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Saturday, June 16th
Dr. Bhavesh Bhakta with Central Texas Implant Center joins us to discuss dental implants, their advantages when compared to dentures, and other teeth concerns.

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Welcome and thank you for joining us on another episode of ask the experts right here on talk thirteen sanity. This is a show about your health your life and much more with our rotating cast of experts. You can catch up on all of our past episodes on talk thirteen seventy dot com slash experts. And of course if you have a question you'll like answer on air at any time. Feel free to email us ask the experts I talked thirteen seventy dot com. Today's guest is doctor Bhavesh Barca. Doctor Bach Dey is with these central Texas implant center and today he's here to speak about. Dental implants. Doctor Rocco welcome to the program. Thank you thank you for having me this is your first time on here I wanted to elect our listeners to get to know you a little bit would you mind introducing yourself. Sure my name is again doctor publish. I was born and raised in California but it moved to Texas. Around the eleventh period. And when TT appear for underground. And went to dental school in New York thereafter. And decided to ultimately moved back to the Austin area. And to continue practicing once they graduated. And has focused mostly on dental implants in so ever since then moved back to the Austin area and pretty much focused on placing. And restoring demo implants from my patience your dental implants specialist correct correct and so what is a dental implant specialists. Don't implants specialist is someone who is in board certified by the American board of neural implant apology. At least in the state of Texas. Nationally. Any general dentist is allowed to place implants. Several states are starting to pick up on the specialty and recognize it as a board certified specialty. And here in Texas we do have that luxury of having any special recognition. For certain doctors who have trained a little bit further than most in the specific people to to an implant. So this is your specialty correct you know everything about being a dentist her but here you focus a song that's correct yes I focused mostly on. Testing but dental implants ever since I've graduated. So why would have patience and implant specialist. Because. Cantor like regular pen tennis do the same thing for us and kind of work absolutely general Dennis again are allowed to place dental implants as long as they feel comfortable. With each given case. The problem lies when they case may be a little bit too difficult or they don't know how to finish the case or even possibly start the case. And so with the level of training the board certified implant specialists can't. They're pretty much comfortable in either performing all duties or at least knowing how to delegate had to perform all duties to a specialist. In order to take care of that patient from start to finish. And it's a bigger question is. What does a dental implant a doubt that's a great question I don't implant is basically used to replace it to win a natural tooth is deemed to be. Numbers horrible and so when we have to basically at the end of the road pull it two out. We wanna be able to replace that with something that kind of mimics that natural tooth too the best ability we can in that it doesn't move around it doesn't come in and out. It functions. Kind of I can natural tooth hood and so with the dental implant does is it mimics the root of that natural tooth. By being encompass around the bone inside your job done. And then once that has healed with a jawbone we are allowed to but he tooth back on top of the implant treated you. So what makes a tooth Andris normal is it like chipping and to serve in personal injury sure there's a there's a lot of factors that we see that can cause someone to have to have the tooth pulled. The main reasons today are probably dental cavities or carries. To the extent where they've gone to be filling in the net and root canal possibly. And crown and then that has failed and now we have to pretty much take the tooth out. Another reason why you can take the teeth out is pretty Donald disease if they come disease is too severe and there's no foundation left supporting the tooth. Then the tooth must be removed in the foundation built back up in order to supported an implant. We elaborate a little bit more on periodontal disease sure periodontal disease is pretty much disease that affects the bones and the comes around a natural tooth. And when someone who experience is periodontal disease can tell you they. Lose a lot of the guns that surround the tooth and the bone along with the guns and so. What ends up happening is that you have a lot of tooth that is no longer encompassed in bone. And they become very loose and then they end up having to basically come out on their own. Or be taken out you know surgically. By the dental professional. And then that problem that. Remains is that if there's not enough bone to place implants right away the foundation less than usually people back. With. Different types of bone grafting procedures. And then the dental implant can be introduced. You know pretty much the general age of most here patients. It varies I've had patients in their twenties and had patients globally in the ninety's. It all varies depending on their situation. Some patients have you know history. Severe dental disease from the get go when they were born. And so they had to lose a lot of their teeth early on. And then there's patients who have seen her maintain international people who into their ninety's and they still. Are well equipped to function with their teeth well beyond. They're nineteen still so I can't say for sure you know what the age. Group is for dental implant it always fairies. It's always given the situation. That period. If you're just joining us your listening to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy. I'm sitting down way doctor bock with the Texas center implant center. Maybe you have any questions if you liked it in contact with each. He can check them out on the web site. Central Texas implants dot com again that's central Texas and plants dot com you can also get more call 512 or 569041. Again that's 51245690. For wind doctor Bach that. How should people select an implant. Dentist. Well what I would tell them is basically do you do your homework just think you would with any doctrine that you choose to perform any. Procedure on you. Make sure that they're well qualified in both or whatever treatment they're roasted did plan on I'm performing on you. If the specialist is qualified in the circuitry then make sure that you feel comfortable with that surgeon. And that you have at least asked them to give you an idea of how many cases they've done. The failure rate any complications. And then also if they're able to do the restoration as well how many they've done and if they have any photos or any. Testimonial reviews that they can look over. What I would say is. If you're gonna find a surgeon who is also able to restore the implant. Then you would. You would be better off it without having to travel around multiple offices here in that you can get everything done. In one location by one doctor rather than having to rely. And potentially two or three different doctors communicating successfully with each other on your treatment. Pretty sure most people would appreciate I get everything done in one location to break her back. I think you I believe you mentioned this before but are are all dentist board certified. No they're not so every dentistry graduates from dental school. Is a licensed and asked but there is no. Board certified implant dentist when I graduated. Dental school. And so that that certification and mentioned the board certification and implants. Has only come about recently. The organization the board itself has been around since the 1960s. But oh only recently did the courts actually recognize. Less as a specialty within industry itself and so only up until I would say Tony fifteen or sixteen. Was it that be were recognized as a separate specialty now with the dentistry. We have time for just one more question before our first break I notice on your website you'd have a few before and after photos of some of the work that you done. So could you tell me about some of your most gratifying cases. How have you impacted patient's wife. Sure pretty much in my in my favor procedure that I focused on trying to do is. The full large reconstruction so that's where you see that drastic change pretty much within a day. I know the patients come to meet with temptation that cannot be restored meaning their entire job or their entire amount. Is no longer restore boy and they need to have all their teeth taken out or at least a whole set of teeth on the upper lower taken out. And as long as we do the proper work out and we can determine that they have enough phone for us to give them back teeth in a day. Then they see the drastic results of having gone from not being able to smile. To being able to smile within a few hours. Even with just a temporary key on the same they have surgery. So those are pellets in my favor procedures because it patients they get to experience it because X the biggest difference at all and yeah that's what gets me excited. Yes seen him smile like that things there is time and be happy about it breath. Well doctor bock it is time for our first break. But we're gonna come back and bring it continue our conversation on dental implants. Of course if you have any questions if you wanna find out more information. About doctor proctor and his practice he can visit central Texas and plants dot com again that's central Texas and planned stock comp they can call them. 512. 4569041. Again that's 512456. 90. For wind organist at the site for a quick break we'll be back with more ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy Michelle about your health your life and much more with our rotating cast of experts. I mean 'cause not all Burris Dan sitting down with doctor doctor with east central Texas and playing center. Doctor bock. We left our conversation right before the break. About you talk investment your most gratifying cases but. My next question is I understand that you are the first dentists and costs and well in the Austin area. To get Medicare. To cover a portion of implant surgeries in your practice. So how does that work and how. Has that helped do you treat more patients and need implants and. Dentistry sure that's a great question I can tell you that pretty much for the past ten years or so. I've been. Either pursuing or looking into this option. Medicare covering certain portions of certain parts of implant surgery. Depending on medical necessity. And I will tell you the past nine years we've been unsuccessful in getting reimbursement from Medicare or any medical sort of I insurance is on this type of procedure. It was and only until recently that we discovered what the issue is word. And why Medicare or medical. Entrances were not allowing. Certain types of implant surgeries I need to be covered. With that said it's still to this day this case we're medical insurance in general. Served such as free yourself from myself. Will not cover dental implant surgery to any extent. There is certain portions of Medicare however. That do recognize oral surgery benefits you and as a dentist as the complaint specialist as the any kind of specialist in the dental field. You can jammed you can diagnose and treat certain of those conditions. The only problem is that we were never taught that in dental school. We were always taught specific dental insurance codes and dental related procedures. Very few schools. Actually treat or treat medical students and dental school students. The same in their first few years. And those that do kind of understand held the to relate to each other better than the dentist who didn't go to such time the school. And so what I can tell you is that in Medicare. We found that if you have the right type of Medicare plan such as the ones that include oral surgery benefits. And there is a medical necessity for this procedure. Then we can get Medicare to cover a portion of this surgery now they don't cover the entire thing. So it's not like you're gonna have the entire procedure paid for by Medicare but a good portion of that procedure can be covered in certain cases. Using Medicare as resources. Finding rather than having to come up with the entire fee for yourself. Absolutely it's it's a little help absolutely yes ma'am do you think it's because. I don't know if it's safe for years say ombudsman would some people considered dental implants more of a luxury then a necessity for health need. In certain cases it can be seen that way but I. I say that dental implant is far superior to any other option out there when it's needed. So if we have to pull the tooth and it needs to be replaced. Your best option in dentistry today would be to replace it with it down and when he. Now there are other options like I said but it doesn't mean that it's always a better solution to go with those options. Those options comes come with a lot more consequences. As we start to go down that list of other options that exist. So when I say dental implants or. An absolute I would say their absolute necessity but if we're trying to recreate what we took away from you in that tooth and I would see your your best bet is to go down and plan. I've heard that if you let aid to call on treated for a cavity can lead to certain things says. Or as an infection and end causing you to go pill is that still true. That's true yes and and that's one of the reasons sometimes we multiple even a tooth without any Kennedys is that it may have died in come infection around it. And there is no actual caddie on the tooth it's just that there was an infection around the route and now the tooth either. Each heavy root canal to treat the infection at the root or have the truthful to the patient as the morning goes through with a group now. And so what we've seen is that you know if those patients elect to not go too with the root canal than we would after the pulled into that removed that infection and then see if we have enough don't place and it went right away. More if we have to then graph theory of the case until the foundation back. Before wrote about to place an implant back in that area. And how successful our dental implants and what would you attribute to. The success why would say in general you read most studies they're gonna show at a high ninety's percent in the success rate. And there's variation comes with each surgeon and technique and then also restore to Dennis in their techniques. And so what I would say is if you find a well experienced surgeon or even any experience restorative dentist. That can place their own implants. Then you're going to be far more likely to be in that higher nineties successful rate then you're if you find someone who lets me. Just wants to start to introduce themselves and placing implants. Then year's success rate obviously may not be as high as someone who is placed quite a few bit more advanced than someone starting up. Again if you're just joining us from listening to ask the experts were sitting down with doctor bock do with the central Texas implant center. Doctor Bach that. Which patients are too old to have dental implants. There actually there is no age limit to dental implants. The ongoing joke that I would make is probably the ones that are not breathing or tools and I don't have a pretty good joke and I've been out to be quite honest there's patients who I have not treated myself but I have colleagues who treated into their hundreds. They just got it down implant placed or had a mouthful of talent and it's placed. And five years later. The dentist is telling me that those patients group wishing they had done this procedure quite a long time. And so I would not say that there's an age limit. Or even age. Restriction. In terms of a maximum to be require the patience to have at least stop growing. So that is there at least an adolescent. That we monitor that there's no more bone growth left in here. Body and rest of their jobs before we place him when it's sort talk about someone in their mid twenty's it's pretty easily as Tony yeah yeah. And then as far as like you said on the higher end there's no age limit that I seen it's more based on their medications or a medical history status at that point. And usually they're still healthy enough that they can still get to know in its place so. I would not say that to most my patients there's no age limit if that's what you've been. Old eat so if there's no age limit so what if a patient has been told they don't have. Enough bone. Four implants say they're not a candidate for implants or would he tell your patients. Well I tell them that don't make sure that the person who told you that has evaluated a complete CT scan before they make that determination. Usually. Some Dennis want to evaluate just the two dimensional reading graft. That's condition taken in most dental offices. Rather than ordering or having a CT scan done in their little office. Once a CT scans done we get to evaluate all the bones in three dimensions and then that allows us to see and virtually place implants as well. If there's going to be enough bone in the areas that we want to have implants placed. Now Obama and now I think I mentioned this on the break as a while. You know I see a lot of ads for clear choice all the time and what separates you guys what makes you different. Well again clear choice. There's that they're the senator they've been around for quite awhile. What they do is they have. Usually two separate dentist one surgeon one restorative dentist and they all have. Different duties to do within the same practice and so. Usually what ends up happening there is because of such a big multi corporation. You get treated like you're just a price tag if you and I get many patients that come to my office. Every week they complain about how they were treated or how they did not like experience. At these types of centers. And so what I can tell you what differentiates me is that IE and the very independent small mom and pops type of shop right now. And I don't have any intentions of getting to becoming corporate entity that treats patients with just one a procedure in mind. The other difference between myself and clear choice or those other types of senator. Is just that I don't look at every patient to do a procedure I wanna do right look at each patient to see if they're right fit for implants to me that. And so I don't have an agenda of wanting to do implants and every patient that comes to my door. I'm more focused on seniors is going to be a right fit and I can give a good experience at the end of the day. And meet this need that patient schools. So it's about their needs and of course you know now that you've got the Medicaid it's. Covering a portion of the costs of they qualify for it without helping them out at the end. Correct correct and with that Medicaid option you know it's been such of a game changer for me because there's so many patients out there with dentures just to begin with that has had dentures for quite some time. And as they know they dentures don't fit the same way they used to when you first got them and now they're having to deal with these uncomfortable. Very inefficient way of trying to chew and eat and that does not allow them to gain adequate nutrition. And that means they are compromised in their ability to eat and choose certain foods and all these things Medicare realizes is the equivalent of as giving someone a wooden leg and today's day and age even though there is robotic legs and arms. The difference between adventure and an implant ventures is just that we're talking about a wooden arm and a leg to replace that limb. First is the newest robotic. Then that we can you know replaced its don't add any of you bet your true natural ability but it's gonna get close as we can't do that ability. Would getting dental implants earlier life. With that prevents say a patient. From getting dentures and later part of their life. Absolutely there's certain situations where if for whatever reason for patient young enough had to have. An implant placed and then several years down the road had to have other implants placed there are situations where we can use those impasse down the road. If the rest of those teams have to be removed and then he needs to keep attached. It's all case dependent so I would say that it happens and everybody. But it is possible to use an implant or multiple impacts. Down the road for other purposes as well. Understand that and when I get old I'd like to keep as much as light as my nineteenth as possible right written and that's what I tell my patients again I'm not looking to the implants in Europe. If the if the result is that we have to do the implants then I will discuss with you all the solutions that exist. But nothing beats your natural T silver we can keep from natural teeth for as long as we can that be your best bet rather than having any implant option. Well we're gonna subsite for a quick break its the bottom of the hour boat well we come back we're gonna continue our conversation with doctor doctor on. Dental implants don't go anywhere we'll be back right after these messages right here on talk thirteen seventy. And thinks coming back to ask the experts are here on talk thirteen MD they were sitting down with doctor bock at which these central Texas and plant center. We're speaking about dental implants today and doctor bock fell wanted to ask is there anything new in the world have been plan. It's. Always says find myself a constantly learning new things about dental implants. As much as I studied it it's still. Fascinates me in the new technologies that are emerging related to dental implant specifically talking about technologies. The trend today is having everything go digital so we're getting to the point. Where we can pretty much have. You know just an actress Kate can I view and then I know impressions or anything like that anymore. And we can pretty much have everything done from start to finish including putting the kids back at this point. Without having to use and use that old do we compete impression materials. And so for patients it's a lot less easier. Present becoming an unhappy and that restored to. As well as placed when it's. And involved with all the technology. That makes it a lot less invasive and easier two in the right place as well. As anything else you better listeners should no amount. I mean as far as options with dental implants the same options have existed for quite some time. It's the way we use dental implants. Currently that is constantly changing. And so as far as and you were options I would say that for patients who are dealing with dentures. They don't have to you know deal with that any longer. The option does exist today where they can come in. And most attention are most likely have the ability to have me. Fixated entry that doesn't move around on them. While the implants and a great and then heavy finals and keep place content is important one's teeth or less impressive and created. So if I got implants might still be able to. Get cavities are mine now and into it completely so cavities you're gonna be immune to that he can't get any caddies on the dental implant puppy can get is still to come to see just to get panoramic and natural to. So that periodontal disease can come back around and implant and it's called period and Titus. And that does affect implants to a certain degree. On occasion. I'm no one is pro are immune from having that basically if you had a dental implant you do have potential of getting this thing. Gum disease around him and as you do around natural tooth. The only difference is that it's a little bit easier to clean. Around it natural earth around the implant. And it is natural to sometimes. Especially if you have. Certain fillings crowns or something like that put on the heat natural teeth. They can make it a little difficult to sometimes flops or clean around those notes and cranes. And so would that be a way to prevent yourself from getting mad disease. From getting cavities ESP your stomach and be immune from getting to come disease so even with dental implants. The best preventative is still to come in for your routine hygiene checkups and make sure that there's no. And then come disease that we're seeing around implants and what can be done twice a year cleaning exactly and indeed. Brushing your teeth twice a day and everything absolutely I just like it took a natural tooth we ask that you. You keep it clean the same way you know and you just think you would in the morning and night pressure key slots after meals. Is when you come into the dental office to have them cleaned every. Twice a year TE depending on which type of into an option you went with if it was a single to their natural tooth at the restoration. We would clean around the implant and if it was that entry type of restoration we would take the heat off in the clean around the implants and teeth as well and they put the teeth back. So there's different ways of doing that against keeping the implants clean is just as important as keeping your natural teeth cleaned. Just because one has down and plants does that mean he should not have to pay attention to keeping things cleaning. And on the topic of caring for your implants is there. These are a lot of upkeep maintenance. I would say no more than natural teeth that's the beauty of the dental implant verses other prostheses. Is if you have they don't employ in your mouth. Most likely you're gonna forget that it's even there if it's a successful one. After some time and so once it's healed and you've had that to restore back on the implant. Usually after a day here a couple of days most patients tend to forget that a team there. As a down and and if they think that is just not natural to and they just pressure on it and tossed around like it would the rest of their T. Doctor bock I have a question here from a listener. It says I seen some of my friends who have been wearing dentures for why I've noticed that they seem to age faster. Is that due to bone loss I don't want to look that way can implants prevent bone loss so my face while sag actually. Believe the reason why a lot of that bone deteriorates. Is because there's no roots of those keep stimulating that bones and place. So once you have those teeth taken out and nothing to replace the routes that those teeth. Your body will start take away that bone and that creates that something and look so if you're not wearing your dentures. And he had all that bone loss. There's no more live support and it looks like your lips are just seemed to back candidates like gravity take that score or write and write and with dentures it kind of helps push that back out but. Most patients who Wear dentures don't do so just for aesthetics it tried to actually eat with them. And that's where the problem comes into place if you don't have him implants underneath those entries to help support it. Then it becomes very uncomfortable to eat with just regular ventures especially after a few years. Once the bone has started to deteriorate but the dentures stayed the same. It's kind of like a block at doesn't have heard that the law that has a different key to at this point it's not an open any more earth is second I think the same way. As the initial he did and so he has now a mismatch that's gonna cause a lot of on comfort. On the road unless he's getting indenture made. Or have some implants placed. What's the implants are placed in mimic the roots of those key things to be there. And it lets your body think that you have and need to keep the bone around those groups and so once an implant is placed and you don't have to worry about phone. Using any more bones at that point. The only time he would is if you get a gum infection around the implant at which point the bones start to deteriorate just like any gum disease does. And so what if you have a patient that's still pretty active. And numb but when they exercise or play sports are always conscious about their teeth potentially falling out if if they got implants what they have to worry about that. No so that's the beauty of it is depending on you know which option to go with if they wanted to have. The ability to not have anything coming in out the don't implant options do exist to give them that. What to give them what they're looking for. Then the major barriers to those is again to see if they have enough bone to do what they want. What they want ultimately accomplished. And so a lot of times if they want to have a stable denture that no longer moves around or that they don't have to worry about falling in or out. Then did the biggest hurdle that we experience is not only from a financial standpoint but also from. The the medical side where they have to have actually enough well for me to face the actual implants in. Anything that you don't lineup then they're not gonna have a successful outcome on the. And what about oh. Let's say vegetable source. Or something may be harder to choose like in the good in particular fruits but maybe you'll eat something like corn on the cob with 10s1 point. It's absolutely so if you if you go with certain options such as those Keith Kennedy type of options. Once the final set of tees are put on after the impressive healed most patients are able to go back can eat any type of foods that they were. It will be when they had all the natural teeth were healthy and they do so without any regard to conferred pain. Or anything else that they started to worry about when they were wearing dentures apple and app out exactly what they can bite into an apple. They can eat corn on the cob as you mentioned they can she stay they can do pretty much anything. That anybody else without don't infants who has a mouth with healthy teeth can do. And regular listeners know and overall why do people choose dental implants. Well as they've mentioned to dental implant is pretty much your next best option in replacing a tooth so. If you had to choose a quality of life standard. Most people wanna choose to live as comfortable as they can. And what it dental and and allows you to do is just that it allows you to function and eat and smile. All without having to worry about having anything moving around or looking a natural. Or potentially feeling uncomfortable when they tried to actually to order a function with it. And so if you can have that peace of mind then. I don't know what else in industry we can offer you that kind of matches what they don't impact offers. All the other options that I mentioned that early oval to the same patient will not provide you with that with all the benefits that Olympic. Doctor rocker we have time for one more question before last break. What is the process of getting a dental implants picture so if we're talking about getting a single tooth implant replaced. Are they if we're talking about getting a single mpeg two replacing missing tooth the process usually goes something like this where the patient comes in. And we evaluate to see if there's enough bone for us to placed an implant right away I wanted to do is taken out. Or if we have to then craft the bone once into this taking out sort of developed that foundation before we can come back and face an implant. So that's the first step is once we take the tooth out. We determine if we can place an implant or not if we can they see impact right away and you were able to save the patient usually about four or five months in healing time. So that if we take the teeth out and the implants placed right away they can heal for 45 months before having the tooth put back god. If the opposite happens where we take the keys out and there's not enough phones to place an impact right away what we do is we grabbed the area I would some bone. Two heal first before we can come back in place the impact and had that craft we'll take about the same time about four to five months. For that to heal before we have enough bone fall Ian took place in the implanting it. And then once we placed in planning and we have to win again another four to five months. Before we can put to back on top of that. Again if you're just tuning and you're listening to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen Sendy. Our guest today is doctor doctor with the central Texas and plant sensor. To find out more information on dental implants he can visit their website central Texas and plants dot com and the central Texas and plants dot com we can give you call. I won 245690. Or wind. Like I said we're stepping aside for our final break. We'll be back with our final segment when doctor vodka right here on ask the experts on talk thirteen seventy. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to ask the experts right here on talk thirteen seventy were sitting down when doctor bock do with the central Texas implant senator. If you have any questions if you want to reach out to doctor about faith and his team you can visit their website. Central Texas and France have dot com. Forgive my call 5124569041. And and that's by 124569041. Doctor doctor you mentioned throughout the hour teeth and a day would you be able to tell us more about teeth and a day advertisements. Sure I'd give him the day is basically a concept where you can come and if you have. Said TK you know have to come out or need to be replaced with don't implants. Well we're able to do is. You know murkier to have to keep taking out the implants placed. And the temporary set of keys that back on all within the same day. The way that's done is traditionally the you know we start in the morning we take the CT scan we make sure we can perform the surgery. And then we have a set of teeth that we have that visas or temporary what he'll look for months. And so pretty much everything is done in one day they come back after four months once they've appealed. And then we're able to start the process of putting on the permanent that if he. So what I would help patients is that the commercials they've seen about the teeth in and he process. Is 90% true and the per the parts they don't tell you is that it's an altar and and one day. I you do have to come back once everything is healed number of sister putting on the final set to tee and so. The the majority of what you've seen on the commercials when they talk about. Keep in today concepts. Is true. It's just a matter of making sure again you have enough bone structure for us to do the surgery as well as to restore the key back on immediately. Under those implants replaced. On the day of surgery. And soared dental implants noticeable. No they're not supposed to be noticeable so if done properly. Then you will not notice any difference in the Dow and Pampers is a natural tooth. Even when we replace the entire set of teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth. With dental implants. The implants themselves should never be visible. And so. Again if done properly and if planned ahead of time the final result should look no different than when a normal person with natural Keith Wilkes. And so what are the chances of an implant failure. Again I what I told my patients is that nothing in life is guaranteed that the death death and taxes so just like everything else and implant can fail. But the success rate of implants is relatively high given all the studies and how we place and today. So I would tell my patients if you do your research and finding a proper. Herb if you do your part in finding a dentist that is knowledgeable and comfortable in placing implants and has had a long history. And doing so successfully. Then your chances of having an impact failure has pretty much gone down to zero. That doesn't mean that once you're done you no longer have to worry about it because again once he even the best of surgeons basically implant. If the patient doesn't follow up with that the care. Or the hygiene needed to maintain that them implant then just like everything else it can fail over time. So you can buy just like I tell patients the best Mercedes out there but if you don't get your routine we'll changes. Then that car will no longer function the way it is it was intended to. So yeah you'll see things sort of come off from it exactly yeah. And so I may be another thing that may swirl in the minds of a potential patient more someone looking to do this is dental implants surgery painful. Hate so most patients have this fear of hearing dental implant surgery and the because it has. Just that the entire surgical process where. They have to be put to sleep and they're going to wake up with all this pain and swelling. Which traditionally is not always the case. Depending on the type of implant surgery that they need. We've had patients come in as their implants placed and go back towards the next day without any swelling or pain and then we also have here. Cases where it's going to be an extensive surgery and we. Let the patients know you're going to have swelling and pain for up to three days or more depending on the extensive ness of the procedure that needs to be done. So we we kind of have done this in a at this point to where we can gauge. What to expect but again at the end of the day we. Don't know how the body will react for every patient so we can do is let them know that you know if we do with the way we intended to. It should not have to be pain fool you at all times and so. Especially like this with technology as you asked me before. The advent of new technologies and the implementation of these type in new technologies in my practice. Allows us to treat patients in a less painful. Manner. And so over able to accomplish what we used to without having to go to is much pain. Does the surgery required time off. Again depends on the extensive ness of that a procedure. We've had patients that come in for single tooth implant placement and they're able to go back to work the same day or even the next day. And then there's patients who come and who we expect to tell them to take some time off at least three to four days. In anticipation of the swelling. That we expect to happen from the surgery so. Depending on the complexity in this extent of the implant procedures that need to be performed. Week we kind of let the patients know if they're able to go back to work things here next day where they're gonna need to take some time off. And about how long does it take to put any dental implant if we're talking about a single implant and there's no need to our attitude has already been taken out. A simple implant placement procedure can take you know thirty minutes to an hour at most. Depending on the complexity of the bone there and so routinely in my office we schedule an hour for each patient. But consistently asking myself being done in about twenty minutes or so with actual surgery time. And would smoking. Affected dental implant may be before or after absolutely just like any other surgery. Smoking impairs your ability to heal properly. Or at least delay your ability to heal properly. So if you're going to continue to smoke thing you're just not giving yourself the best chances of healing well. I'm in the same applies to the dental implant if he continued to smoke while you have to tell him thanking your mouth. The chances of it Healy well are going down and down with each party take. And and I probably asked this before but. We're in the final segment of our hour together so where listeners have made mrs. are dental implants safe. Absolutely they have been studied now for well over fifty years the studies have come into show. That they are absolutely safe it's funny you asked that because. Any trained implant surgeon will tell you when they were first introduced to it or if they know the history of dental implants. When they're infants were first introduced as a concept. They were considered very dangerous. The most dentist and it was taboo to be placing implants at that point in time. Wind no nobody knew how they would work or if they would even work. And lo and behold thinks that the doctors that kept at it. We're now able to show with the studies that these dental implants are not only safe but they're the best options to replace Heath now days. Vs the traditional methods of industries that were in place to replace missing keys at that point. Now we got time. Or just a few more questions and I think is a question M may be on everyone's mind cost. How expensive are dental implants would do is very each office has their own price and each implant case is dependent on not only just how many implants but what the situation is for each patient. So what I tell patients is not every tooth needs to have an implant. That needs to be replaced so depending on your situation. Let's say your missing three teeth. There's a situation we can have to implants and three Keith but back on on the blimp itself. It's okay is dependent. The cost on dental implants. Nowadays is very similar to other options such as bridges are crowns or things of that nature so I would. Tell the patient who has any traditional and error has a need for restoring it to the needs to come out. To explore their options. In detail and not put off. Don't end fans based on cost now also. London on the topic of cost would talent and our office has. Multiple ways of breaking down the cost barrier to treatment. In that we have different financing options available as well as in hand in house financing options available. The main point that I would like to have to. Put across is that. I don't implant. It should not be restricted just based on cost it it just like everything else. It has a value to attack other options don't bring to the table and if you value those qualities that he gives you. Then you can anticipate that you and I have to either pay for it went from another. And does insurance paid for implants and surgery or an impartial. No they it all depends on the insurance as well a lot of them are starting to cover dental implants eat what I would say is if you do have dental insurance contact your insurance carrier to see if they covered in the implant procedure. But when I first started with talent and they'll tell you that most insurance as did not cover that procedure here. Unless you're a specialist or someone of that nature. Who would be placing implants any specialist office. But nowadays routinely general Dennis are offered kennel impact reimbursements to most patients and assurances. Whether they're doing it at a specialist officer now. So it's it's slowly becoming that's something that's more and more covered. But again that's dependent on each insurance companies I wouldn't say that every company is going to reimburse placing implants. Or even having an and an option. Covered in their policy it all depends on each individual policy and each plan as well. Well doctor about though this is done Vienna's show on do you have anything that you would like to let our listeners now. I appreciate your time today just 12. You know educate them public out there on the impasse and options that do exist. There's no longer need to suffer from loose or uncomfortable dentures. And so if you are in that situation we'd love for you to give us a call and see if we can help. Whether that's through Medicare or otherwise we can help you figure that out. Doctor Rocco thank you again for a coming in and educating our listeners perfect thank you so much again if you have any questions for doctor bock Antonio in contact with this practice you can visit their website central Texas implants. Dot com. Or you can give more call 5124569041. Again I went to fourth by 69041. And that wraps it up for this episode of ask the experts if you like to catch up on past episodes please visit our website talk thirteen semi dot com slash experts. If you have a question you would like doctor Barth an answer. The next time he comes on our program feel pretty Emo us. Ask the experts on talk thirteen seventy dot com. I mean your husband offer is thank you for tuning in and I hope you'll join us next week.