8/12: Turn Your Retirement Savings Into Steady Income For Life

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Saturday, August 12th

Financial Wi$e with Suzette Blackburn, for August 12.


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And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right here rim not to like knowing things joined the right choice club that's talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. Broadcasting from that talked thirteen seventy studios you're listening to a financial blocks we Stewart host Suze said Blackburn. How you turn your retirement. Savings into steady income for life. Blackburn and her financial why specialty has also been featured weekly on K view. So stayed too. And she brings that same healthful life changing information Ted talk radios listening audience yeah here's your host and Suzanne Blackburn. And. Welcome to financial wise I can so excited to have you listening. To my show financial wise today I NCs at Blackburn. And owner of capstar financial I may fiduciary financial planner. I've been helping people and families retire with. Confidence for over twenty years I've been on this show in this station. Four we're in our fifth year doing financial wise radio. And today's show is another impact full show a New York. Risks to your retirement income. If you wanna go back and listened to many of the shows I've done in the past please do. If you go to the web site thirteen 70 AMR comes to caps are financial dot com and you can listen at will. And all of our topical. Subjects which include income planning interest rate risk longevity risk inflation. Market risk. Where you going to look to help you navigate the waters are retirement we you've found it right here on financial was radio contact my office at 512. 215. Nine. Now what today shows about comes from many of the appointments I've been having lately of people that have worked and worked and worked many times. Any profession. That they've mastered for thirty years and now. They're about to walk off a cliff and no longer have a W two income in other words a paycheck. They're paycheck is going to end and they're looking to the savings. Two or supplement and to give them what they are and what their needs are and then eventually turning on Social Security. Or pension. And what we do it my office is weaned literally helps you with they written income planned. Police say you know what the tax ramifications are the longevity risks are. If there's an inflationary time what about the shake the tree what if there's a market risk. Or what if you get sick. All of that has to be in a written in complain and let me tell you how important this is what this illustration. So. Recently I was driving to Dallas now we live in Austin and I and every once in while we have to drive to Dallas. I'm praying for you if you get a guy to tell us because. I 35 although it I think it's better. But my lord there are core doors through temple and wait till that have been in saying with traffic. An insane with potential risks of racks. Because of those wonderful orange cones and I'll my gosh you know they're doing construction and a half mile life. I don't know if they'll ever stopped working on I 35. And with a hundred families moving into the Austin area every day. That you know it's gonna continue but with that said you and I have to make a road trip every once a while north to Dallas. And so you know what we do we know I 35 you and I know it well just like you know your paycheck you know you can count on me you don't need a GPS system to get to Dallas. You just hop on I 35 and it takes you right there there's no brain power needed there's no app on your phone needed we just go to Dallas. Okay you follow my story. Now watch this. I live out west and I thought you know what I don't wanna do like 35. I don't wanna hit traffic at a when he hit potential wrecks than those huge tracks especially with the construction I want a different route. And so what I did is I literally started using my GPS to go a different route 281 and our. You know then I had to go to Lubbock and I had that I'm really had to navigate some stuff there because I don't know those roads. Should I go through. You know brown would mean I don't know. So what I did is I I typed in going to Dallas and I looked at three different routes. And some of them I didn't know some of the more back roads and Andy goes through you know a lot of towns and been through there was a lot of stop signs a lot of I didn't know with the potential. Pit. Falls war can't slack. This is a perfect analogy of retirement. Because when you decide to retire. If you're gonna do this on your own it's not turn and on a paycheck you're not just gonna turn on 4% of your normal mutual funds that you got your 401K. Because this big construction zones are the market risk Rick the top of the market everything's going gangbusters. But. Just ten years ago we had a nightmare folks and if you are retiring ten years ago it's a different world. You can't just turn on 4% and I hope everything goes okay and we're find is 40% a year money went a when he in the next year. So when I save it you've got to have. Some help just like you have helped with the GPS. So watch this I'm driving. And all the sudden my GPS system says I got this little red bar for the next couple of miles. I'm like oh my gosh that either means a rack or it means bad traffic or what it was it was a rush hour. It's still come on this background and rush hour inflow worse because I went to Fort Worth Whelan 21 you know that so. There is a lot of construction that I had to navigate that showed me on my GPS system because I had a written plan. On my GPS are you following me kitchen when I'm land down. So what I'm telling you is that by having a written navigation planned and then you you modeling and what if there's traffic. What if there's a market downturn what if there's tax problems. Would have when he hears about when it viewing your spouse dies what if wind you get sick. Well what is your GPS system do immediately if there's a problem. You get this little thinking that the dot dot dot thinking dot dot what it does it re navigates. And you take a back road. And you take a different road. And then if you need T taken other background. But it's a written plan it's RD there in the background waiting for you in the event that there's a problem. You know one of the client who came in earlier this week which I door he and his fan I mean they're just a neat family. The plan their vacations. And just fun is just need a known for years but they came then. And they've got this big bucket of money that they've developed over in their careers. And they're asking need to doing GPS basically assists them for them with a written plan. So they don't have to think about it they just know there's going to be income streams coming in that are tax efficient. They're going to make sure that if inflation happens that they're gonna be okay there's certain income that we're gonna. Really let kind of cook like a Turkey in the oven and leave it alone for awhile it can have a little better. You know I would say gas in the oven we're gonna turn it up a little 'cause that's going to be for later. That we're gonna turn on let's say an eight to ten years all this stuff has been absolutely. Plotted out. That's the right choice that's the right way to create an income plan I'm telling you if you're doing this on your own. It's really good idea to get a second opinion. Just like if you're gonna take an alternate route. To Dallas you gotta look at him you gotta look at a map when your phone and navigate whatever my three rout. So if you'd like a second opinion call my office at 512. 215. 9030 and we will put together a written plan. Of action for you to navigate the next possible thirty years in retirement. That's about what you're gonna do. As you retire when that W two paycheck cut soft and you fall off the cliff and you got to figure out income on your own frankly. Don't tell us some help. When she was somebody that's got twenty plus years of experience it's helping. Hundreds and hundreds of families do that that's what we do that test our financial so call my office. At 5122159. And you know when I look at these risks. You're coming in some money and investments. In you're trying to figure out how do you spell and do you spend money just like he did with the W two I mean no seriously. Hot. Do you like to spend money I spend money but I also have to make sure. The because what it comes to retirement that the incoming is going to meet the obligations so when we come back at the break. I'm gonna go into how we're spending more money after retirement. And how do you do that with tax efficiency. So listen to release date with me today this is a great topic for you if you're within five years every timing ten years of retiring. That's when you need to see me. Call me at 5122159830. And remember. Yeah simple start financial wise. The rest are otherwise. Unseat at Blackburn. Let's talk time in planning in today's economy over night. And day with capstar finance job. About taking a power lines and making headlines with power. Retirement our telecasts are and it took our retirement planning in today's economy season and Blackburn has the power house financial planner yeah. Ms. Clinton learned licks up. I already know our summer so I need to analyze radio talk 1870. Now that the power of great financial wisdom to work for your retirement future. The workshop Atlantic complimentary but the information and how to present and valuable live telecast are fighting until Tuesday September 12. I tell CNN river place for lunch with power. Again next Tuesday September tough tough CNN river plays get deep just today capstar financial black prompted calls by 22159. Meet their need to register. Seating is limited up today by 22159. Detainee. Investment advisory services reduce global financial try to capital LLC. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world. Take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7011. The trading began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven deep down right choice. Welcome back to financial lives with your hosts whose at Blackburn. Welcome back to financial wise I am loving this show because it's talking about replacing. Your paycheck. Over a thirty year period of time with the acid to use that you're lifetimes say evening. And doing that in an organized fashion. Just like you turn on your app for a GPS system when you take a long vacation. Had you ever done got a cross country without a map. Of course you haven't you don't get the car and drive to Pensacola Florida without a map. Without a plan. Without knowing only got a minute hit used and it's gonna cost me another three hours possibly write you have to know. Where the down falls are going to be just like. Whenever you or in retirement you've got to know what your risks are. You can't go into their half blind thinking oh my mutual funds are gonna get me there I'm gonna count on my paycheck to be replaced with total risk in the market. Held gosh please don't do that please don't do that please sit down with us sick cats happening to we have a team approach. And what we do as we sit with you and we put a written in come planned in your hand. You and your family know exactly. The different assets how they work there's no correlation. They all worked together in a planned for the next five to ten years. The next ten to twenty years oh and by the way what did have. We're driving to Pensacola Florida. And our app shows this my god we've got a red line here of traffic and nightmare. We've got to make a detour. So what is your Abdul on your phone you press indeed tour and it's thinking thinking thinking and then what does it do it takes you on Reggie never heard of it takes you on pads they you don't know about that's new value. On the financial planner in retirement. That did it. You're GPS system doesn't go OK hang in there it's gonna we'll take your not gonna lose 30% a year market a year your money in the market. You're GPS system doesn't go okay we got to calculate another three year in three hours of time and used and right it takes whatever route. That's what a good retirement planners can do for you because. You don't have the opportunity to go back to work once you've left possibly. We've got to navigate with the money they achieve saved. We've got to figure out how to make sure that your money laughs. Oh and by the way if the markets go down 30% we've got to be on the model land. The alternate routes to get to where you need to be. Dad is what we do it caps are financial so call our office at 5122159030. Give the team approach. Find out what it looks like this sit down people that have over twenty years of experience. Doing just this. Making sure that you've addressed estate planning income planning risks of pocket health care problems risks of inflation. Market risks. You know I. I love doing what I do I eat we're about to have our client appreciation party we've got over a hundred people coming we've got a twelve piece band. I'm I've ordered food is called the taste of Italy it got some cool stuff I don't wanna mention in case you're listening and near my client a good is going to be fun. And you know this is a way for me to celebrate. You celebrate you being in our lives that caps are financial I only you know how amazing it is that I get the option to work with you. It's such a privilege it's a sacred moment money is a big deal. Your money that you say don't your life matters is on Sunday and it's like OK next next next absolutely. Not when you come to capstar. You become one of like a family. You become part of our caps are family. Or we wanna make sure that you've got confidence at a gal walking in the and the day just tell this quick stories little off topic. That she was making a decision on life insurance. And she came in my house she says she's managed candidate I don't know anything about this I don't know how works I don't know why what they're doing. But here are my options that work do I do this or not. And so I was able to go okay. Wow what a sacred moment for me to really use my skills that can help you in your job and look at this I don't it it was amazing because she left. With total clarity with peace in our heart to know the right choice to make. With the options that she had issued an even know you don't have anybody like that or Q have anybody I know because I talked TO. You don't have somebody at work eating go OK here's a bit. Fifty different mutual funds which ones do I choose and how will I navigate this you don't have that. That's what we do for you caps are financial. So call my office at 5122159. And we will walk you through an income plan we will give you a written in complain and just like a GPS so how does that work. How that works it looks like this. We create. A and amazing planned by doing this. First up the vet number one here's a four step process. Number one we have clarity we create clarity on what you wanna do in retirement we've got to figure right airplane and we got to figure out your income year algo. What are your goals are what you wanna do you do when a movie taking care kids who have college to pay for weddings to pay for how we done with all that these double mortgage I'm a mortgage professional. We can redo that if it needs to be or we we figure out a plan to pay off that mortgage. Then. We get the statements that you have so I can analyze where you are what your risks your fees. Are you paying too much in your current portfolio is all your stuff doing exactly the same thing. Frankly that's what I see the most high fees and everything you have is doing exactly the same thing. That's not diversification in any form or fashion. So if you call my office 5122159030. We can do this analysis for you. So the first thing is clarity the second thing is the analysis the third thing when you come in. Is I will be able to evaluate. All the assets that you in your current plan. And identify any gaps that I CNET TV set near you got a great professionally you're working with toilet is so great. Wanted to get a second opinion to be sure. Had to. Make sure that you've got the best. Eleven Austin, Texas has lots of choices out there why not make sure. So we'll sit down what you will evaluate your assets the current plan you have are gonna identify. Any gaps he had between the missing pieces that you've got in your portfolio. And then when you start to work with us if you choose to we'll implement the plan of action and accomplish your retirement goals. One of the things that we do I haven't heard of anyone in town doing. Is it we want you to bring your laptop and we want to customize your login with caps are financial we want you to look at online. Every day real time how you're not correlated how it all your assets are doing different things. We named them exactly what it is so you know which account you're gonna take income from when. His doing that no one but ask called caps are financial 512. 2159030. Find out what a real team approach looks like where the right choice for your retirement planning. And we've been here on top thirteen seven deeper in our fifth year we've had over twenty years of experience with our team approach. We would love to sit down with you find out. What are planning looks like for you get a second opinion and remember that it's simple start financial eyes. The rest or otherwise. I'm season flat. Let's talk time in planning in today's economy. It reminds. It's a day with capstar finance job. About taking a power lines and making headlines which. Power retirement power doing cast our financial our retirement planning in today's economy season and thought pattern is the power house financial planner. And this one's similar lyrics up. I already know our summer so I need to analyze radio talk 1817. Now that the power of great financial wisdom to work for your retirement teacher at the workshop Atlantic complementary to the information it. 100% and valuable to do you can't start fighting until Tuesday September 12:12 PM in river place for lunch with power. Again next Tuesday September tough tough CNN Everglades. He just today capstar financial black prompted calls by 22159. Meet their need to register. Seating is limited to talk today by 221598. Investment advisory services reduce global financial try to cap and. And we'll see. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen 78 the right choice. Welcome back to financial wise with your hosts whose at Blackburn. Welcome to financial wise I'm seized at Blackburn and the fiduciary financial planner. And in doing this for over twenty years have been on the radio show password are fit here and as a fiduciary. I have to acting your best interests. The number one thing you've got to have is the right choice for your retirement planning. Now earlier in the segment I was talking about the GPS systems on your phone the GPS systems in your car possibly. You would never go cross country. All the way to Florida without a map right why are you gonna go into retirement without a written will define and income plan why would you do that. You've got to contact our office to get the right choice at 5122159030. Now when I'm talking about income. You know even your thinking about in come in retirement you're replacing a paycheck. You're replacing a paycheck that you don't even think about it shows up every two weeks in your checking account. It just shows up and you've got a budget you know how much you can spend you've been doing this for your lifetime. That cash flows always been kicking just right there. You know what to do you know how to spend it if you live in on a budget which I hope you are frankly. You're pretty and and you know to create that budget. A all the things that are happening then you get an emergency fund all of that's there. Well you fall off a cliff but basically when you retire. And a lot of people lock in my office because he likes he said my god I don't know find do X. I don't know if I can stop working and really have the income that I need. I had so many people hundreds literally cut a man and we put together a written income plan. What is the value of that my goodness the confidence that he'll have to deal the go and live your retirement life without worry. You've got a call our office to get the team approach at 5122159. Let us help you figure out which account when we're gonna withdraw. Give you confidence in that written plan now we've got some upcoming events that are going to be happening. I eight have always loved working with concordia university doing retirement elevated course love it love it. Love it it's like crack an open my skull and pouring out 25 years of experience and knowledge. On income planning investments taxes health care legacy planning. Are you prepared for what all this means two year retirement I don't know. Are you ready. Are you completely ready you know all the things that are necessary. I would love to help you in that course at concordia university have to call my office 5122159030. To get the information on when we're going to be holding those classes in September. I've got my power hour gosh I love it we just did one. Tuesday September 12 from twelve to one this is a family chip cookie and a glass of iced tea on May. And we will deep dive into your income plan. In October it's Tuesday October 3. And all you need to do is call me talk to Tammy. My girl in the office she is amazing if you haven't talked to Tammy and you just wanna have a good day he got a call her at 512. 2159. And she will help you. You know one of the things is our team approach. Continues to evolve. In in client appreciation parties and in client events that we have about a state planning. In classes that we're going to teach all about income. Taxes. Investments. All the different things that you are going to have we routinely you read. Implement re make sure that you know what's happening in the world is a lot going on right now tax laws are potentially gonna change. The Social. Security. That changed last year. It it really blew up a lot of via complaining that people had we had to do a detour. We define an alternate route. If you don't have a planner it's putting together. Alternate routes for you in the event of major catastrophes that are potentially down the road. Then you are with the wrong person college set 5122159. The game changer that we have kept our financial as I said is every spending decision stems from the philosophy. Debt you have a plan for your life. Anything that comes along I've got somebody that's coming in my office today that had a death in their family. And what we're planning to do is sit down and really deep dive. Into what are your potential tax ramifications. What's the income streams it you're gonna need with this how we navigate this hurts the most efficient. And the best growth putt potentially for you. That's what we do it Katsav financial. We analyze it we create. And we implement so call my office at 5122159. Remember some folks are financial lives and the rest. Are otherwise I'm season. 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