Back to School Bash and Safety Fair, August 12, 2017

Inside Austin
Sunday, August 6th

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) is hosting their annual Back to School Bash and Safety Fair on August 12th at the Palmer Events Center.

Griselda Rodriguez, the Special Projects Coordinator with AISD, joined to the program to speak about the events of the day. While it is hosted by AISD, Rodriguez explained it is open to the public, meaning any child from any school district is welcome to attend.

About 150 community organizations and district departments will provide information and activities to prepare students for a safe and successful school year. And there will be 3,200 backpacks given away at a first-come first-serve basis. Although there is need to rush for a free bag; there will be everything from vaccinations to free haircuts available for students.

The Back to School Bash and Safety Fair from 9 a.m.–noon at the Palmer Events Center. Austin ISD is also providing free shuttles at locations throughout the city. Anyone looking for more information is welcome to contact Griselda Rodriguez at [email protected] or 512-414-9955.

Additional information can be found on their Facebook page:


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Welcome to inside us and I met offer is and my guest today is of course although Rodriguez. Persona is these special projects coordinator with. AI ST that's Austin independent school district. Anger sodas joining us on the program to date to speak about them back to school bash being held from 9 AM to noon on Saturday August 12. Priscilla walk into the program thank you for having me so. Back to school bash sounds like a cool party. Yes like a fun event. Let's give our listeners some insight to it. OK and like you mention it's on Saturday August the twelfth from 9 AM to twelve at the Palmer and and thinner. And people be happy and so this is a resource fairs were on a barge. Can we needy parents and students man it is spree completely free for everybody to attend the we will be have mean 3200 backpacks. And to give out to Austin I ST students who are physically bear. And and those backpacks will be stuffed with supplies. And I also see that you have. Lots of things don't non-GAAP free health screenings he got some booster seats and some health some haircuts for children as well India and so is is to benefit lower income Pamela and yes yes I'm so how does one get involved first while wonderful for. School district to be able to give back to the community because the community throughout the year. Pays for it beyond the education and teachers and stuff like that but. The cost of education even on a grade school level goes up every year because backpacks and more expensive X school supplies get more expensive yes it's like. How did you has come about this. And so this is the twelfth the year that we've been doing this long before I mean but has been going on for twelve years. And every year it grows so as of last year we've had over 8000 people attend this event. And and we've seen the numbers grow every single year. And and is just you know a whole bunch of people in the community coming together. It's completely be. Funded by sponsors. And so everything from. The transportation to the backpacks the supplies. And even the people to come to get it to stuff those backpacks are all volunteer. So the events being held at the Palmer events senator on 900 Barton springs road yes. So is there wrench creation and east be involved. And no there's not British mission ages show up and and we will give instructions and there's a form they have to fill out. And to maneuver through the entire program and then you formalized in your backpack okay. So what is on the main reasons a family should come out and take advantage of this resupply if yeah. Free backpacks and they also get to take advantage of the free market it's you know kids like to start of the year with a fresh Erica hill which is pretty awesome yeah. And topple nagging and they have their pertain to get the free booster seats and those can get pretty pricey Islam. And on top of that we have so many different exhibitors are gonna be hanging around. Freebies and we have some who will be handy not. Smaller size backpacks with supplies are on top of difference lag that being said we also have an opportunity for everybody who is. Already an amnesty and not in as to students to be able to see what we offered to them on every single day from program remain in our. And early college high schools. And energy from magnet programs in elementary there so many things going on so this is an opportunity to gain. A firsthand look at what we have to offer. But we do have a lot of charter schools and the school of public schools. And so all of those people on me it's still attend. And that is an opportunity for them to be good to see how I mean he's seen the Austin independent school district as. And perhaps you know they'll be able to you know come in and you know. Find out the many options that we have to offer ticket us. That's great any recommendations for families wanting to ten attend the event. Yes so Abby will be having free vaccinations so we do recommend that they bring their shot records okay I am with them. And just make sure that they have a good breakfast and because it is going to be a lot of walking you know like I said more than 8000 people attending so there's going to be a lot of Joaquin. And we will. All of the information they're we have free shuttles. And or any of those I don't want to travel and China figure out parking you know that morning of and then just get laid. And so we do have several. Locations and our and our website. And so they can take and punish those. Sent them so the backpacks and school supplies how long to those typically last he said there's 8000 people led generally attendant whom that you only have 3200 yes so is just the first 10% okay so to get there early if you want that back and not necessarily because we don't want them to be there are the clock and all NN ads. At this is in the Black Friday. Net net net so it's just you know how to and then I go through the lying. And they have to go to a prophet likened mention then what happens sections there once they go through the line they don't even have to. Breasts through the door OK either. And you'd like you said it's not a Black Friday deals so. They just have to be able to see all of the different exhibitors are we have there. Make a lined up for state to huddle and go as I mentioned every single exhibit a will have different BBC even if they don't get a backpack. They won't come out with a lot of. School supplies absolutely so you said you've seen. Quite a few of these within your time with AI ST. What what do you what is your biggest take away from it from by the end of the day. It it's really amazing to see these kids leave a win. Backpacks and their hands and then the opportunities that they get because otherwise it would not. He would go for this stuff we have family sitcom with four or five kittens you could just you know that's a lot of money that they can spend on. Clothing or shoes instead of having to worry about the supplies not the here. Priscilla do you have anything else into an attempt. Yes so we are also seen a lot an increase in different people who don't speak English. As a first language. So we will be implement lean interpretation on site. For different languages. And as of right now we will be how mean American farmland winched. We'll have Arabic. Per meets. Mentoring and presto and get that means available on site our interpretation at that's you as a really thinking get asked yes obviously we I mean. Caller welcomes them. While. Is there any need for any more volunteers is there any other way the public can get involved absolutely. We do have the assembly of the line and which as we eat a box all of the supplies that we. Had to stifle the backpacks and I'll be on Monday. And that's August beefs up and Kathy Delco center. And and that's from nanny and two. Hopefully no longer than 4 PM and and that's an add on to Stevie aid that we can stuff followed those backpacks and get them ready for Tak eight. And anyone who would like to help would just show up and they can either show up where they can do is important deed to us by calling me and then my phone number is five point two. Four point 499 are five. Or they can also email me I had tag B so that dot Rodriguez at Austin nine ST dot org. Herself I wanna think you've heard coming onto the program today starting it off. And telling us about this wonderful event that you have going on available for students in the Austin area. We appreciate it thank you so much for having me. Again that's Barcella Rodriguez the special projects coordinator with us and independent school district. If you like to get involved volunteered. Help on tackles backpacks again that's on Monday August 7 at the Delco senator from 9 AM to 4 PM if you prefer to send yourself an email. To get more information on volunteering. You can send that to we sell that doctor Rodriguez. Anti us and I ST dot org. This is inside us and and we will be right back.