6/9: Central Texas Allergies with Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Ask The Experts
Saturday, June 9th
Dr. Daniel Slaughter with Sinus and Snoring Specialists returns to talk about a common problem in Central Texas... allergies. Listen for details on symptoms, treatment options, solutions, and more.

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Welcome and thank you for joining us on another episode of ask the experts right here on talk thirteen sending this is a show about your health your life and much more with a rotating cast of experts. If you missed any of our shows and pass and you'd like to catch up Indies so by visiting our website yeah talk thirteen seventy dot com slash experts. Of course if you have any questions for any of our experts feel pretty malice and ask the experts I talk thirteen MD dot com. Today's expert is doctor slaughtered. And doctor slaughter is here with sinus and snoring specialists there practice is located in north Austin right by homer and Mo pac. Doctor slaughter welcome back to program a glad to be here he has also deal with the allergies correct. Yeah it's actually critical to manage allergies. To be able to even successfully treat conditions. Like snoring like sleep apnea. Such as a conditions like sinusitis. We like to say our work typically can make you good but it's the allergy management that keeps you couldn't yeah so once we've made someone for example structurally opened a major sinuses Emily well and we've resolved or sinus condition. The best way long term to make sure to get to keep that result. Identify what their allergic to and successfully manage it so how do you find out if you have allergies and how do you find no way you are allergic to. Well it's pretty simple of course we always start off with a great history physical exam ISL patients myself and evaluate them. We're typically going to look inside the nose with a little nasal and to scope. We're gonna do little mini CT scan of the nose and sinuses. That we see this all the time patients are two years three years four years and allergy management. And that's step has been missed that critical initial evaluation. And they really had a structural problem or had chronic sinus infection all those years. That they thought was allergies and that's the reason why they haven't gotten better so once we've done at a valuation if it looks like Albert she is their primary issue. We're going to advise allergy skin testing which we do our office. Ask intestines come a long way we can do is contesting now without needles. It's what's called a multi pressure device so this little piece of plastic with little beveled edges. Is dipped into little wells and the wells contained concentrated. Allergens that we may be allergic to. Trees weeds grasses molds Kantor's cockroach dust mite. And then when we press that on the scam typically done on the back within fifteen minutes we can read those results and see with the patients' allergic to. A sound a lot less painless someone knows what used to be clear how many used to be impeached hill. In a million needle pricks sometimes. On patients where the testing even turns up negative can be very to satisfying so look this is something that doesn't hurt. It's very quick and it's very simple as so. What are allergies I know. A lot of us nice experiences especially. And in winter with cedar. And none is cedar fever so so what her allergies yes I'm gonna pull on my full blown sort of nerd hat science and on this one. Really. And allergic reaction is an immunological reaction. It's where your body perceives. That allergy and let's just say it's cat dander hasn't invading parasite. And so it melts this intense allergic response. The allergic response calls causes these little cells that exist within the tissue of her nose and sinuses called mast cells. To literally explode. And when they explode they release all of these chemicals and inflammation. And all these chemicals inflammation even recruit a bunch of inflammatory cells it's kind of like an army and immunological army gets recruited to do the attack. Now it's in this interpretation that our body is having that immunological reaction and as opposed to in Beijing parasite it's the same. Dane cedar fever we're gonna see every day for the next eight weeks and so. It just produces so much swelling and irritability and drainage and congestion and headache. Of course if it's plug in your nose up but also produces things like snoring and poor quality sleep or exacerbate sleep apnea so it's all tied together. And so how do you know we have a sinus infection or allergies that's a great question because it feels the same rights are. Sinus pressure drainage congestion. Now typically when you have allergy historically what he'll say is that occurs around the same time of year. That last for weeks or for months during that period of time. The usually the secretions are relatively clear. Usually when it's an infection it may happen sporadically at different times and doesn't seem to Corley with specific allergy. Exposures. It's usually very very strong rapid reaction and then a lot of times the coloration of the secretions are green or yellow. And obviously when a person has a sinus infection if they get appropriate antibiotic therapy and bill also calls a resolution. Unlike allergies which when you take an antibiotic for those symptoms there really hasn't changed the symptoms. Gotcha. So. How do you and I think we spoke about it already but how do you find out what you're allergic to. Well what we do as we lay out a very comprehensive panel of allergens in the office sixty things up so that's all the major trees weeds grasses molds panders even food. And when we press on to the scanned the skin is going to show us that the patients allergic to those particular things. As you do that by measuring the amount of reactions so if there's a three millimeter or greater. I'm well that essentially occurs on the skin and you know the patient has a significant allergy to that particular night. Is this the only type of allergy testing that's available. No actually allergy testing be done them in variable ways there's the traditional needle. Allergy testing which is similar what I'm describing it really doesn't offer any significant benefits. It takes longer it hurts and there's an increased risk that the patients going to have. An allergic reaction or more severe allergic reaction the testing. Then there's this. You know much more simple multi pressure device used nowadays which is highly accurate there are patients that can't has contesting. Either because they're too young to understand the testing. Or in certain medical conditions for example patients that take beta blockers and kick it off of them and in those patients will do rest testing. Rest testing as a blood test. It's not as accurate as the skin testing with the give us some good understanding of what the patient may be allergic to by looking at. I GE levels inside the bloodstream specific for certain in actions so which allergy tests would you say is better. It was no questions contestants the better way to go and I think the way we do the office where. You know it's simple and safe and doesn't hurt is the right way to do it we will still do blood testing though typically children that are less than three really don't tolerates contesting well. And in certain medical conditions as we've mentioned I'll hold recommend doing the rest test also the person's ever had. It's arrest us as the blood test if a person had previous testing or has a history of having an NF lactic reaction which means a severe allergic reaction to scan testing. We'll use the blood testing instead. And I any mentioned skin testing doesn't hurt but how long does test generally hate. Well blood testing is a simple blood draw okay so he'll go to will lap in the draw the blood and that's that but it'll take a while you may take a week or a little longer that the that the results back. The skin testing takes about five minutes to actually place. The multi pressure device on the scale of the back typically fifteen to twenty minutes of letting it sit there before re read it. And then there's a period of time there about ten minutes or so we're we're actually interpreting it writing it down so from start to finish usually the testing process is only about forty patents. And are there any side effects of allergies contest you know where it's positive on the skin it's gonna ditch. And so right afterwards Lotta times patients may take a little Benadryl or surtax for about an hour or two may be little itchy but that's about it fortunately doesn't. You know bother you or her he just feels she. And can children be tested for allergies yet we find in our office with a device that we use since there's no needles that at about age three. Most kids can understand what we're doing and why we're doing animal tolerated quite well. And younger than three usually are just depending upon the child. If they're gonna have a problem understanding why we're doing it I can't cooperate because of that and will opt to do the blood test how many allergens. So it's important panels very comprehensive and so we test sixty different allergens. And that's across the spectrum and so that would be seater for example that all of the common trees grasses weeds Mowlds Anders. Cockroach. Dust mite in food yeah. I eight. When you say cockroach at CN secretary gets actual cockroach that and not know you could be allergic to that he had so there's too broad categories of things you can be allergic to. Here's what's called. And you rule and then there's what's called perennial. And easier way to say that is there's things that come up once a year like for example spring trees and you may be a lurch to that or cedar comes up once a year you're allergic. And then there's things like mold. And dust mites and cockroach there there year round for the most part and your home yeah and your own exactly either. In your pillow. So in your bedspread and so those ones are exposing you to the Al junior round. And and again at how long would it take to get these results let's was not some like the blood test you get the results right away so when you come into our office. 45 minutes later you've had your testing and you know if you're allergic in you know what you're allergic to. Doctor slaughter we have time former question far for spray so what if you know that you have allergies but the allergy test comes out negative. Yeah I actually wrote a big blog about this because it's a very big misunderstanding many times patients say. I am so sick to my allergies are finally mentally out just I got tested and it turns out I'm not allergic to anything and they told me they can help me. And it's it's not true at all. What they have is LA car that stands for local allergic rang night us. That means they have a very intense true allergic reaction but it's isolated to the membranes inside their nose and sinuses. And it won't shop on skin testing or blood testing. And we can help those people. We use allergy drop therapy in her office allergy drops are typically formulated based on the skin test results. But the skin testing is negative because the patient has local allergic right now I just. We do this weird thing where we actually just listen to them. Winner you bothered what types of things cause allergic reactions what's seasons doesn't bother you what exposures you have in your household environment. And we formulate the drops based upon their history. Doctor slaughter wins these sinus as foreign specialist again you're listening to ask CX return on talk thirteen seventy we're gonna subsite first quick break. We'll be back with much more on allergies. Right here on talk thirteen seventy. And. Welcome back to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy. They were seen down doctor slaughter with these zionists and snoring specialist. If anything that we've spoken about so far today has peak in interest with you know him find out more information. Unsigned this snoring ENT dot com and that's kind of snoring in T dot com you can also give the sign assists aren't specialist called. 5126010303. And they also give out a lot of information on their blog also located. On their website if you like to catch up on past episodes of doctor slaughter you can do so by visiting top thirteen semi dot com slash experts. There we have. Episodes about the difference between snoring. Upper airway resistance syndrome and sleep apnea and here's the other episode is about the treatment that's offered for those difference in terms the two day we are speaking about allergy treatment options. I doctors. Slaughter would you let her listeners know what are you the allergy treatment options. Sure he had to basically had put that three broad categories. Number one his avoidance. So that is if you know your highly allergic to accept X is very high that day not the best thing to go for around. If you go out and mowed the grass when you come back inside taking a nice touch our using a saline irrigation to rancher knows. Immediately getting out of the close to cure and then having them walk go through the washing machine. You know when you go to the attic wearing a micro particles filtration mask these are common and common sense things that you can do to reduce your exposure. I'm when when it comes to treatment there are two other options one as medication and the others immunotherapy. Now medications were familiar with and he has to means topical nasal sprays. They don't actually prevent allergy they allow you to have allergy and then they try to cover the symptoms up. And they can be relatively effective. May have different mechanisms of action but basically. And when you're looking at a scientific standpoint they looked at the allergic cascade that occurs. And there has mechanisms of actions to block some of those steps so they're trying to just reduce the amount of runny nose or congestion around her post nasal drip for sinus pressure. By using those medications. Immunotherapy is very different and that immunotherapy is identifying which are allergic to and then. Exposing your body to what you're allergic to a regular basis to stimulate your body to develop antibodies. Anybody's that will specifically bind to and block the allergic reaction prior to that the current. And that in you know therapies in those two categories allergy shots analogy drops. And why would you do an allergy shot or drops verses allergy medications. That's a great question so within about this claim medication is not preventing allergy is just lets that happen and tries to cover the symptoms up. Immunotherapy shots here or drops actually block from occurring so it's much more successful. Allergy medication is forever so if you're 32 when you're gonna live to your hundred that's a whole lot of years that you're going to be using medication right. Arm and immunotherapy is not that if you use it consistently in most cases. Immunotherapy will be successful within three years which means you do not need medication and you lawsuit to not be the inning affair anymore. Allergy medications have side effects. Dryness blood pressure problems prostate problems so they do more than what they're intended to do immunotherapy is not a medication so it doesn't have side effects so. That in the long or short of that as well done immunotherapy. I'm is a much better choice long term for allergy treatment would you be able to a breakdown in the difference between allergy shots vs allergy drops. Yeah and that's an important thing to do because they're a lot of myths about now there's so look they're both the same thing they stimulate your body to develop and and anybody to block out you to think that like a vaccination. Allergy shots have some significant drawbacks you have to drive to the doctor's office once a week or twice a week that's a pain in the nobody wants to do. You have to actually get a shot the shot itself hurts and there's a significant local reaction word occurs. In tactic can be difficult to advance the strength of the therapy to make your body developed anybody's. Just because that local reaction and B twos appeared in just prevents the doctor from being a dancer. Allergy shots also cannot include. Things that were not positive. On your allergy skin testing so we previously talked about local allergic bronchitis allergy that's isolated to your nose and sign us and doesn't show opens contesting. It's just. I'm not an issue associate with insurance that when it comes to allergy shots. Even though you know you're allergic to ragweed and ragweed season's miserable TV every year there's no ragweed in your shot which is a considerable negative so. Now drops or the opposite of that you do them at home. It's once a day. So under your tongue. It's not something you have to leave work for drive to the doctor's office for there's no shots there's no pain. You don't have to wait a year and try to build up to a level that strong enough typically within a week it's strong enough to be developing the anybody's. And that can include things that you know you're allergic to that did not show on skin testing so. He got a dog in your dog causes allergies your dogs negative on the skin testing the elegy drop conclude that. And it sounds like it's just with a drop its building up. A habit and it's part of your retain yes I teller my patients don't they put drops next year toothbrush and when you go to bed at night after he finished brushing and flossing. Put the drops and he threw tong and hold them for two minutes and swallow and what that's gonna do is consistently stimulate. Your immune system. Compliance is the key when it comes to immunotherapy and complaints is typical we shots but it's not typical drops would would you say there are or any other benefits of the allergy drops. In in the sounds kind of strange that in most cases it's actually cheaper. So each time you drive to the doctor's office obviously you're spending your gas money in waste your time to go. But just appear co pay each time you go and then there's also a charge each time they mix. It for you for the injections so wouldn't be uncommon for example I have a twenty dollar co pay each time you go to get a shot. He really talk and 240 dollars probably just co pays per quarter. I allergy drops in our office are much less expensive than that so not only is it more convenient. But typically. It's something it's gonna be cheaper and are allergy drops or be safe for children yeah actually it's the position of the American academy of little orange take allergy so that's our governing board. That there is no age limit for drops in the very young children typically less than three. A skin testing or even blood testing is not really gonna show you what they're allergic to. The allergies per commonly isolated to the nose so it's usually done by history. So we find out from mom and dad at times and years and types of seasons but we'll have a one year old that are on them. And especially in our field we're dealing with a lot of frequent upper respiratory tract infections in kids recurring ear infections. Baby you're meeting tubes in their ears. And the best way to get away from that recurring upper respiratory tract infection to make sure we don't need another set of tubes is to manage the allergies effective. Doctor slaughter with allergy drops could you explain how they work. And very simple so what you gonna do is put three drops of the mixture underneath your tongue every night before you go to their holder for two minutes and swallow. Underneath the tongue there are special cells circle longer on cells. There immune presenting cells they see that and they recognize it as a foreign body. And they presented to your immune system to stimulate unions whose attempt to make anybody's. Now once it was anybody's are being made to the things that you're allergic to the next time you get an exposure to the cedar to the capture duster mold. Rather than your body reacting to it and developing that whole cascade. Of the allergic reaction he antibody binds to that Al urged them. And destroys that. And how long does it take four allergy drops to relieve symptoms typically within six to twelve weeks of starting the allergy drops she'll be noticeably improved. Most patients by six sponsor on allergy drops will feel like they don't need allergy medication anymore. And what's really cool is that. Mean most patients by 36 months if they're consistent in using them. They won't even need to drops anymore at their body has learned. Its lesson and continues to produce the anybody's from that point and are there any side effects of the allergy drops. But this is what's nice you know unlike any used to mean it gives you dry mouth or you know we have decongestants can raise your blood pressure this is not a medication so there really knocking on the east side effects from it. He can have a little tangling their little swelling underneath the tong especially in the first few weeks when you start them. The first few weeks she may actually have a little increased allergic symptoms while your body is learning to develop T anybody's but there's not side effects as he typically see in medication. And again that insurance what insurance covering. That the cost of allergy drops so all the allergy skin testing typically is covered by insurance so what the cheap shots or drops the testing to find out what your allergic to is covered. Allergy drops this is unique to the United States of America because of our FDA allergy drops are not covered by insurance it is everywhere else in the world. Effect almost everywhere else people use exclusively drops they don't you shots. That's why our office we formulate the drops to be less expensive even been using your insurance. To have shots stung because we want people not to be compliant with that we know it's so difficult for the complaint was shot so. It's usually just a little over a dollar a day less expensive in most cases than takings are tech are phonies are asked lenders and you'll layer. Less expensive than driving to the office and paying a coupe and they are now RG. Medication is expensive so yeah exactly so you'll in both in the short term and the long term. The financial aspect of that is favorable because. He once you get started on the allergy drops double typically be less than you'd spend on allergy medications and I'm like allergy medications they're also not forever so the cost actually goes away. Now we have time for one last question before we wrap things up here what do you do if your allergy test is negative but you feel that you have allergies. Tearing certain seasons. Go first often I think we can't touch us before you've been told you don't have allergies but you know you do. So yes terrible symptoms that are exactly like an allergy. Runny nose post nasal drip sneezing watery itchy eyes congestion you take medications are tech flown a success or you feel better. And then you go get testing and it's negative and they tell you don't have allergies don't believe it. You've got that LER that local urgent finite and so in our office what we do as we can really nice and take form and we run through that with our allergy clinician in the patient. Identified by history what you're allergic to and we'd recommend using allergy drop their. Look if he totally just don't know we can include allergens from each major category. So we include for example cedar and about two or three of each of the major categories trees weeds grasses molds panders to make sure he covered. Doctor slaughters anything else that you would like to have a basic I'd say it would don't wish to live with allergies Austin is the allergy capital of the world. There's this little thing people may not know about it's called the allergic march. The allergic march means if I'm allergic right now only two seater. And I don't start on immunotherapy and don't start analogy drops. Next year may be allergic this year and joke and the following year maybe cedar. Oak and mold and I may start becoming allergic to my cat so allergies ash and create further increasing allergies to other items for time. So getting an earlier finding out what your allergic to now. Getting on you know allergy drops therapy to build a block that allergic march is a really Smart way to handle the long term. And that's it for this segment of ask the experts don't go anywhere we have more coming up. Right here on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to ask the experts right here on 170 America's Matt Alvarez. They were sitting down way doctor slaughter with the sinus and snoring specialists. And before we go any further there if you like to find out more information about sinus just aren't specialists to visit their website. Sinus Lorraine ENT dot com again that sinus snoring in T dot com or you can call today. 5126. Or 10303. Doctor slaughter want to start off with this first question. What causes snoring. Yeah this is a conversation I have with patients all day long spartans actually really calm and so. 45%. Of adults actually snore. And about 25%. Of adults snore nightly so it's actually really common problem. Others relief for big reasons why someone stores. Nasal blockage is usually the primary driver. So nasal congestion sinus issues problems inside the nose that's a big issue him. Along floppies soft palate you deal with a little gangly guy in the back of a throw fits oftentimes also a culprit for snoring. People that have large tons a large tun based. Or the tong is too large for the size of the jaw that's another big culprit. And then in the fourth as waste people don't like to hear that but most of those were really no. We add ten add twenty pounds dropped him. Dropped twenty pounds we really notice a change in the snoring so you. When we evaluate people were really looking. On physical exam and also with some really sophisticated diagnostic equipment we have in the office. What are the specific reasons why based normally look at those areas. I feel like that first question I should've asked you why do Weis more because. I didn't you know I did and so Tino was told me himself and Iowans I imagine how most people find out that they actually it is. Yeah exactly there's it's a really common phenomenon for people to come in the office and say hey. I'm engaged now. And it turns out I snore. And I don't really think this engagement can go all the way happy with the marriage unless they fix it. You know what can I do for an end. And that and that's the fun it for me because as it turns out really what we correct this problem we correct to people's problems yeah. If you snorers typically your sleep quality is not good in your powering through that. I'm so it's bothering you and a lot of ways but it also bothers that partners that we get to make two people. Yet and sleep is the most important thing meant human being needs to do he added to its interest in you know we spend. You know a lot of our lives in bed asleep why we need that. Min told psychological. And physical restoration. And when you don't get that. There's just told laundry list of things that I'm sure you know from simple things like being grumpy here you know work performance things like that. And also very serious things such as hypertension diabetes obesity. Atrial fibrillation a heart attack you know while a laundry list of things you don't want we will you know jokingly tell patients that we don't address this issue. You'll end up as sort of an old sick fat person with a bad heart mom and nobody wants company wants that absolutely. So like and what our listeners. Do. At home to stop snoring. Well there are simple things you can do at home that we refer to his sleep hygiene. So let's think about the worst situation. And other words if I really wanted to snort tonight what would I do. Well I make sure the previous night I really didn't get a good night's sleep so I'm exhausted when I go to that. And I have. A really big nice glass of birth and her four Beers or whatever your alcoholic beverage. Choices before you go to bed and the nights we've flat and I sleep on my back. If you put all those together you're gonna get somebody who doesn't snore at all and they're gonna snore. So avoiding alcohol within two hours of that time. Sleeping elevated speaking more on your side too prone is important having the regular sleep schedules so that you are not exhausted when you go to bed. And we can get into the details on this but who knows who is typically the primary driver snoring. So if you're not managing your allergies that's a big issue as well. And I think we've been dancing around this question. Starring serious. Ed is now. Basically if you snore only let's let's just to find that's. Snoring is no way is that's made because of resistance to air flow. When you're sleeping at night time. Upper airway resistance syndrome is the same except for a with a degree of resistance and snoring. Is loud enough and there's enough vibration that it actually. Prevents the the actual snore from getting deep sleep they'll tend to have more light sleep and less restored to sweet. And sleep apnea is the same again except for the resistance is enough character assassination. Of air 40. When there's no air movement at all it drops the oxygen concentration in the blood. And that's when you're gonna have the cascade of really significant health issues it puts a strain essentially on the cardiovascular system when you have sleep apnea. So simple snoring. Can be serious only in the sense that it can damage your relationships. Yeah upper airway resistance syndrome can damage relationships and really not make you make your peak performance during the day because your sleep quality is poor. And then sleep apnea does both of those but it also was just gonna damage your health long term. And only because I would just went home last week and and notice there's time enough for in this episode to my father. Why should someone that's Norris see a doctor. Yes this is something we thought when we started this practice we we thought to ourselves cast this as an incredibly common problem. And it really bothers people's lives. Why is they're not one location where you can go and get an answer and get a resolution. And why does it seem by a million different advertisements. That there isn't really any cure because I mean the rule of thumb is that there's fifty ways to fix that all of them work thank you so. What we discovered by talking with patience for a long period of time is the serious significant lease a serious problem. People don't go see the doctor because. Number one they don't wanna. Have a sleep lab studies that don't they don't want there was sleep lab and have all the wires and all the inconvenience associated with the and they heard that C pap which is the pressure mask on the faces the only way can be fixed and there they know they're never gonna do that. So they take this potentially serious problem and leave it on evaluated. Why go get it evaluated well in our office. We've got rid of those 22 things we you don't need to go to sleep lab we do home sleep studies and we have lots of options for therapy besides using a C path. The reason to go to. Is for those three things we described. What it's bad for your personal relationship it's bad for your sleep quality and it's bad for your body. To be having snoring or potentially worst sleep apnea. And you know giving it evaluated to simple office visit to get on the long term path to correct that is really watched and. Again if you're just tuning in year listening to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy rescind Alan doctor slaughter. With these sinus and snoring specialists. Find out more information and from the sinus and foreign specialists who can visit sinus snoring. ENT dot com. Doctor slaughter we have just about a minute before the break. We can probably touch on this briefly about what is upper Airways. Resistance center. Guess who's who's just describing the easiest way to say that is. If you're watching someone with upper airway resistance syndrome they snore loudly and it looks like their sleep quality is poor. If you talk to them they're gonna say they wake up in the morning. And they really don't feel rested a hand if they had a chance they'd knock off on the couch it they had excessive daytime sleepiness so. It's something that's bothering the bed partner with noise but it also prevents a person. From reaching deep levels of sleep. That's refer to as Rem sleep slow wave sleep with those he. Levels are the ones that give heed the mental psychological. And physical restoration without it. And on restored person just doesn't feel good during the day it's not as severe sleep apnea. Which has greater health consequences such as heart attack in cardiac arrhythmia as. But look to you in to your bed partner. It's a serious issue. This is offering both a piece. Again this is ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy were sitting down when doctor slaughtered with these sinus and soaring specialists if you have any questions any concerns of you wanna find out more information. You can visit sign a snoring ENT. Dot com you can also among call. 5126010303. And that's it for this segment of ASEAN experts don't go anywhere we have more coming up right here on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy today were sitting down when doctors slaughter weight. He signed this and snoring specialist who were speaking about the different treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea. Starts a fire before we went on the break we spoke a little bit about the nonsurgical options for. Sleep apnea. Well what are the. Surgical options or sleep apnea. In this is what we. Offer and our office we have an office procedure room. We have anesthesia come to the office and provide IV sedation so first up the surgical options are really very minimally invasive. They don't require general anesthetic and they're done just in the office that thing. The focus of them is to open the nasal and sinus airway. And to make the soft palate that vibrates and producers the noise higher tighter and stiffer. Inside the nose everything that opens the nasal airway will reduce snoring and sleep apnea. So we do in nonsurgical bull inside you plasticky to open up sinus helpful tracks that's where about 50% of the airflow goes through. It also helps results sinus pressure sinus headaches and sinus infection. We also can adjust the sap to now a lot of people may have heard of a septa plastic. Think of it is kind of a big operation that nowadays with a tiny telescope in the nose. We can do a three millimeter incision and adjust the sapped them back to the middle line. That means there's no packing responding her black and blue or bruising. The terminates the structures inside the nose that filtering humidifier and warm the air we breathe. They're oftentimes very swollen from chronic allergies and we can literally shrink them just like liposuction. Make him nice and skinny and small on the managed the allergies afterwards to keep them that way so. Those three things together. Typically are done to make the nasal airway optimize. In the back of the throat weekend trend do you feel uncle little gangly guy in the back of the throat. And then we have a special mixture we injectable soft palate to contains alcohol in light came. And it stimulates the soft palate. To elevate and stiffened and play and some scar tissue. It becomes less long and floppy and fiber Torre and higher and tighter. Those two things are done typically takes about fifteen minutes to do them. Of the patient is in the recovery area for about fifteen minutes typically able to be in their are going home after fifteen minutes after the procedure. A privacy better than 90% of patients are able to work the next day I'm so it's designed around the idea that will have lies to loosen things that. We need to do the next thing you can do that. Sounds pretty mum I don't wanna say painless but convenient. In the initial procedures so I would describe as painlessly typically feels like kind of like F three to five days. Episode of having a mild cold most patients don't require any pain medication to add the advance balloons tiny plastic procedure done. The soft palate is so war where we trimmed the use he would do the stiffening injection but you're talking that's something that is manageable so. You your voice is normal you can talk that diets relatively normal you're going to work in doing what you normally do. On the sore throat lasts for about two weeks he may be a little grumpier than you normally are but not something that's gonna slowly it. And so how do lol maybe our listeners are a patient of yer is how do they know which treatment as the one they need. This is a reason why he spent all that time go on a medical school and not you know doing your residency. When I do the exam in the office and do our diagnostic testing the many CT scanner the high definition nasal endoscopy. I'm in a new what are the specific reasons and you YE why isn't he you're having a snoring problem or sleep apnea problem. And then we'd dress it and tailor it specifically so. You know he whether it's a deviated sept Hummer chronic sinus issues are long floppy soft palate or a large tongue based. Each of these things are identified and examine them we're gonna come up with a plan that's perfect for. Again if you just Tinny and we're sitting down when doctors slaughter from the sinus and snoring specialist. New in check out our website sign a snoring ENT dark comedy and that's highness snoring ENT dot com Frieden called state. 512601. 0303. Doctor slaughter at two we spoke about some of the treatments and I think maybe one of the questions that. Maybe in my head or in our listeners mind is it does insurance cover. These treatments. Yeah that's obviously an important question. Is it typically insurance is gonna cover this without any problem. In most cases it's actually. Very favorable from an insurance standpoint because it's an office procedure and so when it comes to getting things done usually build. Large bowl of the charge comes from. Being at a major hospital chain or name Joseph Torre surgeons surgery centers so. Having this procedure on the office is typically going to be a covered by insurance and be actually less expensive for the patient than traditional procedures. And what is the down time for these treatments the vast majority of patients better than 90% of patients will be working the next day. If I had hung a number of patients who shows you how hard people work sometimes that have the procedure and actually work assigned. So this is designed around the idea that you know you should be up and running the next day and being able to handle your normal activities. And you did mention that these procedures are generally performed in your office correct and we just really spent the time to try to make. All of devaluation all the diagnostics ends this therapy all in one location. So we've got a very sophisticated. Procedure room everything that would be present in any typical ambulatory surgery center. It has the same teams that you would expect so there's a board certified anesthesiologist. There's also circulating terrorist there's a certified its scrub tech and myself and to recovery area and recovery personnel. So it is done on our office procedure room and then a typically. Some time usually around fifteen minutes after the procedure the patient is usually feeling. Good enough to go home the reason why that is is it's not general anesthetic so IV sedation which is the way we handled us. It's sort of the perfect in between you're and Margarita Ville you don't remember any thing you know recollection no pain no anxiety. But none of the negatives in general anesthetic with a bad sore throat in the nausea and the protracted recovery. And I imagine these procedures are safe. It's exceptionally safe so this is something we do week in and week out. Com and if everything in place necessary to get a handle any situation. If you would never had any complications or problems with any of her patients. Having the procedures the procedure and safety is the number one factor or for worse. Before he ever even got started doing these procedures and Andy we touched on an earlier as well but we can remind your listeners the success rate for these procedures. What what do they look like that's exceptionally high so whenever you address each of the factors. The no lose the soft palate that Tom Bay's wait. It's gonna always push that number that is the number of episodes of apnea it's gonna push the amount of no ways and the overall employee to the noise of storing the right direction. So. These procedures are great because they provide a lot of relief for the patient in terms of sleep quality and health. And they also provide a lot of that partner's satisfaction. Making the person's sleeping next to you. Happy that your quiet sleeping well. But doctors slaughter how long after the procedure will IA be able to see the results. It is variable from person to person I've had people tell me that the very first night we've done the procedure they're snoring is completely gone. On average most people for the first follow up which was three weeks after the procedure. Are gonna have about fifty to 75%. Improvement in the snoring and sleep packing at that point. And by the nine week mark which is usually the final follow up. We're gonna have a successful result at that point. Sometimes additional therapies are needed and oral appliance may be used to the person has a large tonne. So we'll have very significant gain from the nasal procedure soft palate procedure. And that's a nine week mark we may measure that gain by doing a follow up home sleep study. In if needed will have the oral appliance to. And nom de accorsi said you know you have high success rates but people everyone is different right exactly. It's variable so would you comment for example let's say you're number of the number of times you're having sleep apnea. A per hour is a hundred. You're not the same as a person that has ten episodes per hour so it's harder to cure you. Let's say you come and then you've got five pounds of extra weight on board it's not the same as someone that has a hundred pounds of extra weight on board so we're gonna take it holistic glee. He use an overall approach look at it realistically. We know that the the steps we're taking her to to improve few. And no matter where your starting point as we've got a great game plans to march people towards success. And boy though the results last. Now we say this to patients all the time as long as we manage your allergies which I think is important to do afterwards. Then the nasal procedure typically has a 98 point 6% long term success rate. You don't have to have it done again your nose is gonna stay nice and open. The other issues keeping your weight could it. So we fix here and those sweet picture soft palate. And we had a great result and then the person cain's considerable amount of weight for variable reasons that does tend to push at the wrong direction. That's an independent factor can start making snoring and sleep happy come back so. One of the things kind of fun about that is is that when we make here sleep apnea better by opening the nose and elevating the soft palate. It actually helps hormone normally. Your cortisol your growth hormone your insulin hormones. There'll favorable. After having that correction by improving the apnea and it actually makes it easier to lose weight in easier to keep them. Is knowing that improving your sleep this way. Oh went contribute to weight loss yeah it's true there's a catch 22 if you have snoring. Upper area resistant syndrome sleep apnea. The hormones get altered and you tend to gain weight in your neck and in your belly. The weight gain in your neck in belly causes. Snoring and sleep apnea which causes wake him in the neck and belly which also starring in sleep apnea. He just didn't open the cycle going the wrong direction. So would we do our corrections to make the snoring and sleep apnea better it actually changes the hormones the right direction and makes it easier to lose weight and keep them off. Well doctor slaughter I mean just browsing through your website they see that. You're continuously posting blogs informing you know the public about it the knowledge that you hold with. Your practice so is there anything else that you would like to add. But tell you there's a look how long listen to reason why we write those blogs is cassettes. What we feel a sort of a service to the community to give mr. information out there available for anyone really anywhere. For the and he used. In particular my main message to patients that are snores or hit the bed partner that's snoring take it seriously. Had it evaluated no matter where you are. It's not normal to have snoring may be sleep apnea and correcting that earlier it's important. Doctor slaughter thank you again for joining us on the program my pleasure. Again if you would like more information on the sinus and snoring specialists he can visit their website sign as. Snoring ENT dot com or in the sign a snoring in T dot com. He him a call 5126010303. And they are located in north Austin right on the corner of Palmer and Mo pac and that wraps it up for this episode of ask. The experts right here on talk thirteen seventy if you like to catch up on any of our shows. From the past he committed talk thirteenth MD dot com slash experts. If you have a question that you would like answered on our show for any of our experts in the near future. Please email us. Ask the experts at talk thirteen seventy outcomes. Again I'm your host pat offers a many things you again for joining us. And I hope you'll tune in next week.