8/19: Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

Ask The Experts
Saturday, August 19th
Dr. Venkata Eralla with Aspira Plastic Surgery and Med Spa stopped by the studio to talk about liposuction and the different options offered through his practice. Visit them at www.AspiraPlasticSurgery.com or call 512-730-3885.

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Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seventy dot com it's anywhere need sock thirteen seventy right choice. Good afternoon and welcome back to ask the experts on talk thirteen seventy young heroes Casey Johnson doesn't show that helps you with your help. Your life your home and more there rotating cast an expert he can find details on Oliver shows talk thirteen simply dot com slash experts. Catch up with passion was there and of course you've got a question for any of our experts. Shoot us an email ask the experts and talk thirteen seventy dot com. In the studio with us today is doctor's entire gorilla from a Spiro plastic surgery in med spa doctor realm welcome to ask the experts thank you. Good afternoon tell us a little bit about your practice in where he'll located in everything else that also nights I wanna know. My name is doctor you know like I am man and W butch Hartford plastic surgeon. My office is located in lake we Austin Andrea I've been doing so you do for 25 years and doing plastic surgery for a board to eleven years. OK doctor Al let's just kind of get down to it we wanna talk about liposuction what's the difference between traditional liposuction. And what some people call Smart like that. Can walk us through the differences there yes the traditional liposuction has been their focus our early years. Courtesy and liposuction is it conscious if procedure. But how we do in traditional liposuction is. We nom de Leo what we call an optimist and truly it. And then we use a blend the Kenyan. Two deserved a fast accents. And to remove them. Which god has so more bruising more tissue damage and more swallowed. And that means there require more time to recovery. Whereas in smartly pro which is an exciting you know mission. What we do is we use in a small. One point and size lays out to Likud fight the phantoms. Oscar nominee. And not so you really helpful is to remove them much easier. So we did you know we do more weird by doing it. It reduces the trauma to the tissues and less of swallows and I know. The calories much quick car. And also back and and I've learned is a Smart like put these people also stimulates the quote lies and because of keep from Malaysia. And dice responds when father tightening of the skin. Which is like a double effort in this case. Is it a procedure that's done in the offices and outpatient what kind of what kind of process error people looking at our patients looking at to have this. Procedure done my helmet how involved isn't it. Smart label can be done in the office under local anesthesia. Patient doesn't need to go under zone anesthesia. Most importantly to know in liposuction procedures. The content in Daytona a league high you are when they are under the general anesthesia down in. I'll fees we don't general anesthesia. So this is it Al outpatient procedure. And then they can go home and rescinded after the operation how to feel Alex is it safe is isn't is the procedures and if yes liposuction. And Smart liposuction volatile safe Smart liposuction is considered one of the safest now. Because. He is traditionally as safe as like before. But with less damage to the tissues so patient's recovery is much more quick car. Quick recovery definitely safe. We're visiting with the doctors and kind of corral a spear a plastic surgery in mid spot give him a call 5127303885. He can also visit them on the web at a Spiro plastic surgery dot com that's AS PI RA. Plastic surgery dot com Spiro plastic surgery and then spot. Out in the late quake area we're talking about liposuction. You mentioned traditional liposuction and Smart play Pau. What is a week liposuction. If nick liposuction is that what I par foam in the off weeks. That means patient is to as vehicle while we are doing this procedure. Actually we. Number he Indio where we are supposed to our farm. Liposuction. Patients didn't have baked actually dare organism into music are asking me the questions while I am doing our farming the procedure on them. So just like we were talking about before not under general anesthesia just under a local in the spot where the where the life for such as being performed exactly right. And and one there's of this is I can ask the patient to change their position depending on. Indio where my instrument need to go there it's a really hear a convenient bullets to the sergeant iron to the patient. And the patients are actually having the finger. I'm not since after the operation. To dress themselves. Always a benefit there. You mentioned you talked a little bit about the recovery. And how you know when we were talking about the liposuction procedure being one of the safest. Procedures out there what is the recovery like any bruise mean other side effects anything that patients have to worry about with either traditional iPhone or Smart like well yes. Derek curry is pretty quick Ko with the Smart like both. The traditional liposuction because of their more tissue move grammys. Then usually take more time to recover. In Smart delightful. Because the lizard goes I'm mad it's the fact he initially. And then the size of the news it is only likely to pull the bond parred ten. And after that we use a different three yards for a minimum that means water is small canyon. And goes and you do to remove the fact matter of fact. And I'll say dead who has the heat and add to under the skin which helps to stimulated the collision. That's the one which is responsible informed. Tightening the skin. So been come to their are cowering. So obviously because of that I granted technology less tissue damaged more quick confederate color. Usually. In our office after the procedure. Our observation is most of the patients aren't going to go black two there's a normal activity turned war. In two to three this time after the procedure. That is why Texas and try to sorrow BZ. Because everybody want to have the procedure to do conduct and so they can go back to work on Monday recover over the weekend and then right back to work on Monday morning. Absolutely. We're visiting with the doctor and kind of corral a Spiro plastic surgery in med spa. On the web and this bureau plastic surgery dot com that's ESP. IRA. Plastic surgery dot com and we'll call 512. 730. 3885. Doctor Allen if someone calls 73038852. Scheduled appointment if they've got a an area that they want to have a looked down that is bothering them once that process walk through for first time patient what they're gonna kinda goes through with you and can walk. And through the process real quick so when their patients conflict comes in addition to our office. I didn't see everybody. And then now we reviewed in American history make sure. They are eligible candidates. I'm in because the safety is the number one react. Then after examining it examine them. I really asked them walk on by EDS of concern to them. Then if there are great candidates for liposuction and that means if they have a and off. Fact. Favre to do the procedure and that is a loose skin quality. And then we say yes and then we. We allowed his big day it is war bonds and into that means this is ideal procedure for a local guys are delightful. This trophy they India's rich. They are bothering them did that Austin is a good actor Tom people who do do. And globe are now exercise die on health conscious absolutely no ought to be head replacement form this liposuction. By that I subcommittee asked even meet that they cannot get treated off picked. And that's Rwanda Broadcom CRR and we can quickly have tomorrow to get back into the routine. Doctorow tell us something obviously there's tons of options out there what some in the sets. What win a patient calls your practice what's the difference that they can expect from your practice that sets the all apart from tons of other options out there something unique. Unique our practice is unique in conveying that. I see every patient who walks into Iraq if he doesn't matter if there's a smaller operation. Are who did really a big operation. I do anything from a class and our operations to ten hour operations. So I do see them every time when the economy. I'm not not and did time of consultation. And how so why they're coming for a follow ups and I and then next to them why's there a cowering in each step. To help them. Our pride he is that's safety. Losers and a unique salaries especially when the Eric coating to on their way to their goals. Who all of sudden his two sets us apart and I'm quantified a plastic surgeon. We did two and a fantastic presents. Along with. The good and some of the staff. And we do. Good patient actually not only from Austin and peace or three for always strives and I'm so I get patients from hon a lot of the country. From different states did fly this guy decided to Denon Titus befriend or fight back on Sundays with cheese and console com. Personal care not gonna have to worry about. Handing off to anyone else doctor rally in the room with you right there from start to finish a spear a plastic surgery dot com. The spirit plastic surgery and that's all that's at eight ass TI RA. Plastic surgery dot com you won't call 512730385. What is the upside for a couple of minutes of listening to ask the experts on talk thirteen Sony are expert in the studio today. Doctor in town in a row left a Spiro plastic surgery and Ned spot we're talking all things like those suction there on the web at a spirit plastic surgery dot com. I'm 27303885. More coming up on ask the experts after this on talk thirteen seventy. Again as stands today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a rain no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind they're Greg's place. 57. And welcome back to asking experts on talk thirteen seven our guest in the studio today. Doctor thing kind of corral a spirit of plastic surgery and Mets bother out on the lake way area but of course serve in the entire Austin area. Just a short drive out there to spear a plastic surgery dot com AS PI RA plastic surgery dot com you can also give them a call. 512730. 3885. Again on the web at a Spiro plastic surgery. Dot com and don't forget you can catch today's episode of ask the experts. On our website talk thirteenth Sony dot com slash experts are hearing this don't go back and listen to it have any questions for doctor Ella. Find all the information that talked thirteen seventy dot com slash experts doctor rally we're talking about liposuction today and that's our main topic. We were talking about this a little bit before the break who are the right candidates for liposuction how do you tell if someone comes in with a load area on their body that. There's just bothering them. How do you know what are what's the right way to know that they're eligible for the procedure and that it's safe to have liposuction performed on that. Anybody can be afraid tendered for a Smart liposuction. As long as they're not reasonably good haven't. And if they have been localized in my putting dystrophy. Commit hideous. Bothering them and it and then be candidates for the liposuction. And then. A Smart play book is. Oh what you have food because. People he can do diet and exercise and that I sucked and and yes even the debt at a regular diet and exercise they cannot do got cued off down. That's when the smartly put WorldCom's and then it's wary. And non in me is you. Easier to cowering procedure so we can definitely and as those ABS and under the collar is quick to get back to the world within two to three days to. Realizing that it's no different for every patient and different cases then my walking into orbit once kind of percentage of cases that you deal with honoring their bases how many people. Have Smart lifeboat done as opposed to traditional life so with some of the challenges we were talking about earlier as far as recovery time and things like that with the traditional light though. No Smart like people in my practice. I do almost. 98%. Of my liposuction tough Smart lifeless. Because you and if I want to do traditional I really disservice to my clients because. Why should I do a traditional mandate takes no more time to order collar more pain. More damage to tissues run compared to Wear something completely opposite to that less time tutor color less and less damage to the tissue. So we do smartly April. In our office for almost two and a walk home almost exclusive gift. And if that that I may be occasionally one or two patients and innate ER to move. They may have their own reservations they may have seen some untoward affects awfully agents Meehan and guess heart Smart like people. And there is specific and ask are good not warned us. Smart delightful and then I can do the traditional liposuction. Absolutely our guests doctor and Tyrell a spear up plastic surgery 5127303885. On the web this bureau plastic surgery dot com that's a SP IRA. Plastic surgery dot com. Doctor Allan we were talking before the break about recovery time and of course one of the benefits of Smart light though is the minimized. Recovery time. Let's talk a little bit about. Eight compression garment after liposuction is that a requirement with both types of light blue were only with Trish. Light it is. Become underfoot bulletin type so liposuction. And and why why do I need to Wear that after I have a procedure done right. So the the purpose of the garment in liposuction is. When we do it liposuction we have her motives just fact under the skin I need is and both the fact that I mean sorry about the Mossad. That means we need a liposuction in between demise and under the skin now does species and to. So you have a potential space there. You know hundred to the next swooped nice con to a we wan desk in two going to get into to the underlying tissues so. Garmin will have fought that. Number to report he did and wires that potentially space so that you are Marty Reid not sick leave food into what we call or receive home. So basically done helps fund a struggling swooped on tutoring and after Cody is a quick could we. Perfect perfect feet garments to the patients. And again I'd like we were talking about earlier with Smart life though the recovery time and other side effects being you know reduced because of the way the procedures done. What areas can be treated with Smart life so as opposed to the traditional. So there are many areas in the Mardy can be treated depending on what is bothering them. But the most coronary us all of the top or under lower abdomen goes out of them I'm not so don't allow handguns. These are the most common media so I treat. But other common areas are the back with them backed brought all loose. And the arms. The in that ties how to surprise. Neat EDS. And that I videos. For and I can French brothel. In case of for me and the most common areas are have to mean I know hands under chest. Like you mentioned earlier you know diet and exercise can only do so much there's still some. Fat that's his left over there than just you can't get rid of no matter what you do even if you don't go run a mile around town lake every day. It's just hard to get written yes well that's challenge laws in the is that an area that Smart lifeboat can work for. Yes this is also one of the culminating this and this is also one of the common areas where if you do sweaty and hard to get to doubt that fact that you learned I can exercise. As we age. And I'll say anything so you know made that peace. Sometimes Jenny keep. That is factor deposits and right under the chin area I'm in the shallow and alien. And this can be easily address these so that it takes. Less than a Hun an hour. I never calories they can go back to what homework. And the next day extra. I'm there or not it is actually a lot of young people are asking to do this procedure I do this Smart play upon the eagle couldn't have been done in that too far to find minutes for them. Because to whom. Get them back to shape tooth and Q&A day how minimal amount of stuff fact there they won the back cranky. What so that they can look back there are so this can be done pretty quick. That's where the rule of decent Smart play pool believes that it comes and that type inside and catch the bad companion so they look back. You've got an area on your body that you're concerned about. Interest and and liposuction or some other service the spirit plastic surgery in med spy doctor been kind of corral our guest on SP experts today. He and his team will be happy to take a look at it for you 5127303885. A spirit plastic surgery dot com that's eight SP IRA. Plastic surgery dot com safety their number one priority with any of their patients get on the call 5127303885. Doctor Rel let's talk about one more thing here the VS legacy or non invasive body contour and what's the total about. So the. Venus legacy is and Foster and that FDA. And prudent do you flags. Which he uses at radio frequency. If his car non in me is who because. We do not need to begin the make any hole in his water incisions on the body to do. A body concluding so tradition this is like get on the surface of the skin. Basic religious mission you to legs for a deep technology. Combining multi part a lot of radio frequency. We post an electric magnitude feeds. Underwear you blues. Post technology. So that means we can that we intend that most feedback. He demos though Venus legacy to do you have safe. Painfully treatments. And so PDF our cars so they can reduce it to this sector and dignity of form factor eleven under the skin. But it is not the equivalent to two. Smart like apple. In terms of the El Monte to be to move black day at one days of this is intense stimulus desk in on this sort of face. He takes only thirteen minutes to do India off these. And they can go right back glued to the war after this that is known bone time perplexed so no recovery time and it's basically from and the way you're describing it almost sounds like it's. Complimentary procedure in a way to a liposuction procedure exactly right what we do is after smartly bring my mouthpiece. Well why they're being used and after three weeks so we ought to solve for this one to our clients. If a deal liposuction patient we have some moves in because we emptied the sack under her skin. And then we can discrimination under the skin way this month clinical. This actually came compliment team. By acting on surface of the skin to keep stimulating to polarize and found several more times so that they get the best spas willow comes with this. And worry. Tone to looking barred. Absolutely it's our guest today on ask the experts doctors and cut a row let us bureau plastic surgery and Mets bother out in late quaint but only a short drive from. Pretty much anywhere here in central Texas. A Spiro plastic surgery dot com. AS PI RA plastic surgery dot com you give him a call 5127303885. If you got. Spot on your body that is just you're not confident about urged little bunch of too much fat you wanna get rid of give him a call 512730. 3885. Or go on the web a Spiro plastic surgery dot com. Doctor Allan just a couple of minutes left town let's talk again. A first time patient calling you telling your practice what can they expect what are you gonna do as far as walks in through the process. From new patient walking in the door hasn't worked when the when they call what do what do they what do they expect. It would've patient who comes. Two hour. Coffee if I see them punishment. And I go awarded a safety and it has history and an egg hunt for examination. We really vote to come to your conclusion walked out of though India's most bothersome to them and so we identified imports. And then we do as Smart label under local anesthesia. And then I believe gore much depends who condemned the complications. And recovery time. And hollow skin tight ends and will open and Venus legs he can get complimentary after this to tighten the skin Fata that. No way days actually more so the patients are 12 to grow more and more. Lesson is you procedures. Compared to Kenya circle when I was. I'm trying to do a much bigger operations. So the more patients are preferring nowadays but this type of procedures. Done less than. In Masood quicker recovery. Going back to work much quicker. And then was especially with the Austin nights and anyone here in central taxes are are fast moving in active lifestyle that's definitely an important part there. A spirit plastic surgery in med sparked yesterday and asked the experts doctor been counted or Allah if you liked anything to hurt 5127303885. On the web Spiro plastic surgery dot com that's AS PI RA. Plastic surgery dot com of course if you missed any of this. It's all on the web for you at our website talk thirteen seventy dot com slash experts just click on the spirit plastic surgery linkage there. And all this will be waiting for you and of course if you missed any of this episode in also download podcast. The talk thirteen semi dot com slash experts also on the talk app. And doctor rally you'll be back with us next month again on ask the experts and if he had any questions for doctor rally for next let's show ask the experts and talk thirteen seventy done. Com send an email to that address and we'll get them answered for you right here on task be experts doctor Allan thanks for joining us today thank you. Texas weather can change on dime you. I wanted to learn and get your brain. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice.