9/9: Willy T. Ribbs and INDY at COTA

Speed City
Sunday, September 9th
Speed City for September 9. Willy T. Ribbs - the driver who broke the color barrier in racing - joins us in studio, plus the latest on INDYCAR coming to COTA next season.

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Welcome to those speeds city where John messing gal that's Kaiser. And trying to increase. And snow fast as our own radio. Speed. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed cities. Oh yes we are. Fired we have a fantastic should be free tonight and plugging them in Texas and this time we really need it for unity card over the top. Forget IndyCar come and Austin this John Massey hill less 'cause Jonathan green. And we have a special guest in studio we have Willie T rears will welcome this show man. Rain or shine the exact thing you're finally going to all right. I was avenue of country would Willie data south and you know as they give a make it and today because it's we've had what 34 inches lower IMAP for yeah cat. Yeah our desire he's six inches and today so they ask crazy earlier this year I went on finger blown down in Texas what it's like to back a bit and luckily this is NASCAR so we're here today yes. All of your demo we're gonna do on the show tonight because obviously reality rears we're gonna take all about his background. All the barriers in bracing that he is broken. And we're gonna talk about IndyCar coming decoder that was announced this week yep and doesn't got a fantastic interview with. The chairman and founder of circuit or the Americas Bobby Epstein talking all about what indeed coming Austin. Some great information in this interview that you made out of heard everywhere because it's it's just kind of did consolidation so exclusive. Yep exclusive interview that was a long one you've Bobby got that so. We're gonna talk about that we're gonna touch on moto GP if you seen the Corey easy Clifton moto GP the that. That was we will tell you about this yeah hunter always an email a senior but I want your opinion on I know you'll have one. After a gap Hubbell pled for in a minute Willie so. But yeah we're gonna do all that and we got it and we're so excited as the winds have brought in now with Willie T grooves because. His his history and of breaking racial barriers in motor sport. Is phenomenal and and we're so excited to have you. Well it's good tube here and talk to you guys to me know what they're talking about. And and from what I hear you guys don't pulled punch you know when we ate we excellent I will say this William is some of the topics were recovered at night with you are very topical way beyond motor sports like it's it's a social. Topic right now. Up as we are we're gonna talk what is less is referring to is really talk about the controversy that Derek Daley. And Conor Daly got caught up in yeah and I would Kona that day. That weekend at road America and I was furious. Let's let's well what do what do it what it was let's go let's start with what he's background lets lets you give us solo and yet our first on the way why how do you go to guy Austin, Texas yeah. Oral Ari background first my dad used to race course my grandfather very successful plumbing company and after war two's over. GI's are coming back in the building boom we took off from California I mean. The building exploded so my grandfather's company really. Took off he did real well. While a lot of rules he built a lot of apartments and condos. Owned. And and he retired and went. And move on a ranch near Sacramento. And left to do my dad and uncle my dad. Like race that he'd easternmost. Causes but he was Joseph Leonard who's. Each time champion and Ngo and two time IndyCar champions well. So. That was my introduction ration. Care and and I knew an unusual. One. Career. How so how did you get how did you first start and I you get into it a BC data helped chip. But I'm what was your first if you like at ten to racing. Where are working straightaway when a guy at a high school. The world to them. And in the business for about a year and school. And you know as a commodity and take care. Which. Them I was a big move on wars. But I knew why do and and Renault one and one to be formed one new. And I knew that Emerson Fittipaldi. Of Brazil. Yeah. And a lot of drive corn from different countries. Problem. So I remember this being a big deals to rip related to something current good racing series in New Zealand yeah. Is what the the rising star shooting star what oh is that what ours was starter mark its star of tomorrow yeah I'm Dunlop. Download on his face and Malia. Ideas series and New Zealand every air at las strolls won it more previously Lannan Norris is just got to ride in Formula One from McLaren he would want it. Doubt Danica Patrick start that way she went over to the formula Ford festival a lot of Americans do that. And that's when they get noticed Tenneco's want them it sounds like you to the senate and Simpson who noticed you. Well. Actually burning. Up. Let's now let's get after that is. I went there and my first race I went to this. John my name my keys to Q and scorpion race and went out to form. And wondered scores. He had no idea no moderation. I just that race right there. And I didn't tell him half a centralized. Took me out test and and we get OK it was rainy so you really didn't get a good evaluation. And then for ferraris will lose in. Latent or up. Just a yen or end and I as a tough coolest air wars and I've finished. Murders and their racial murdered. While you and I he raced against anybody we know. Well on the council. Yeah Emma and yeah that actually mounts and my fourth race OK okay. Brands it was Michael row. Counsel myself and McEnroe one. I was set and a lot of that he would like that well can can Americans coming in that's like magnolia area eight despite that Agile and you know I'm not a liberal and I only genuinely anti and it. One council Lori world champ now and again. And we've been friends since that day and grand action. That's cool. So. That. That. My first race I was surges second race. Won the third race one of them. Ecclestone. And Gordon Murray is the AF came programs and and he they both walked up to me and he says we introduce and so let's. And he said would he says. Do you find it over yours that line came here very formal one inch and they said we will be watching. And that was it as it was five minutes. And it was a little bitty brilliant goal Gordon Murray and that was worth. I was worth the whole package just Justin just out five minute I knew exactly do you believe and right now that gap that's that's really ged and I knew Formula One I mean my dad raced and what. I saw Jimmy Clark names Monterey California. At here. It. Before and and soul. The western. States and he did receive on western. Amateurs in. So you know of course and Matt Gurney and and Parnell Jones and all the people. Kid in. Well in the study. And England. Based on. The success in recent report. The report from New England yeah and he won and became. Form. Or form one form of threes in formal yeah. Yeah I end I mean like I said trailblazing and it's on no question about it so. Did you stay. Although I'd program and yeah I'm half English it's not inexpensive author or and I won my mind. Formal forge a catch my effort shear which a lot of Americans still go to the step. And I was who lose. It was so competitive. It's like going to. The NFL football column it is an anti ship like target and yeah you're an amateur and you want to you want to pros. Literally there ardent I would say hundreds but not far off all warming you know yeah it's that close Tom you really get any national exposure. To Brands Hatch and you know generally speaking but. There there is almost like a bunch of people like Bernie sit my guy and okay. Who who shows suck his aunt Annie is a lottery anybody can some of the greatest drivers have failed miserably. The formula Ford festival others have like Shaw Somalia's future life. But the real guys who ought to manages in the lights ability Gaudin looking forward not just the guy who wins it but the guy who. You know has the potential has the look how well and are still Alex yeah I'll bet there. Not just as an American. You know our stood out so there was some interest and auto sport Jeremy short arms were covered covered me a law and he still helping youngsters to this that we got to moma show upon two times. He has this the US scholarship. He's been held around the latest one was all about ASCII I think he doesn't know on the will be you know on the issue of he still don't and he is still identifying the Hezbollah started Indy this year yeah I love the fact that. He's got a friend of the show we eve that's his goal really has been I guess. Mr. fine young drivers young talent and it's funny because I didn't know we as speed city at taking up not mindful of the but I still come a formula three into the macabre and pray every year and Toyota are just mentioned but now we've. America getting a free as a math by a point scoring the simple license ability. And therefore. This problem really now the opportunities. That you didn't have perhaps here especially if you goalless Formula One now exist. And that's really cool. Formula one's own by an American company exactly okay yet it all bets are off now. There is. I need for. Patent. You know I mean. The big man he built or rebuilt yen EUR I am. I'm burning vehicles. Friend he fanned and. The reason it's only Willy T is because this story that we here in bits all we won't we won't get the whole story because we don't wanna ruin it but the reason being that your story is not being told. On the big screen tell little about that and will get a get to some other parts of the highlights of your career which included India and trans am but. We will hear about the reason we told you more more or less at tonight is you that story can everybody can hear the sea and it's entertainment. And Willie out I wanna we need to take a break about because it will make people stick to the break is this movie is gonna be really cool owned we wanna hear the whole story about that south. As the new movie called up the deets coming up pretty quick so. I was gonna give us the scoop on that tell us what happens are we gonna take a break listen to speed city live in Austin, Texas back after these messages. Yes. 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We are in studio tonight which really tees ribs and bear retired American race driver. And now movie star to be. And I know we retire you don't know the half. Raises some quite a stir sponsors sometimes. Well we're gonna get to all about it's always movie we're gonna talk all about so the controversy the racial controversy with Derek Daley Conor Daly in the sponsorship. But when we left we Syrian talk about the movie once you tell us about how to leave the movie did you guy coming out. It all transpired from. Lie. Piece that I did Paul long was done an appointment out on parole. Chassis media equals YO. Com. Called me few years ago and they were making. A documentary film about poem. And called. The racing life upon me and we found out Newman had. A rule in your career and they won a big and slow would would you talk about it. And so they came to the ranch here taxes. And dripping springs and spent the day. And when it was over. And and peace was released. They called me and said. We want to talk archer yeah. Or we will look we're we're getting a lot of feedback. The story and it's a whole movie about you know a ninety minute movie about Paul Newman but yours was what a few minutes to 35 minutes and then they told you out of that so hey that was. Obviously a big part of. You're only as a winner wanna we wanna hear more yeah man. And a transpired so then. We literally. Owned. Two years. I mean from. England. How broker while I mean volume through debt Al Unser junior Robby. Burning vehicles to. Caitlin Jenner. That's an interesting connection laden he's fretted over the right two years you can get two personalities and they. We have got well. There was one personality and pictures and that was another personality that was speaking and so. It it it. We we get our screen premiere Indy. On Saturday before the race this year. And would you honestly yes yes yeah and it took. A big turn. From. To. Where it is now and a lot of people said we wanna see we want to see it well. Them. Brian Compton. Who goes to show Barry. Okay. Hi all you can. For a series. God Matt intelligent on shirt yet baggy. Now here we get I've not heard this so well this he says he's got to figure he's our ocean yesterday our compliments were arguing apart. Fantastic that's going to be Olson and I just got to. All our got a call from Olin says well. You know the world. We're Iran. We're we're all in the dock right at the moment there one hole and this one what do you think. 'cause I don't give too much away of the film because all they would have gone see it but I think it's important that you putting context to six. While much connection we pull. Apple Newman who was in his own right and national champion. Sit on the West Coast he did a lot of racing and be bummed we don't know is racing career. I saw the movie the told the mat on a plane and annual quotes on it. But you tell me distorted your connection with Paul was the poll basically saw what you do and so he was struggling to it to keep go in and get the money on. And he'd been basically did yes solid if I'm not if I'm not. Mistake O. Com. Our was racially informal that. And I came back from England and I wanted to stay in open wheel cars they call cars this is form so. Because I have my focus was either formal Warner IndyCar so I was doing formula Atlantic and in November. 82. The day or two before funds give you choose. I get a phone call. I don't know and Paul Newman and call my parents house and then. Are pros at old unit despite. I was nominees. New. Was your daddy your mother that only they answered the phone saying just ask my mother answers in Paul Newman's calling I had not going to be an hour before I guess talk to him and the lawyer was mom happened and. Mom I'm mom was very cool about everything's been said. He said she called me she says. Portland. And so he came on unity says. Amman. And we've talked before right he says look he says there's a deal. There. If you want you have. Open wheels on form choruses transit EU. Citizens series on race and which he was at that time he says so. Team out of Portland. Sponsored by and miles of I recommended. He knows what he said I recommended. That they put you car. And so are you gonna get a call tomorrow from from Saint Louis hat and a man. And he says if yours. Any problems. On. Okay knows the deal. If I had if I had the way back machine in oh yeah go back and not throw away my red and white motor craft turns EMCORE. Yeah. So was that the beginning about all the what led to you being the first black guy ever to race at Indy and if I'm right in saying that was the beginning of my professional career pop prior that I was just. Rose. Grayson. Race informal. And but this. Made me your papers for a also what did you did you consider me your goalie said her oldest form of a cars in Indian trip and Foreman what did you conceive you can't say notable movement and as. You know war at what went through your mind. Lie and two. Adam the united eat. And now grown kind of partial to so. And it was a paid gig yet and who's not just a game for a Scola and you know. Collision demon. David Hobbs. I'll be out yet. Yeah I am fairly handy itself I am a long drawn as they point I didn't know cause Newman didn't say you gonna have a team riders said it. And a lot of other follows a Larry's Deloitte and well. He was until I was going fast. Yeah yeah yeah but you'd still comes in between with a teammate he's got to look at Dylan's like a look at what exactly how I met Willie or in Canada and. And he's in the film. And oh yeah yeah he's in the film and this team didn't expect what was going to happen I mean the first race was more rose on or not. Well palms lifted designated one number one driver off. First race day. Qualified don't grow. And Holland qualified behind me. And it. That was yeah yeah downhill from there doctor. And then the next racial summit point. And hobbes you can see the look on his face right how intense he was. Lined up on pole. And so errors the relationship. Sort of you know. We wanted to communicate a lot on so she. Am but who was there was it was wrong fund from the standpoint. That it was tents yeah it was it was intense not Joe's. Where is where's my teammate with the team ward you know in those days in transit and it was factory verses factory actors spend a lot of money. Two. Two in a championship yeah. And so. I'm what you as we told him because I 83 my fresh does the heady days of trans am highest the absolutely and I'm in the bonus and a vigorous 83. And the war. Bigger and I went to Roush and it yeah 8485. And manufactures. And a lot of money. I. And Audi one of the biggest championship in America. That it that an Audi and come now when you get. You know a major manufacturers like how did you come compete for and them. And it was then. You'll hoppers and fifteen. On trends and. Yeah trainers I need me eighty series. To me at that point that is generational trains and was wildly past you had her body shown and the return are great things I mean I'm not joking I did have the motor sport. As a model car yeah car because I was playing in mushrooms. SE CAA staff at the time and that was the car ahead you know aspired to be memorable street toy but still. It was a solid team that's won motor win one people quit. Looking at the straight line performance again it kind of died for a little while there third the seven seasonal embargo that they only went straight then that'll start coming back. There was a major champ in those days he. In due course share in India and in the year in year trans am around them and races in those days we vote oh yep yep. The world of sports yet Canada as well Ken Ham was big chorus and there was. And there were rivalries. Show and I love. You art proves wanna mind. My rivals and while. I am because you're thirty days. You know and it did it. What was I tell that story. Or thousands so that it actually got was a fight we had after. And so race and Portland Oregon and Hammond junior. And I you know you're really didn't get into it I invited him to get into. You know I told him I said. You know. Who and I've gotten two in the engine jumped cars and came to listen. Little thin to Oakland boy you don't want this. Yeah opinion and big man cartoon quote well I showed you appear in. I was sideways yeah. Got back in the car is good and before the days on the right the only Saturday night. Is this it got these so how did you get the break. In the because in a way I guess and having Mallard I know because. Bill calls me and there was actually got a small cars he was a dead one of the few teams was years that he got involved with him for well. He got he's never been involved. And he called me it was almost eerily similar to in Newman and even now. I'd wanna race in Sears point. That Sunday and he was doing a show in San Francisco. And he's he's he's really big in sports so he sought on sports line yep and I'd won a race. And the media the daylight. Mighty mice showmanship. Yeah they like the cars. The rooftop. Alley shuffle and they liked the quotes well on Monday I got a call on. Bill calls. And he called alpha code my number unlisted so my dad called us. Agricole. And I thought Newman. Could. And so he said he they want you called. Called the number. He's eating jello but here he and cultural and so he said to me he didn't say IE it went right into it says tell me how much money you me. An. Alum make me so he says Lowell house Neuman. Two hours Texaco. And major. Major advertisers. In. An effort or should okay. I'm going to be the most vigorous and a couple of days call alert you to call my secretary. And game and Q. Here. And she's gonna have applied user. Flew me down and walked into the room and one meter wise one do it. In three hours later he says I'll call back Q what he says. I don't like. That don't ask me come grace. Says I like what you'd. Done. Where you won't where you're going and what you've done. And now I want to seize the news and. While all right that's a nicer way to break. Because we had to take a break but. We come back we're gonna talk about the next phase your career we're also going to be in the next break the next lingering talk about the racial controversy that. Involved or daily in the inward and all of that and now because I wanna get your take and your different injured in the I listen speed city lot in Austin back after these messages. 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All the pleasures of the lone star state where each unit also Denise scale way to make your reservation this it also an east KOA dot com. To wanna drive a rally job what do you tell. Just say it's get behind the wheel of an all wheel drive Subaru WR a XM CIO rear wheel drive Subaru B Ozzie rally off about 315. I'd get training facility. And advance caught control skills on any surface needing any condition on top twelve different rallied courses dragged through bonus. I don't down strike ways Joseph Foss. Sideways and visit. Detonation talk golf. They'll never saw my hard drive and welcome back to the fastest salary radio. Speed city. I welcome back to speed city. We're really excited that we've got Willie T lives in studio and we're gonna continue with his story right now Willy we'll ask about. You know a lot of this a lot of us your story is about how you retreated. Coming after racing because it was a different time and being a black guy and racing was incredibly rare but I know that of the big party your story is how you were treated. Well. IE. More commonality. And are very close Alley. Alley and then he says he says. And you know rally gave me some word wisdom of that an aegis which you're doing. If no one has done. And now with the exception Wendell Scott and he was then and now. And IE. All right let me tell you you hear about inward in respected. If I complained in more. Back then. You hear in the news every day I mean. Every day every John I want out if I made complaints about it Friday on one wired. It would happen all the time. I have nosed old fashioned. I don't know if I put my foot up there rectum and twist it. Animal brilliant as always and it and it and it only happens. And then it was over. You know and you know we're Indo in the Lamy situation for example would definitely I mean you know anyone who's sound cute but front. And tools Leo. She could her. Leg or shakers today you know man. Yup let's let's just back up a set because there probably love people who hadn't heard this story Derek Daley is an ex Formula One Irish. Driver who has spent most of his Korea looking for the likes of ESPN and many a liberal cost is very well very effectively doing Formula One. Doing. IndyCar Racing and has this as an excellent commentator has been. Have for a long time he of cool side but right John Daly who is currently making his way at in the world. And is an IndyCar driver currently pay he's also been doing some. It's been AT down NASCAR racing. At recently astle remote road America recently. But this all this controversy. And that has come up in the last week is sadly Derek Daley has been five ass has Bob a Lamy. But also karma animal all of this has been. Effectively a victim of this but there is plus hours later 35 years later because he is sponsor which is a diabetic products. Lilly Lilly Lilly diabetes not decided to pull less sponsorship off often hearing about their six DeMar demise is it would. For any racial slur. As as it was cold cold 35 years ago. And sadly the sponsorship the date before all that. Conor Daly was about to make his debut in the weeks and antique championship. In fact he's teammate or fellow. Lilly sponsored drive and got the pole. I was incensed when I heard the story and I'm Derek and of Kona I know how hard karma works and what really. Is the heart Holtz was the fact that this was an action taken by a big company which is a diabetic company and Daly is a diabetic so they have the ultimate sponsor. Of the ultimate like Charlie Kimball and now I'm in IndyCar well. This was a representative at a really. Squeaky clean lovely guy who you know. Being blamed for something that I again I still think is wrong because I know Derek and I know. I've grown up exactly the same way as Derek Daley. I don't I want you to give me your take on this because. I have no you know I cannot make an opinion Thomas I don't care are brought into. Yes well early into it when I heard about it I jumped on Dan. And Jerry. He's been very good month for years. Such good friends that. In 1984. We had lunch when Mohamed Ali and Mohammed Ali's character knows and new Alli and should we. How neat yeah. And so really just hard to like we we went tallies house and we spent. Better part of three hours here eight Wyndham. And then that may mean that night Erica and I word nightclub in west LA. And knows them guys them thugs out in the parking. Brake and models the parking lot Carlos park. And as we walk into the cry yield these cars in him and we break these well. You're about Hollywood even if it happened. That's old delivered into the story slow. They were alive and you to. Ask you in were a few gals should we've got. It. And we get an easily little horse right although I've been I don't know what it looked like you fight again like Conor Daly the aria I mean and. We. Made we we let him out and you know it was just he was fighting. With me. And I'll never forget and when this happen. That's the first thing I thought of as him fighting within me of all people of all people. Against Islam from thugs. So arm. IE when I heard about it that morning I went right toward you. NRA. There was nothing I can do about him losing yours yours yours. Whose charm with wish TV he. And some of nurses. Who was pulled from him I mean go to actual appearances he was scared them. Willful. I just thought it was. Crazy and and only thing I can do stand. By him and and let the world. Wherever. And entered. That's not news here. Right is the phrase the figure of speech back then in when he said it. Was was not a racial. It did have racial overtones and certainly not what not strong case right where he was thrown out here and directed at anybody knows himself or herself cry even as an expression of being the old one out right there and and and 35 years later. He's. He he loses everything. Yeah that that's really what does upset me. And the fact that the irony is you'll not upset with him you'll just as you know miffed as we op but this is happened to work on our wrote in her. Arnold picked her throughout their past. You know who the you know look me if you wanted to peace apps from the girl. Just say something and yes hi OK if you use another way to try another way to get it right of trillion I mean it going back to the most immediate part of the Lilly diabetes pulling him away from Conor. And if for something that's 35 years old furthermore it collar believable and even you guys live right here where there is no control over that out. Carter or Connors same age as my son feel. He's twenty summit. You unborn yeah and you know furthermore. I have a real hard time. With a medical company. Who profits to the tune of six point two billion dollars last year suddenly having a conscious. Conscience than this over a word that said thirty prime. Ordinarily they hit. A wild. Relations issues and now. And so they're in their little bit sensitive and it was a knee jerk reaction right under par but it. You know divulge that it's only now are great Lilly. Whose name ma. Larry garrison before me area. You know Larry I. Let me just say owned up to speed city we don't we don't talk to Matt is because it would trying to get in to some political stuff but that does that that is seen as the bottom are normal remit. This been brought to noticeable. This has been brought into law on until all wheel as if you will. Because much sport doesn't generally. Take sides on to an end like this you build a career out of it it's not a racially. In that tense place. But as you know the country right now is facing the Capra Nixon and in the house is going on missile going home. And it motorsports gonna get involved with the way in because frankly I I feel very saddened. The Derrick that you feel very saddened to Derek you've just said it I feel even more or satin for Kama. And you know I'm bonus I'm gonna I'm on the across Connors. That's outrageous but I think and Connors case I think there's going to be. It's made him. Bigger than ever. Connors name is out there now he and a lot of people in congress into an innocent young I think if corn cues. Be a big positive and and I think he'll come. Co. Stronger. Well I'm glad to have you into coming refute and and and effectively give you aside. Effectively you know upfront deals has been pumped. Lawyer and and if that's the case and like I said I handle it. Everybody. If if I was to go on and beat president United States is I was say. Don't complete credit don't call the media don't get somewhere and kicked around this. Spot I don't know how racism doesn't live for only the next. Right here where legally and within twenty. Let's stop it and I'm really take a IT the president for. We will come back we're gonna talk about what happened this week in the news. IndyCar Khaled Al Austin, Texas baby and feel we got a good interview with body of steam and only get your take on and after that to you listen to speed that he live from Austin, Texas back after these messages. Well run across USA makes it's ladylike the second the American is on September 29 and thirtieth the FIA world running cross championship presented by mom's strategy we just had that soft shot racing Montoya had asked about how can jump today. It's it's a thrill spells of some of the most intense exciting racing in motor sport and that's not all the stock. Does running golf will also be convening in that final event featuring came up speed up things don't read that many ball but negative and they should go too well RX usaid dot com twelve RX USA. Dot gob. Ambien most of motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll all on wheels. To caddy off and others only MV Agusta and caddie back through authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but I'll take 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. Or if you want a pedigree steeped in racing that look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple at 3675. And 800. All got all act for the ultimate legendary apple MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit at karma then be a good step but I like right Elaine just east of I 35. Hey beer people it's Christine Seles and I Daytona stuff is very he's backing Austin and brewing again. Boat so so the ring a bell for some of you well for the last seventeen years and in crafting the perfect comeback then return to our wounds themselves why is famous local favorite plus retreating some fresh new brooms and whether it's the first time that states and our families legendary beer for the million. We're thrilled to be back. Swing buyer local store watering hole or very and let's catch up over here. Seles austen's original crashed Marie. This is Andrew Monaco voice of the Aggies are listening to Austin's Aggie home talk thirteen seventy. Side of my life back. Driver of the number. Discount tire fortune welcome. It's our radio. We're in studio weeks in risks and I see I know I know we've I've spent many Calder in the way. Where I can play the whole Bobby is union beautifully clip from here a minute but. But first we gonna talk of last wants to talk about someone Bernie sponsored a Newton new sponsor this is something you're always talk about get off couched it in gear. You can do it here with lone star rally crossed. Founded by animals Thomas ACA solo rally cross national champion. Not only wrote lacrosse champion but pikes peak hill climb Warner bring on corn. She and her brother Kevin stirred up the school it is fantastic to only about twenty minutes from Austin. As Jimmy from the circular of the Americas and what is so great is. They put together a track and a course that is perfect for your daily driven car to come out and race in the dirt there. Or a totally rice dedicated car. Coming in for training come in with anything you need though coach you through your car set up training exercises and everything check them out at lone star rally cross dot com sounds like a day to name him. Analysts like I think it would rally draws chemicals at the end of September how well rally cross and the American rally cross Willie ethical minded jet at the celebrity writes yep that. Well I'm doing one and two week welcome it so that you just that's yeah I'm doing enough apart and they'll get get it. I've already talked about right now we're gonna play a little clip from this interview you did Johnson with Bobby Epstein a founder and chairman of Cota. And the full list views and I signed viable it will get down on the gas and it's really it's some great study at a check it out but. But then we're gonna get your take Willie on night IndyCar recommend awesome right now let's hear from about via steam. Well if you Interpol and the race tickets on a dozen box. So that that rate payers should be that something's a little different and they've done elsewhere and we're looking at and I think we're too. And people will fairly easily have been just second biggest person of the year behind the 500. And maybe you know years from now as we build this it'll get even closer to 500 purse. And I wanted to talk about some of the questions we've had in colas and move cold in. There's no question that sounds like you say you mentioned it already the crossover between Formula One and indeed those days all the B and almost. You know at loggerheads I think in many Nicholson's era he was very. Very sort of off Brandon and and defensive about Indy cal whereas I feel that Liberty Media. And also with the drivers like alarms out unlike Alexander Rossi a mass on Tina for a chief. There is now much more parity in much more interest in both series of mass truth they did Jesus while also. I think those days of worrying about having both Formula One and India Iran about. I hope you're right. By noted I noted. Formula One might benefit from having an American Japanese he had someone who's winning in IndyCar and they made this could step one which hitting very hard to switch. I think it maybe a little harder to go in that direction. That would that would really be a great district Formula One of the country and I think by have been in the other direction. Having Alonso. Potentially coming IndyCar or some the other international drivers. It really it really adds. To the crowd and has the excitement behind IndyCar and it and and I know many cars on a huge upswing I mean they're doing a terrific job. I think in building their product hitting the fan bases they actually growing quite a bit and they announced a terrific calendar for next year I need to get the guys there than just. I really. Really good job of building and they got long term view on things so I think only get things are gonna happen for them. And it's got to be good for Texas another looking San Antonio and possibly even Oklahoma City bet intends of the region now with NASCAR and Indy in full left. A mallet and IndyCar race here and Formula One obviously. When that's starting to get a much be a culture hit in Texas generally so. I guess that learning learning about motor racing and what it means which is so prevalent let's say in the northeast and run in Minneapolis area Chicago and so on. And certainly in California and Florida and can grow here as well. I think if we had started this year one little cannibalize spoke racist. And I think instead what's happening is there's there's become a better awareness and better understanding of they're really the great sport can be. Just motorsports and in general and specifically these high level series. So I think it's got a great chance to bill highlight the fact that that they're duration and forwards in June and you can really. Yet two races in Texas is way better than one and I think that that'll just help the sport itself. Interesting stuff from the is a lot more tonight into view is Bobby Bennett and I got the you can pick through that but it's nice having an exe got dry weather is. You'll thoughts as a as an awesome night effectively or as a Texan that. What are your thoughts on Indy coming here. You've done Lindy you wanted to be in Formula One year you know like said burning you met Bernie an early age. I drove Bernie's. 41 on porch yeah in 86. Aggies. On a five okay. Doses. Follow me on human ought you know coda. Will be only track in the world and it holds form one. And in IndyCar. So mating and yeah and that's a really big deal ending deal and you know. The comparison. Is like comparing two different fight division. Right OK there's you you can't compare welterweight and middleweight or middleweight. Are heavyweight. We have two different championship weight divisions come in here. A bunch of them I had a parent and both Elmer big time heavy hitters you guys. IndyCar acute night 2019 off. And Formula One close and season him close close it out and our I think it's huge. Four. For this city. Huge for the sport. Right here in tact I mean and for Epstein to take the gamble and they get. McDonald's big time roll dice and he got rained out after a few years ago that the that could have been a deal breaker I could have closed the show that he hung in there. And it just keeps getting more popular last year. Bashers show was on an instant was owe him everything everything the build up those celebs. Those concerts are oppressed former President Clinton was here. My Obama. Yeah Michelman when you give it a young Ali when you get heavy testicles like that I wanna. You got a picture. Yeah I mean these and to be honest and it it was a bold and Tammy Liberty Media now I think will just to help grow that. You know I think Formula One is finally woken up to the fat burning bright guy did an unbelievable job but the marketing side and and trying to make it in place web. The show is everything Yoni need to seal off Thomas in the ball to realize that if you want to be successful America and sports. You've got to put on a show and lost to the put on a show this year they go Bruno miles. They've got pretty speed is. Does the potential belongs are coming in any indeed. Before we go I you know I'm I can't say like I'm with a yield on Bobby's. You know. Ability to stay within this against totally wants to be honest. And he's made it happen and everybody loves the circuit. Yeah blonde and is not like. They're governor and lieutenant governor made it easy on him now nowadays they they had to deal yet they haven't made it easy. Com or him to keep the show Golan but. With Lee at Liberty Media come and it. And taken it to the next level in terms of entertainment the racing's always going to be awesome he has better than ever now I mean you got Ferrari he got. Mercy he cut in Italy vs term in the whole country I mean it just what Paris who awesome to watch. To the point where drivers. Like. Raikkonen and both jobs. A runner interference yeah I mean I mean that is great stuff it's become great theater yet and now we're Liberty Media put an icing on Bernie's cake and Bernie made the case yes he did. They're put me I said. It's an adult about putting the icing is a nice full circle to maybe ask you about what you think about affectively than the biggest showman in formula on. Lewis Hamilton. Because say he looks as though he'll come in again to Austin. To try to crack himself as well champion for a fifth time. To equal fun G and get ahead of metal peoples and off but he has been a TrailBlazer not unlike yourself. And here in America. And I am almost didn't realize his mind when he arrived here for the first time as a sort of iconic black athlete yet. A little rock star yes of course he's a rock star of informal and he's become a rock star internationally. As like Michael Jordan yeah Harman how we were rock stars worldwide. He's a rock star worldwide and he's become one. And in the United States. And and and deservedly so he is insane. And terms of talent. And. And and just just speak. And Jackie Stewart night you know we we are. I didn't like some of the things Jackie Stewart said in my arm went after Stewart for saying and a few years ago that. We before Stewart before Hamilton won their second championship I said he says you'll. He's fast but he doesn't have that mental capability. TTP. You know we'll NASA will did you call. All old I. I I went nuts on that and and I've posted yet. And Steward follows sudden legacies whom haven't even Scotland and a good idea yet he's already kinda hear. You know I was I was Washington formed a slew wall back and they said that Hamilton's training regiment is nothing like it should be. And the per response was well he's got four championships to argue that point with a. Yeah it's thought he gets half half times the going out and LA and hanging out with the Islamic d.s and Ferrari's. Anyway we were running out of time of one extend the show by at least three hours but we're not a good we'll have to have you back on again John. Yeah well we really appreciate you coming on the love to get your needs to credible news about your movie. And how it's now begin to become a series on Showtime's noted this Augusta. And wow. Oddity I'm not only Gloria when we see the movie. Well chassis media actually with a life CH AS SY media dot com pocket. The one that you released pre order now OK drive and I did today yeah. All right Willie thank you so much for coming in Syria is fantastic to have you when he gets hot again. Or cold. I had ever controversial global beer best looking Unix rice and I want to see the rally trusted nothing I'm gonna popular place for our base didn't and I we will talk to you next week. So real happy trails.