8/5: Strength In Numbers

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, August 5th
Noble Capital Radio Hour, for August 5. The State of the Company is strong. In this episode, your hosts recap Noble Capital's State of the Company event!

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It's time to embody. This. Let's go. Except so. Global Capital Radio hour. We explore investment strategies for the modern financial landscape I'm your host Chris wrangling and Whitney as always is my esteemed co host. Running a virus say hi running. What's up Chris these are really trying to cough or sneeze over there. Breakfast October. Oh. You've got real that's real specific just got a little disgusting that they are sharing yes I did ask you know normally we had dinner shows that today it's just. Romney and myself and to. We have suggests it's our producer mr. shine when only a guess you don't at a pace I said gonna show is not your first time being on the show and anatomy prerecorded like you've been on the show with the speed times lives so we're excited how do you. On board with us today AJ and is Al but I'm really excited. That we found this guy out on the street panhandling and that would just be his career 98 when his third person to ever been on radio before I got to get that retirement income somehow miss us. If you weirdo because with the oh my guys so they entertaining in you know we are noble capital and you know generally speaking we tend to focus on three areas of our business so we do talk about things fine Angel we focus on retirement cleaning pride that lending and real estate. If you're not exactly sure what he knew that that means you can find us online at noble capital dot com. He also check us out on all of our social media. Campbell's if you will also we're on FaceBook grunts the grammar on Twitter were on YouTube where armed. I don't know easily handles to to people still call it that I think you have to be like almost forty you know it handle is ID forty somethings don't get that no twenties or that I know ideally dissenting twitters the only one that actually they say because they handle. I had another one breakfast taco Burke says I just whatever came out first I said it. But and iriki tickets are on social media were pretty active this show is pretty active the company's definitely are active and we always want engaged. In fact it's probably one of the best places seeing gauged just on me. Very informal note and Salinas is also podcasts if feared not interested in going to a web page you can actually just downloads on your phone. We're on the Apple Store as well as Google play in and even. And by the way. We have to listeners now on sketch that's pretty cool you and China's not a chance not the other way and so yet to people there. Now that every pick up anywhere you get your podcast incessantly basically you are right so last week we talked added that label the show was all your earthly positions we're talking about legacy place. You know it's essentially a what can you take with you and planning a legacy and you know GA and Romney and I. Each shared a some of us more prepared than others versions and get into before her legacy should be set. That's part of what we do retirement in our retirement division and noble can capital so we're talking about. How can we plane you work life in terms of lifestyle confidence fulfillment what are you trying to get out of this consequently a lot of our clients tend to be. Retirement age. Or moving in that direction. Right so we're all moving in that your action there were talking about people that are generally 55 and older tend to be investors with noble capital and they do that there are cleaning and retirement planning division. But also to our unique investments and that's in private lending and real state and private lending were talking about being short term lenders. On construction projects from the state of Texas really boil this down we're talking about being financed behind the guys that are out there flipping houses. Those guys they're taking property repositioning it into the marketplace. As new housing stock where the finance option in our clients our investors are the money behind that we've been doing this for a long time now. And we really excited about that you know we Vinson that we not only did we talk about all our earthly possessions and talking about what we wanna pass through the next generations be it financial wisdom. Or assets or whatever it may be. One thing we did is we are talking a lot about state of the company mean that we had last week but we're pumping it up yeah it was great and was grace I mean he had this is our first show we need to give you like results in terms of how when it was fantastic. Arguably in my opinion one of the more well balanced. In terms of we got we got the mixture really. Perfect or close to being perfect in terms of what we were talking about what we were sharing about the amount of free drinks that was good. I'll tell you what the meant we had about 40% of the audience being guests not client us asthma Javier record and I do think we just that is Denon. Holy cal on the have all gal we can we can do that goes on Eva wanted to actually transact with us after the fact and I thought that was. And test yet it was and you know what else is pretty cool is we had a couple of guests you know and today we're gonna talk about how that went in and valued at their bring to the table. And in their very different types of people. But we also has some of the leadership. Noble capital can onstage for the first time so quick shout out to Jess Hammel who is the associate vice president. Over our retirement division and he did a fantastic just the first time. I seen him speak in an audience that size and is the first time we put him on that stage and he did a great job. Yeah emailed it we had a couple of other people out there as well we obviously had not obviously we had some guest join us from Dallas. Our home building company that is in just tearing the cover off the ball they were probably one of our my fever guess because of the way that they interact. With the audience that was hilarious that they get to do their sizzle reels of these are guys that are actually pitching a new television show the kind of stuff you would see on media HT TV that type stuff we're talking about in a flip this house type shows and theirs is called text to step. Yeah it's pretty cool and you think about it if you're listening and so you can actually invest in those types of projects but we have what we've developed a new and if you wanna know about the Texas two step I can tell you can actually search in Anderson Brothers or Anderson homes Dallas up. And it'll come out and you can actually watch their sizzle real solo shot out to those guys but I think we got even bettered only. Yeah actually guys like got the chance to interview Ronnie and Donny Anderson. At our state of the company event this past week let's get to you needed to hear yourself introduce yourself and yes that's going to be great. I'm Amanda. But yeah I really wanted to get some some really hard questions and and some really hard journalism. And I think I think I got that here this is set up the system is set by let's say well let's he would had to say. This Sean on the street. I'm gonna bring. Spin. And special. OK so I'm here with Donny and Ronnie Anderson in the coal owners Anderson homes Dallas. So you guys are new home builders. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do. You know how much the most rewarding thing about home building is that you create something from my thing. And it's I like to say it's an art form. We create something that when your done you can step back and admire and say you know a bill that. Yeah you know if you're selling insurance. And you were out of this big policy. You know that's hard to look at that policy and be proud of it when you're done you know we got they are exactly. We've got some we built with our hands and coordinating everything and yet. That's just. It's it's great when you when you get the final product and it's all clean. And you get to handed off somebody's. Dream home to a fine yeah. That makes sense. So brawny. You spell your name with the Nike. Donnie you spell your name with a wide. What's up with that. You know as the story goes. We were in our minds around them okay. But we don't have a middle brother named meg yeah that's good enough. So where it's a first grade. We had different teachers. And our teachers decided to shorten our minds of Ronnie and Dhani and one of the teacher my teacher. Broke my name has RO NN IE and has Ichiro has its deal anymore. It's kind of stuff so you guys let the teachers decided where you right now telling us they thought Ronald and Donald were too much of grown up names you know couple. We'll first hear got you got you okay. So I've got one more question and I know this is what our listeners out there really wanna know. Who's the smarter Anderson brother in Iraq. Well let me check this. You know. I'm a little more why I stay back and observe a little more nervous. And I was telling the mayor does this afternoon. Campaign. You know elect to observe and and then of assess the situation and then speak when it's important. But you know we're we both have our strengths and weaknesses are canceling. One is smarter than. Also on your experience. Well I'll say there are some parts. What we do that I'm probably a little smarter. Like the design creativity or the army is he has a master of what are called justice of the job. Run in the guys' lineups pitchers and so so I mean we. We have you know good things were both and different so okay so you're gonna refused to answer that quest. That's Smart that is very Smart. This shop on the street. Back in the. And I thought that was great you know especially having been able to interview and Brothers. On stage and they did great they take a minute to warm up and then they're just really really nice guys. I am personally really excited. To be able to work with them to essentially part with the knees are clients rice they're not investors these are the guys that are action at their doing the work flipping his houses and providing quality product and make bouquets in Dallas and we talked about specific focus area for them from the stage but. It's funny listen in her brother saw reminds me about me my brother but I I can just clearly admit on the radio my Brothers smarter than I think about it and I noticed there's not even a competition I am liking already did some things that Manuel ordered my brother is the other things you little smarter than they were both very diplomatic about and answer and they certainly anywhere as they see embodying the diplomatic will be right back. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com Matt. How welcome back to the show where essentially recapping noble capitals recent state of the company and then I'm your host Chris Wragge and joined as always pretty much. I remnant of I don't think we've ever not done a show with either one of us I think we've done every single show that's why I'm so sick he can. Likewise desperate feelings mutual I really don't smother people NJ means generally if picture on this unions get a town this week that Remington every showed again that's pretty crazy to get a little tired but yeah absolutely understand. They'd seriously speaking at state of the company we talked about Ronnie and Donnie right now just a little bit more the content that was delivered that day was so powerful to the investors because we talked a lot about our performance. And that's really what they care about right if you're invested in the company wanna understand how we're doing with your money. And what are you doing to make sure you keep performing and I I was so happy to see them like the faces light up as we showed our performance in showed the improvements that we're we're looking to make on the road. Absolutely but you know that's tied to is the I don't call that class at the the type of client that we have coming in now. Vs what we had in the past guys like Ron you don't exactly you know is guys like crying in Donnie these are sophisticated. They have good balance sheets they have really long Reza means these are third generation homebuilders in Dallas like think about that for just a minute. They're twin Brothers into its is there's so many feel interest seemed weird things but these guys are awesome. Their their whole other level they're able to manage multiple projects they're able to carry it if they need to they're coming to us as a way to augment their business. With the aid they exist without us either way these guys again about there and be really great homebuilders. But we have enabled their business to take it to the next level and that's the value that we're bringing to the table. Absolutely do it's it's our commitment to guys like pat honestly if you think about just that at the core of our business our commitment to guys like that people were making a difference. It's really what's fueling our business yes we did bring capital by way of private lenders by investors people listening to show that that participate in this. But the more we could create for those Tony's Tony's a world. The more this entire business ecosystem flourishes yeah and frankly more success they have more success we have and it was discreet. He of their message you know it's even cooler for me is I've really talked to these guys at grain you learn level. In a lot of the themes that some of our clients it's hard for them to give. Or they don't understand why we would do that. These guys like that makes sense he had to totally see why you need to do that okay we can follow that rule we can do that no problem. You know like when we do draws we are we understand draw process no problem and I tell them off our budgets we're gonna withhold contingency you know like well that's a bummer but we totally understand. Mean these are sophisticated. Operators of businesses and this is wire performance numbers have been increasing over time. I can't wait see the next quarter looks like after we've started to work a little bit closer with these guys were really cern and get a little bit of momentum on the street right now. And talking about really just zeroing in on the right type of client just making the deal about the client not about the deal. We yet and we've spent the last honestly three and a half almost four quarters. Of our business existence sharpening our toolbox and making sure that we're partnering with the right type of clients and we have the right product for them this topic so if you look at their performance it was. Relatively flat in some areas for almost a year. And now I'm really excited to see a break out you know where were able to starting some traction so be just tin and you wonder what the heck are these guys talking about. You know this is the noble Capital Radio we do you talk about things finance one of our core competency is in private lending we're talk about being the bank essentially. In winning the guys many that are out there flipping houses building new housing inventory in the state of Texas we've been doing this for a long time and we just came off our big semi annual event state of the company and we had these great guests Ronnie and dining so thanks again guys for being gets in her shows so movie nine to his next top opponent we wanna discuss here yeah offering this in for Sean. So we had a number of guest speakers obviously at state of the company event and one of whom was Ashley Phillips from impact of the the managing director and she runs the affordable housing accelerator here in Austin so she got a great presentation I got a chance to talk to her. I also spoke with Austin monitor reporter chants like techie and I do know how to say that name is meant I was reading that in my nose thumbing and no idea. I know where it. So I just got a little bit of Thursday color from them on. The growth in Austin and why people love living in Austin that's awesome and it was also their first time in say the company so let's listen what they had to say. This Sean. Street and we're back for part two of our state of the company's special. I'm here with Ashley Phillips the managing director of impact hub in Austin. So actually what are some of the main factors you've seen that are impacting housing affordability right now in the state were in the city. I would say the main thing impacting affordability is Howell. Attractive Austin has come on national and international scale. GE. Demand for access to this market is. Very high but what we are creating here from an economic perspective. It's a very attractive combination UT is one is the second largest university in the nation people come here first. For school and extending there's a lot of talent here there's a lot of opportunity. There's a lot of them. The culture and identity and people are really attracted to that. People and I'm one of them in eight years ago quit my job I mean my husband moved here with nothing to catch us and often absorb this cost her. For all intents and purposes is very true. Connie dad she didn't want to come here the traffic is god awful yes do you think that'll drives people away. Did it in LA. I don't know that's a good good question and it's about to drive me away I'll tell Adam I almost had that feeling on the way up here tonight. So I'm here with Chad swipe techie is a business journalist with the Austin monitor and he's been reporting on business and Austin for quite some time now. I know you're not an economist but in your opinion. What do you see as some of the real drivers. The aid the economy and feed the real estate market in Texas right now. Services is a big one. Real estate to big ones that small business growth just in general. Retailers see lines. You guys emerging tech sectors in Austin. Obviously dogs that don't overlook Alice in. And San Antonio I think it's got some some arms there and in the tech markets will also visit the big east that are on my radar means an economist can. Can tell me that I know what the heck I'm talking about but right now I think those are good that those are the ones. A mix of traditional. And and kind of and and tech which. Which is emerging. Okay economists. Cannot say what economists say that I've seen what you've seen for sure sure I was talking to Ashley Phillips from impact numbers earlier. And she hit mentions. The University of Texas being a major driver of growth. In Austin heroine. It's easy to forget isn't it I mean it is as always then there's guys that this thing. And that is that you can look at its mean brought billions and billions of oh dollars in activity in and momentum that experience people come here for college. And they end up stage is this because of Austin's really awesome night life to Hampshire doesn't hurt. It can't pass it sure doesn't. I mean I hear frequently feel it the mayor Bosnian and stories and we're. A man loves to talk about music breakfast tacos as our secret sauce in Alabama and asked if it doesn't hurt. People other places in the country are just not this damn friendly. As they are in Austin. It just seems more welcoming him night. Just biased or what do you tell a summons whenever you're ten years we from Michigan. And my first full day in town my mother as a community. She has ever gassing and search this Fella. Built station and and this this Fella I think editor at east east Texas accent. Something and butchered he said man. You're gonna love everybody hears us it's likely dipped in honey. I've put it that. It numerous times in the past negative is that it's never not injured so awesome people are dipped and I mean there's it it's tough to find. Batter people. So I need you heard it right here and just watch out for the hand. This shop on the street. You know that's great my name I answered at this whole time almost his segment now they know it's funny I've got the answer I know I remember is there. It's breakfast tacos and of course this guy says he's Chad's like he know he knew the right answer I just shows you he's actually plugged and he knows what's going on its Orlando Robert. Unity against the Burke the Sarkozy just the plus we have so many people coming into this town and you mentioned that you actually framed the episode first couple weeks bush on the Californians are coming they are coming in droves. But here's the thing there's so much opportunity is so much you work news new employment being produced. And in just kind of coming on the you know on the scene. What I think is happening however as we are. Getting a little too big for our bridges in terms of our values so we need to fix that and that's that's actually conversation that I had with both of those guys since the event and really continue to chisel away. How heck do we solve this thing. And honestly I think it's just start rewarding those people that are playing in the smaller properties. I'd like this is going to be good some sleep in my notes here on the next segment let's take a gonna have some funny answers here who thinks John actually interviewed some of the attendees stayed at a company event made that have some questions. I did manage to talk to a few but I'll give you a little more detail I will be read that. And welcome back you're just joining us were recapping noble capitals of recent state of the company event. I'm your host Chris Wragge and it's been fun listening some of these you know came to follow up interviews that China did. While we were having stated the company itself and alas on cellular as a raging party is that sound like it started with funky town. He has that actually it was not funky town it as close. All right. You know son he doesn't yet the laxity Runyon music jeopardy in Nigeria the playlist too and he's worse he cheated just like everything that's that's her own song and if you're just tuning in we are we're recapping essentially our biggest event that we have we have twice a year really recap. Our entire business. Few hundred people show up to this event we have it at the Renaissance in Austin, Texas we also Osama cast it in Dallas because we have an office that there as well so we had. Few dozen people up in Dallas watching a slide as well so is pretty cool I heard there was some. And edits some issues with the color correction and they're so we we basically looked like we had the worst. And ever like a purple issue green you. On normal I heard it was from the start it was almost like Tito who happen. Like the worst fake bake our program analysts who boom boom there's there it is all right so anyway this event is great it's an opportunity for us to give their report card. And we stack ourselves up quarter over quarter for two years so you can see kind of where we've been as a company degraded it sounds like about 40% of our attendees. We're actually guests. Potential people looking at investing in nobles they got a old download Nancy all kinds of really great stuff. We had various guests on stage that I got to interview and some of them did their own speeches incessant. This has been a fun shows is obviously a different type show. For our regular listeners you're getting a recap of state of the company I hope meaning if you were able to attend. For those of you did just listen to us on a podcast or download is on the Internet at noble capital dot com. And the you're getting a little bit of a different show today were just talking about how that event went and getting some candid feedback from everybody. Yeah let me tell you a little bit about this too I think one thing that it be interesting to replay this show that come with the next into the company. Is that we forget a lot of the sedated and taken any suspicion of no no. Related show right before there because so so often we forget that he knows his real good value that comes from it and we surge is promoting promoting promoting it take note here's proof. We've got the guy from the Austin monitor we've got the gal from on impact hum Austin. We've got it wrong and Donnie Angelou economics Angelou economics or their great present it was deep content I would say that following state of the company might take aways. And try ended. Trying to frame this and we were I'm thinking of the audience might take aways honestly. Was that spirits are high anytime you leave performs spirits are going to be high. We obviously have been performed for years. On the future is bright in if you like everybody felt that but the future specifically as it pertains to Austin in Texas and our economy. And then frankly our business the future's bright so people were you just kind of gravitating towards let's do more of this private lending thing as police continue to. Are a lose. Lose trust and lose. Confidence in the stock market it's time. Guess we can go down now but he radical for awhile if you want you know I watch all the time has been flat for quite some time now. Almost a year right now and I got my likes Maine you'll Goldman equities report in the did a dug through good on the total nerd and you could see them there relate well. But not really sure. We recommend you stay pat because he'd been sick of course that I. Packets. But hey if this has been a fun show we got there we just got off this event last week it's been really fun glisan is a think we got one more segment that we get to listen to soak. Blitzer they had to say. This Sean on the street. We're back for three hours data the companies are. Yeah it's nice. A lot of does the busier the presentation NS yeah and and it's it's actually really being it's. Nice yeah. So we're here with our Griffin award winner Kim tree ego and how does it feel to be the Griffin the score here. And yeah thank you for you deserve it congratulations. If they can't appreciate it enjoyed it. Hey hello good to conceive. Let's go down to the main event. You're a few more. Oh. We're just. There. Okay. I need. Okay. It's. It's. I'm. Please. Do we call. So let's do something neat I wanted to. Sure presentation. Essentially all the properties we ever have really think this police started. Internet's from the first quarter when sixteen. A few small things before that when you look at it did you track this is a total Weinstein and her. And how many copies we haven't seen so you look at the right hand side you see properties that are represented being sold or rented. Which represents about 50% and he's. Opponents since that time here. So let's let me ask you this tonight and I want both of you to answer honestly. I've before partners that were up there on stage tonight. Which one is your favorite. And beyond. I'm little and it's completely anonymous in my visually and just let him know a lot there's certain aspects of all for a and I really appreciate here. But I Grady. And the reason for Grady is. Grady told you speak to the far he's gassed the bull all political defeat the firing if you don't play by the rules he's the first one in your face to wonder why you're not. Also life also greedy is currently and he says yeah humorous if he tells this story here. Hope green wins. Sean on the street. Does does great. I shine you're actually in this deal as today's I'd say those Korea you were to dislike Mormon around in nearly two people talked to earlier this kind of a sonic recap. Who's a little bit of everything that was good in eighty units in the event I think he got a little taste right there yeah you know it's a little grating that's BS yeah I'm not you have to open up like I'm totally clear the I'm sorry guys no agreement you just talk next time you know alleged greed can just do my part next time a half a pack a big guys. Seriously if you're listening to this story now that was a about a 45 minute run on just recapping this event that we had last week if you wanna know more about how we can help you. It's real easy to engage text the word secure SEC. URE two the number 31. 3131. We will set you up with either an in person face to face consultation talks one of our retirement experts. In Austin to be just Kamel who is absolutely. Absolutely changing people's lives. And or. We'll we'll do have become sort of thought one of our retirement dinner were when we called retirement blueprint dinners threats so those are great that's where you're gonna hear our COJ Newman. Deliver a ton of content in true teaching essentially what you need to do to retire but. Teach you some of the tips and tricks specifically did to have a lifetime of income once you've decided that you call it quits. They go three speed and a new focusing on mention this last segment we've been spending almost the better part of last year. Really chiseling down exactly what we want to do the type loans that we wanna go out there and we want to put in the marketplace that type of clients we wanna work with. And now we feel like we've really got it ready to go and now that we have that. We have great capital partners people like you are listeners are investors actually invest in our funds that go out there and fund these properties. We've got both sides are trading goes it's time to accelerate our business so. With that. Definitely gonna put you on the spot today Rory. But that Romney has a new focus and our company so instead of being essentially the chief marketing officer and in charge of all things business development marketing and PR. We're putting you in a new place in and it kind of feels like home. Yeah it's so the title role is out of the chief lending officer were basically my role is to to get the dust loans. That are available on the street and put them on to the marketplace specifically our little ecosystem marketplace where you guys play so. I'm out there doing deals again and it's great man feels it does feel like home. I'm talking to everybody do the streets has changed in the last few years. I had to be out on the street oh yeah love it I love Wednesday's agreement to interview me how I will run into the seriously does the landscape has changed but there is still the land of opportunity so while the ball may have moved we're we're gonna go and find the next place in the next thing. And guess what there's a million people like Lonny and Donny out there that want to do good it's gonna find them and preach than what we can do to help them so. I'm back they're trying to do deals trying to make. The best deals available being out there for the people. Big big big culture shift around my around our office. Is people not products it's just there's no longer a day where we need to just force product on anybody's throat it's. Give them the best possible deal and guess what's gonna happen performance we're gonna get performance to our lenders and that's a week would it that's what it's all about. Yeah and I see that energy to its NC it's encouraging to see the level of energy that Romney brings to the table he knew he's been obviously a key stakeholder. At noble capital for very long time. In his one of the four partners. And I really think SA it feels like home because it feels good for me to watching Rodney get in that role again and really take charge that's super exciting so we got a governor line. I origination business for awhile. Whether we want it or not sure in some this a year ago wasn't even our choice it was capital structure it was origination. Underwriting changes will. All that's done now we figured all that out. So you know and our own little little bit when I did the the actual numbers portion of the state of the company had told people as they were get ready for the bumps they're common you know meaning and not the bumpy road like the bombs and production. We're gonna start to see increases in production you're sure. There's a Romney bond there's a crisp bunt there is a timing bumped there's a marketplace bond there's a product on all these things are about to happen because we're focusing on the things that matter to the clients it's deals. Right it's dollars and it's helping them build teams those three things we could figure that out these guys were always gonna win. Absolutely you know and always been just a minute coaxing on the other side too because in addition to that the valued at our new clients are receiving out there were putting money on the street. We've focused the underwriting making sure that the quality of loans we have. Mean that comes to a place of protecting investor principal. Right so. What have we been doing and focusing their for the longest time we've been trying and successfully now to build a platform that protects an investor's principal. And insurers they're they're able to continue receiving income. So through the various fund strategies that we've worked on a launch over the past couple of years now we now have buckets where people can go in. They no longer have to think about specifically. One property Malone house performing but the fund can do this for them strategy. Works itself out so you don't have to be as involved to really makes it more to passive investment I've got this crazy obsession that's been brewing and it's to help a thousand people cross the state create a million dollars in wealth each. If like it successfully achieve that the opportunities for our lenders and investors the people listening to the issue are endless. And I think we've got shot. I really do not think that it's funny brownies gonna take our guys and other flipping houses and turn them into investment clients absolutely the middle of a full circle. Product that's pretty create the retired too rich yeah yeah talk about an ecosystem. I have a pretty strong ecosystem. Right as we wrap up that as stay tuned for everybody's favorite segment the show envelope which as I understand. In shined as noted as we'll be right back right. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is top thirteen seven in the right to life. No capital three. And you're back you shine. I am you're back are you racked Romney's back I'm back cameos Chris strike and just tuning into the noble calvary we are recapping. Our state of the company event. And it was a great event very exciting had a lot of guess we've we've really covered a lot of ground in the show today so. If you hopefully you enjoyed this this was a little bit of a different show theme than we normally have structured the same bitten very different content. The kind of content is the show. So it was really exciting. Now that's good I think there's a place for this and and I'm really glad that we did this today it was a little bit new and you know hey hopefully if you didn't come to the state of the company you listen to the show and you thought man I missed out and I want to cut. And we want you to come to so again we only hold this twice a year. The next one is actually in January to be about the third week of January between nineteenth where we recap the last. Six months. So that's exciting yeah and even more exciting. Kidding but it's actually pretty good retirement blueprint dinner we got two of them coming up here in Austin Thursday August 9 and Thursday August 23. Both of these are true looks in the arboretum area Jane Newman will be presenting. He not only the common retirement mistakes that exist out there but what you can do and how you can incorporate private lending into retirement plan. Pretty powerful stuff guys definitely listen they try to try to make it we'd love to host human bring into the office and help out with your retirement income plan are. The article and that's a daily look this is a real indication we're inviting you to join our ecosystem if you're listener and you are not participate. With noble capital in one of our programs. Bomber keynote but what I got to see D'Arcy of the company were people that or where they're good friends. And they met as a result. Of being part of our retirement program or private lending program that's super super cool to meet to be able to see that witness that was special. So when Ron he's done that out there we're inviting you can be a part of that not only to help us. Help you solve you were retirement planning decisions or get involved as a private lender you're going to be a part of our. Ecosystem we won't we absolutely want it because you rather do business people we like people with our friends. And it's it's just the proof is in the putting we have 200 of our closest friends in attendance. And about a hundred people who wanna be her friends are that we wanna be friends with so it was it was a great event you'd eat if he didn't go. You miss that but there will be another one definitely show up to one of these retirement blueprint dinners. You'll enjoy the concept and I think you'll enjoy the company. I gotta tell you I think one we haven't talked much about our performance on the year. But we we were fairly flat quarter to quarter we need a good news is that nobody got hurt everybody still make money we're doing some good business or get a good news is deliberate. Absolutely train we got we flush the system that was its its claim using four for portfolios and you know what we've been doing the last through the recorders. That they would if you unless the entire. Presentation you're gonna do that online and in Nady in May already be up or if it's not the be at the next couple days assaulting and it's going in that last week. Yeah and it was so what we've been doing over the last through three quarters is absolutely cleanse a portfolio of anything that may potentially be a land mine down the road. And all the sudden we Iraq enrollments are you guys definitely wanted to be a part of this thing. As critical you know so normally right about now I give Romney a hard time for chewing gum on the show or something else like that but it. Today we're gonna we have shine in the studious and normally we open up Shawn will open we have to come up with something you know and kind of original. To kind of recap what the show is about today's it's a fun little segment my personal favorite I generally do terribly. This Romney does fair NJ usually beats both of us but Sean you're in the room. And so there's still a Schable this Ngo and Ellison side I think the rules apply to you you did to absolutely and mentally I just kind of I was going to be participating put together sort of madly and I gave a tour Griffin award winner cam pus filled out. It's sealant on the so I don't know what's gonna happen and you know what teacher I have no I do it means either settle. All all I know is that Campbell this out I only picture I can picture all kind of coming together well and Australia Iowa don't like Ronnie and she actually burial at same time are ready with your. Charlie Crist to the first you're so you aren't it's all dependent on what's inside Nestle I get awaits these could say. Are here it is read any area so. You must use exactly seven words. And you must incorporate tool for her. Competitive. Greatness. I know we're doing this almost name like some jeopardy music or something in the background so is normally works is I. I complain about how hard it is and how terrible it is and Romney's coming up and his answer right now and you should be doing that I need to go last or maybe second to last. Because you guys by now RD probably thought of your ideas so not really. Competitive great puzzle first gulf or well okay there are there. Noble capital survives. On its competitive greatness and ups pretty close when I was gonna say. Now I've gotta like start all over again that's why I wanted to go for your piece together because if that happens kind of often you know. Okay well. So we talked a little bit about my new role chief lending officer. And I think where I'm starting to see is that the game has changed a little bit over the last 34 years as we've kind of moved into the Delmarva. I guess the finance firm has compared to a lending firm. So. I'm just gonna jump pregnancy roasting my hands I have no thoughts here rather than us. Has changed. You you're too rude you two are short in Texas. Greatness follows a there you go those. A you located incorporate everything it via portly that was terrible yes okay and how they're on the same it's bright and early signs off awful I'm also the only one to have the unique award of bailing out I actually build out once they're outside. I saw Johnson seven wrap this up most of the guardian stop listening so I think let's be honest minus competitive greatness. Is what separates the pack. That's it that's it that's really does always gonna get social media Miley knows almost as good as my everything's bigger in Texas. Or as good as it's not that brings you know this raises army has a read you know Chris is. Exact just win as I was. Her name just a silent. I would elicit a case Dow's lot of fun and so hate being shined for participating. I really appreciate that those guys I think you did fairly well but it Enron here yeah that's there's a lot of brain power and third rail cars. And that's great I'm great we're having fun and all at the guys. Join the ecosystem it's fine it's a great place to be could make a little money he could protect your investments he could even do so many great things and frankly we also have. That little special thing which is you are people in elements they short stories and got about a minute. Whenever I was there and normally we don't have the opportunity. To walk around and talk to people before the show means speakers you know we're kind of locked up preparing getting ready for everything. And I had a few extra minutes to kill innocent people that go out there early. And how walked around and Antarctica people and there was one of our long time investors he's been at this for a long time of she's a first name says keep it an office name's Rick. And he was there with us and and how October and I talked to him for about five minutes and he just couldn't believe. That I talked to him for that hung in it was like you just get this big show on nine and you know he he mentioned a couple things to me. And I wrote it down and I'm gonna follow up because lake. Those are really important things to me me personally because he's part of our ecosystem. This is say this is a human this is a guy that I value and value those relationships those people. And really what I'm trying to do is just get to be the favorite partner for the next yeah. We'll we'll definitely ask around to increase. Out out to Rick and also shout outs Chris is homes so right now we keep our eye on the jarred tracker always going and always full. And if you don't know that means every time say the word mom or you know or something along the lines of gum and you know maybe. We guard docked a point and then we have to donate a dollar to charity in this case were looking to partner with impacted Boston. Currently we owe 644 dollars mostly highway of Chris fragments that they are Chris. I welcome contribution no problem I told actually I'd take care of it 350 years know the new issue ArcelorMittal in my next week. Probably retirement. Things have opened that it probably retire there at eight but that's OK if that's I mean hey that's our core competency in his with the vast majority of our listeners actually retired clients so we'd love to have in your office last time for interest in that you can text the word secure the 313131. And you can actually in earnest in his we'd love to see there. Thank you for listening. I'm Chris. I'm Sean. And Romney and you know listen to the noble Capital Radio or see you next week.