7/8: Building Texas

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, July 8th
Noble Capital Radio Hour, for July 8. Special guests Donny and Ronnie from Anderson Homes Dallas join us. Tune in to hear about their business and upcoming reality TV show! - this one's a doozy!

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It's time to anybody. This. Welcome to this week's episode of the noble Capital Radio hour where we explore investment strategies for the modern financial landscape I'm your host Chris Wragge and and with me as always is my co host mr. Ron Navarro say ironic. Ironic that's not what you're seeing is saying your steamed currently on my steam going to talking up a little door yeah main islands it just once again please do your thing that's going on everybody I'm gauges for one time just one time my esteemed goes mr. Ron Navarro thank you very much talent and show everybody I say let JD is out today but we have two special guest with us. Ronnie and Donny Anderson the co owners of Anderson homes Dallas and they're working on a new reality TV show that Texas two step I love that name welcome to the Airways guys. Thank you very much for having us works out to be here midmorning engine and we you know we're down here in Austin these guys are did you guys on the early voting drag down here this morning are way. Well. A confession about her weight now hopes. What an old man and a so yeah it's along so. That's the they came in new dragging you like him here zero we can really. This is a prep work -- answer and I flew in late they were having fun all weekend does does the family and then head down last night okay kiss the babies -- down here record radio show hey that's not bad it's not that we're gonna talk to these guys these are two of our good friends and clients of ours at noble capital and we're going to be getting into their business a little bit that's that's we're talking about today today's building a real estate business with hard money you know last week we talked about don't take our word for it. And we talked about prided money lending in Howell. That can help you were investment portfolio retirement portfolio that's a we dug into last week. Yeah we're really talking about the those people let what was it that open house party that we did but I got another destiny in the studio he's it's not speaking to David it's Sean and the the world famous shot on the streets and you're nicer if you tune in to us before and you've heard some of these shine episodes are added to shy envelope and you know so we brought in here today so I wasn't happy I could string him up here alive. Yeah I do you have a mockery of any concern but no seriously we're talking about was folding and private lending into retirement income plans just folding in. That NT basically setting up the cornerstone of your retirement income plan with. Private lending and it turns out that the people we are interviewing our clients so they were very happy about it they were some of them were almost all in that yeah that's. I don't invest in in Wall Street I don't invest in the stock market. I'm all private I'm all private lender and stated tech's all man and it was fun because you got you as we are hearing them cycle that's such and such. I like if you don't know we're talking about noble capitals and alternative investment firm we specialize retirement cleaning. Private lending and real estate you can actually download all these episodes and find out more about his at noble capital dot com yeah follows on all of. Our social avenues to or social platforms that's FaceBook Twitter and instead Graham. And frankly if you wanna maybe get in touch with us engage with us on an upcoming event. Texas tech's the key word secure SE CU or eat to the number 313131. And we got all kinds of things going on here saying we got a guy and you could go pro or on face the glide. I didn't want a job that before we jumped in Atlantic segment the world unfazed the glide right now it's on your how dangerous we are Anderson homes Alison hello everybody good girls and in over there. We are alive yes the only thing that sucks about it is that it doesn't have me in the shop now would you whale midair we could we save team he's got out around he's an excellent site announcing. Bad for ratings and yeah. So let's let's maybe he set the table here for the rest this or a so we've been doing here recently is talking a little bit about Sean on the street so every week our producer Sean Harris is joining us in studio today. Takes the streets inserts that into the answers to the financial. So most pressing financial questions out there. And he and bush is random strangers who reluctantly share their perspectives on me on this week's topics though. Without further delay let's get into it here's this week's episode shot on the street. This shown on the street this week they go out into the lives were. Find some people talk to about investing in residential real estate in Texas. He had. Let's do this there's a lot of new residential. Construction home construction in Austin or Texas in general right now to win the home builders finance. These projects. Where does that funding comes from. Good idea. If you would've left out of the room out of their own pocket okay. When real estate investors that do like rehab projects are six and flips. Whenever they do those type of projects where would you think the funding comes from. It's probably a combination of their own pocket and as banks financed by bank gap had have you ever watched any of those like house flipper shows on HTTP. Events. Yeah yeah you've done some some house living. Yeah no real estate investment yes oh how. Using mine by asking okay. So either that I didn't work where they're where they're okay firehouse turn rentals. Our house every seller. Okay. How many of those projects to be done. Therefore here in Texas your house in Austin academy when it Austin's a great realistic. Yeah for sure I think a lot of people think that because you see is a lot of people doing these rehab series and new construction site. Behind it's it's horrible and I 35 to wouldn't dare and 183. And everywhere else. What's your favorite part about watching those TV shows. Obviously it's good tournaments so it's not the educational piece of it it's it's the drama however if I'd let you know something always goes I've. Win home builders finance these new home projects. Where would you say that most of that funding comes from say at least eight sand from banks. From banks like mortgage lenders that type of thing then similarly when people do these sort of rehab projects are six and flips. Where does the funding for that come from typically. There their money. People doing the right it's okay so cut out of their own cast kids OK okay there's a lot of new construction in Texas but for residential. And it's so I'm trying to get an idea. What people think about where that funding comes from from these home builders. Seven and on the go there right okay that's skill my. My thinking is that the smaller builders probably bootstraps. OK and it may have a small library with a bank okay are. Maybe has a couple of private equity investors were it. Perfect actually. That's pretty much right on the money. Half a decade ago but what about when when people do like physics and flip through rehab projects. Seeing question where were you think that funding comes from. Same thing happens they come from saying the same place probably mixes. Gangs that they've got a long term relationship wit and good friends came here. Again it depends. What you're just gonna see my completely random question what is the Texas two step. Two. War the best. House flipping show ever but really random question. What is the Texas two step. That's just it hasn't done us. It's a dance perfect yes. I also would have accepted lottery ticket it is the combination. Of both caucuses and primaries during election season. Or a really hot up and coming television show. Better or worse it's been shown on the street with the new capital read. Back to you Chris. And that was great shine and you shine is actually in the studio with us today so I got to get in a big thumbs up while we are doing that a little segment there not a good. So that was that was really great I love your tell us that the Texas two step that was the other is pretty good. That was pretty good. Well done to get a different thing to happen. Oh man nothing just tuning in or actually sitting here with Ronnie and Donny Anderson the co owners of Anderson homes Dallas. And we're going to be talking to them here on the next segment about their business and how they built. Our home building business and and what that means today so those interviews it sounds conducting. What are you doing any every true you guys and you're hearing people like words get your money you do that deal and they're like friends and same lame my own money that does sound like yep yep. Yeah I did it did you know who the first gas said. ID three or four. Ever right well yeah you're using your own money through forever but when you get. You've gas financing or hard money financing then you can take it to the next level that's right you're talking about doing multiple projects at one time when you guys are coming in and changing entire neighborhoods which were also gonna talk about and a few minutes. That's the fun part of what we always talk about here because often times people who invest in in our company and invest in his private lending thing don't even realize it. But they're changing neighborhoods. And a neighborhood your junior doing a very concentrated we we actually stepped back and look at it from a from a different point of view and it's like one house at a time where you're coming into and dozens at a time yeah so you're really changing neighbor you've already changed and impact. Yeah you know what are we were out there just a few weeks ago and are running I got a chance to two cruise around in that neighborhood and check out an entire area the U guys have. Pretty much single handily come in and changed and I think that's really amazing wanna learn more about that but. What an amazing you know track record watching you guys give me the whole story some Medina that. On the next segment when we come back from break here in a minute but I wanna hear about how you guys got started what are the challenges as they know maybe a little bit about working with your brother. You know and I don't know if anybody is seen as the these guys are twins so you know I'm looking left and right sometimes it's a little confusing though when you're working with your brother and a family business that's got to be a lot of fun right that's got to be rewarding violating the sound like twins on the air right here. Close your eyes as if you don't know which one almost no idea though and though it's ironic this good this is wrongly lets get food there's going to be great hang in there will be right back. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know pretty old dot com how. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash out. Capital. Welcome back to the show where we. Are discussing building a real estate business with hard money our guests this week our running in Donny Anderson from Anderson homes Dallas. Welcome back to show guys really excited to have you here we get to hear some people on the radio tell us what they thought it. About Willis to say flipping houses on the Sify got a response on now before you give me daddy insert your listen to the noble cal three hour or weird generally. On speaking about retirement playing private lending and real estate ending today were doing something special we don't have jade with this we have a couple of guest stars here. These are clients of ours he's a good friends of ours in fact this is really cool and exciting. These two gentlemen going to be joining me on stage at our state to the company which is coming up when running. Demi put me on the spot my dad so that's a wake somebody up the time fourth Tuesdays they keep the tears at a July 24 Austin 6:30 PM. I and were actually have a final cast in Dallas as well also it's gonna be in Austin that final test and Dallas are expecting a smaller turn out there's some 4050 people shown up at our offices in Dallas. Couple hundred people here in Austin and as you mentioned yes Anderson homes Dallas is gonna be on stage with you. If you want to RC people this is is really important you're listening because we only have so many seats if you want ours BP text the word money. And the ON DEY. Money to 313131. And reserve receipt. That's awesome and get you as seed there all right see you heard some editor of the I want it hear from you guys how to how do you feel by parents and those answers. Well don't like the term. Flippers. If more people are talking about us we are not flippers we are professional home builders those people are literally amateurs compared. Not trying to downgrade what they're doing and by what we do is as much different color Romney was an earlier week we have sixteen homes under construction. These are. Bulldoze. And build back from ground up -- this is yours home for so it's still this is infill scientifically speaking not going out additional elements is inner city you're scrape an ally. No membrane new home completely changing what was there before. Yes sir we've been answered and neighborhood near love field airport in Dallas and 2015. We're the first builder going aggressively building new construction. Previously it was a investment. A neighborhood where people would go in and Byron alms. Or little flips a fix them up and and solemn but we went and their aggressively 2015. Was about ten homes to start and then it was risky. Now that's aggressive or what it was an idea what did you think hey am I gonna neighborhood. I'm gonna scraped into houses and build brand new houses and a boy and what gave you and I that was your entry into that market you're gonna go straight ten lot of effect putting woes and in this area for a long time I'm complained that this is a five year process. You know Ronnie and I had backpacks on knocking doors to order door hey would you like sell your home you know. Says counselors and yeah we did the hard work and the just the location as premier that's the key. But doesn't matter what the neighborhood looks like now but the location as well. And and I had a vision for the neighborhood because in 2014. In November the Wright amendment that lawful airport and the ride amendment if you don't notice it says that she couldn't fly direct flights to states the routes out of states connected with Texas so you had to apply. A connecting flight center on Las Vegas you have to connect to New Mexico first and then. Well around amendment ended so you can fly under plots anywhere you wanna model a field now so you had on Newsweek you need something in some regulatory changes if you will there were coming down the pipe. I just felt like the neighborhoods that were near that the airport would be changed that would change you know for that reason it seems like they got a hundred times more accessible. Overnight you're exactly right and more valuable as a result and so now you've got not only the residential but you've got to commercial. You've got Trammell crow Diana 33 acre you know mixed use development they're mean nasty thing around up and down mockingbird is being developed its its own currency and they get tells Marie ashcroft's team when he went ten projects that's a lot in the same neighborhood hearings CES and density in some efficiency with your crews and so forth but how'd you finance ten projects right up to gay hagee that. Investors yeah we have to come and and and I had to get out of the business for wallop for personal reasons or father passed away and is a builder for forty years or second generation. When I came back that's the never focused on. And we started from nothing. So we had to use investor money when you dumb and investors were they like equity owners in in every single project or how does that work yes that's expensive investors actually owned the property OK it's a good investment for now have a tangible asset. They don't just give us money Halperin about Bradley on the property if something happens to us. They can take the property and solid and get their money back for. Or you know that got the yes did you find yourself spending a lot of time fundraising in and and has a little bit of a distraction like wants those to be out here building houses are that was the hardest part and it took like Donna said it was a five year process to build investors to to gain credibility. So talking about ten projects that time that was a pretty good shot I mean that's a lot of investors or a lot of capital you guys race that first round yes writes I mean how much money are we talking about now and rough now we didn't we didn't build ten at one time I got we got ten properties and my counter space to now we start with a couple in wages cannot. And the way and the first two or three years we did those two in our three leveraged that that money he raised and moved on to the next phase and moves on to the next phase essentially. So I'm curious and I think we could back up a little bit but so you guys obviously being Brothers being as close as you are have you always been in business together. Now on the often on we have we had a roofing business together in the running when and a home building are carried. The refining in men than we've gotten back together now on. Were were really better together you know were identical twins we think just alike. You know we have similar tastes hands and we motivate each other. What you have to thirty year experienced builders on entertainment US yeah two for one. Yes that is what sixty years total now yeah it man rolls yeah. Now that's pretty great that I mean talk about the dynamics in a year your family working together that's got to be very rewarding and also probably challenging at times right. It is. I mean identical twins but I can tell already has are also different now. Yeah we've we are votes on judicial believe he's our numbers are we have a lot of differences and we servers Osama. I respect assignment at the same. Week. Were almost two completely different people's people on certain boys. So. Now if I get a sound byte I was trying to tell that it. You sound so intelligent. You know marriage do my hands within three years coming out. Her ground thereafter hello. I was gonna actually Jennifer runs orbit which is why it's. You know three kids two in college who won bound to be in college. And that's a little bit different dynamic when Ronnie wants to have family time he comes over my. Thinking is the play uncle closer and putting let's leave and go to Israel are quick funny story about on results now working placed on effort and company and house. At their house which in different kids on how mr. hill and so where my conditioner real set table a and then the door roaring Jennifer strongly take some candy to the door for kids in the neighborhood. So what the door and the door opens and I'm an announcement candy. And the parents are on the sidewalk. Like hey Donny and beautiful walks out fans next to me. Arnold looks like now this I don't know if I had gone zero literally on the and he just I just wanted to let if it a he's going to be number two almost customary number two that skated in just her and thought. That's pretty good too early to get to clean for the Ares I don't know if I could attend a man. That's fine I feel the same have a little brother side it to go over and play uncle occasionally as well we don't work together I don't even know attack do you like I mean that's that's pretty special being in the day on a daily basis. He has yet young and I know we're running out of time on the segment but I think part of it the fascination kind of coming back down to it to earth a little bit talking about business. Is the way to structure your deals and what does the profit on these things look like there's a reason you guys got into home construction. That was it because he'd like to just build I'm sure there's some of that I mean in and I think that's another question I want ask is. Why. Right why this but I'm that would make you can just talk about that before jump off the next segment why are you in this business. We grew up and that's the first the first answer is we're carrying the course of my father's story he was a builder for four years so. To go back to the deals themselves. You know we Charles structural deals and a twenty point 5% profit range for investors. So we're almost doubling their money when they and estimates. So they guys see you guys got in this is a legacy then that's what I'm here write this your dad was a part of this it's it's it's a new DNA. You guys know this he love it eat it you breathing you sleep that year homebuilders ranked silently as lender that's critical. That's nice. Are right so I wanna hear a little bit more about how you structure the deals are gonna get into some of those mechanics when we come back from break hang in there and will be right back. Welcome back if you just joining us this week's topic is residential construction and renovation using hard money loans. Our guest this week our running and Donny Anderson from Anderson homes Dallas thanks again guys for joining us for coming down here. I'm glad you guys get to enjoy maybe a little bit the weekend at least when you guys did for him he had a I can't tell you everything that happened correct if that's not certified not for their radios that good and you guys you guys are working on a new show coming out to right tell us a little bit about that what you're doing in in in what that's going to be like. Texas two step and it's more we've got. Sizzle reel that we filmed and were shopping it out ten network so. Hopefully we get picked up. You know not be a cross between. Doug dynasty. And property for a and tactics are ready to go. Three in one piece open that's going to be yet I hope he came up without on the spot. The guy did I can't make that initiatives and lower tax great. I wanna watch our good. That's really your rate moves and so normally we'd been tied into very specific topics on our show to this week we're doing something special obviously we have a couple of guests here we have some clients of ours. That are builders Reid Pete builders essentially production builders basically. On the do a lot of custom homes in some really great work up in the Dallas area. So we've got. Them on the show today telling us about how they got started what they're doing how they're building their business but if you want to listen to this entire episode you missed out on that you can do it at noble capital dot com you can also download our podcast he can do that. I using the iPhone we are on Google play in some other places are everywhere you download your podcast you go and download this one is gonna live out their forever guys yes area company could go in and correct me if. A bigger no definitely guys download the podcast check us out on social media and if you wanna engage in maybe attend an upcoming event we've got retirement. Blueprint dinners coming up not all over the state anymore actually hosting an in Austin because they've gotten the vaccine gained popularity here recently. So reach out to us a simple text the word secure to 313131. Now on talk a little bit about that trip we took the Dallas a couple months back. We drove a bunch neighborhoods with the guys it was it was fun. I will say that I had a great time in the car with you guys awesome. But I also got to see you're working you said something this is something that I didn't necessarily it didn't resonate until we got to the final property. We doesn't get any kind of the story of the company of that you know hi guys came to be an analyst. And we walked a couple of properties. And it was until we got the last one where rice that he I design on these things they had in an agreement that means in my head that he's he'd pick the colors. Like these things are actually your babies at the end of the day it's beyond. Just build a house for profit literally they are my babies a main. The the house would just finished. It's going to be hard for me to give those cases someone while I literally did all the Zhan and and when you say design you have to. Picked the title you have to pick the paint colors you have to pick you know what the cabinets are gonna look like. The the style of the cabinet doors hardware I mean literally there's a million choices and it is very difficult and at some to not take pride again and the so. I've literally spent this last week all weeklong. Stand up till 2 in the morning going over cabinet details are or six houses that are about to be ready for permits on March avenue the Chico saw yet. And so it's that's it's of big task to do that and so. The only really handles the logistics he's the construction he can. Get the crews lined up in an immaterial some things. And frees me up to be able do the creative part of business. That's catchy I can just see it now you can sell that house. Need to be driving by a couple of days later flatly denied that and that's our analysis. Tsvangirai and you know we're really doing my child's we should film a documentary on the panel on this I think they parked on the side of the highway Rick for all of us who haven't I don't know let go when you how I understand your pour your heart and you know into that project these are your babies than your son is. Property is not yet sound like a labor of love man and the worst. You know not often decide it is when somebody comes you ready and you've just. If you built a house of have you guys ever built her death. I mean you know. It's just so difficult and somebody comes solo calls you on yeah this it's it's a dire it's like saying your kids not Gardner yeah okay it is definitely. Yes that's a that's a tough one well thought about this than two were talking about passion why you guys got into this business. Give this may be like a cautionary tale it's one of the things you gotta watch out for me I know off theory guys at Tommy's story about tiger dad got into the homebuilding business but what are some of the things that you're always had no watch on the careful. Yeah earlier career she talked about watching regulatory. Laws some things and a long time ago or dad did crossed our retaining walls for apartment builders. And those were very popular and stood tall stone walls. You still kind of see the residual you know cross tile walls sometimes there are gonna be redone. All the EPA came out and said. The preservative on them you know you can build cross tile walls anymore or rare road ties you know these old times they take it out from under the railroad tracks. That you could use those anymore because of that preservative. And his business overnight just died so that's when he became home builder and then light it makes me think about right now. Hell real estate is hot and you've got to take advantage of things like that and when did you gases funding. You can. Without him and go through a million qualifications. You gowns can provide money to us fast and that's what we've got to have in this market. That's a big point I actually wrote them out here that I want to Mike about the advantage we have bodies and you -- us. It is the fact that we can close deals quick. We can we can get a better price for our deals as well and we can outdo the other builders are building on the outside improper that are bidding on the same property. And our counsels sell first because we got the better location. Because we were faster. It's a huge advantage for us abilities you guys other than affected you know the pricing is. As period results swallow I guess but if we can get it done that that motivates us to get it done faster than wreck him. So that's why we don't know I just. And we want to sell and faster so. The faster you go the less interest a casino for us as as as business operators as well you know we're private lenders and stated Texas Wii's. Pacific league focus on singles and Rosie so guys like you hear your perfect you're the perfect type of bar where a guy out there for us it's it's a business owner. And you know we're always looking at ways to improve our business processes and how we can be faster Communist in that velocity of cash if you will. That's a key competitive on the actress. Guys quite a bit man and we we haven't had a chance that to really get to know each other too too much are we have at ya and you've met our staff and whatnot. On I appreciate you guys like you guys really you your profile and you individually are lifeblood of our business so so thank you awesome I'm counting Q with all our great stuff. You guys said in our properties sell faster with our money with our money you can actually take down and other properties Crist asking about a cautionary tale. Bad deals mean surely you've stepped. On you know that didn't you ever done gradually be set tell us about that worst Julia ever did. Well I'll go back to the beginning of the never you know we win and and I don't like to use that term because I don't want fans somebody may be from the neighborhood and brand were actually friends with the people in the neighborhood but it it is a ghetto ish. I previously ghetto neighborhood. And we literally had a couple of crack houses near the homes rebuilt. And those were very tough so it's a self. So but we finally sold them sort it tells you the strength of the neighborhood and annals crack comes are still there. We're actually working with the city police and things to. Trying to get rid of that stuff in the neighborhood were. For raft you know we we actually have we talked about impact investing from our angle you know what are we able to do as the you know the money. Supply side here in this entire ecosystem. And helping guys like you go any transition neighborhoods and essentially replays housing stock A you know are talking about affordability crisis in the state of Texas special places like Dallas and Houston and Austin. But dean we're going in transition neighborhoods that traditionally have problems like like issues of drugs or other types of problems. A that's a real thing that actually happens were able to provide meaningful impact in the community and that's something that we're real proud of being able to be apart of. You're lowering crime lowering violence and and wish him the same marvel and other cities you know we wanna go on to other cities and be able to decide tomorrow yeah I I don't know if you guys have already cross on west at Fort Worth it's got beat a desperate need for this list and yes and it's looming over there oh yeah when he. Let me just jump in real quick and talk about something that we've got coming up which is our outcome our biannual state of the company were you guys are gonna be joining us talking this with Chris on stage. The state of the company is on Tuesday July 24 for anybody listening net interest in him going and learning a little bit more about what we're doing Howard proving these neighborhoods Howard Howard. Financing these onto nor his. Give us reach out and and join us RCB for this thing that's lead RCP is by texting the word money. We almost all money. MO NEY 2313131. It'll reserve your seat we've only got about 250 spots at this thing and last time it was that capacity so. Reach out with some time so it's coming up Tuesday July 24 here in Austin at the Renaissance Boston is gorgeous here oh yeah then reload here there's another market for you yes and there's another market for so what do you what do you guys doing to kind of look at. Kind of the next frontiers that love field neighborhood with something it wasn't a hunch you had news he said I'm gonna take advantages but at some point the other ones coming. Yeah. We do theirs what we call face to. And it's on the west side of the airport it's another ghetto wished that neighborhood that hasn't started being developed yet switchover trial now. I'm really anywhere word bland is affordable so about it. Now just for correction we don't build affordable homes technically that's 250000. Around her. But I like to say that our homes or affordable custom homes for Dallas because there in the 750 range. On your own single family line that's you can't find anywhere and now. If I'm wrong and I think it was you that was making appointed Donny were we talked about my house is gonna sell first because I'm listed less than this guy and it's a better house. Yeah some version of that from amnesty that's where we're at right now we just had a and we've got of course about. Six you know three times more homes of achievement. You know. You know friends and cronies aren't that Zaria right let me SE group question and and as anybody else started building in the same neighborhood yes yes and that's yet that is literally this one block were developing it it's all coming together in time and the other builders have come in on us yeah well raw. Me was asking as you've got to really be strategic Conyers square footage and you know what's in demand. And then your price per foot yourself point selling point. You know where we've studied that and we've built in this neighborhood the other guys are relatively new in here and I think bigger is better yeah I mean usually in Texas yeah bigger than I. You know. In this particular neighborhood you've got to be just right you've got to be round in the sweet spot and we think we're there. And we're going to be asking a little bit less than the other guys and we were were looking for cells we're gonna kill quickly and then you gals can lend us a bunch more money. That's what it's all about here let me tell you we've actually got an underwriting criteria and our place for anybody if listen this is kind of cool because he gets that you'll see this in real life you're driving. The three guys to know this we've got this criteria that it's basically. Is at the Taj Mahal says it the biggest and prettiest or maybe an obvious. Building in the neighborhood if it is were out. Yeah where we we stress the deal to the point where we're not Canada that we don't get me in on the other one and and sometimes we'll take a little bit more risk the we will we look at a neighborhood we look for proof of concept to we don't wanna be the first guy in the neighborhood right that's always the risk in you guys have already done that. You tested the thesis he went out here and said we think this is a thing and now you're houses are selling it transitioning in neighborhood you're picking up more inventory you're scaling your business this is really exciting guys crew as we did not only do the research on the never we do the research. On one it is the most popular home cell style that selling. So for Alison it's that modern you know it's got some traditional elements but it's very modern product and that's what we build. You know I make a joke I said if if we build houses were popsicle sticks and that's what sells. That's what we're limited pretending that it if we did the research on you know the Stahl and analysts. That's awesome and order a popsicle sticks are affected by terrorists. I thought I. Miley getting oh another name and talk about the price a lumber but you know we can jump into that lumber concrete I mean it's a real thing isn't legal yeah we talked about that a little bit last week and are. Are Arabs that last week that. Yet there's so many factors can impact your business and that's why having good money partner is something that you really need to have a locked so we're excited where can we do you guys I'm excited to see guys on stage. Everybody hang in there will be right back. Sound off on the news today with the top full online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. This is. No capital great. And we're back if you just tuned in we've been explained real estate investment using hard money loans with us or special guest running and Donny Anderson from Anderson homes Dallas been a lot of fun having you guys on here. Yes there we love it that's exciting our first radio show you know what that's that's exciting it's your first rated shows and you know what you're the first time we've ever had a client. On our show like the two well. Yeah two lattes and the kind of fun. In the next couple weeks I think it's about 45 days out and drop this I thought I was out there does seem got another show that's gonna be hidden airwaves it's gonna be by way of podcast only but I'd love for you guys to join us at specifically. Geared towards the audience of business owners on the north in real estate it's not investors that we're talking to right now these people that are listening to they really want him to incorporate this into a retirement plan. Connects what is going to be the the entrepreneur awards the guys that building businesses just like you. I'd love to have you on its a great audience for you but obviously what you guys adult is is pretty special so I think it's great teachers or at the people always. Are drawn through it had success especially when it's that when it comes from humble beginnings and that he's not a back to Austin music from trying to moderate to me that when I travel a podcast I can go out there finally over yourself and. I haven't for the area and it's I think you're talking nearly damaged our fundraising is Cheney also wants to go back. If you're just tuning in this is the noble Capital Radio. Actually building these houses and transforming entire neighborhoods have been talked about that really exciting so glad you guys came on the show today and really excited how do you guys. On stage on the 24 in our stated the company so they'll be fine I don't know what you guys have planned we've got a few minutes cut out I mean I'm hoping we get to see Samir says the real for your show to that would be really cool I'd love to show that some people that do you would you guys be able to do that if you gals will allow us absolutely we know let's take a look I don't know how much time we have it was it's gonna to be a short little piece I would imagine that mark will make it happen everybody and they're almost two minutes and 38 seconds. Yeah I never looked this third I think I have no idea but there is is out and and once again to call what's the the pitched the push is four. Texas to Houston Texas two step down like you know. Our audience it's gonna be at that state of the company is very excited to it to see this because they don't often see the other side you know how how the other side of the corn works it we tell about it. But they never really see it says is really important for us to to educate our audience and also for listeners to understand that but what we're talking about we're talking about private lending. It's a form of investment right it's a form of investment that sits somewhere between Wall Street type stocks and bonds. And that's super safe insurance stuff over here that some people like some people don't. It's basically predictable investment secured by tangible assets tangible assets that these guys are turning into it the million dollar house's. You may not realize that the the predominant amount of our capital that we have that we have custody over that we lend out. Generally is coming from people that are retirement aged right so they're looking for predictable income they're looking for something to diversify their portfolio with. They know that they can't get over exposed to the stock market is it something was to happen in big correction they don't have time to make it back up so they're looking for a way to be six year. Into earned income on that money and it's there's not a lot more secure than tech. Israel stay right counselor now I'll look at. Different a look at the big industries oil you know computers. Real state. It's it's a safe bet and we look at the right deals you know location location location we try to found. The right deals and we've never not sold a property. You know we've had some last a little longer but but do you. Not so gather tangible sorry or point because we're not just construction experts were actually real estate experts as well so. Clearly business experts I mean this is this is a operating business it's got its got a heartbeat in and of itself. Yeah and is going to be great when the streamline podcast comes out again at these guys back guys we can dig into further about your business in what we're going to be doing their. You know what I think it's time to play put your money where your mouth as. We're at the end of every episode we have to come up with a phrase that sums up this week's topic sounds of a right not if our producer John Harris has anything to say about and he senior today so this is harmony give them a hard time but. Listen he provides us what he calls the Sean below real creative containing different guidelines every week. And we're forced to come up with the stuff on the fly we opened a live on the air. Every now and then I failed that was first time I realized sleep first time it's ever happened but we never know we're gonna have to deliver on the show surrounding. From Frederic. So I had to read it but I opened it majesty he glanced that is ideal and she always cheat every time he made it very difficult to configure soaring today we'll have a conversation about this later ready to shine your fired here he's got a glimpse of time. All right let's start with this running pick a number between three and seven. 77. It is OK honey pick a number between three and seven. Currie all right Jacqui. Divide that number by tomb. I gave that a legal Odyssey where Romney can ask your fitness is our ground on the next hole number 35. And if necessary that's a number of words for this week's put your money where your mouth is so in five words or less. Excuse me in exactly 55 words we need to recap today's show whatever you guys felt about today's show more yup. Recap today's show I always have to started so that everybody has a little bit to bring in time sometimes they kill some radio time just like I'm doing right now to do this tick tack come up of what you're saying yup so I I'm gonna keep the sucker off I was it'll music or something that is not just dead time tomorrow. Are your goes five words guys like this change neighborhoods. Auspreys. Analyze I don't know all we know this guys fresh trading go hard work for. Pay. Our heroes and don't approve the union is it hard work for. Good pay there in fact. To drive to Houston yeah everybody I. You gotta delta viewing through. That we're very excited to be here but so's. Which he is a contraction Connecticut that in Dayton does that Italy's entrenched in the senate president. And then. All right I'll I'll keep a really nice and simple our Dallas clients are awesome hey man I am. Oh no matter what was the name of the website that where you're from promoting inside of love field it's. Answers are saws Dallas dot com all right noble loves Anderson. I'll play Garnett does another website and I you know that's and CI define love field occasionally and IDC year ads that are there they're in the airport right regularly Starbucks I think there at the Starbucks kiosks not that I go to our business and every time great place and I know I'm sensation standing there making a payment and you look up and what do you see you thank your dad Israelis are a little Starbucks went upstairs and down we put them hey we're smarter than me. That's a calendar in there that are down on my guys. Bayliss has been a lot of fun and hard to say thank you guys for coming down here thank you again also a new advances are coming down here on the 24. I'm looking forward seen you guys on stage with us that's going to be a great time as well. If you wanna download this episode you can do that it noble capital dot com last chance Rami how do you ours TP Buick and the state of the company very simple text the word. Money and ON DEY money to the number 313131. And we will reserve view and you were guest or guests a spot. In one in the one thing before we cut over here. We have the staying where we basically track anytime that we stumble on our words and say more or anything like that and gone through we sets new records today that it. I wonder why not the least need you guys don't know us know you know what we actually donate money we actually have a counter for this that we hat we added and when we head out a new and sunset for last week. And it's so basically it's a big red flag every single time Romney comes on the show chewing gum. The oh. I missed the ensuing in my NL best single time. I don't understand how much coming into this latest it's against the system on just it's one of those text soaked Texas and against the grain cunning guy Alan via my I don't know. Then fund guys really appreciate it. Absolutely should come on the show up our everybody I'm Chris I'm running. And I'm Donny and I'm Ronnie Anderson and where Texas two step and you've been listened to it on the noble Capital Radio hour.