think Iraq the reason it's five is we we only have I think. They don't have a threat that we can count by a half so good but I would say a minimum of seven if you wanna be conservative. Some people wanna see even more than that but it's not just how many it's it's where they're coming from not all income is is equal. So when we build out our income plans were starting with the old Trenton safe guarantee predictable. And then working our way over to stuff that's Maurer risky. For May be a higher return but it needs to be very well balanced just like any portfolio your income plan needs to be balance to a risk adjusted. Yeah I always wondered out when you're done with a lot of these. Case designs if you will. What is what does that case reset or even warming is there ever been in case trees and a 1011 streams which caught a blueprint. Ego. Yeah that's that's who we call it ladies and gentlemen the retirement blueprint coming get your own right but no seriously media for setup and a retirement blueprint with a dozen income streams. We have from time to time you know you it could be a good client we restarted my rental properties with our clients are men that have 51015 renal house's. You could look at that all as one aggregate income stream or we can break those down line by line. But typically you're gonna see folks that that comment right around that that 67 had to say about ten income streams. For a safe conservative. Group retirement approach and then obviously for the listeners. The reason we wanna have multiple income strings is that if something goes wrong with one or two of them it doesn't completely take you down we're not gonna pitch in a pickle in and foolishly be putting all our eggs in one basket. Talking about when things go wrong you know I love real state it's it's like what I've been about most of my professional life in one way or another end. You know things go wrong in real estate to and that's one of the advantages of being an investor in a debt fund where you're lending money. Is you've got insulation you know so. Knock Indio to dive down and all of these but he's got diversification inside of the find you have diversification inside the assets and in you have other things too like. Our strategy has baked in asset management what does that mean it means that every single time in deal goes wrong we work the deal out it doesn't just fail we don't just sell it for pennies on the dollar we work we have a workout we got our clothes and work it out we do with the entire process we handled that. Furthermore. That's why we focus on residential real estate residential real say is one of the easiest asset classes. In real state to reposition. Into Deke and to make it an income earning. Assets and is because we only have placed a list. Yeah and I will say another thing about DV entire strategy. It's not the headache guys it's not a headache part of the real estate investing in the year about. I'm not I'm not young crapping on reels thing it's greed that's who we we live and breathe this stuff but their hard work. Is off the table you are making investments. You are not operating businesses. We make investments. And we operated business of course but through the business is not quote unquote realistic so. It's it takes all of the it has all of the a lot of flair and very little bit of risk. Yeah like that so. Are you if you wanna learn more about what we do in particular we're talking about here you can find is a noble capital dot com we also talked about sending us attacks just shoot is a text message. So in one word secure to 313130. Wind and you can start learning more about us and our business when we get back everyone's favorite segment. But your money where your mouth is where we can see how running comes of the blames quote ever will be right back. Listen and talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. Welcome back I'm your host Chris Wragge and in this is the noble Capital Radio hour. Hopefully you're not just tuning in and you missed all of my digs at Romney on the previous episode. Or the previous segments but speaking of previous episodes if you would like you can download them there's a number ways to do this now and this is really exciting I was able to even show it my grandma she can listen to me. On this you can download. Our episodes. On iTunes. You can download it on Google play even some other platforms whose names I can't remember but you can also download them at our website at noble capital dot com so not sure how to do that on your phone you just go to the website in intention down on the ups the right there. But if you talk remain open doesn't charge for that dog me an hour if they wanted to give me some feedback hey you know I'm putting. David yes guys text S text the word secure. SEC URE one word secure to 313131. If nothing else join a sudden I'm coming dinner. It's a retirement blueprint dinner we hosts from all over the state of Texas specifically Austin and Dallas right now and we've got a couple coming up in May you'd love toasty that's that's our favorite place in the Greek. You guys are really cool just to get to know you kind event we buy you dinner on to see what we're trying to accomplish here is. Do you like us and doing like you on the do worked together because we've got some really cool tools some really useful tools but most importantly. We have a really comprehensive well thought out solution. And it's that's what's important and so Jane's talking about from a complete advisory standpoint. If people are talking Siri you're just thinking. I've got this thing over here in the staying in a couple of products and amount of money. That's great but you have to look at a holistic complete decision and that's really what we're all about and and we're not just gonna talk about the things that. Our traditional where I talk about things in a little bit different and that's real estate and that's why several of our episodes. We're aware here on the radio ordered her podcast you're hearing us talk about private lending and real stake as there's alternative strategies. They need to be incorporated. Yeah and and I guess we never really we do always talk about but we didn't haven't talked about a lot today but the retirement blueprint that's really the thing you wanna give you. When you come to win these. Retirement blueprint dinners we're trying to give you a blueprint. A blueprint to retire how you're going to set up your income streams for life you're seven income streams or whatever may be that since he you. But we we do want to give you a gift in that gift is the the ability to know how you can start dropping your income streams. From wherever your announcement di di. That's right and one of the things Chrissie were you were gone through a lot of the features of private lending and why why it's so attractive when you on the fund model one of the things that we could hit on for just a moment here. Is liquidity people think rule states not liquid. And that's one of the things we wanna lock my money out long term and real estate I need access to my money and of course we we do expanse of planning. An analysis around liquidity to make sure clients always have enough liquid assets when they need them. But one of the features I love about the fun as is so short term for from a real estate standpoint I mean we're only talking about locking their money up for what would two years. Yet tears and most. So like there's a tear lock up in and the larger vehicle that we have writers in inter fund. On the we also house arms and solutions that allow you to do that as short as a year or so the anywhere between one and tier lock up. Yeah you're gonna have the ability to be flexible. With this that you would not typically had in real estate when year purchasing real estate and looking at from long term investment standpoint. You can't make a lot of those quake activity decisions and in quake is a relative term I D'Amato wondered two year plan like a major event happens in your life you need to reposition yourself. You can be stuck with assets and your balance sheet particularly in some other asset classes if your buying land for example we've talked about this that they know for awhile. You may be stuck with one hand for a generation in your family you know that you talk about long term planning even do that right but that's why we like the residential asset class. Is because we can hit it relatively quickly we can read her visit to do something that's going to be income generating even during a recession. Lot of really positive aspects on residential real state and how we go about being private lenders. That's great clients love the fact they can get in on the Texas residential real estate market short term talked in two years or less. And a very fair return I don't think anyone's even mention what were returning right now. Yes I mean we've we've this that this is worth a shot out of the audience because I know that people are listening they wanna get involved so. I'll telling involve known what they can make. Well funds contain a little bit over eight and a quarter percent. For the last year and a half prior to that we were doing it slightly different type of investment which was also yielding similar returns we've just kind of grown to scale here recent lease we could make it available to it to just about anybody who can qualify in just about anybody you could qualify as an accredited investor. We legal overall as -- tells when we start talking about these things. But the best thing to do it has insisted come through their retirement blueprint senators we're gonna talk about how does set you up as a as a big clients. On as a guest of the house in how we committees that chip for retirement giving you tools of the retirement blueprint. All right I like it was gentlemen let's tell them how they can how can they can put their money where their mouth this has gone first. While they get. Of course so. I did I did sheet as we were as Jane's talking that kind of tuned out nannies top talked I definitely do not definitely I tacky and I'd like to the deadly shootout and I started thinking in sub going right back to whatever was the first thing about about so here it is. Here's what I think about prime lending and in short five words a call that. Heat missing link in retirement. That's pretty good deal that's pretty good now they're pretty good now. RA were here double your mind is what averaging as can be better than ours but the way it goes in here's. It's a mine again topical like Romney's written yours is more that's usually like a mine real boring but but on point. On point a born. So mine is. There is a better way. And I mean honestly look there's a better way you don't have to yes these guys count on the fingers as I've heard account. It's that it you don't have to be involved in day to day management operations of real stayed there is a better way and that's privately. Well I agree. I agree we we wouldn't then we've been doing for so long we can think some good surge troops are you look at the three of us are normally rulers were private lenders that that's a lot to say. And three guys they collectively has nose and sixty years of experience. In real estate had decided. I'm going to be a private lender you know it's it's funny one thing that we don't talk about too much is is our client involvement. And this kind of fun that we're having on the hearing now is just kind of tip of the iceberg our clients have a great time with the stuff too so yeah and they become brightly it is seventeen teams kind of like a family and I. All right I got one pretty ready. Took just thought that the last five seconds by the chair so here it is. Passive income. Equals predictable retirement. Are right now he's at equal size again yeah yeah I was gonna he's exactly the same thing that's a good trick. Not I was great in. Well okay it didn't have a sudden and then. It was dead on and this I think none it's very true no get a surprise your years is almost as good as yeah. Yeah that's so important. Should we start taking a vote on line poll and in good that's David it will survey thing and it's totally blind get a good blitzer a toll vines there I just a fun show obviously we're talking about our core. You know and what we where we kind of came from what we do that's being private lending experts. But we're really excited about how we've been able to incorporate this. Into a bride plan and real full service solution. To a lot of our clients mean we've got literally at this point hundreds of people in the state of Texas participating with us as private lenders how cool is that. Yeah and every one of those people for for all intents and purposes has eight income planned for life. And the beautiful things to make in some action and their multi generational action that's pretty cool our next week on next weeks of December and talk about investment portfolio and risk management. Boy that sounds that's a nail biter many users are words that's initiative after DJ is the time of the shows spirit unfortunately for them enough about gates' I don't know I think that we're talking about how to mitigate risk and in ways that we go about doing that Nash tragic keep your money safe up. Yeah I rank this have been great things thereby for listening. I'm Chris I'm Ronnie and I'm David and you've been listening to the noble Capital Radio hour.