APD Briefing on SE Austin explosion, 3/12

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Monday, March 12th

Austin Police Interim Chief Brian Manley provides an udpate on today's second explosion and its relation to two previous incidents.


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Briefing on the incidents that has occurred. Around the corner from us earlier today. My right to have the city manager Spencer crawled I have mayor you Adler. Don't SCANA is the this is that it religion and tore through FBI. And I have a fright Ortega whose use is especially towards an ATF. And then not railing on the assistant city manager along wit members of AP's executive and and command staff. Austin police received a call today at 11:50 AM. Our call came to the 6700. Block of Galindo. And we received multiple calls regarding an explosion that had taken place at a residence in the 6700 block. A few of those calls indicated that there was a victim that had been injured in this explosion. We had multiple units response from both the police department the fire department and EMS. That route responded immediately to the scene and started providing care to the patient that was injured in this explosive blast. As you all know we were already on the scene of an explosion that occurred earlier today. And a at a location up north so many of via other resources left the scene of that incident come down here. What we know has happened on the this incident similar to the other two incidents the 1 both from this morning and the one that occurred back on March 2. Is that the victim in this incident came outside of her residence and found a package out front. And she picked up that package and at that point the explosion in the box detonated at that point she was significantly injured in that explosion. She is a 75 year old Hispanic female. She was transported to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services. And is currently listed in critical but stable condition and her injuries are considered life threatening at this time so we again are are praying and thinking of her and hoping for a recovery from this incident. This again is the third in what we believed to be related incidents that have occurred over the past ten days. And similar to what we have said in the earlier instances we want the community. To be aware of what is going on because again based on evidence that we have at this scene as well as that the other two scenes where we've had these explosions. This evidence makes us believe that these incidents are related. We do not have a specific victim allergy or ideology that we identified. So assigning a motive to this at this point. It's not a we're not possible to do that based on the stage we're at in the investigation. We are not ruling anything out at this point because when you rule something out you limit your focus of the investigation and you might know something so at this point. We are willing to investigate any avenue that may be involved in and behind these attacks. And we are imploring the community if you know anything. About these attacks it is imperative that you come forward and that you let us know. We are having innocent people getting hurt across this community and it is important that we come together as a community and solve this we have the continued. Support and partnership with all of our federal agencies. The alcohol tobacco firearms explosives. Division is here along with the FBI the United States Postal Service and many other agencies are working with us. We currently have the evidence response team from FBI's San Antonio and Austin they now have their Dallas team coming here to assist us as well. And the ATF is bringing in their national response team to Austin. In and in addition to help support us as we go through this investigation. We are putting together a task force that will work jointly until we conclude this investigation and we arrest the person or persons responsible. And we will leave no stone unturned because we are not going to allow this to don't want our city. That being said this will be a lengthy investigation putting all of this evidence together as we work towards a conclusion. All three incidents that have occurred to this point have all occurred at residences. And we don't want to. Have people be overly alarmed but it is important that people be vigilant. And be aware for things that looks suspicious. If you have had a package shall be your home and you were not expecting a delivery if the package that is delivered to your doorstep looks suspicious in any way. Call 911 reported we will respond it may take a little while to get there because we are getting several calls. But we have had all of our law enforcement partners join us in this effort. We have explosive and canine teams joining us from the ATF from the department of public safety. And were pulling resources from other Austin areas as well because we want to ensure this community that we are going to do everything we can to keep you safe for this investigation is ongoing up until that time that we conclude with an arrest. And we don't know at this point what that timeline looks like. We also know we've got to eight a music festival here in town and we've got a lot of visitors and it's important for those those that are here in Austin and they're here for the spring festival. To be aware of what's going on. Enjoy yourself have a good time there's no reason to believe that you are at any greater risk other than. Be aware look for things that are suspicious we've been putting the message out repeatedly. If you see something say something if you see something that looks out of place if you see something that's suspicious. It is important that you call us. And for any residents that have these suspicious packages under no circumstance should you touch them move never handle than in any way but instead make that call. And then if you can exceed your residence or go to the back of the residents until that time that we can get there and deemed that safe. Again this investigation is ongoing we do believe that it is related to the other two incidents that have occurred in this city but again we have no specific ideology. Or victim all edgy behind this and it will remain in and an ongoing investigation will we pursue any and every lead so with that I will open it up for questions however remind you again that we are in the preliminary stages so there is not a lot of information that we can either put out or that we will put out to protect the integrity of this investigation. It's. We do not know yet whether the victims are already intended targets on the east on these cases again they're being left at homes where there are either multiple residence or it might even be left at the wrong address so that's part of the investigation that's going on now. And that's what we're trying to identify as what is the Vick don't know that if that topology and what might be in common amongst these victims who is our. Devices that are similar to the at any evidence that is similar to the devices that have been exploding in the pack drafts. What these these are these are a box type deliveries and so again NASCAR saying if you receive a suspicious package. A suspicious cardboard package but really I don't wanna limit this to anything if you received a suspicious package. Then call us and let us come out because. A device like this can be hidden in many different ways and so it's important again if you're not expecting a delivery. And yet one shows up and it's not from someone that you do business with the that you were expecting it's important that you call us. You and I. Think in theory we heard that I did and second degree. Correct on the first one we did believe it was an isolated incident we had nothing that made us believe in that moment that it was part of anything larger and isolated incident. Standing here today having had a two incidents that we've had have today. And being able to do an initial review of the evidence that we have we do believe that these are related at this time we found it hard work out. And we're not gonna go into specifics on the actual package because of the protecting the investigation and that's why it's important for the community any package that you were not expecting or that looks suspicious call us the eighties researchers found myself still going on. We are up luckily eight a large city with a large police department and we will manage this. I will say we've had offers for assistance from other agencies to bring in help if needed. And we'd actually received a call from the governor's office as well already asking if we need any assistance and so we're working through that right now we're putting our plan together. As I mentioned earlier we brought in additional explosive canine teams into Austin so that we can respond. To these calls that are coming in where individuals have reported suspicious packages it's not time to panic but it's time to be vigilant and it's time to pay attention it's time to pull together as a city and community and solve this so we need the community's participation. If you see a suspicious package on your porch or somebody else's let us now and I heard her package with it. With with. You yet service that it. Now we do not believe that this package here today. Was left by any of the official mail delivery services whether it be United States Postal Service UPS FedEx or DHL but that will be part of the investigation standing here today that we do not believe that this was delivered by any official and delivery service and I'm an opening in England. These devices can explode in many ways either by being moved or by being open and that's why I want to reiterate the importance of if you see something that's out of place. Do not handle it do not move it do not touch it call us. Yeah. Hey how long time it was everything I mean at the end. The landscape has gone pretty neat. Now will we know what's the victims when they've seen these packages on the front ports they have gone out and it handled them in some way or another and we had the explosions and car. Yeah. No again what I mentioned earlier we're working on technology right now that's one of the things you wanna do when you're investigating. What you believed to be a series of incidents if you wanna look for commonalities among your victims where their paths may have crossed so that you can determine if it is connected or if it is random. And at this point we have not yet determined that it possibly crimes. We can't rule anything out as I mentioned earlier today when you rule something out you limit your focus and you may miss things so what we have had to date right now is we have had two victims that were African American and the victim of this latest incident was a 75 year old Hispanic females so we are still working to identify whether or not that may play a role but we're not gonna rule that out as we're not gonna rule out any other potential motive. Yeah yeah yeah. These problems didn't die in big. They're they're they're I can't win a specific sizes but they would there an average size delivery box they're not exceptionally large yeah. A Mike you know what we've got to we've got a pattern of incidents that have occurred this community over the past ten days. And so. That we believe are related so that's what we're focused on right now is the connection between the three. You can't hit all going to hurt anything. Now we do not have any descriptions of suspects are vehicles and that's why again it is so important that the community. If you believe you know something if you have heard something however trivial you may. Believe it to be that may be the piece of information that we need to crack this case so it's important that you report that to us. And yeah. Aerial bombs from people about the potential. Having just turned up any easier than anything suspicious. It's imminent. Now so we've rise since this morning's press conference when we implored the community please let us know if you see something suspicious we have received several calls none of those calls have turned out to be anything that's suspicious or anything explosive Richard Armitage. And as I mean if anything maybe and it really paid anything to be acts that are. Together I mean the expensive. And how active units are of the debt that that needs. You know that the bomb techs are are putting all this together and that's really for the experts the ATF in my bomb squad but what we do you know as we have an individual that has the ability to construct these bombs and to have been successfully detonate and cause what we've seen so far serious injury and loss of life what are they. And isn't an hour is that assignment and that's part of the ongoing investigation there's a lot of analysis that has to go into the chemical composition and we have not yet determined what they're using as the explosive charge me. The serial bomber. We are not calling it a serial bomber but we have a pattern of instances that have occurred in the community that we're very concerned about and that we have brought all of the resource is possible to bear what the community. Number one we want them to be vigilant but we also want them to understand that there is no stern that will no stone will be left unturned. And what you have seen behind us here as well as at the other scene is a complete. Cooperative effort between the federal agencies the local agencies and we are now cooperating and being provided assistance through the state agencies as well this is of the interest to. All of law enforcement because this is someone that everyone wants to see. Put two and and and and stop this stop these bombs how to how. Apple are these explosives liquid in this or concrete under the ground in these explosives are hungry like I need. Very powerful explosives is that surprising to you when I mean. They've beaten these these explosions are obviously powerful enough you all saw what happened. At the at the initial incident ten days ago that it does cause significant damage to that front porch area. And there was significant damage done this morning as well so these are very powerful and devices and that's why again it is so imperative. That no one attempts to touch move or handle one of these packages if you come across him and I. I help her if they will be gone they need it did this powerful and what kind of we'll aches for teens does someone have to have to engineer something like this would not be able to deliveries without detonating. Again as I said earlier that's that's what the bomb technicians any ATF are working on right now. However there is a certain level of skill that is required to put a device like this together successfully. And then to have to detonate in the manner in which these are and to call us via a significant injuries and death that they have fought and well. Now they're not ringing the doorbell lease of the dead residents are coming out finding these packages on their doorsteps thank you very much there triggers there's very little.