9/10: Best Kept Secret

Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, September 10th

There’s a flexible retirement savings option that most people don’t even know exists, but they should. Find out how to diversify your savings and secure your future.


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From the noble capitol studios and often taxes this isn't real wealth blueprint. Where we bring real wealth strategies to the real world. Let's start the show here's your husband Chris Wragge and. Hi this is Chris Wragge when your host for the real wealth blueprints show where we discuss the real well strategies. For the real world. Excited to be here today we've got some pretty cool. Topics ahead of us sound but on our show you know we discuss a lot of things had to do with the wealth accumulation. Securing your wealth doing your cleaning for. Retirement your life what kind of strategy do you want to incorporate in that's all about the blueprints Wii is an acronym called base to help guide our show. BS the blueprint. A is for accumulate as his pursuit here. And. Welcome Chris hey guys this is Ronnie I am the chief marketing officer at noble capital if you don't know noble capital we are a private lending institution here in Texas. And at today's show is actually really really going to be a good one because we're talking about one way to get into private lending and how you can how we can do so easily kind of bit the mainstream way to get into it. I like you were also joined by our producer mr. Cheney tears hello I think you for joining us. I am the producer Aaron as Chris said. I also do you advisor recruitment over at noble capital. So if you're financial visor and you you know listen to our shows are you find this interesting please contact me. In you know we can figure out a way to to help each other out any contact me out real well blueprint dot com. Thousand thanks for taking Sundays and you're scheduled to join me today appreciate that. I get I'm Chris Wragge and the not coincidentally. Chief marketing officers. Business partner the chief operating officer. Have no capital so excited ear today I run their general outdated they operations and noble capital and the real open pre show. Is our platform. To discuss various strategies. That we incorporate not only noble but at our family of companies so we are collection of companies that help people with various portions of there will strategies. I'm of course our focuses private lending has so we've kind of grown up into net for a long time. I'm a bit if you're really wanting to get more detail in terms of who we are what we're all about you can visit us. At real wealth blueprint dot com. You know also check us out on a social media we are on FaceBook. We're on Twitter and now Airpwn ins to Graham all the social things yes I'm social thing with. Another element website we have a number of events upcoming events that you you should definitely go and and check out because we don't own the dive into private lending and in what we do noble capital is a private lending institution that we we spent a lot of time and focus on the overall retirement plan today is is no different they were talking a lot about how. To incorporate something very unique into retirement plan best. Get a retirement plans kind of recap from last week the estate of payers so that was pretty good area we had a rude arguably one of the you know preeminent authorities on a state planning. In Texas yeah here on the show and was great so we had Ron greening on the show and he gave us a pretty big ran down. And now on and minding take away from now is. You know if you don't have an estate plan the state has won four U Arianna who. My take it was a little different might take away was when you've got forty fives years of experience like greening does. Are sometimes he just that you just cut him off because he has so much information and he just kept going it was great it's like we should just had a whole show on that one thing aren't yet on so next time we'll talk about one into the specifics value is excited to be here S ranchers say he did have a lot is a wealth of knowledge so unsure how to back on the show in the future but this week we're talking about. Maybe. One of the best kept secrets. In retirement planning and certainly one of the best kept secrets in terms of investing in real estate. And so if you were real estate investor. Doesn't matter what side you're on a fear of the guy actually out there flipping houses and you're looking for equity or you're an investor and you're looking to earn a solid return. On your money. We're talking about self directed to IRA's what is that. Yeah I mean at the end at its core it's giving you control. Of your investments specifically by way of your diaries so when when you've got to marry your 401K. Anything that is. You know anything that you have. Get your hands are are not necessarily touching on a daily basis. You you're getting somebody else control self directed our is putting you control CU you get to choose where and value you place these investments it's kind of neat too to see coming a list of things you can invest in here. Price that we talked we've talked before about 41 k.'s and actually can have softer to four in case but. But when you talk about and Ira or individual retirement account a lot of people are familiar with that we can probably do a whole show just on those types of things but for us and like a lot of people don't realize. They can take controllable. Of their higher and that's what is self directed diary is all about so. We're going to be joined today by actually the president main star trust her name is Jeanne Meyers she's. Then working at main star for a number of years since she's been their for quite some time but. They are essentially the custodians. Four these fines so we're gonna get into the mechanics of how that works here in a minute Rex again and get her on the show and have her call in and talked to us so that's going to be exciting as you've been following our show for awhile this actually going to be our first guess that's the call and everybody up until now has been with us in person so we're starting to bring some experts from around the country to our show yeah that sounds a little. Little different you know and just bear with us were interned worked through the kinks for some reason those telephones and you think that if she probably doesn't sound like there's. Is the storms in the in the background spread the back to subject to diaries it's you know. I don't know I'm them a lot of people know OK great I've maxed out my following Qaeda thinking retirement you know they're saying I got matched what my employer does it at at a very new at the minimum I've ever reach that and now what do I do OK so how many contribute. The you know as much as I came into and hire a there's some limits on nap but I'm gonna idea that's my next investment strategy when people are thinking. Things that they controlled themselves from retirement standpoint they they know that these vehicles but these vehicles largely ego like auto pilot. They're on their own eye is surprises mean to no end. How few million people that actually following K actually logged in in even look at where their own capabilities you know they're just like whatever you know. And then kind of the same thing and Larry a lot of people just put the money and an end they'd pick some type of a mutual fund and maybe it's a split between a couple of them and and boom they just as letting go. At first say that the majority of people probably even listening right now. Or thinking that there are areas restricted restricted excuse me to stocks bonds and mutual funds mothers or reason for that apple yeah. They're not a self trek to iron but you. Yes of the platform that they're using it does restrict them to a probably a real small list of numbers things that they can do. And that's because whatever platform using. Is acting as their custodians and that's what they specialize and yet but they're these self directed custodial all around the country and we've we got someone's going to be on the phone with us here in just a minute it's an expert in this industry. They allow you to do a lot more to it and ambulances are so interesting element let her get into that but it's just shocking to me when I saw the list the IRS created right this is retirement vehicle and it's like a hero and he. Number of things you can do and there's a lot of them rank is a quite a bit of them. And in what happened was the big financial institutions carved out the five or six things that they know me understand that they make money on and they said hey wolf well what you'd have an irate with us then you can just five or six things that. That all that lists all that other stuff. It's laid an even exist. But but it does an if you have a subject to diary. You can give you can participate in a number of things of course my big favorite one is prime lending the obvious that's behind me so and so yeah I if you have an IRA. You can actually in this is who's a supply to anyone can convert that to a self directed irate and you can be a private lenders you can be the bank. Under real estate transaction how crazy is that. No I don't think a lot of people know that I mean I I didn't I didn't realize what it actually I didn't even notice. ST IRA let's come and sell until I started working for noble and it is very into seeing and realizing that you could actually use your retirement. For real stick. Yeah this is a big deal so we're talking about pain you know it at an account that these are tax deferred has tax advantages as you know there's different types of those two which will get into in a minute. But there. How exciting is this like if you've got a retirement account. And you thinking you know I wanna get into -- they but I don't know how I don't really had the money you might actually so if you've got an ire re sitting inside. And you want to learn more about it and then this is an issue of three year. So I think this is a pretty interesting deal again if you're listening to us in your thinking. I need to learn more about this. We this is just one topic of meaning that we've covered forget I think misses when episode is this the sets of thirteen in our series we've covered a number of topics that you can visit us at real. Wealth blueprint. Dot com so it sounds like a result a lot more direct involvement from the account holder though on the subject areas that. I don't know I'm thinking to myself why would I wanna go to all the due diligence when when I can just let somebody else and I mean that's that's kind of where I'm thinking. Yeah I I think we have a traditional IRA or 41 K for example. On you don't have a lot of control and visibility but some of the investments but that with a self directed Larry you do have a whole lot more control and visibility. I'm do you also have the security of diversifying your investments beyond what is normally offered in in just your typical or. And I think that's what makes the most sense for me because if if you're talking retirement. Now I'm assisting that was security right that's the S and our basis like how do I secure this say you know so we come back wreck she gonna have. Jeanne Meyer from main star she's really gonna jump into this and talk about the benefits. But the self directed Ari and why it's a better approach. Simply further against the status quo so. We'll be back with that in just a minute if you're a student learning more about our private lending offering or any the other wealth tips that we have we actually put on seminars throughout the state of Texas. On the got some upcoming ones for you here so so listen up if you're interested. Our next event in Austin is going to be my G on those that's in the domain at 630. On Thursday September the fourteenth. And if you're a Dallas listener our next event is going to be a true looks at off McKinney. I can be 6:30 in the evening Tuesday September the twelfth. So these seminars this is there's no expectation this is a get to know you we buy you dinner arms he have to artists BP's surfing and ours TP four of those. Please visit the set real what blueprint dot com but. Honestly this is we wanna give you information we wanna tell you about such retirees who went talked about private lending. All that kind of stuff there's so much in an if you listen to our previous shows you know there's so much so you know it's a dinner and we buy you dinner so that we can talk your ear off. And he and if you like we have to say you like us but schedule an appointment so again ours BP required for those event. You can do that pat real well blueprint dot com stay with us and we'll be right back. You're listening to the real well blueprint. If you want answered retirement with the lifestyle user. Then this is this show for you hide this is Chris Wragge when the host of the real world blueprint welcome back to the show. Pretty exciting we jumped right in we're talking about self directed IRAs and if you look at our afternoon which is what we used to guide any of our shows. We're really focusing on the eighth in the tests were talking about how to accumulate wealth. But do so securely. Bring in really were focusing on a retirement strategy but it's for everyone because you can start an IRA and better quite young age had a degree in that the died and all that 'cause we're not financial advisors on the show although we have financial advisors on the show. Many of them from acute financial which is an affiliate of noble capitals but. On this is exciting I am I'm really. Kind of pumps that we've got Jean. From Maine start trust with us and so she's gonna join us in just the second and she's actually the president and main sort of so we have the authority joining us today since this is pretty exciting. But yet this is our topic today we're talking about what he'd do. With your IRAs and trying to open your eyes there's a whole set of other things that you can do here. But if you're looking to learn more about this show or if you wanted downloaded by the way all of our shows you can download and her web site. I'm you can visit us at real wealth blueprint dot com. Also check this out on social media we are on face but twittering and see Graham. You know a few nominees. Any topics he'd like us to cover please leave leave us and that's it on FaceBook yeah by the way I think this past this was a suggested topic. So we actually had some and say hey I heard I can use my higher rates invest in real say how the heck do I do that we said you know what. Great question let's do show that what we think about preakness and the shoreline and and a half and this is this is a really beefy topic we could talk for for miles about so strict diaries specially invited my media and suspicion title anywhere we're experts we're gonna run out of time today for sure yeah that Tuscany goes so. Are right so let's and you know drum roll please the best kept secret some retirees any expert. Jeanne Meyer welcome to the show gene. So are you joining us from here you're not and Texas are you. No I'm not I'm in Overland Park, Kansas. OK I've heard of that before I'd been there if you title yeah yes or before before it's your company's called Maine start trust. Perhaps that we've processed millions and millions of dollars. The remains our trust then over the last 567 maybe eight years now been bombed before that you guys were called something else that it will what was in the company. Our company was originally first trust company the Omega. And and the beginning of 2016. We went through re branding and that we're now Maine start trust. A little bit easier to roll off to. Yes sir is so it's a yes if you have any of our listeners if they've heard. The first trust company of a Nagin now may note this the same its main star trust the guys have been around for. A number of years you've been the president for while main star. And down but you know we're talking about the celtics' Larry which is one of your areas of focuses I know but. Me if I'm just an average listener right now why why do I need a softer it's an artery Jeanne talked walking through that please. Well first volatile directed higher rate isn't higher rate so it's a great vehicle to save for retirement and that's. That was the original purpose so that and it also allows some depending on what type of my airy open up you can get. The tax deferred earnings are tax stick tax free distribution. So it's a good way to plan for your future or for future generations if you want to pass the midyear accumulated wealth wealth on to them. Possum so this is a year right this is an established vehicle a lot of people have used this in conjunction with a number of other types of vehicles so. A subject tirade and it's it's it's more like brain mean anything else it's really an hiring a December custodians allowing you to do things right. That's not exactly know what congress established diaries originally in 1974. They thought everybody would disgust on the street to their local bank and open up its CD. But it's really involved look people have. They have put into their IRAs and then kind of how we got. The term insult directed the I'd be involved and that's sense that it's gone from CDs to maybe mutual funds or stocks and bonds. But now people are putting all kinds of alternative investments and their higher rates. Specifically. Note. And LLC LP is real estate. So that's really opened up the element is that if people live really jumped onto the concept of having educate said earlier control of a year retirement. Term peso can you expand on so it's common knowledge so as we see notes can you expand on that just a little bit what do you mean by notes for for the listeners. So upright but no where it's a mile higher they have money NN I could loan money do. Corporation. Or choose somebody else that needs money so my higher rate then hold the note to. And the borrower. Then paid the higher rate back according to whatever your predetermined. Note fire whatever you. That established ahead of time. Sir so that to kind of piggyback off of that in in our world of private lending that very note is protected are secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. Is that is that you're referring to. Perfect yeah that's that's on something as as I mentioned when we first met. Its interest in how we met because we met through some some channels that. I guess some people that we were working with prior to you connected us with you guys and when we first met you guys really made the process so easy for us to convert our clients IRAs into self corrected and you know through those notes he says I think we've done. Over fifteen million dollars were the transaction. Yeah on the transaction inside guys easily over fifteen million and then in on the last year's incredible yeah it's pretty good so I think. From just a global standpoint you know one of the nicest. Parts about an IRA is you get a little bit a diversification and that's only Hilton slightly true from what I would think of as a traditional IRA would need a self directed diary. You're you're looking at truly incorporating alternative investments and that's what to meet. Like me and generating notes in issuing notes to small business owners that are flipping houses that's an alternative investment. And so if I'm looking in my entire financial portfolio and I'm saying where's my alternative allocation instead of just coming in my cash bucket. I can now look at it as coming in my my qualified we're talking about. Qualified is a term just for it qualifies for special financial tax treatment and that's what an irate is. So we can actually have the alternative bucket appear in the qualified bucket to. And that's. That's where I think this gets really into steam from a financial planning standpoint is our diversification. Abilities start to increase but. Probably one of the biggest parts in and really I think the the biggest. Proponent for a self retiring is control. You get a lot of control and thank you you get all the control. So you know the guy lines allow you do a number of being sent. I don't know gene you have an example of a some confinement may be knows people wouldn't consider interns something they can do with their centrist and hiring. Well you know with your notes you can then Tom we've had somebody that use collateral you guys talked about having it. But secured by a mortgage but. There's other sometimes collateral that people abuse we've had. Of Rolex. Watch beat collateral for a notes order. Any. Barn full of helped launch was. Or offered up as collateral for a note to that part really been interesting for the team to look at. Concert you can argue that you're getting on me it definitely in the exotics idea so I've heard things that Rolex Watches gold. Ever heard a rare art. I've heard a lot of different things that can be used for collateral on the side of that so that makes a lot of sense I think that that's pretty that's pretty interesting. PSE and a lot of control. We have more flexibility in your offered from your traditional providers and you can you know at a little diversification your portfolio. I'm also I I I know like but my throwing K. I only have the option to really choose stocks. And that's it. That's if this is alive I mean when you talk about diversification and this is not correlated the stock market seeking it and said. Into alternative investments that have nothing to do this our blanket so I mean I think that's a great added benefit. Yes so irony big Manger is done on the broad variety of different types of investments that are helpful so. We're need take a break only come back I'd like our listeners to hear a little bit more about. How this works how you compared against some other. Rental options that are out there I think that's definitely. A topic for Sony dive into. Yeah I think there's it well that I am excited to know more about what these other vehicles are arm. Sonya I guess Jean we come back you're gonna that you're gonna fill us all fills up with with knowledge in any wisdom. Yet definitely to get that so if you wanna join us at one of our seminars where you can learn more about self directed our raisins and actually how you can set up an account. You can do that one of the seminars I told you about those are last segment. And we actually have more dates so any decent dates if you're an Austin. In your free Thursday evening September the fourteenth at 630. But we also have one coming up Tuesday September the 26. At 630 downs going to be at Sullivan's downtown. And Dallas the team dates of human rights is down. Tuesday September the twelfth at 630 and then Thursday September that's when he first 630. Beginnings are his VP so you we do you have to are speaking before you attend. And he'd like to do so please register at real wealth the blueprint dot com. So we get back we'll talk about the mechanics for setters in IRAs and we'll be right back. And. This is the real well blueprint. The shows the brings an unexpected take on all things financial. I'm no real wealth blueprint we will give you the tools to plan grounds for attacks and yes finally enjoy your well. I welcome back to the show I'm your host Chris Wragge and this is the real wealth. Blueprint where we talk about a number of strategies to gain we've dived into use self directed. Higher rates and what is that what can you do with that how can and incorporate into your retirement blueprint. Bring in all this together and on the phone this today we have gene Meyer who is the president main star trust is actually. The custodians and are really our preferred relationship provider. You know little sidebar here and to be honest when we went out to the marketplace and we looked for. I'm who are the custodians out there. And we action did quite data due diligence and we narrowed it down to five. And then we kind of compared them all together and we said who's got the best pricing. Who's got the best customer service. Whose can we work with who has the best reputation. And you know I was kind of my intention was to rain can have like three options for everybody every time I'd go meet with a 'cause America's like I don't want people think I'm Mike you have to do is this person that. Every time we did this research we can come back to main star and they kept winning so. That by de facto we we recommend a hall of our clients are the main stark hundreds of satisfied clients later we're still doing it. Yeah and we are still doing and so we we enjoy a really great relationship with them and we have for a long time so. If you're curious about what we're talking about and maybe you missed the previous part of the segment you can download our shows. I'm you can get our website where you can learn more about us as personalities and what we're talking about. At real wealth blueprint dot com. Okay sorting your right into this. How can I use a softer or Terry to secure our retirement what are we talking about here we've got some kind of creative examples there for just a second I heard securing it whether roll it a Rolex watch. May be rare art gold obviously we're real state so we focus on securing. Yourself or serie a with no it's using real state. But Jeanne thank we didn't mention something else to us and it was about and tax treatment so you're saying that in an IRA you can have. I'm either tax deferred or on the can grow tax free does account of the two options right so. You kind talking about and this is traditional and Roth treatment right is that what that is. Right traditional of the first IRA and it is is the depending on your. In content you could get a contribution be totally tax deductible. But the very at least stayed the income that you earned on the account is tax deferred until you actually ticket distribution out of the direct. And trusting so there's some financial strategy involved here and I think if you're a listener. And you thinking you know is my financial advisors making sure that I've selected the right option because a lot of people they get to work and they've got some. You know clicks and buttons when you sign up for your payroll and so are you really choosing what's right for you I think that's a financial advisor question. I'm we do that through our sister company acute financial. But we also work with other financial advisors to that not only recommend business to us. Through our private lending platforms. But help their clients make the right choices and we've been able to introduce then two main stars Weldon helps us directed our clients. Yes that is that is correct. You know if your financial advisor in the you have not heard of main star and you have not heard of noble capital. And this is something you want to I'm offered here clients please contact me I'm real up blueprint dot com. If you're at it in your financial advisor hasn't told you about a real say option or is so attractive option. Please contact mean we can get with your financial advisor and figure out how to secure retirement. Yeah really important just like our advisors try to calibrate on how and when to user best use a cell strict diary went to went to be earning. Through these self director Larry and when to be drawing on the Harry. A lot of a lot of folks don't realize that you can be doing the subprime lending in the the advisors that have not heard noble capital could could really use. This tool there's a tool test but yet this is this can be used in retirement by really just kind of figuring out when and how to turn the vehicles on so we eat if you got a letter income plan like what we like what we preach. I'm you're gonna need income for life once you stop working so at some point you need your married to serve Pena however before you get there you need your area to start earning gaining so. It very important that you understand why and how we use this and and that's where these seminars commence at definitely visit real blueprint and. And sign up for seminar. Yeah let's talk about real stake is that's really our focus as a company in what we specialize in ice that we do the retirement planning to but it noble capital that the focus is real state. So Jeanne you've talked to us about. The ability to make an investment and secure that with a note. On the property are not secure than a secured the deed of trust using note and that's how you make the payments those payments come back in. Tear higher rate right so if I'm an investor and I have the Celtics and IRA and I become a private lender. Do I get to put that money in my pocket or does he go back in in my hiring. No it definitely definitely goes into the IRA because that's kind of the pigment in the bucket as a bucket. Everything that you do with the water and map bucket means to come back into that bucket and it. Because once you take it out in your being taxed so to preserve the attack. Free. Learning toward tax deferred earnings you just need to be very careful about when you take it back out in and give it to yourself. Got it so we need to keep the money in the diaries so whenever that borrower whoever it is and as I lend that money to makes a pain in on the loan that goes back in my IRA and that allows me to continue. So kind of kick that tax can down the road a little bit further that's that's really what you're saying to us right. There has very interesting so. And that's a note strategy now I know you're aware of this team and and most of our listeners probably heard about it to you but so noble capital also has. Various funds. That we also participated and so. Can't Enos particularly our large when the signature find and that we've got. A number of investors going into right now I'm so. And as a self directed diary can I participate cannot make investments in funds as well. Absolutely. And and that's a great way to do it may be if you're an investor and A and and don't have time to monitor that I get all my note payments end to the IRA. You can invest in the fund the and and let noble. Keep track of everything sort of. And does a good plug right there like yeah. But yeah I had that you're absolutely right so yeah when you're making direct loans he really have to stay on top of it did I get the payment to that come in hopefully you're Smart and I think you've hired a servicer to do this things for you. Which to be honest that's were noble couple started its business a number of years ago. I think we've evolved beyond that quite a bit now we have a number of funds that have different risk profiles. And as an investor you can invest your self directed diary in this fund or call two years and received. Predictable income that comes back to your self directed hiring I think that that's a great show it's. Gives you kind of a hybrid strategy could think about because you can't be a little bit hands off once you make the investment yet you take control of what type of investment it's you're not. You're not pigeonholed anymore you don't have to just choose a mutual funds that that your employer offers your employer's 401K may offer so it is is it does give you Jack control in fact. Of the dollars raised into the fund to date something to the tune of about 50% come by way of Larry's in the vast majority of that is self corrected. Yeah absolutely India is a pretty interesting thing in and and the other wrenching part is on the funds. You can elect to have that capital be reinvested into the fund. Or you can have come back is incomes so. For those of you did actually familiar. With an IRA or if you're French advisor in your listening to your talking about. A little. Area called. Core later matchups here are indeed so. Senior your familiar I'm sure with what I'm talking about and that's definitely something that people need to be aware this is cleaning inside their cell straight to diary as well right. Yes so it so go I want to do that a little bit too. Well if you have I would call it traditional IRA hey you have to start taking distributions once you become the age of seventy and a half. It's a little bit different appeal on brought higher re. But you can take things distributions before then. You do have to be aware of what type of fire ray you have and holding our. Because if you take a distribution before the age of 59 and a half he will be. Total light on the opening your tax for its UK attacks and an awful penalty tax they wanna make sure that you. Have any understand which kind of fire a you have. And what the requirements are for distribution so that you're not paying taxes. And affect unnecessarily. I'm so I'd I have a question king Keeney is. I know we charge about this class. Last episode with Ron green return Odyssey planning and trust and if I inherited an entire day can I may use that as a self directed at Cannes tonight. Use that or is it. You know. Yeah yes you get. Vivid it dependent security files you can net and take about an inherited IRA or. Roll it over into your own personal liar right. But even if you're a child inheriting an air and diary from a parent. You can direct investments that you want in it you just have to kind of pay attention to. You don't necessarily get to wait until you are seventy and a half or 65 and retired she used the take the distribution. You've got to pay attention to the person you inherited it from and what their distribution rules would be. That's very interesting so I think that really just illustrates the point. What I meant. You need solid financial advisor giving you advice on this and in terms how it fits. NT or in complain especially if you're retiree this is really important for me so. Listen we all know that Social Security. One of these days it's going to run out of money it will become insolvent. Were I see all the time where I see retirees that are cleaning on this is my strategy. I'm gonna rely on Social Security. In what I've been able to save if I'm lucky I've got her retirement account may be of borrowing K it's now converted into an IRA. Hopefully. I've been listening admitted the subtext to diary but. Honestly we can't rely on just Social Security we can't rely on just money we've saved. Gone are the days where we accumulate a million dollars and spend down in retirement. That's not enough anymore you need a solid income strategy. And that's what we're talking about today were talking about self directed diaries it can be incorporated into your income strategy in your retirement blueprint. So if your interest in this in your thinking yeah that's me I need to figure out that solution. Visit us at real wealth blueprint dot com. Scheduling yourself unemployment attend one of our seminars that's real wealth blueprint dot com. If you have an IRA you can take control of your investments it really is that easy. Using tax deferred retirement accounts can help you in your retirement nest egg grows significantly larger than than otherwise so. If you need other income streams entering retirement on self directed Larry's can be one of the best ways. To build your personal blueprint it's it's something that is is incredibly important in two stacking your income and appropriately for the rest of your life. So I think what me pursuing unsold. So Jeanne it sounds like I can just call my financial advisor and hadn't signed me right out right. Almost tears advisor can certainly help you that it to open up an irate need to custodians. Good sponsoring at a higher rate for about once you get it. Back. Then that it's really a relatively easy. Three or four steps and then you're going on your way to you know the retirement that you wanna control. I got it and coincidentally or not you're happening here X thirty and in your company's up. When we get back from the break I'd love free to tell our listeners that are curious like how'd they set this up you know is it to some pay import to a call somebody. Let him know did they go to your web sites I'd like to hear more from you when we get back from the break coming up and we're gonna died in those details. On how how our listeners can set up their own self directed hiring. All right so. You're interested in learning more about this need to attend one of our seminars ease there's no obligation he does have to come and eat dinner T do you have teacher dinner he had ten when a person there are a except the way did an excellent that are coming up we have one in Austin in my Gionta those in the domain it's gonna be 630. Thursday September the fourteenth. And for our Dallas listeners the next event is going to be at true looks that's on McKinney at 630. Tuesday. September the twelfth there's no commitment other than to eat dinner. But we're gonna feed you a lot of information in addition to that food. So gonna give Eli and information on and even subjects diaries this is definitely one of the topics that I know our business partner jade and who's the speaker at these events he dives into. On this topic. Among other things he talks about retirement planning in complaining. A broad variety of course private lending which is really the you know the cornerstone of our entire blueprint. So that's what this is about. Please join us at those would love to have you come and attend those events we hold them almost weekly in Austin and in Dallas. And again if you looking for that information or you'd like to artists BP must do so at our website. And that's that's real wealth blueprint. Dot com. Again that's real wealth blueprint dot com we'll be right back. And now back to real well blueprint. Where you'll learn the secrets once reserved only for the wealthy. Hi and welcome back to the show my name's Chris Wragge and I'm your host this is the real wealth blueprint where we discuss real wealth strategies. For the real world. Today we've dove into self directed higher res a lot of people have diaries but they don't know is that they can choose what they do with that investment. I'm we've got eighteen Meyer on the phone with us from Maine start trust. I'm she's the president and main star and an industry expert in this area we've been talking about how you can use your self directed diary. To invest in real estate which is what noble capital does we are the Texas authority on private lending. And we've been doing this for about fifteen years now and noble capital and so. Romney over there he just puts some gum in your mouth that's great timing sorry that's great. Yeah this a radio show right yeah I thought chewing gum on the radio shows probably cardinal sin that. So anyway. He might have some fun on the set so subsite does make fun of and yet indicted Iran now has been an outlet OK okay where did a sorry about that gene. Serve up a team that's never been listening to him but but seriously all jokes aside and I think a lot of listeners especially on this episode and thinking OK that's great I'm very interested how the heck do I sign up for one of these how does this where it's a gene. Markets through that I wanna sign open main star I wanna convert marry over what do I do. It's really very very easy you can go to our web site www. Maine's start trust dot com. And there's two ways you can do it from that site you can go to up and not upper right hand corner of the little green button that says open an account. And that there's just tumultuous walked you through all the questions that you need to answer in order to get the count to open. At the end of that process shall have an account number maybe a couple of forms to. Sign and sent to us tenure on your way. Or you can just appear old school and wanna print out the form from the web site go to the form section and finding account application. Print them out. They'll allow. And then mailed them to them mail them to last excuse me the second thing is you need the funding account. You can do it to a normal contribution which is limited to 5500. In 2017. Or if you wanted to transfer from another higher rates it cut an account had a different broker that you want a new strategy can be. More. Using alternative investments and have more control over your IRA you can transferred to it you can roll it over from and oh prior work place for a one K plan. And then we'll help you walk through that process in the hunt again that if that transferred roll over completed. The third step is to make a purchase and and that's often where. Noble comes into play is because probably before you decided to open up satire a huge chosen that you want to make an investment in. In some private. Private lending in. So you just have to fill out the purchased paperwork for that. Then that to us and in three pretty much on your way. Yeah you know eggs from our experience that's typically how works somebody who talks as a noble. They love what we're doing they want peace and you know what I defund let's just say. And done and then it's like well how does Larry so we we put them through the process so you can also start through through your in your investment vehicle such as noble and in this case. Noble signature find. That's been kind of the common theme far. Very few and far between do they come to us with they self directed Larry in place give him more often than not we're actually helping them set up through main star. Yeah I'd say most of the clients that I have watched and we got a whole team that helps our customers with this. And a seal item coming in their thinking I'm making investments with my cash and then we say give by the way T had any retirement accounts and their thinking like cool why what does that have to do with this. And we explained in the you can use self directed accounts you know as self directed diary we can even help create that we can help you convert that so. We do we we actually walk people through this. And we will help you with the paperwork and we'll send it off. But yeah I feared just like I'm ready to go and you wanna sign up it is pretty easy go to Maine start trust our com. You know I think in the sec that's operating corners like sign up menu fund the account and then we're waiting for you a noble capitals so. We have a number of opportunities and different vehicles that you can invest them with your subject to diary. So that's exciting and then of course on the financial advisor community that we work with we also help educate them aren't. So director diaries with means our trust and attain you do a lot of that work. Yes actually a few of advisors I Wear quivering now. You know they they will definitely convert their their clients you mean surge has so they have that opportunity to you invest in rusty share in taxes. And it really is very easy to to set up this account. I would say after he's sending your paperwork it could take up maybe ten business days at the most. Freer for your fund's stake into the main search trust account and you're ready to go and invest at night. This is that you brought up a point just a moment ago Chris and I wanna expand on it's not an art show notes if you will. But I'm cash. Vs these qualified accounts them it's really important to know how you can invest you know what you can invest in and can't invest in specifically we knew we talk about that so. Any kind of point that you maybe could expand a little bit on that but you cannot. Coleman posted. Yes there are some rules and we ill walking through that and to be honest with you that's a big part of what main star does. And gene Andy was beat up on that but it's. You guys are there to make sure is that everyone follows the rules and make sure that they don't get in trouble right. Absolutely can only color our customer service line at 805219897. And they can help any no answer your questions to give it seems to think about guides you through the process. That's awesome. Yes again we've chosen to partner the main star because they win and all the points that we look for how we want someone that's as professional as us and they've been a great partner for a number of years I think and answered Romney I think as. Six and a half years we've been doing that with them so quite some time now so it's been great but. This has been fun I mean is that been a great topic subject to diaries if he didn't know about them now you do if you want to help setting it up. Give us a call it noble capital we would really like Tokyo that but ultimately. If you really want to get the education and you wanna learn how this works you need to come to one of our seminars so we hold those seminars weekly the next couple that are coming up there's one in Austin. It's going to be my G on those that's at 6:30 on the evening of Thursday September the fourteenth. And the next one in Dallas which is going to be true X the evening of Tuesday September the twelfth so we have seminars in Austin. And in Dallas we'd love to see their but it is an artist BP required in you do that at real wealth blueprint dot com. Yeah we're gonna cover a lot of ground on this at these seminars not only private lending but how does it how to enter the world of private lending this this. This alternative made of gold essentially through self directed Barry's at at every one of these workshops scanners a sling you'll see the main star trust logo on our presentation because we tell people about his so. Before we wrap up sort of say Jeanne thank you so much for calling in and being on our show today were really appreciate it. It was a pleasure thank you for having me. House and I'm sure glad begin on I future episodes of and I've been really great time so before wrap up let's finish our talk about next week's topic but it. I would also like to hear from Damian Jamie's well tip of the week. RA I mean this is dragging or third week we've done this cell. My wealth tip of the week for this episode is control the things you can control. No it's pretty and I until my mom that for a long time but I thought. But I think this applies to subject to very is that where your head Omar's. And I think we're thinking I can't control and and admire me I take one of the twelve strategies that are there on the box this is boring. So I'm relaxed hush rush yeah you could be earning Mori to be more predictable to be more hands off to have more diversification and communal turn I mean man this is a good one. Yeah I like it all right next week's episode. Way Social Security well it's it's still around your golden years and answering retirement you're gonna have Social Security if you're our age are probably not. Yeah and diet and turn on you you won't yet. I don't know what a gun that dugout went our eyes and basically are gonna have Jed Newman on the show it does. Which is our business partner and founder of noble capital he also does the seminars and have been talking about so. If you're in stood wrenching for the seminars and hearing she didn't speak on these topics please register at real wealth blueprint dot com. And next week will have Jed on the show and we'll get into the exciting topic of Social Security. Yeah well it's been good so today the guys. It happened thank you so much for listening and again thank you did seem for joining us she was so insightful she was thinks Jeanne and think you listeners we look forward to you talking with you again next week. Have a great day.