7/15: Where's Your Safety Net?

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, July 15th
Noble Capital Radio Hour, for July 15. What will Social Security look like when you get ready to retire? Learn how to maximize your benefits for a longer, more comfortable retirement as we unpack the mysteries in this episode!

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It's time to embark. This. Let's go. To this week's episode. A global capital. Radio hour where we explore investment strategist for the modern financial landscape I'm your host Chris Wragge Lyndon Whitney has always are my esteemed co host Jay Newman Enron Navarro welcome back to the Airways guys. Welcome Chris welcome Jane a good morning dad's in the morning and a welcome back for Jay in because last week he wasn't here we actually has some guests on the show last week Dow's pretty exciting rank it was at building a business with hard money yeah that was pretty fun those guys or we're neat we so. Little shout out to smash and crash. Though they laughed when I wouldn't talk about that on the radios are you gonna declare by his smashing track passing crash Ronnie and Donny Anderson from Anderson. Homes Dallas they were on the air last week and they're telling us a little bit about their upcoming television show what they're trying to get placed right now. And they've got this little Alter ego so when it's when it's demo day in their building business. They like turns a smash and crash it is literally them like running through walls then and carrying giant sledgehammers and stuff so. I have the Arctic Circle although these are these two big dudes you know out there they are they're really passionate about their business in the transform into guys and and I think there's things like. Overalls yet shirtless but overall I eighty and in a sledge hammer has a pretty fun stuff that I can't wait producer you're going to be good it was a good show Leslie is set out to you guys it was a pleasure having you on the show and look forward to seeing them act where Ronnie. We're gonna see a map the state of the company meeting that's going on in a couple of weeks actually even sooner so the state of the company is happening on Tuesday July 24. And Ronnie and Don you're actually going to be speaking and we're actually going to be joined by another I guessed from Angelou economics here in Austin. Basically talking about the state of the real estate market in. He state of Texas how many times they say. The state the state state to they state and wait till you hear about today's topic it's in the state. And blood estate's wealth but in my is not Texas all right listen we talk about a number of topics but it noble capital we're primarily focused on retirement cleaning private lending and the real estate industry those are our areas of specialty. And we've been doing it for sometime now if you'd like to learn more about us. And potentially listened to other shows we've got you can do all of this on line and noble capital dot com. Yeah and don't forget to follow us on all the social media channels your face books you're Twitter easier instead grams. And shows little love 600 yen also for topics I'm by the way we have. Created some of ardent content for the next several weeks. Is coming from comments that we've received. For example on our FaceBook page so if you've got a topic and you want us to address that please go to our FaceBook page comment aspect question we'd love to address that. Yeah will be doing that will also be accepting. It is ours BP's our upcoming retirement dinner seminars. Skis in a response column retirement blueprint dinners. Or we're going to be accepting our CD's by way of texts of bridges in attending one of these seminars that we play that we do every every couple weeks here in Austin. Text the word secure to 313131. And I think that's it that we're not talking more about how to reach out this is jumper and a. If pilots guns and guns energy nation can't it's a long lead and I saw last week. Building Texas we talked about. Real estate strategies these guys are out there building new homes are flipping homes and we hear the guys that finance them so. That was our strategy last week we talked about how this can fit into your income plan. That's what we do a lot of on the show so that was last week building Texas this week. The state of Social Security in America yet to say like six times the first yes Social Security. In America. So that's we're talking about today dazzling in here quite a bit on this from jade and because it happens to be one of the areas that. He specializes in we're talking about retirement planning we're definitely gonna jump in the that a little bit here. So. Loneliness leads to better protect it at that but it's important that. It is very important I mean listen I mean how many of us really understand how this even works you know what most people understand about Social Security is you have to pay into it. They have no confidence is gonna be around they have no idea what they're gonna get they have no idea how this is gonna function. And you know way that's that's not necessarily the worst thing in life because it should only be one component of your retirement plan and that's kind of what we're gonna dig into you right. Yeah that's right Social Security is a staple. And most people's retirement plan because it is one of the sources of mailbox money that people are gonna receive in retirement. One of the things will get into is some of the stress that's on Social Security. It you know it's kind of a pyramid scheme if you think about it it's it's the you have more people paying an and then her receiving it should work out fine but if you look at the demographics of the population. The it's the pyramid is slowly turning into a rectangle and and even an upside down pyramid so there's some stress on Social Security but at the end of the day. You know the F faith in the US government's ability to persevere then Social Security is gonna be their forests and some former fashion they're not going to. Pull the rug out. From underneath this so I think ultimately people can can count on Social Security. It's really not that much money when you look at inflation and you look at. What it's gonna take to have the lifestyle they're looking for retirement so we're gonna talk big picture about how Social Security fits into the larger plan. Well let's do this let's see what the people were saying so every week our producer Sean he actually hit the streets you guys know this but the listeners don't necessarily know this. And talks to people about their most pressing financial questions he hits people up at random just ambushes them. And frankly they're mostly wrote there and most of the time they're reluctant to even talk and they don't want a similar scene as I'm not a total weirdo. If they don't wanna say anything now so we levees but it always brings a show in such a great way so let's see that they they had to say this week on this week's episode shot on the street. This Sean on the street yeah. You can go out into the right. Finds it's home to about social search. It's something about that yeah. It had nothing. Well actually you know they know is I'm not gonna happen when I'm here at royal. Do you think is the average monthly income provided by Social Security. My guess. The grand. What's your guess. 1012100. Maybe OK actually the most recent data says it's about thirteen hundred for a single person. In 2204. Or a couple of so that's just pretty close and both people aren't. Turning right so it's actually slightly less per person if it's two people horse got so yeah. So what do you think the average retired household. Spends in a year. Like they're yearly expenditures. After mortgages are paid off probably. 70000 dollars. Okay like according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics it's 48885. Feet. So I think it's pretty clear at thirteen hundred dollars a month doesn't cover everything that this expenditure for somebody who is sixty. Five or retiring right now how much would you guess that big hit from social security and today maybe anywhere from eight dollars and 2000 dollars. Okay how much do you think the average retired household spends on a yearly basis. Slaves on lifestyle geography. Area located what are your hobbies are yet. I don't even know I whether your idol saying for I'll spend yet there's a lot of factors and I've been over a 100000 dollars. Okay how many years do you think you have until you retire and talk to us. That's tough to think about Noriega returned 28 yesterday. I have deserted and thank your mistake 3030. OK we'll let me ask you this how many years do you think you have until you retire. When he. OK it's one thing about twenty years. What do you think Social Security's gonna look like in twenty years chump change tonight nonexistent. Just gone technical. So nothing at all so what do you think Social Security will look like. By the time you get around to retiring in thirty years. It's hard to say I'd I don't have a good answer. Thirty years along I don't know what America is gonna look like thirty years it's really hard. Yeah. Just let that sink in for a minute. Better. Sean on the street. Capital Radio. I TV crew. I don't know what I heard there is a lot of uncertainty. People just didn't know they had no idea that's what I said right I that's my predictions like this no it really does especially we talk and it southeastern side. Thirty year old Tina did they have no idea especially those two guys that were drinking in the beginning of those guys come on it. Now seriously harming nobody most people just don't know when and it's fair it's I don't think there's ever been late you're you're born with a little Social Security calculator. You just don't know so there are a lot of uncertainty in and there was a little bit of like what's what's America's gonna look like in thirty years so a little less. Our optimism and maybe what you said in the negotiating you have eaten. That's because there is a lot of skepticism out there and I like that I think it was the second to last on where yes the question all you heard was the birds chirp and and got right back up at the answer we did. So did you know at first some people that that's what that's where they're at right now they're skeptical there uncertain but at the end of the day Social Security's going to be there and some former four some format for a split. Again we look at the numbers it it it is only a represented. A fraction of the income that you need in retirement so as we go on but the show wanna talk a little bit of luck with the big picture looks like him. How we should be looking at Social Security Furman and retirement planning an income planning standpoint. I like dad that's exactly what we need to be talking about it's okay to be a skeptic there's gonna be something bullets talk about how this fits into the big picture will be right back. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to the show we're discussing the state of Social Security in America you're listening to the noble cabaret ER and I'm your host Chris Wragge and if he'd like to learn more about us and other topics. You can check us out at noble capital dot com. Actually all of our episodes are also archive online you can listen to my mind. But you can also download them in podcast format. You can do that through I teams you can do that through the Google play and a couple of other platforms we're out there are so. We'd love to get some feedback from you guys maybe in some reviews of your constant listener out there thanks for listening we'd love to hear what you have to think about the show maybe in some future topics so. That's pretty exciting let's get back into the most exciting topic ever. Social security and it if it further consider ourselves so social superior. Yet Canon you know or literal quick I did another shout outs or one stitcher listener. I'm kidding we we do have a few more does she or excuse me not letting the cat out of the barrel. That person and was the first person to download and stitcher gives the fives are so with AA you know we are five stars as they don't listen no one show he can't if it triggers emphasized. This shows or didn't download that they're finally getting downloaded out there on the end in that in the podcast universe I actually spent. Part of my day yesterday to listen initials on podcast. Pretty good stuff now it's getting better now in the year you know you are that's deter listener right right yeah I have. Epic battle and the big if it isn't Israel absolutely. No income and it wears a lot of cheating goes on in here you guys are terrible idea RD chief arm or one of our upcoming bits but that's that's a different story yeah yup and today. Are soulless jump right back endless talk about social security and when we heard from the people out there I think that was. Reflective of what many people think is will it be here in Jane talked about it music well some version of it of course is going to be here you have to have some faith. In our government's ability of which the boy that's hard to say and in terms of being able to figure out a solution right there are times when it's very difficult. I think in our government's level in order to legislate in to create good stuff moving forward. But you know our government has been through periods like what we're seeing right now before actually. And has come out the other side and it comes down to when enough people need something and something isn't working for long enough change has to happen so. I'm I'm kind of in that camp a Mike you're right it's broken today it and eventually. And there's not enough people paying into it in order to what's going out and there has to be a solution has to be a change. Yeah and it's probably not going to be like with anything we've ever eaten. Seem so it's gonna be something brand new something that's gonna be tailored for. That generation or that you know generation moving forward it's it's not gonna be the same also security it's just it's not working anymore than math problem as he said when you're off the air is. Busted. You know one of the simple tips that I would give the listeners is that to get dialed in and start tracking your Social Security. Today you know a lot of folks don't look up there Social Security reports because they don't send you those. Reports every month. Mean every year now boot that you guys have probably seen them that they are like a green framed by fold. You know report that gets. Sent to you in the mail every year. That the word on the street was is that the government you know wanted to cut back on. On on their on paper per unit that they are using parties that they went electronics can now you can log on. To Social Security dot gov and you can look up your your Social Security record and see how your tracking because I can't tell you how many. Client's comment. That are not 28 or 38 but the these folks that are in their 50s60s. And they're getting ready to make the Seoul's decision in May they really haven't dialed in exactly where they stand with Social Security. The sooner you get that dialed Dan and I understand how Social Security works and how it's gonna affect you the better. And that's what I would encourage everybody to do for for starters there's a couple. Categories of workers out there that they're trying to get the short end of the stick on Social Security. They they particularly pick on public servants like policemen firemen teachers. Who have aid. Government pension already. There's some rules and social Social Security legislation but you know laws that say. You cannot. Take two government pensions they look at Social Security is one of them and then what your receiving as a public servant as the other. And sadly many times in the first time that that those clients hear about that a sitting at the table planning their retirement kitty. Mean he had a blows my mind so my dad was federal employee for many years of my dad has used very fortunate his pension. Right so as part of his retirement. When he was sitting down it was like this is remained and comes from consequently. His Social Security is offset. Bile like almost dollar for dollar exact I think if you're getting career when I can give interior threat against basically nothing coming from social security and everything comes from his pension. That's right it is a government that's called the windfall elimination provision. And this this is one of of many Koch is in Social Security where. You're going in you know through the workforce thinking that you're building up this the Social Security income account for yourself just to find out that it. You know all along you're really not getting what she thought you were. I'll tell you another one arises you set sometimes when you look at Social Security. You see you see how some folks are counting on us a certain figure to come and but they don't end up getting the credits and that they need because they haven't paid and for the amount of time that they need to pay end. And what we're seeing with a lot of jobs I think it was it's called the what what they called did the boom economy here that. Where folks her. Having to it to move into more towards contract intend ninety's I'm worried that wells he gave economy are people are just doing short term gains or contracting work that's right the gig economy the boom economy gave Carney same thing right. So much. Note that but honestly when you don't pay end to Social Security you're not gonna receive Social Security you don't just skidded it is an entitlement but it's it's not just hand out you have to build up credits and you have to pay and and there's like a formula to determine what your benefits going to be. On on chart on the street there they were saying the average is around thirteen hundred right now per person. And you know that's that's really on on the low side. The most Suisse the these days the Social Security a full retirement age which is right now between 66 and 67 years old. Is around 2800 dollars a month for single for a single person so. You can imagine if you're receiving thirteen 100 am and you're you're receiving you less than half of your full potential of what you could have received if you would have. Maxed out all of those credits pricing you're seeing there is a way to be strategic if you will. Mind Social Security in terms of your earning years and win your Pena and to help with that formula right that is that don't just that are around men and leadership to sell and on Social Security gate and get in get engaged early. With with a good advisor give us a call we can help you analyze that. And in fact one of the things we do is we put our advisors through rigorous training on Social Security impact their certified. To run custom reports that tell you exactly how to strategize and to approach the Social Security decision. Ultimately to maximize the benefits that you received from Social Security. We wanna get into this especially for couples because there's still some spousal strategies out there that will help you. Maximize the cash flow that your generous even in in fact one of my favorite things that happens and at the planning table with our clients is. We find money for them that they weren't expecting to receive in May be that they would have left on the table if they wouldn't have sat down and started to drill down on some strategy here and some some of the time you're able to do this because you essentially get ahold of them before they retire right before they're finished with a earning years and I think there's a there's a sweet spot you know take how how many years out from retirement do I wanna be wanna I wanna coming with you Jane. So. I would say that earlier the better you know most of our clients are aged fifty to 75. That's the typical. Brackets there if we can get started with someone in their forties or even their late thirties that that gives us a lot of time to make good decisions and start plotting and tracking. Towards an retirement goals so that we don't just end up. You know falling into retirement and and to sort of accepting what whatever life gives us there. See I'm sure the strategy is with the younger generation their but I can only imagine the peace of mind that comes if you actually start setting their retirement income plan. Without Social Security. Acting is just it's the act on the Grady does the absolute cream that would be pretty sweet our clients think of it is that irony to me need your users search on the street a lot of people just rule you know really got off him and in their mind. So again we believe it's gonna be there are so we might as will be good stewards of it and optimize that. When it comes to Social Security there's a lot to discuss a lot of technical information we can talk about the political side but I don't wanna waste our listeners I'm getting in the all those T tells. I'd like to talk about what more of what it means to you in terms of your planning and and how to strategize. On the big picture. I love it let's definitely get into that on the next segment when we come back we're gonna talk about that how does this go. Along with other vehicles that are all part of viewer strategy we'll talk about timing. Hang in there would be right back NG more shares some of those secrets were. Read our. Welcome back if you're just joining us this week's topic is the state of Social Security in America this year host Chris Wragge and and this is the noble capital read our if you just him Daniel at what is noble capital we are an alternative. Investment and finance firm we specialize in retirement cleaning pride that lending and real estate. We cover a broad range of topics with in those three verticals last week we had a couple of guys here on the show that actually borrow money from us that go out there and build houses. We've had a number of people on the show talking about a bride. Righty topics mostly real state pride that lending related but the core of our businesses creating. Retirement play it retirement in complains and that's because the core of our investors that's what their interest today and they're looking at ways to establish. Income streams in retirement and that's why today we're talking about. The incredibly exciting topic of Social Security. So as. Always have got Romney in. NG new segment there's some specific things that you consider. With regard Social Security's genuine job back in net. Sure I think that the boxes that we wanna check here Chris or we're talking about Social Security are. First backtracking for a second EU wanna be the prepared early and often and make sure that you're not just gonna be surprised when you retirement age is upon you so. Again new blog on the Social Security dot gov and download your Social Security report NC where you stand to see where your score what your score is if you will. So he can start making good decisions moving forward and maximize your Social Security benefits and you're saying and this is little surprising new meaning people nearing retirement. May not have done this in their just simply not aware of where they stay there they are and then and that that's the category of people out of the folks out there there's. Also folks that really they do have a better idea. But then we start getting into some of these other considerations like timing what's the right time to start Social Security they give you. Arranged there you can start early you can start the full retirement or you can start late and naturally the longer you wait to started. Does the government assumes you have less time to live OK so then you can take higher benefits the longer you wait to start it. In fact one of the fun facts that that some people don't realize is that every year you wait to start Social Security benefits go up by about 8%. And you know we start to think about that it's like I'm not no wonder Social Security's broken. At 8% of unit that's a great deal however the studies on the percentage I say that I wonder at the status on the percentage of people who take it. Up front vs at the end and hung on the computer yourself I'll be ready until at that. I don't even have to look at it because you know the way it works most people are gonna take it as quickly as possible they wanna get their hands on the money like the cash option on the a lot of that's exactly what it's like this though. Although it in many cases it makes more financial sense to wait and let that 8% Rolla continue to increase. But then we started getting into the other consideration will OK if you're gonna wait and delay defer Social Security. Which account should you be drawing and come down from to get you across that bridge to to starting Social Security. One of the things that I see happening out there this mentality is that folks. Timed their retirement with when they're gonna start Social Security it's like the government is dictating winner gonna retire. And you know I think life's too short to look at it like that just because social full retirement age missiles Social Security is 66 or 67 doesn't mean you need to wait to retire till you're 66 or 67. If we get started early and start planning we can get an earlier retirement. And look at that Social Security income coming online when her party into retirement. Too. Then pick out and generate income where maybe we left off what would pull pulling income from. Alternative income accounts while we were in the first phase or the first leg of our retirement. I think that's great I think he descended the key piece there for me which was alternative accounts. And I think that's what's so important here is that you have to have a basket. Of the county have to have a larger encompassing strategy in order for this cute to really work otherwise. If you really are relying on just Social Security for your retirement. And yet you're gonna rely on the government to tell you exactly when you can retire how much when you're gonna have a metabolize study going to be able to lead right. I'm in it's so broken no means just the imbalance you need a dozen existing you know you are heroes rely on that that's it's a recipe for disaster mean we you heard the numbers they think the numbers work. The average. The average Social Security. Single person is receiving thirteen hundred a month in benefits and couple is 2200 bucks month the average household spends X 4500. Dollars a month. Yeah I don't say this is when reality sets in new you don't get to decide what you were gonna spend per month. The amount of money that comes in is gonna decide for you really quickly. Then there's your plan right there yeah clocks and by the way 4500 a month I mean that we're we're in central Texas Austin I don't know who's who's able to get by I'm 4500 dollars a month I that you are better have a paid off house. You know and that's where he certainly you know these other vehicles that are out there like a reverse mortgage mean that exists because you've. You need an income stream and you're utilizing you know you're paid off house that you you work your entire life to bail out that house nature and you've got something. And now you're gonna essentially go back in and bury yourself back in debt to create an income stream that. That's tough I mean it was created for that for that knows you don't need it yeah. Yeah the last one the last consideration. That I wanna hit on real quick is is the course tax strategy and how this plays into your overall tax planning. That taxes is a huge part of retirement planning this is one of the of the things that. We dive into early on and in the planning process to maximize. The the income that our clients keep that that's really what it's all about. Social Security has a look as a little different tax treatment and other types of income. So we need to consider how this is it gonna impact taxes or make in the Social Security decision as well that to sum all that. What I would like to do and don't throw this out to our our audiences invite you to come in and visit with us about Social Security. And in fact we've got a free report that were willing to send out TE if you just request this. We will give you a great report on Social Security to kind of get you up to speed and may be. It'll prompt a few questions and and help you begin to think about it so we sit down and visit. We can dial it ends are talking about how we can customize this plan for you. Great I'll tell you that the best way to do that is we've you always hear me talk about just go ahead and text that's. For us and to just go ahead and Texas the same word we will have a little add on their feet to download the report. Same word secured turn up to number 313130. Once a text the word secure. Number 313131. And get a copy of that free Social Security report. And you can also register for our upcoming events including the retirement bluebird blueprint dinners and state of the company. And I will say this though in case you aren't. Trying to textainer whatever go ahead and email info IN FO at noble capital dot com and we will through one of the poor and those reports in a box real quick. Right so back to supplementing. Social Security we're talking about other types of income streams so I mean some other examples for mean and I'm just looking at from Canada. Everybody's viewpoint here rights which got Social Security. If I'm lucky maybe have got some other type of vehicle in my employers set up but probably not specially if if you're not retiring. Now you know like very soon. The odds of a government or a private employer pension planner like very very low in continue to get lower so we should take those up table for now. Right that's almost the exception to the rule. And let's look specifically at what else do you have to probably have some type of day. Retirement account that was set up there for like a 401K. Right so you've built up some type of an a nest egg and unfortunately SE people these piles of money that they build up they start looking at those and just. Exe cute when I cause been down strategy right so they've got okay so security coming in and it's been down strategy if I spend just this much every year. I'm good to go and and and what you've told me in the past GA news like this that's pretty common. And they make some pretty big mistakes like right off the bat they're not accounting for her taxes they're not accounting for inflation. Not accounting for the fact that they've really don't know how long they're going to live what happens when you run out of money. Those types of things right it has another Hutu and has risk in those accounts potential losses if we were in the wrong cycle all the said that spend down. Can become. Fall down right I'm in 2008 I've done a great job managing their portfolio and everything's been good their in the market's been racing up and I've built up this wonderful mistake. Sounds a lot like 2018. Yeah I'm just saying right and it doesn't really great job announced time for me to retire but I'm retired a couple of years and then. What happens when there's a major market correction in 3040% of my nest egg that was in the marked as Lagos since 2010. Yeah and it's like am I go back to my America back to work which I I that's sad but I wanna tell you this league will. I have literally sat across the table and I don't do retirement advising. But I do talk a lot about real state and private lending and I have sat across the table. From retirement age individuals that should have been retired. And he said I'm keying back in the workforce. And I'm looking for ways to diversify. My account because I lost 3040% of it I did a lot of that 2010 and eleven. Yell anti user like this like they are right now words there's a lot of uncertainty America's things are just booming right and in now before certain feel. Even if it's just be because of what's being put out in the media people or certain feel like. This is going to come to an end at some point yeah yeah I'm I'm talking met a whole motorcycle I am literally there are people that I met with between ten and eleven. They're just now when he eighteen they're back they're having their retirement party right now. It's going to win again no I'm saying they're there they took them now longer covers are trying to say they worked an entire. Decade almost did Larry that's another little sub segment of people think about that those people who had to go back to work in get back to work I and it. And now they are potentially ugly in forty years or human well I'm hoping they learned a lesson and that's why they were in our office and talk about what's his prime lending thing I can't put my entire. Mine tired you know retirement investment account at risk any longer I learned that hard lesson. But I mean I wish I could say some names on the air right now is something you have two guys in particular he's great guys there in their seventies. Were retired ten years ago. Lost 4050% of their portfolio in the marketplace and they're just now retiring it the second time. Yet that's incredible. There's too close together you can't do it you just can't have that happen to you don't don't have a lost decade in your life that. Stuff the key is guys it's a diversified. Income plan with multiple sources of income coming and that's well planned out with the right timing and tax considerations. You know Chris he had on this a moment ago the the concept of pensions we talk about this all the time is all but extinct and obsolete in America. Again if you're not government you probably don't have the pension corporations have moved away from those so if you come into the table. Like most people don't only guaranteed lifetime income you have is Social Security so yes let's get that right let's optimize that we talked about that already. That we need to think about the long term effects of Social Security too so yes it's guaranteed income. Let's talk about a couple here for a minute you both have some Social Security cumin and play it. One we lose that first spouse the surviving spouse only gets the higher of the two and takes haircut on their income so. One of the first things we want to make sure we darling here is is is that the truth that not all retirement income is equal. And one of the first things we wanna talk about we talk about retirement income. Of course the Social Security but then it's what there are guaranteed lifetime income. Accounts do you have set up what your plan for your pension which is a unity fine to benefits. That are gonna come in every month for the rest of your life for both of their lives if you're a couple. That opens up a whole discussion about whether vehicles that are out there that can be set up that can provide that guaranteed predictable long term income. So once we checked that box off which is is very important and we want to build that up to a level of security for you to get to all the way across the finish line. Then we start talking about other things that are a little more exciting and and righted the senator doubles I it is the alternative investment incomes. It's he's meat alternative income investments like private lending. And that's a big part of what we do. It's mailbox money. It's predictable. And it's something that can. BA game changer for folks in retirement especially when you look at not having pensions are not having that those that are predictable income accounts. This is what people are look. In a lot of people think that this is hard entering your office like they don't do this because it's so difficult it's so abstract and opulent second half. Is is that one of the delays and rant time it is and and we'll get into a more but I'll tell you retirement planning for retirement income planning is one of those things that people procrastinate on the most. Yeah well I think we jumped and that we get back and I asked him personally but I was thinking about. Just the people that I might mice inner circle there is hang in there will be right back. Sound off on the news of the day with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. She's no capital. And we're back if you just India and both makeovers are not chewing gum we've been exploring the state of Social Security income metric. And America look on you guys out on that that's great why did it just to keep the tradition going yet and be glad that I a couple of pretty back normally coffee break and it who is speaking an early copy inflict on the way to that every single day Rummy I drive the same route to his radio show. And they're coffee places just closed. Like going out of business from when NATO and other and they and they have like a five gallon trash can full copy over there and sober up means it's good mix and Gabi and he did in any was like how much isn't there like it's free through sit. At a should I yes well now I now I'd I did not I did not partake in the five gallon bucket of coffee it was gross yeah well so here we are so no we're not about coffee we're not a copy review talk show here we're actually. Alternative financial experts and we're talking today about social security and how. It works. And hopefully in concert with other financial vehicles that you have. In your retirement portfolio and that's really what kind of left off on running your hidden something I did very yen rate in USA in. What again well I I was just talking about the deep across the nation that really goes on out there is so you know and in my group of friends nobody's planning for streaming at some people are but they're not. It's not an annual appointment with their with their advisor Percy right they're not Delmon they're certainly not going online and so security website checking out where anywhere yet and I know what is it does. Is it because it's so hard it's like one of those things that you just don't wanna do. Or is it because I just don't want to talk idea didn't sedated since I think that repressed nation it's a lot like talking about death like nobody really gets excited about talking about this. That's the fear of the unknown. And you know you know that you worked hard her whole life and you you don't wanna hear. Somebody be up and tell you about mistakes he made early could have done different you don't want to have someone probably you. You know that's that's maybe that's a financial expert that's doing this every day. You just want somebody did to come in and talked tube that's gonna level with you and help you pick up exactly where your. And put together the best plan the best solution for you and that's what we wanna be for our clients is. We wanna be able to to come alongside wherever you're at the journey. And help you begin to make good decisions. That there's something powerful that happens when you like I said earlier when you kind of know your scorer. And retirement if you can think of it is yours as a scorer. It's if you're planning game I don't know if we've got meet athletes out there that are listening definitely in the office this car or in this excuse me in this. Recording studio got completely you definitely very athletic and Romney yeah a fact that far though. The I mean what what would it be like to be going along grinding and and fighting in putting your your heart out there and and given. You know everything you can to win but you don't know the score. Well and in so I gotta come back to something you said. The of the brow beating that people think they're gonna get I mean if you've got a coach that's going to browbeat you in that case I don't you can go talk to fly a kite probably the wrong coach yeah and the way I like to describe it to people and asked me about our retirement and services as he listened. The most important thing feed knows when I'm here to judge you okay. Your life for your life. We're just here to lay out the facts for you and hope you navigate this the best way we possibly can and the plan and yeah they felt the pain to get slain on the engine and help you ex keep that plane there's no judging on where you wired. But to James Battista you know that score is yeah I come in here with a flunking grade but at least we know we're we're starting right. Sure and the truth is a lot a lot of folks have done a lot of good thanks. That at some point would you comment in this screwed up everything you did you know it's very rarely come across someone just a total disaster. So one of our promises as if you know it's the old Texas saying if it ain't broke don't fix it. And if we have things in the in the portfolio that are doing well on performing or things you really like we can leave those alone bit. There's no question that we can help make a difference and strategy and planning to maximize. Your experience in retirement and help you be a good Steward of the wealth that you accumulated. And maybe some of the well that's been passed on dealer or maybe it's in the well that's coming your way via an inheritance. We wanna make sure that your set up to win and pass a legacy on to the next generation and go out and and live that lifestyle with carp that that retirement excuse me with lifestyle confidence and the film. I see my in laws. I've been seem a little bit over the summer. And they've gotten their way they were teachers but they've they were planning in the day they got married they started playing just good planners in general. And there and that kind of bet 75. Finish 77 year old range. Envoy there entering their retirement I mean. They rest. They're active they do what they want when they want it's so great and RC if they were planners I think that would have been eight. Brutal reality that would hit them there's seventy something year old you know retirement would look totally different and interesting. That's true it's all about planning rank it up Melissa and I think it's time to play put your money where your mouth is what we have to come up with a furries. That sums up this week's episode so it's on some bright not exactly not always. Especially if our producer Sean has anything to say about it so Ronnie let's do this let's open up. The show on the loop. And find out what the rules are for today's segment ready. That's my sound effect it's probably a C cheating no I left it in the car well that's that I had to get a text it and now since. He cheated that's another way to cheat I don't know this is tied to literate Jeter yeah it earlier we heard a little bit of the downtime on the air smells looking for that the Shaun bowler content in the guard guys are reminders and it's me. So aren't so here it is I did read it but I haven't cheated yet yeah. Very simple this week's put your money where mountains is six words. Any six words you want recapping today's show but you must say with a smile you must hit with a smile we haven't smiled all day in this studio. Getting. You must say with a smile. That's are a refers to my mind general Elaine. Are my army terrible yours is terrible mines lane and didn't usually kills the cell legislation the last if you do got its. Our rights and here's mine which they smiled as his niece and I doubt about that yeah I just that's the unchallenged sixers snapped it almost sounds like a you know letting her and you know I mean. Isaac is my Social Security is for all investors. Yeah okay I mean you know we. Whenever our world I was weaker than younger guys are I had on real quick I was kind of running downhill yeah. Social Security oh when it's my apologies Social Security there it is is just the greedy and does so much better than mine in apple K. That one was great Condo as those gates Escude he's just degree always appreciate that can be on the FaceBook yeah. I am in my era yeah you're under pressure packed packed app I have no idea what Imus says that's gonna make it up as they where we would get a lot of last week yeah I think. Well that clears if he were given two minutes and think about this. The technology known for its but it keeps losing weight he had gay eulogize her militants that we need to have a lasting the company in this state of the company like before nasty mean and means yeah I did I saw some photos of you last time a messy today and might dude. And and you and you think you banana out they what that's awesome bill on the left mounds violent necessarily. There it is and how I do on Wednesday when she got. Okay. Social Security. Helps you lose weight. But I had no idea I don't know where you would think they would you know the stress stress. Oh my god is that so well that's how does the guy I wasn't expecting that at all that is great lasting opening up chiefs. Let's aorta go over in this is kind of the biggest thing we've got going on here and we were just talked about their for a second was the state of the company adorning in the show at the last minute invite if you're interest dating coming to the state of the company. Just give us a tax what do they do running. Real simple text the word money and O and EY. The 313131. And will set you up with with a RCP could bring a couple of guests appear as well it's gonna be great event a lot of good content not just. What's going on with the company but what's going on the market yet and that's going to be Tuesday July 24 at the Renaissance he got ours BP sinister Tex money to 313131. I'm Chris I'm Ronnie and I and say good and you've been listening to the noble Capital Radio.