8/12: The Voss Law Firm, P.C.

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Saturday, August 12th

Bill Voss of The Voss Law Firm, P.C., stopped by to talk about insurance claims relating to weather, storm damage, and more, and what to do if your claim has been denied, delayed, or underpaid.


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Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy at this year. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven you got come into January need sock thirteen seventy right choice. Good afternoon welcome to ask the experts on talk thirteen seventy I'm your host Casey John's every Saturday at five. This is the show that connects you with experts to help with your home your health your wealth your life and more. You can catch up on past episodes of talk thirteen seventy dot com slash experts you also email your questions to any of our experts anytime. Ask the experts have talked thirteen seventy dot com and again we're here. Every Saturday at five our guests today bill boss of the moss law firm. You find them on the web at moss law firm dot com that's the we know ask ask law firm dot com bill before we get into some frequently asked questions tell me a little bit about yourself and what the boss law firm dunce. Well listen thank you for having national and we're very excited to be here it's a privilege and an honor to get an opportunity to talk to you. And your audience about some very important issues that are facing policyholders. In today's environment not only in Texas burden and really anywhere around the country. But to again thank you we look forward to having a conversation. Tell me about the boss law firm specifically any specialty is that the firm focuses on. Sure Hurricane Ike devastated quite a few policyholders. And I started getting some phone calls from some commercial property owners. Asking if I could provide assistance with their insurance claims they were seeing not only. Issues from an initial filing of the claim they didn't want to do anything wrong. And they wanted to make sure there tees were crossed their I's were dotted died there was say in foreign upon a second wave of claims and calls they came and when the insurance companies the carriers. Actually started denying DeLaine and under paying claims. And so those phone calls started coming in we started analyzing those claims. And started helping large property owners that happened own commercial properties so that's what sets you apart from other firms. So we do we're one of the few law firms in the country dead the wounded that you would consider a policyholder. Advocate from. This is all we do all we do every day of the week. Seven days a week turner 65 days a year is represented. Policyholders. In their fight to get what their food. Via their insurance policy. In other words the bigs that. That's right if you look at other firms in many other firms. Yeah they'll do other things along in and they might do this type of work there's not many folks out there. Relatively speaking that actually do this type of work and we'd like to say were a niche within a niche because not only are there few folks that handle policyholder work. But we handle policyholder work but the niche within that niches we specialize in large loss. We are commercial policyholder applicants and so anytime that you had any sort of commercial property a strip center a shopping mall at church. Industrial building industrial complex and beyond. We are known in the industry as those folks that you wanna called help in that insurance claim process. What areas of the country have been affected the most in the last two years by storm. So look let's start with Texas I mean we're here in Texas. Texas kids hit consistently. And constantly. With weather events that doesn't have to be hurricane everybody is probably following. The predictions. This summer about hurricanes and how active overseas and it's going to be well. Historically if you look at that they've been saying the same thing for her for years and there has and then one however what there has been is. Considerable amount of hail related storm activity across the state. And what that translates into is and actually got quantified the other day in an article. Said last year alone there's more than five billion dollars in damage caused by hail. Alone. And what's really interesting about that number to us says. That does not take into consideration and those hail losses covered loss events that were never even identify. So we think that number could be much higher than five in fact we're almost certain it's much higher than five billion dollars just last year alone. Solely caused by hail. Why are so many unidentified. A leak for example it might not manifest for five years after the damage. By that time it's really not much if anything that we can do and so we always preach that. We really do need to stay proactive we need a clean and place. We can help implement display and that. Allows our experts to look at those properties those portfolios of properties on a very regular basis. And provide reports and data that will tell our clients do you have a distressed asset there or not it. The end in that world if you do would what your options are and if you don't the next time a storm comes around at least you have the empirical data to show the carrier. That they should not your property your claims shouldn't be denied. For a preexisting condition. And so it's a very valuable. Value add services that we provide to our clients in we do all of that frankly for furry. I bet you come across a lot of cases were the clients just found out too late. First few reasons so number one and a lot of times hail storms happen at 2 AM. And so nobody is on site in number two. A lot of our clients own multiple commercial properties are either own it manages it and so regardless. They are not on site. And so they rely on a facility manager were building manager of and quite frankly those folks don't always know there was an event even if they do you know there was an event they're not necessarily. Per say hail experts. An edition that they knew and historically what we've seen is they really get involved when they start getting phone calls from tenants. For others that hey there's a leak out here. And by the time that they get those phone calls sort of from a legal perspective a lot of times those that's way that's too late in the process. In the putting them in a position where we might not be able to help them so we speak put our clients. About being very proactive and we've gotten mechanisms and methods that we sit and meet with our. Owners and managers about how we can implement a plan for the down that would help them stay proactive in those efforts. How long does a policyholder has been ordered a final stormed plain and seek legal counsel to help them with that claim. So depending on who you ask you're gonna get different answers to the general rule of thumb it is you need to file it. As quickly as you know of the damage so if you know of damage my recommendation in my Klein says. Either have us filed a claim on your behalf and work with you on it or you follow decline but regardless. I do so immediately. What's the difference between hiring a public adjuster directly. And hiring the boss law firm. So public adjusters. And they work on behalf of the policyholder much like us. The difference is really there are only authority is to put the policyholder through. What's essentially an arbitration and tight. Proceeding now okay they call the appraisal process and so their appraisal process is a process that is usually binding. And it in our opinion and we've got the data to back this up. Gives carriers about five escape patches to get out if it doesn't otherwise and just policyholders little to no. Escape hatch to get out and in addition to that in our opinion. It really does. Or there are attempts for it to. A BA final rendering of the claim therefore taking. The policyholders rise choose save jury trial it it takes that right away from the policyholders so what are. Public adjuster referral partners to their very savvy in the sense that they can sense whether appraisal was right for our case or not. If it's not then they call us and get us involved in the claim to make sure we're protecting. Those policy holders of rights. And every single right in every single remedy that's available to those policyholders. Under the law. So what's the difference the big stuff the big stuff the more complex stuff the these types of cases and claims that take a little bit longer. They take additional resources and are additional manpower. Thousands and thousands and thousands of documents on almost every one of our cases. But that's what we're geared up to do and that's what we've been doing now from a fifteen years what are some of the most important things to keep in mind when filing a claim. They look the most important thing in my opinion is Q did a good opinion. OK so whether that's us or qualify policy over another policyholder lawyer or a very good public adjuster. Are frankly a very good reputable contractor. But don't go it alone. Jiten good sound advice do your homework and try to get that claim filed as quickly as you can and. Our guest today on ask the experts build boss of the moss law firm if you get a storm damage claim that you need help with a third just once more information on how the boss law firm can help you. Manager insurance risk on your properties. Call 8662766179. Ask for taught at. You can also visit them on the web Boston law firm dot com that's BL asked ass law firm dot com. He also send them an email info at Boston law firm dot com again that's VoS. As. Law firm dot com we'll step aside for a couple minutes and come back more topics on insurance risk for your properties. With the boss law firm here and ask the experts on talk thirteen seventy. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the sport the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. On the air online and on your Smart tonight's top thirteen seven neat isn't there right away. Welcome back to ask the experts on talk thirteen seventy and Casey John's our guest today bill Voss of the Voss law firm. You get storm damage claim to want more information on how they can help you manage insurance risk that you properties weather storm claims and more. 8662766179. Ask for Todd. He's ready to help you out there you also visit them on the web at bosque law firm dot com VoS S law firm dot com. Bill we just talked about some of the important things to keep in mind when finally they claim what are some of the examples of claims that the boss law firm typically handle. So our specialty is released storm related covered losses so if we wanna talk about that we really talk about that. Hey ill. Wind. Lightning. Floods. But even may be vandalism. We represent quite a few commercial property owners that had been vandalized the copper has been vandalized for example. Those are claims they get deny delay and underpaid all the time and so if it is a just remember a storm related covered loss event. We are good resource for your listeners to call and at a minimum just. Did information on how to proceed with any claim that they might be considering filing. Anyone specific type claim that you guessed it called about the most mainly it's hail. Our clients and in many many many policyholders are very savvy and they know that they don't wanna make a mistake and they understand that if they make a mistake early in the process that sometimes those mistakes can be fatal and look let's be blunt let's be honest. On these types of cases especially. Carriers have warriors on their aside from day one. And so it only makes sense to have a very good they are very qualified. The very specialized. Policyholder. Loy your. On our side as well. Dealing with the insurance companies is the boss law firm have good working relationships with opposing counsel what most of the insurance companies. You know believe it or not we did after fifteen years of doing this we've built a very good reputation and of being hardworking and being ethical. Working well with the other side. All of that translates into really value add for our clients and frankly many of our clients hire us because of our relationships with the other side. And so that we always like to say that you know the worst thing you want in cases. Fur in your filed end up on somebody's desk on the other side that is either inexperienced. Or. Maybe somebody that doesn't have a good working relationship with the other side if you have a good working relationship with the other side. Both sides play by the roles things go a lot smoother and ultimately most of those cases get resolved. Well before any sort of trawl. Or frankly much litigation. And so cases can get resolved very early in the process. If there's a good working relationship with the other side and we're very proud of our relationship with opposing counsel and so that some and it kind of sets the vause law firm parks. Most certainly most certainly and so it absolutely. Helps in the whole process. Communication is key and transparency is key in understanding that we are those factually guys and gals that play by the rules that goes along ways. Let's talk about some of the recently passed laws here in Texas that will impact some of the lawyers in the field. Sure now it's a great question and it's cutting edge. This session just ended and so as you can probably imagine in your listeners can imagine. No insurance companies have. Quite a few lobbyist. And they paid those lobbyist a lot of money and in the prior session they really went after a public. Public adjusters in this session they went after sort of lawyers in the wall and then next session is no move in nobody's hiding the ball here they're going after contractors. And so they are making very active aggressive pushes. At the state level to really to minimize or eliminate. And any sort of representation that policyholder might happen is very very unfortunate. And so some of the changes that took place this session have to do with penalty interest in reducing penalties interest the type of notice that's required for somebody to move to file and proceed with the claim the additional opportunities. That the carrier now has. Additional bites of the apple if you will that they are giving the carriers to try to quote unquote pay claims properly. Regardless nothing that got past. Regardless of what any insurance carrier any interest lobbyist or any interest defense warrior might be out talking about. Nothing that was passed is fatal to policyholders in Texas nothing that was passed will prohibit. Valid claims from being pursued on behalf of policyholders. It just. Added some. Additional layers. Of paperwork. For guys and gals like me. To be able to prosecute and claim successfully on behalf of clients like our tell me a little bit about how that will impact your industry. Well listen anytime you can make it more difficult for policyholders to file claims. In more difficult for them to get paid. Translates it directly to bottom lines of insurance carriers. And so anybody can look up the billions of dollars in profit that carriers make every single year and look let's be 100% honest. They don't make billions of dollars in profit not in revenues and profit a year by paying clients to the contrary. They make that kind of money by the claims that they did improperly denied that day delay in that they grossly under a period why is that. Historically they do and there are folks on that side of the bar that will tell you these things. In confirm these things behind closed doors they'll never saying publicly I have no hesitation doing it Al I'll tell you that yes they are safe those. Insurance companies are for profit companies. And the way they make money is by collecting premiums and not paying claims period. So that's why it's even more important for someone to find an ethical company that's going to do things the right way. Because they're going to insurance companies are gonna look for any loophole they can't. Well that's our opinion who wrote the policy the policyholder in right policy in the carrier wrote the policy so do you think the carrier put anything that's advantageous to the policyholder in the policy that they wrote. Probably not absolutely not carriers don't put things in policies that are advantageous to policyholders carriers put things in policies that are advantageous to the carrier. And so you guys take a look at these policies for your clients. So we can massage them and add or delete which in those policies to make sure that well if they might have an existing client. Or they have a future plan but regardless we've got to make sure. At a minimum on those future losses at their position where they need to big. When those losses occur because if you have property in Texas and other states. It's not a matter of if it's a matter of win. So basically when it comes down to is there's a lot of details a lot of little things. And it's best probably just to get someone who knows whose job it is day in and day out to know all these little details. What I've got a real estate investment trust her property management firm that night owner control multiple properties that I'd like to have evaluated fur covered loss of answered damages as best service that the boss law firm provides. So we absolutely do so whether it's a reader family office property management firm. Urges an individual that happens to own multiple properties. We have a plan that we implement for those folks. That that enables us and our team to go out and look at those properties on a very regular basis and provide the data. That those folks need so they can make very Smart decisions. On how to proceed hand in addition of that sort of a byproduct. We. Position ourselves. So we can inform those clients about their policy. So you would be amazed at how many of these folks. Owned multiple properties. And they have no idea what's in their policy they have no idea what's covered they have no idea what their limits are and what we say is what I see it. We'll tell you and we'll tell you for free no obligation confidential consultation and in will let you know if you're Jim what you're paying for and we know what to look for to make it volley give advice on maybe. Those additional. Coverages that you might not have their absolutely critical that commercial property owners have in their policies. What would you say to someone who's listening who's kind of on the fence about calling the lost law firm. Getting someone to take a look at they're property in their insurance coverage and make sure that they are properly covered for an event. Well I'd say look it's a very easy phone call to make it's a very easy email to send. Taught at our office who is director of communications. He's a home run hitter he's very likable and he's very easy to talk to annual talk to him directly. And he'll answer your questions and if he's has questions before and there are tough to answer he'll bring those questions directly to men. And audio on the phone what those with clients or potential clients and we'll have those discussions as well. And won't give good sound advice but the bottom line is it's very easy it's very painless absolutely confidential. And there's absolutely no obligation for the phone call or the team. Duma called Todd is standing by to talk to you 8662766179. The boss law firm our guest today. On asked the experts ZOS. Asked law firm dot com he also issued an email to info at Boston law firm dot com. Bill thanks for joining us today on SP experts. All right well thank you very very much we really enjoyed it. 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