Building The Fundamentals of A Champion, 5/21

Del Walmsley
Monday, May 21st
Today, Del talks about the best of the best in music and the NBA. For this discussion, he focuses on the Billboard Music Awards and the NBA Playoffs. Carrying numerous awards himself in power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, competitive body building – including Mr. Texas and Mr. Arkansas – as well as real estate investing, Del shares the sound fundamentals required to get anybody to the pinnacle of their craft.

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The next hour we'll change your life. And know you're okay. National award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of lifestyles that. Don't want to. What good does want to radio show with a high bid to help begins liberals don't want we've always looking for new financial freedom. It resolute talk about somethings who topped it may seem. Row with each other made out to roll with each other but to me both occurred yesterday. In both. Lipton imprint on me as far is watching. Successful people. Two veteran talk about war in the NBA finals and to the billboard awards. Now interestingly enough you know two completely different topic but both winners. And what it would like to do today is disgust what I see. In these two environment. And how they. Bowl match up in one way or another. And then take it in look at all the aspects of your life. Because okay these guys are success of these guys are great basketball players. To some extent but who's going to be the winner. These guys are great musicians. But they don't all win somebody wins. But the overall successful. In that there are amongst the top in their. Their business to profession whatever. But when you look at them you say put. Are they gonna do anything else I mean. Comedy act which you know can't or marriage together. Have you listed kids from multiple women how many rappers in the music stars have the same thing. You know drug problems family problems could problems. Yes you're seeing a level of extreme result and wondered their life and that a total collapse of results on the other individual battle that's not to bowl them some of them. Very rounded lives so I'm not trying to point that finger at that thing I'd wanna take that part of it off the table right now. Because. The point of trying to make has nothing to do with. You know we should be rapper and music person are you should be a basketball player. Or who's the best either one of those two joggers it's really not. What I'm about to talk about what I'm trying to come across it is some very fundamental. Ideas. That could really make it different changing your life if you could pick them up. And the first large fundamental idea of what to quote today is that winners. Are consistently good. So it's going to be a B four. They do it in two college basketball you've got to be 100000. Dollar school kids that make it. Then to play college basketball you've got to be one of tens of thousands of people to make it into pro basketball. And then. There's thirty people in each team and they only played top fired eight of them you know there's a second string in the third string but some of them to oversee the see the you know anything more than the bench. Area. When you look at that these two these top you know five to eight maybe nine players in each team of the league players when that team. And in those people played thirty teams. And after. 82 games you come down to. Eight teams in the east eight teams in the west. And they've played each. And this elimination goes from a to Ford reported to. Him to play each other. And in those winner of those to go against the east what they play trip. So what is really the secret here. The secret is the best the winners the real winners figure out early on in life. This nut being your best on in one day that makes you successful. It's being good every day but bringing it when the time calls for. And so you you look at the situation. Of the basketball teams and you see. The Golden State Warriors 172 games when it went season they went on to lose. The playoffs that season they had worn themselves out. Right. And it got beat. But this season regular you know what literally care people care already gave you win because we know that the real basketball season doesn't start of the playoffs. We've got to get our people healthy we've got to worry about coming to the play offs. And so. Even these tea leaf players. You see them come to the first game of the playoffs on the Western Conference. And you see that. They bring it to Houston had been destroyed and some even though one player wasn't make it they just destroyed it. But other company's second game and they didn't have the consistency the rockets didn't come ready to play the first game so we came ready to play the second game. And at that time gold state didn't have consistency. Couldn't bring the same game to the table two days in row two games zero so Houston destroyed them. Now Houston psychological blow to. And they go to Golden State home game Golden State destroys him by a larger margin than anybody ever beat anybody in the playoffs. Rocket which is humility. But the truth of the matter is. Whether you beat by one point or fifty points it's just one game they're now down two and one. So the question is. Can they get back with their consistency. Or is Golden State could prove there really are the super team that they've always been and door right now today we let you have one game that's the courtesy game. That just let us realize that if we don't bring your game every night we're not gonna be a division but now we know. If we do bring our game we can beat you and no way you can beat us and other win three more games in a row were actually going to more than zero. There's over. Now I predicted that rockets lose that. Because I predicted the rockets have no consistent. They can't consistently. Bring their a game to the table. That's a mistake that's a problem. And so. They're probably not gonna win this series it's over Eastern Conference. The cavs and Celtics. The cavs. Are not consistent they've had a bad season they come back LeBron puts on superhuman effort they win some games. But then Boston a little blocks beaten to Woodrow. Now then why did they put away. If they could beat him to roll why didn't they put way we'll LeBron comes back with a sympathy game that. The ones superhuman effort while the other team is saying hey we got a lead on what could let down a little bit. And so put on the super human and boom they win. Now we see this a wonder how many other things in your life do you play. At the level will winner. Are you consistent enough to be a winner are you consisted not to be super are. And by the way because superstar doesn't necessarily being mean being where I mean to know too much so pure. It's a note to self. Highly talented people are not. Always the winners. When I was young I was 2004 grade. I had no natural physical peril if sports whatsoever but because I was willing to work harder. To diet more strictly. To action exercise indoor practice. More regularly more consistently. Because I had more information about what was the right way in the wrong ways to do things I was able to win. And as a consistent winner it's not like I won that I lost or won the last ones are sort of winning one everything I did until I quit. I think I took second. It the very last car just never went through that I realized. You know what I didn't have a to bring. It was over for me I destroy my shoulder I hurt my back my legs I couldn't train as hard that could psychologically use good. In boom bows out. Which is why you see that that happened about 34 and happy after that black Monday of bell will also my money in my life to change I'd lost that edge. But if you look at the billboard awards where you look at the NBA. You're seeing that the real game. It played by people twenty to 35 years of age. But the world is almost over at 35. Mission was to let up pretty negative thing to bring to a radio show that has an average Asian audiences somewhere around forty to 45 years old. With many people well into their fifties and sixties. So I know it is. But it's a reality. It wouldn't try to tell you this is that you don't have anymore time if you wanna be good. If you wanna be great you've got a giggle and now you don't have a lot of time. And you need to play the game can win it because we are not going to be rap singers. And we are not going to be rock stars or are we going to be basketball players. And so my prince will come back we've got to talk about how we can win in life and what it's gonna take. What are we going to do it's going to make us had the level success at those athletes and those rock star's death. Even though we're starting got a 30405060. Years that it can be done. We right back with you don't want to read. You're listening to their Joseph wants the radio show. More life changing principles are just a few minutes. 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Again as stand today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere and I include the right choice. I can now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. We'll be back to don't want to radio show today we're discussing. The similarities. Between the NBA finals of the billboard awards and what can be learned by each of these and so when we left to break I was making the point that look. Most people are highly successful successful by the time the 35 years of age. And then they go on from there and succeeded even greater heights but what I want to understand if you look at this billboard awards thing for second. These guys look like kids like babies. And you'd never reelect you think they're located just picked up the guitar servicing and one day and somebody. Could it long here and they scream really loud and rude that they were you know being picked up his appearance somewhere. But if you're watching these award troops or these music shall we try to win the way into. A spot like the voice for you know the idol and things you realized most of these people been singing. And were playing instrument since you like five or six years old. It's about time they get to be eighteen years of aged twenty some years of age was starting to make it they've already got 1520 years under their belt but do witnessed. So we think it's overnight success a lot of people look at success as it's an overnight success deport them trying to make humans. That it's not. That's a long drawn out consistent. Raw and the future either you know up playing in the NBA finals. Because you played basketball for two years I mean you can play about Molson if you were ten years old. And you had to be good at it in every level you played her you couldn't moved on to the next level the same thing's true with this music stopped and everything else. Now let's take better look at that go back to look at what we're not all good musicians around to be rosters what about your job. Are you the best at your job. Are you consistently the best of your job or you the guy who goes worker big blob smarter them up also smarter than everybody else but this job just as terrible. That doesn't do is me I'm not stimulated meager studio that way I don't try hard school could I too Smart you know. Parents barbecue which is too Smart who's boarding school. They're making easy and be the best. But if you if you can't bring it to your job every day. At a height of what would be your best every day they knew about the vast. And you're never going to get rich by having a job. It didn't work because you're not about you'll just one of tends to build a repeat that hundreds of thousands of people get a good job every day. You're not gonna make it. So what investing. You stick your money you know forward Kerri. Are IRA. Dachshund. And loose in the same old Talking Heads do the same old boring stuff. Right. And what do you get. You get the same boring. Lackluster resulted everybody else gets. Because you're not. Doing the best you could possibly do you know I've grown to well. We'll talk about your fitness. Maybe we should dog but it's. I look at people. And I see their body weights and I see it you know I have sympathy foreclose that but I have some empathy for much of because I know they can stop it. But a three news article the other day about. Relationships. It was talking about the fact that a husband wife gets buried the build average weight of the bills but 175000. Never Twitter feed those 115. Pounds. And within ten years the males over 200 pounds 250. The females that a 106280. We did twenty years the mails 25260. The whites 200. And you'll how. Do you do this. Right and it sit there's no consistency in their diet I my body temperature is very low and it's not my genetic makeup to be that way. But consistently eat the same stuff. Not the same food not the exact same food every day but those same way every day and I eat great food and I eat a lot of food. But I received the right way and inconsistent about my body knows what's gonna. Right I drink alcohol consistently to pick up all but still. You know weighing in a manner that I can function. Right. That thing you got to look at is. We were are you as far as your job you're investing your fitness all this talk about to pay him. I want Washington realize that was really cute I recommend that anybody forty years of visual were maybe fifty years of age or. It's got the book club and about a bunch old ladies for ladies' reading could she'd be great and just losing their minds realizing it. Sixty years of age. There have cyclic anymore. They don't have a relationship in their life anymore their life is over their already considered themselves to death. I'm sitting there with my girlfriend she knows that I like a most aggressive. Person you've ever met in your entire life it's 61 you think those 21. Right. That's how aggressive via. In a few who look Leavitt about we're all these men's would veto. And then they took its grip from the men's side because women don't care about how they look anymore. They don't make dement feel important anymore or they don't. Please sexy anymore and it just went back and forth about other better letting down the women to women letting down the men it. You just go what are they doing. Why would you lose something so most important. As the sexual relationship with your spouse the intimacy relationship with your spouse. The blood been fun relationship with your styles. And it these people lost hope for the very successfully get there were very successful as a business right that they rendered their success mr. jobs. But they've lost all apparently relationships. You see people getting divorced over time. They're mortal guy got divorced and Rebecca got a group when you're younger demos happy as can be unit when you're younger girl's happy as could be. Because the guy was bringing it. Right but when he brought to his wife your wife didn't want it. It's so you know it's just it's a bizarre deal but I'm asking you why post on welfare. How can you spell your kids. Maybe it's over with Albert how did you raise that limit it was almost all done by each sixteen to eighteen. Did you spend time with them did you instill the right ideas I think there is in them. Or do a bunch of failure kids have by the way if you have been your kids is pretty much because your failure parent. All take that if somebody's at my kids go to and you know I've been through ups and downs with my child but. You know I wake up now she's 27 years old and she decides bubonic Buddhist and I was first content shiver goes to without even having to code she wins the amateur. It takes second in the open which means you can be you're going to pros she's going right now for second cut destroyed a winner pro card to be a pro bodybuilder. That pretty gosh darn successful. Right and so I'm pretty happy with that is apparent. And say what why are you happy that I'm happy to she felt of the she loves to do in life like I did when I was younger but I really happy because as a father. I feel like wow I guess it didn't completely failures somehow I spent a lot of time with the original capital all that time should run me out of competitive bodybuilder so. It went in into the brain now she's got a it hurt just as much as it was me it's now over so did you spend that time with the kids. How are your kids can begin to ration for to grow up I saw you in a relationship. Spouse. Kids. There when relatives. Fitness investing. Job. How are you. How are you up very up and all of these. Have you ever scored yourself one to ten and each of those opportunities should. What are your short break be right back you don't want to break. There. You're listening to the Joseph wisely radio show. Principles and just a few minutes. 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Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice when. I think now here's some more unconventional wisdom. You're set you free the men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. What about you don't want to radio show today we're talking about. Some lessons learned by watching the NBA finals and the billboard awards. Looking at the people that are winning these awards and wondering what it is it's different about the people that make it all the way to the top but Wendy Ward. And you know at some thought I just jog some of them thousands watching this too obscure what we'll be shall one right after you go into some real similar to here. And like I said the first point I wanted to make was. Is that winners are consistently good second point is that how we tell to people are not always the winners that consistency many times. Will end up creating the winner execution. A consistent execution. All of your winning ways is as important as what every I his peak level is and you see this when you watched James Harden. Get on his bully ball in his Ifill ball and you've watched LeBron James canady is iso ball. And win every team has a superstar that takes over does everything. That's the rhetoric even if they're a 100% better than anybody else in this league that makes me better than any two guys he three guys could beat them. Well when they're playing one on five. That's what really ends up happening. They triple team the guy that got the ball iso guy and he just gets killed while I see that. It worked to. I see people investing. There's so many investors out there would take this whole thing on by the filter don't believe that anybody else is as good as them. They've got to do it their way into their way or the highway they won't listen to me you know suggestions. And literally but heels get involved so they can't grow because they cannot delegate. So there really stymied. There really never going to be that great in the investment world. Aysu Symbian jobs if you can't promote people with a job if you can't help other people grow. You're not going to be successful job. Same thing with fitness if you don't have a team of people work out with you can't possibly by yourself. Stay motivated enough to commit to work as hard you possibly need to every single day. And less real all the people hoping you won't be being around you you know when you need a nutritionist and you need a you know an opposing coach you need somebody. To help if you music proposing. He's just so many different things if you need to have around you you know. That is going to motivate you I found that I can't work out of home alone while people like to I have to work out to Jim. They're house to be a set of motivating factors around me keep me at my level. My peak level family. Are you motivating your family. Are you hoping your fairway grow our new leader. Are you letting the other people you're fairly contributor you can only contributor to your premise success. You don't does everybody play in the game. I know that I had to give up a lot of control because on the control freak and I have a release bets that relationships my early life. Because I come from a really bad marriage. My characters there and so I had very little interest in creating good marriage to let you know how they don't value them. A little much are making a rebel ultimately successful. And so my relationships offer. Where I noticed that. I was dominating those relationships to a point where the other people were smother they're just personal opinion in the relationship for them. Other than to do whatever I want them to do which was just terrible. And it took me like four relationships in the role of going there I did that we're better Q I did that was a little bit better but still nowhere near where he should be. And I did Billick and fourth relation by the album really shipman now. Wonderful. You know we talk all the time about you know. What we can do to improve the relationship what we did wrong and all relationships. And work its its. It's a goal it's a constant constant goal to hit somewhere in the relationship forward to work to be incredible. As a relationship the relationship itself. Has a new life it is not Dell is not Melissa it is the relationship. Air and it's like my business lifestyles that is not delve in that is not any one moment in the vigil. Group in the group that helps blacks don't work all the people who contribute in his wife delta itself in and of itself is a living breathing organism. Feature my apartment complexes wasn't living breathing organism with a group of human beings that operated that property. I didn't go there to operate their property are all the property but I do bumper there are three realistic hope he's actually maybe before the before. I don't operate those companies I almost companies but it's complete organism within itself. That produces the results it produces and doles out the happiness to our customers to our employees ultimately what. Trickles down to me. You see these are all organisms. Floyd I grunt I jotted down some notes that we support about being we are on the team and winners we need. And motivate others to be their best. You can't just be your best for the team to win everybody on the team's going to be their best. And you may or may not have the best players I would prefer to have the best on my team. And sometimes. You have to. Learn this trick we choose to fire quickly it high or slow in other words take a lot of time to certain. To decide who you know what you did your team. Whether it be your business team your fitness team your help team you financial team you're family. Your spouse and so forth or anybody else you might bring it to your family. You should take a long time to figure out who gets him but if you find out someone who Barack you need to take a short time to get about. Com to stop you work but. Witter's. Have this understanding. That you've got to re use the execution level everybody on the team not just the superstar. Rivers also will endure from all the winners. Winners are not so urgent that affected you watch. All athletes when they get around each other they're just wow Bert you all are. Variants of all the other doesn't matter who you are you'll want to apparent to the knew what to do with her parents of your old ones even the ones that are in the game together. Are fair to judge same thing when you look at the oh the billboards the fact one of the things that I know spoken billboards that was so. Incredible. Is it. About twenty years ago rappers came up with something that was so different. You know people would open individual singers and there were groups there was a group and there was a singer and you re during that you were in Europe. A single by yourself like if you work work well. Performer you know we performed by yourself or you were part of a group or rappers came up this thing where they are they were all individuals. But they would get together and sings groups. Or rapist groups or whatever and what they figured out was they can cross market each other so you would bring you to your new guy you bring up big name guy on your cell review. For your for your first. Song and that guy would sing a piece in your song or that girls through a piece of news talk. Now people identify that you go why are you must be something you're singing with this person. Until they started doing if I remember Snoop Dogg was almost everybody's so for what Pete did seems almost everybody's song for a while. And that's how they got all these people who were nobody's to be don't. Because they used other people or that's what happens. You know in the music Enders but that's what happened to what social limited. You won the last of a limited there are hundreds if not olds and up massively successful people. A new network with them and maybe they do a deal with you. And I go hey guys two and a deal with the them all home care and if you got that guy or this team a bit you know and you get his cross collateral was nation of what I call associated credibility. And lot of guys just don't have a to do there a lot of guys cannot go into a room filled with successful people. And survive why because they don't like the fact that they don't stand double edged you know. Backs Fred. They're used to work here it was felt he was that way he can go into ruled that lets the room was filled with weak losers. He wasn't comfortable in the role he had to dominate the room to feel comfortable. Where's your view brought him into the rooms I was there were everybody in the room was better than me. I feel comfortable enough I enjoy that. It's stimulating. He could even talk yet believe. You be out there five minutes because he had to hang with losers to feel effective. Winners. Hang with winners. That's what they do. Because they're absorbing. That winning feeling through absorbing that energy absorbing the belief systems of these people. If so they hate they surround themselves with other winners. That's what they do. They're always around winters there and with losers in most of loser is not really a loser but eight future Witter. Right there's absolutely. So hey there are people argued haven't made yet but you know they've got the eye of the tiger. And they've got the desire to listen and to learn. And absorb. And then those people welcome given to the room full tigers and lions. But you have to be willing war. Last on this piece is special position. You've got to learn to specialize in something like you're good that. If you're gonna see here be all over the place. You know it's just not going to make it review. Board of investors are likely into the men's basketball court. What I mean by that. What I mean is. Our own business. That way I know I can control. By using all these effective. We'll be right back Bill Walton. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio. Tell we'll be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. 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This fear keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies and teach at lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and find your true financial news like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. I can now here's a more unconventional wisdom. Just set you free the men on a mission. Well back to don't want to read her show today we've been talking about the knowledge to can be gleaned by watching the NBA finals in the billboard awards. And talking about the fact that there's something different about winners. Something different about them in the average also read people out there on the street. Who are different than we've been discussing it's those recapping one more time just to take it through the first thing we're seeing winners. Are consistently good are you consistently good in your relationship with your wife. Are consistently good with the relationship with your children. Are consistently good in your drive nutrition plan. Your fitness plan. Public or invest. Had it. She consistently. Look forward to improving your fairways network. Do you have a balance sheet do you look at it on a regular basis to try to grow promote the month quarter to quarter year to year. You have an income statement to try to improve your income mode the book or record your view. Are you working on it. Seek winners. Are constantly working on their game. Whether it's winning it being great family person winning it being great husband or father parent. Whether it be good your job. Winners are constantly trying to be better at the job than they were before you take constant drive. It's not something that just go in and go through the motions. They're every single day they get up and go in there to try to give them get their position about the position that credit create a better product more product that they produce. And get better. So winners are consistent. In actually Q should. Connector wonder bring out the winners. Our team people. Not. Team followers. That team leaders. Now. It's been said before we can never be a good team leader you have to learn be followed. That may be true. I don't know that for a fact but that may be true. Because I've been leaders since I was a kid I've never been one to be follow. I found you could learn to be a good leader even though you. Had very good ball but you sure can't. Keep playing game the same way you're gonna have to do something differently to be a good leader and leaders. Are going to motivate. Others around them to play the best game. So it's not all about me me and I think I've had people around me. That it's me me me and I. What I'm done talking about me what a few discordant Wachovia you know upset enough about me what you pick it up and start over a greater right now. I've had people running like that. I'll have mentors like that and ultimately they got to go they just they can't do it. I had mentors and had no state with a power mean you know the coming great out here to help some people. Couple weeks ago or helping people really hard it's a lot of work I didn't think it was going to be like that that I thought it would just be like me being superstars getting a stage answering you know. Pontificating and so forth. Not really getting going getting to know people spending that consisted. Long. Amount of time. To get involved and help people. Right. Winners we are also worm from other people. They hang around other winners. They hang around other winners is much department can't because they want to absorb. There's something about the called the it factor Thursday it back. And the really good successful people that it factor you can't really put your finger at you well I think it I feel this that I see this in. I recognized this part of the person's personality. And or work habits or whatever his intelligence level. But the it factor something completely different that factored you just you know that person's going to be. Absolute best that you brought it to. But everybody else around you. Can still be superstars. And I'll always preferred to throw much so the superstars. Now to do that you've got to have. A strong gonna be going no. Don't get me wrong I have a strong ego. What I have a strong and appeal to let other strong ego. Strong willed people. Be around me. It back gut feel more comfortable that way because I feel like if overall people that aren't as strong roles I am they get absorbed in the oral. All of my will. And I don't mean that in a mean way but I mean you know if you're sitting there in your pontificating. And yet no one else can communicate. Back at a level that's intellectual. If you you to sort of ruin everything good relationships useless it's. Not even if you pre departed for that matter so you've you've got ahead realizes. What I hang out with the winners that I hang out with. And every aspect of the world what I know top body blows in the country. What I got out the top rules to investors in the country. What I hailed my friends with well by the way I pick a lot of friends that have great relationships. It's sort ally absorbed there. Mo Jo if you wanna say you know door to revamp how he's so do we do kids while there's just a continuation you guys have been together for so long. I tend to hang out with the people have been married 20/20 five years or better. Because it's. For me it's saying this is what a successful relationship looks like. You need to bring that into your relationships will be yours to be that successful also. We look at all these aspects guys and we figure out this is what winners do they can go to something like that billboard awards. In the NBA finals. And you see these people have mastered this these techniques that are very early age at least for whatever. Sport or endeavor they've taken on to make money. What I am saying you is. There's no reason to 556065. Years of age we can't pick up those very same techniques. Put them to work. On our investments on our fitness are fairly relationships bowels children relationships on our friendships. There's no reason we can't hit 5565. Years of age. Picked filled up. And change our life. How long. Are almost be compared to. Remember. We're not doing this for little money we'll do it full of wonderful they're we'll see you tomorrow night. The. Your show. Can obtain the rose. Enjoy those seventy. Can't get enough. Okay. Yeah. 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