6/17: Take The Bull By The Horns

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, June 17th
Noble Capital Radio Hour, for June 17. What are the differences between Wall Street and Main Street? Find out how private lending brings opportunities to Main Street.

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It is time to involve. Welcome to this week's episode of the noble capital read our world. Where we explore investment strategies for the modern financial landscape I'm your host Chris Wragge went with me has always are my co host mr. Jay Newman and Romney Navarro. Welcome back to the Airways guys and welcome back GA new route last week. Great did you well he did OK we we had a good time McGrady Collins. He did all right so it was good if you haven't had a chance to listen. Too greedy and his wonderful. Guns clean jokes. Make sure he'd hump on the podcast you can hear more of us online at noble capital dot com. Hey Chris this is brought me what's going on Jed. Hey hey good so. You can also find us on Twitter FaceBook mr. Graham. Simple you can yap and I think I don't actually have my my show notes here but it's and noble capital. At noble capital TX and noble Capital Radio those are our handles I do need to search for no capital does not yet not yet something might that one of those three you'll find you'll get here. When the other things you can do is download us as a podcast he can do that on I teens on their podcast app or you can do it on Google place so. Another couple of great ways to hear about is who are we what the heck are we talking about noble capital is an alternative financial institution. We specialize. In pride in being. Retirement planning and real estate I normally I say that I'm prime lending a second but since that's the focus of our show today. I thought at that right out their prime so we've been talking about prime lending as a B the second week in a row always focused on that so today's topic. Is main street. Vs Wall Street you'll hear Jay in particular. Reference main street investing as opposed to the Walsh investing because. He tends to specialize in really has focused for a number of years on retirement planning and so that's that's generally where our theme comes from his we're helping retirees. Plan for the rest of their lives and we do that was in unique strategies we do that with private lending and real states we've really been drilling down into today so excited to talking about it. Yeah absolutely no one thing that we did last week that we did not get a chance release and speak about too much was we have eight property tour here in Austin. That was pretty fun we actually went to three properties we had a bunch of people join us with like thirty plus guessed that the joined us many of those guys were clients guys and gals of course. And done many of those guys are also retirees that actually participate in something other than just private lending need actually got a full blown income planned strikes I was need to see guests that our clients and guess that are gonna considering this thing. In the same room together and talking about oh look at this property look at that does this work how does that work. Fortunately we had to be able to explain it but it was great to see interaction between. Actual clients people considering the programs. And how that how they come together and start to kind of be you just see a light bulbs going off like. Got it got it got it and they were doing isn't an have and three properties that Britain different. Mean the stages of XEQ should see had one that was still a total you know read do you tear down status in the new and one that was. Not quite ready to go on the market in the new had one it's actually listed. And is kind of awkward 'cause as I understand you were doing this like big party in a run through and the house is under contract so Alia was like it don't tell the buyers each houses had their funny story in fact the first let me just mention when that is dispensed with basically get sticks right out area. Because where are no words that in its construction progress or whatever or maybe. There is no we see yeah I think it's a 102 degrees and re talking mostly seniors in this group BA as seniors walking through under I don't know listen if you listen to us on podcasts and you live may be in the northeast or something I don't know if you've been in Texas but if you've ever seen the diagram you've got you know the sun. In the earth. In somewhere in between their a lot closer to the sun is Texas and it ports (%expletive) hundred in two degrees. Maybe more inside of the house that doesn't have any air flow and in the middle of the summer whose idea was that I don't know whatever was I heard it was only about five minutes I had to join him at the third ugly part of go to yeah. And I say well that is pretty great Kate in the yard had back please leave. No that was a great great events you know kind of funny we actually had people. I don't think we are anticipating this we had some people that. Literally literally wrote checks. Cool to investigate at the event and they handed it suit you know a couple of our staffers and the following week they came in any need these checks and they're like I don't. I've never had it's a six figure check in my hand before so this is an awkward I was really worried is gonna wash it in the laundry support I got up and I was like well I'm glad you didn't do that what do fail early is handed over since you were acting as a fiduciary beat over the weekend and you didn't know it on the roof yeah a good time. Let me say this part of the reason I brought that up not only because it was such agreed then we want to promote a little bit of that that we actually do these things all the time we do these all the time we do retirement blueprint dinners. And we do these just cut one off events were touring the property getting a little bit of information on taxes. I'm sometimes even do what we call state of the company which is coming up in a couple months. So I want and let you guys are whoever's listening out there to text the word secure SEC URE. To the number 313131. Sign up for when these events via property tourists stayed the company your retirement blueprint dinner. By the way when Romney says 313 times he doesn't mean like 31 thing well like southern suburbs of interviews commercials those early Monday morning when you know as little as he's literally. Telling you the number 313131. I had someone ask that the other day there LA Guardia repeat number 313 times and I was like. Oh that's interest and no it's the number 313131. You can't please walk or you can't please them all but you must school this event. Sean on the street gets in recent people that that's right that's right so let's just a bright and so let's listen to some of the feedback that we got firm shot on the street. One of our pulses. Is showing street it's. Why. To. It means extra. What do you see as the difference between main street and Wall Street most people don't have the best finals will make enough money to. A loss of retirement Fernandez living paycheck to paycheck day to day so I know what it is. Just happen groceries. On the table and the ball play lucky her I guess I know I've been there you know and it's and it's sad place to leave but. I think there's a perspective that media's. Don't. Normal that people live and where you know once you just puts more money in your retirement fund like camp because I'll have. This week and I got kids to feed and I including an active life and that and I have got to pay maybe college guys. It's very hard so with the with the Wall Street kind of what's the difference yeah I think I'm still trying to figure that out on Wall Street. You certainly have more opportunities and Casey take more risks in some cases diversified because people don't have access. Hedge fund those people couldn't even tell you one is yet yeah on the Wall Street side of things that again this is somewhat of this. So when people talk about names. Reverses Wall Street what does that mean to you I think that most of us. Don't really understand what Wall Street isn't so much on the line. Yes there are a lot of people in this country that they're dying to figure out what their first investments be and understand that investments keep it all share and a clue and so. They're scared of Wall Street. Main street is really think the answers are so when people bring up that dichotomy Wall Street first main street what does that make you think what's kind of your respect. Don't really have one. There's a lot of people that are just regular people like us don't really have like an investment strategy do you. Contribute to retirement account for. For a one K okay I imagine that's the employer and whatnot. There's so much an economical it's going on the it's 36 loves. So some people. Lot of my friends are. Buying any bells right now Dallas okay. But probably not a houses. Now that's and that's an investment so you really I think obviously. Your hope is gonna go up over time. So I got. One more question. I don't give you one more way. Just forget it. For worse. On the street. See you Chris. Oh they shine we're out we're dying listening to that dump truck. I hammered the first time anyone's faith related to the dump truck on the airwaves those Cyril assigned and that's kind of template for lawyers I should clarify it. Those were not our investors apparently that's next week but because we're still processing through those interviews but man. All right well hey listen you may get more topical for say mainstream vs Wall Street and how about this let's talk about and will be based on those interviews what do you do. When you run out of money and that's interesting lead into organs are about the next segment I believe. Sergey Newman's gonna have some answers since apparently is already quoted on some thought process is on what do you do and and how do you prevent yourself from running out of money toward a big publication picked in the last weeks will be funded talk about. That's right so if your interest in on that we we definitely got some really could take up in the news and down Morgan and take that article in take it apart too so we'll talk about it hang in there will be right back. Talk thirteen seventy. Today no capital. And welcome back to the noble Capital Radio hour I'm your host Chris Wragge when this week we're discussing. Main street vs Wall Street so we had shown on the street a second ago. Conducting some interviews asking people what was the difference one of the common themes that I saw from those questions was. Well I mean I even have these assets available or I don't understand exactly what to do which is. Pretty common we see a lot of people at least those that are being honest with themselves and with us from interview. They say I I'm not necessarily sure what the next step is. And for us that noble capital we tend to deal with retirees or people that are at that age demographic. And a lot of them have a different fear many of them have made it if he keenly to their wealth in fact. On average most of our clients have somewhere between one and five million dollars on the balance sheet. They have another really big fear. And that is. How and why not run out of money like I've spent my entire life accumulating this I've made to the top of the mountain I do not wanna run out of money so. We're gonna jump into that here in just a second bullet GA and talk about that and use actually picked up an hour and a really great news publication of the before we do that Romney. And you remind us again how can people get hold of us if they wanna come out anyone hear more about what we have to offer if you wanna how to get to know you session and let us buy you dinner what do they do. The easiest way to do that is to text the word secure SEC. URE two the number 313131. Or. To the number 313131. I'd like there goes to a work yeah that's right lungs a six digit number yes OK 313131. Texts were secure we will set you up for a retirement blueprint dinner. And if you wanna bypass and just come in and talk to us just ask to say don't form and we will bring you right into the office we've got an office right in the center will north Austin state and go back into it in in Dallas NORAD north. It depends on what age group you ask. Where we're located in far north Dallas or just don't know if an Austin and are not a whatever but it's great for her Romney says I can we do you have an office in Austin as well as styles but here let me decent meat if you're listening you just tuned in what the heck we talking about here. So we're noble cap or an alternative investing company. We specialize in retirement cleaning private lending and real estate for the last couple weeks we've really been digging into private lending. Essentially eight main street. Investment vehicle we're talking about the differences between main street and Wall Street in the unique strategies that we bring to the table to make sure that our clients. Have the security it's necessary retire misses they know where their income is coming from and that's really. What's different here right. US news and world report that's a pretty big publication congratulations on that. Yeah thank you Chris it was a privilege and we're we're starting to get more PR and can give more traction this particular article. I'm not sure that's posted up on the on the website yet but it will be sin and you know we were asked in this in this article here what it. What do you see happening in the next couple decades here as. There is the next generation and even even sort of did the tail end of the baby boomers begin to try to retire. What what's gonna happen here with the crisis the the retirement crisis and you know what what can we do now to prevent a disaster train Rhett. So I gave him kind of a candid answer right out of the bad I don't know if it was the mood I was in that day that I am charter away that. I said what do you mean ten to twenty years to you know decade or two that this is happening right now we see this every single day. So if you look at the article they actually. Called me out as a pessimistic. Financial professional. That basically was told everybody they're screwed. I hate you know lead I love it because. There's a place for pessimism because I I call it realism. Between being really candid which is like one of our core values but you know that the name of the articles what happens. If we all ran out of money for retirement. And that is like at its core exactly well most of our clients come to us their fear based right it's. I don't wanna rent money immersing you shouldn't be worried about running out of money. You should be worried about establishing your income for the rest of your life it's a fundamental spot changes an entirely different way of thinking about it so the name of the article. I think represent accurately what most people have in terms of the fear based and where they start the analysis right. That's right and what we encourage folks to do when when they come in CS is let's get the focus on. Exactly how much have we accumulated overall what's the size of a car pile of money. Some people have this magical number in their mind that you know we we need to accumulate a million dollars to fill secure. One million dollars. So read your visual yet it is so if in fact a million dollars really is thing and go that far nowadays so. In my B two million might be three million is gonna go a lot less further if you just have a spin down strategy right that that's right he's got doubled you know what I'm getting into actually is it's it's not about the total number of dollars a year in her portfolio and retirement portfolio. Because that war what are you basing them on me and how do you choose between a 1000002000005. Million. No ten million mean just make it twenty million whiter I did so well what words this number coming from the focus should not be. On the size of your portfolio is should be on exactly what your reference and Chris mad is. How much income. Can we generate. Responsibly from now portfolio and when I say responsibly. We're talking multiple streams of income flowing into your mailbox earth into your checking account. That's predictable that's consistent. That's profiled for the safest part of that income strategy pensions Social Security guarantee long term. A new ladies and in the insurance instruments. And then more of the hybrid and alternative income. And then even getting into the risk and cub if you are gonna step out take risk in Wall Street. Then that can also be part of your income that you need to diversified income strategy and what's interesting guises. If somebody comes in with whatever size parliament you have one of the things we do right up front the analysis we like to break down as. Show us. Wharton when you run your numbers show us exactly what you're counting on from income from this portfolio. Let us run it through our system in reflect back how much income you secured at this point and then you'll know your retirements or how close are you. How much income that you generated in so far in your retirement plan that gives you a lot more direction and purpose. And also allow more clarity insecurity as you move into that. Retirement phase and start getting closer and closer to making the big decision to stop having patrons of the. So of course we're talking says it's a main street over the airwaves right now we're talking to the people on main street not very few of those people are quote unquote Wall Street so. As we heard on Sean on the street many of these guys think that we're at there's just fewer resources for us to invest. Part of that may impart any be true. But a lot of them just don't understand. Relief that. How to do that they they think a pile of money is the starting point in many ways it is but Apollo money is the only way to get there's so. Talking the difference between main street and Wall Street. At the main street level we think we've got your resources at the Wall Street level or just do not make you all kinds of investments. Can bring that back home how we get main street access to Wall Street and allow main street says quote unquote win. We'll be brought it up accesses the keyword right so. It's the reason Wall Street so popular and so mainstream. Is because there's a lot of access 'cause that's what the Wall Street machine does. It's a great distribution model you can go to of many broker house's many advisors that are gonna talk to you about how to put a portfolio together in the stock market mutual funds. ETFs whatever your flavors and put your money to work with a professional stock broker a money manager. Armed maybe even encourage you headed to how to manage your money yourself. But the access to the main street is more limited. And this is one of the things we're proud of the noble capitalism we give that access to people that is very difficult to find himself and that's what I wanna get into a little bit as we go today. Is what what is main street look like end in what is noble capital due to make that access easier. For the everyday investor. Really the every day millionaire like he said we're talking folks that have a million to five million dollars on the balance sheet. OK so they've done well accumulating. But at this point we've got to start making Smart investment decisions and we wanna have a conversation. The barriers not as high as they think aliens essentially is what I'm hearing so it's you don't need to have a crazy. Institutional. Greed on Wall Street type plan to retire that's right. It does have a place in her portfolio will get to that the next segment but we've got to be responsible with how much we just. Could put away in two risk vehicles and kind of hope for the best I know we're running out of time but an interest and we do get back. When you can start doing this because people in in our age. Brackets if you will are thinking about this or listening to this anyone they wanna have a plan but the majority of people were able to help right now are entering retirement as we speak. Sounds like it's all about accessibility in right and LT this Wall Street's engine is much better at advertising what's out there. Their main street access so let's dissect that a little bit on the next segment will be right back. And welcome back to the noble coverage you I'm your host Chris Wragge and if you're just joining us this week's financial topic is main street vs Wall Street right for the breach Eden and Romney were discussing. Accessibility essentially seeds got this. Enormous. Machine that we call Wall Street that not only has done a great job advertising what it came to. But it's been made very available. To the masses. Right widget engine mentioned brokerage houses and now I can just do it online you can score line anybody can go online but. If we told you. That there's main street investment vehicles that are available TU the average person out there. You wouldn't necessarily know exactly where to go and get those he would immediately think of the Wall Street type institutional vehicles that you've probably been told about. Daily day in and day out forever. Right that's what the media's gonna talk about but there are other choices and that's really what noble capitalists about word alternative. Investment company. We do you specialize. In retirement planning and we do best through a variety. Alternative vehicles including private lending and real state strategy so we'll jump into that here in just a minute. Yes you know one thing that I noticed tune that gone back to Sean on the street a little bit was that there's always this. Maybe it's a misconception but what people conceive of Wall Street is that there it's there's just more wealth out there there's more more money running around. And in an abundance of investment knowledge something that. Is this concession for sure that exist all of main street is that there isn't the same level of investment knowledge it's it's a lot more shallow whereas over there. Somewhere in the in the East Coast it's a very deep well of knowledge and indeed they could. Make things happen. More resource is more opportunities over there are less resources less opportunities over here. It's not true he could you could bridge the gap and I believe that's what we've done with with specifically the private lending platform and noble couple I know we were talking a little bit about just. Retirement income planning in general today. But thinking about just that private lending platform. That there is made to essentially bridged that gap it it's something that is secured. Something that you don't see. On Wall Street yeah what what is this for tomorrow prime lending Guinness to give us the 32 point is this for someone you just tuned in what is this alternative vehicle. That is main street oriented that people can participate and get us there and I'm very simple there's people all over the state of Texas all over the country probably in all over the world. Who are looking at property and that needs to have some value added. To it so that they can go and sell it for profit into my flipping houses and essentially flipping houses building new spec house is where one would you you once existed. And these people need money all the time to go in and invest in this property well where are they going pull money from it's not the bank. Because the banks is don't get any Nicklaus has been real the banks just can't come. Hit the streets a way that a local or regional player like us camp so it's those guys that are trying to flip that house looking for capital can't go to the bank. Go to an alternative source like what we've created to normal capitals are demanding program got it up. So iron long story short there's there's this misconception that there's so many more resources out there are in on Wall Street. And so many fewer resources here on main street. Not the case and you create something like this private lending program it bridges the gap pays handsomely. It creates security it creates capital preservation all these things exist. And it's not necessarily what you're accustomed to getting off the shelf at your fidelity on your fidelity account. No one of the things from mean that we get his feedback that is just particularly to the common thread was amongst our clientele. Is they they liked the fact that this is a passive investment to them because we think the main street investing. Do you think of having to roll up your sleeves and actually get involved personally and seeking out investments managing investments. How can he get educated and can understand all the intricacies. And this access. In a topic that we're talking about this is actually a big deal is to find this an institution a group. That has the experience in the backbone that we do so of seventeen years of experience in the private lending industry. Is difficult because you know that's one of the things that. Blocks the the accessory are her role for for people is finding an operator and a manager that they can trust. But they can look at that accountable to them that reports to them. And that has a track record than they had in history. That they can stand behind so that's what noble capital brings to the table and when you combine that. What if the desire for investors took to go out and find a fair return and put their money to work. You have a recipe don't work. Was there are some numbers here we're talking about security income income that secured by team to bowl Texas real state. Generating returns between six and 8% generally speaking on your money like that's a great. Nice the return for something that has the securities in the midst changeable. And and we're also and and we've done this before 2 and a morning get into it too much but we're also not talking about dollar for dollar investments not at the retail price. When you buy a stock Regan in the stock market and you spend a hundred dollars to own a stock. It's worth a hundred dollars actually mud most people don't really think about as if you're paying a broker's fee. Here actually in something overt like you spent. You know some type of 5% beyond that so now you're in something in your upside down the first day you buy that's not good for you congratulations you've lost money on day one I hope it goes up. But we're talking about investing actually at pennies on the dollar seventy cents on the dollar to be exact is our threshold. And in earning a nice income 60% your money that's. The power of an income strategy verses just hoping for speculation in a speculative. Appreciation. We're talking about generating income stride when asked people what in the traditional market is something you can do you negotiate an income strategy. They are very lost most of them stop and they think well I better buy more stock that generates dividends literally that's an income strategy awareness level for most people. Yeah man and you can just bring it right back down to earth your own backyard he could invest in these neighborhoods that you lose then you driving in your your kids living your kids drive through and in your cringe insert your grandkids excuse me. Our own a growing up and and and that's what we do with the private lunch programs so you you're able to actually invest in a fund that invests in any deal or alone or else. Right down main street where you're actually improving the neighborhood bringing value to your neighborhood kind of bringing sunshine to neighborhood. Getting a nice return in just tune it all over again it's that it really is. Man that's it's a great word it's a noble investment it really really is. IC would she did there I wasn't trying I just had normal yet he just ran a word and breast so the into words and breath is noble. Okay let's get on the Sears again you're making money you're investing your doing all these things you're helping people. He also hoping this is one thing that a lot of people don't realize about private lending because it is so we'd we'd taken it to root. I don't mean any institutional level where feels like it an investment. You don't realize they are actually helping announced in New York. It's fun their own business these are guys who are trying to flip a house what do you think they're doing it for you think they're doing it referred to it. For fun. No it's its profit for them it's their investment. It's their retirement right it's their earnings it's what they live and die for so this is your. You're making the communities that are here giving these people shot. And earning a nice return along the way it's a kind of win win win. Yeah they're they're definitely feels good. Components to private lending right you're empowering someone's. American dream. They're going out there they're living the American dream they're hustling they're doing deals to gain their hands dirty. They are empowering themselves and their families. That's great another feel good component. Arguably you word changing neighborhood for the better you're taking tired housing stock in my even be troubled housing stock might be a problem with that area in the neighborhood. And you are injecting life. Into a neighborhood in changing it for the better. And then you're providing a place to live your increasing their housing stock and in a time when affordability. Of housing is an ever increasing crisis. You are contributing to the solution side of the equation you're providing more. Of the supplies out there that helps try at least. Keep the pricing under control so there's enormous amounts of feel good components I think at a fundamental level when you're in retirement age and you're looking at alternative investing. You gotta make she got security. But it's really really nice those pluses that you're able to do something good to. Tell you guys a lot of our listeners I know right now as we're speaking and I know this is does the same for refer clients. Most people have thought about deadly started out and even maybe even got close to owning rental properties being a landlord. Maybe going out and flipping their house or buying some type of property. Dabbling in in some type of real estate investment. And if that's you if you if you actually taken the steps you've you've been a real estate investor you are real estate investor and hour you just thought about being real estate investor. What we're talking and a writer let me just connect the dots. If you had the opportunity to go by rental houses at seventy cents on the dollar. That is the that is very similar. Level of security. And basis that we're talking about. When you invest in private lending through noble couple. It's funny when you put it though it's a no brainer. They have got a real house gee didn't I instead of selling T use market value I'd like to solitude it seventy cents on the dollar will you buy this from me. Is that. No brainer. As you feel like almost you have to negotiate because it is too good to be you know there's a guy I don't know was I was going out this in a pool maybe you can't act it of the fact this is well just to make sure but he's getting there were private lending as this it's limiting money. Noble capital makes loans to these entrepreneur all. Fix and flipped rehab. Entrepreneur world real estate investors over the state of Texas we'll and the money. At seventy cents on the dollar. Yeah I did something goes wrong the ultimate security as a lender. Is you actually take possession of that property and that's where you'd you draw the parallels together you could reasonably you know through this fine be an owner of this house is seven cents on the dollar and that's the old fellows security. Listen let me take the ambiguity out of the room for everybody here. If you've ever owned a rental property if you're listening right now and you've owned rental property. Or you thought about doing it this programs for you. That simple come to one of our retirement dinner. Events meet us let us talk to you about it. Let us told you why this is right for you in fact it might be better you may have a rental car portfolio right now. And if you can't tell me right now what you're cap Brady is if you don't even know what that is. You you're already at a disadvantage let us hope you do that analysis one of our advisors can sit down and do that analysis for you. You wanna come to one of our events sends a text message right now since secure SEC URE just one word. And send it to the number 313131. Let's go right. Confused here however we're not gonna talk to about how to create this private lending eat a theme where it's gonna be the only. Vehicle use for your retirement income so we're gonna we're gonna talk to you were gonna say how it fits in if it fits in doesn't fit for everybody. And if it does fit in how we cannot see turning into one of your 4567. Streams of income because I think you're gonna need any multiple streams to get you essentially to the promised land so. Great stuff Jane disease presentations to you 34 times a month. And go to the website to normal capital dot com there's a little events tab. Sign up worst case sign up for an appointment face to face we've got a ton of people are willing and ready to talk to you. So let's put some dollars behind this give you a quick example. So again we talk of a lot of our clients again are what we call accredited investors have a million dollars or mourn impossible assets. The space that we play in this one to five million so why talk about these numbers. Let's let's keep that in the in consideration but it Bush's talk about a half billion dollars and got a half million dollars that I wanna invest. And I've got choices in front of me where I can go with this. But if M Condit is my priority right now. Let's put that the dollars and cents behind it if I can put that half million dollars to work at 8% interest. How much per year in my gonna gain off of that put my half million dollars to work at 8%. Then I'm gonna generate 40000 dollars a year. So given the opportunity if I got that stage in my life where I would like to generate passive then. I need income now I'm looking at retiring him no longer having paychecks coming and I could take a half million dollars put it away in a secure. Real estate private lending fine. In generate 40000. Dollars a year in income. That's gonna be a significant. Line item in my income planned in take care of of a significant amount of the expenses. And to meet the most beautiful part is that 500 grand stays put. Right you're not yet to principle you're talking about right correct and EU can actually get it back it's nice to. After couple years being that binds you get a decision times like Mandela money back out or maybe you wanna let it ride because that's my income nets will need a leg one of my income for the rest of my life right then come you know that day. That's a that's a couple legacy many that you could leave behind apple whatever he wanted to now I have as compare that had gone down by and rental properties are put in the stock market maybe those would be a good long term investments but it incomes the priority we've got to generate income now. I need tangible though ultimately coming and then and this is the opportunity that we need to be talking about RJ no purity for the last segment though last week we had the shy envelope opened up and it was a doozy. We'll be right back. Thirteen seventy anytime anywhere at all already old dot com. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash out. And we're back I'm your host Chris Wragge on this is the noble kappa ready Aaron if you just tuned in we've been exploring some differences between main street and Wall Street investing weed and obviously focused a lot more main streak that's what we're this is the end the show here but. We've been talking about pride that lending it's gonna do you need things that we do. At noble capital you can find is that noble capital dot com. Lol are we where an alternative investment company we specialize in retirement planning private lending in real estate today we've really been talking about. That mainstream component the prize winning how you can be debate. And earn 68%. On your money. At a predictable rate with a lot more security then you're probably used to were talking about investing in real stayed at seventy cents in the dollar. Love the now Judy Jane brunt to us. Last segment you know I mean hey someone say you wanna buy a property for a mean seven cents on the dollar in a rural property and it spits us pretty good income I don't know how I can say no to that. So there we are rate. Well you know luckily I think kind of wrapping up the show here a little bit talking about the differences between mainstream Wall Street if there's a there is another. There's some a preconceived notion out there there's some. I don't know if there's a little bit of there's no lack of love lost between mainstream Wall Street so people on main street. 82 people on Wall Street and vice Versa or people on Wall Street think that main street is you know bunch of nobody's not knowing what they're doing and I don't think that's the case I think we coexist pretty well. We're talking about private lending a lot today and one way that I'm seeing beat co existing tape places Wall Street is actually trying to enter the space because he seen it works. So just like anything else beat this is a dude largest advertising machine on earth is Wall Street there just didn't. Everybody's money right now seeing this little thing networks and you're trying to investor dipping their toes and that's that's something that we need to take. At the very least a close look at how much do we and a certain Ellis who want to let these guys then because it's important. But this is something that we've built over the years that has worked for the individual. Retail level consumer investor. Not for the big banks but the individual retail level consumer and that's where I. That's right person wanna see it state I don't necessarily want to see it all transfer over to Wall Street name their search securitize and putting their little rules on it in no longer does it work for. The person who's just looking for retirement income. Yeah well here's the good news is we don't necessarily have to work with them school rule we've we've just not let the series crew it's not certain but I don't have to play about a once they're right we created a program and have fun and that actually can work on its own. Whether you know an institutional players from Wall Street decides participate or not. It doesn't change us necessarily our strategy in fact. We spent a lot of time educating them on how it's done. Because we've been doing this for so long now you know like now the that they can then why you were busy going through Great Recession we were busy doing private lending and how many continue doing. I'm it will continue to tip our hats those guys because honestly at the end of the day. They're giving us a lot of the tools indeed best practices that we can use actually put it out to our clients that we could get did you called the distribution model. It's it's wanting to speak to somebody in May make an investment in their set for life okay great. Oh I get to sell to the thousands of people in there's so many people in Texas that could. Benefit from this some people across the country that can benefit from this and Wall Street got the distribution model so we are. Copying call it ER and and you think you can. Yeah I notice it certainly a hybrid drives they if you wanna learn more about us any want to actually read that article that we mentioned earlier today on the show US news and world report. You can find them on our website at noble capital dot com. Yeah we've actually also got it posted up on social media assets can be Twitter FaceBook and answer grand you can see it there click it. Go read the article definitely like it here into every can because we. We're very proud of that type of exposure it definitely got us into quote unquote Wall Street's. The let last plug their story the our social media active if you've got a question for us it any topic that we talk about or you want us to break something down. Comment on our social media puff on that's actually where we kicked. Some of our content from in terms of what are we going to talk about in the future. So if you've got some ideas are some questions on. What we're talking about or maybe something we haven't discussed yet let us know we'd love to into those questions for you yeah and we I don't even think we've got next week's topic figured out yet so please come and bring it after Bradley's as they do the things we don't have figured out yet you know our. Our producer shined who's up from shot on the streets as you may know he gets a salute challenge every week and last week was a doozy. And so we have to show on the loop it's an envelope push John's name on it. And it's our challenge at Romney tried to cheat challenges say you know on the break he tried opening double early I wouldn't let him do it. So let's let's is due this is a challenge segment listen we got. They we call this thing let's see what we call this thing put your money where your mouth is every week least try to basically wrap up the show. With these little something easily five words and now we've got the quote unquote somber look that brings even. The but the twist. So the twist is. Essentially this is what I just opened up in this envelope any number of words. Using your best of age. Using your best godfather impression to. You have to do the godfather impression IDS any number of words. To wrap up today's show. Using your best godfather impression. So. I'm jazz guys are very veto or I don't know. And I guess. Skinny and terrible is what this is going to be the three of us trying to impressions on a movie I'd have a once in awhile for me it's a classic we just we just look at put together on the generators are losing any number of words are rated him gophers came. Only a tool you can't refuse. Who'll that's not town that was incredible. Why Allentown stronger America act a that was so terrible at it. Yeah but it deletion or the bar is now well I'm I'm stuck and I don't know if that was a really good impression knows it was a really good yeah now. On the GI yet it is something so any number of words any number of words. All right. I love the awkward silences here and I'm doing the whole time and only then yeah okay you ready. Don't pay the big people the I don't even isn't big interest. It that it it's got the family. It's not only did that everything was good sound is better than Liz yeah availability then I think his interest sons they don't know if I don't beat a guy collects it. Whenever a case of Doug don't pay the bank be the bank they go but in your accent. I assume there with a little bit of a Spanish godfather you don't really been even better this is hilarious while watching guys hold your breath ridiculous OK. Here's my endurance. Alitalia Jolie its main street not Wall Street. Yeah. What is Michael Corleone Brothers when they killed I don't know. I don't know man and that terrible needs because it that was not ideal condition and you know I was I don't know. As selling some guy from The Sopranos who the hell is this any opinions concentrated though. Oh men well now we'll Vito Corleone. And I think Dallas earlier on now I was pretty good job. You are lasting a lawyer to cover Ed these are not killers we take this so seriously but we are trying to be better public speakers because we know we could never make it as impressionists. And so will we are doing is tracking. The number of times that we use space thrillers and we turn this into way we can donate money. To a nonprofit so we actually check ourselves on the number of times at least utter words like on the and at. And so a word nearing our 400 dollars that we owes somebody this is is definitely getting up there. We're well over after that little sentence yeah unnecessarily and I just went on and just click like four more in there. Today's been a bad day but they were a 386 right now for the year guys and we can't wait then I can't wait to hand that takeover. All right normally this is the part of the show right talk about next week's content but since we don't have any because we have no idea we're gonna talk about next week. You'll just have to tune in and see for yourself or go to our website and our social media and comment and if we like your topic made rule adopt that and that'll be next week's episode. Or. Or show up to these days at a company meeting on Tuesday July 25. She hit a Tuesday July 25 in Austin Texas State the company to 300 of our closest friends including yourself will join us as we deliver the news on Howard doing. With your money well also Siam oh cast it for our Dallas clients that are going to be up in Dallas will be some of casting if there is yes so we got you covered. Either way. I everybody thinks listening I'm Chris I'm running. And I'm jaded and you've been listening to the noble Capital Radio or we'll see you next week.