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Saturday, June 17th

The CBS News Weekend Roundup with Correspondent Steve Dorsey, for June 17.

Segment 1: CBS News Correspondent Steve Dorsey reports on the President scaling back measures to improve U.S.-Cuba relations. Correspondent Major Garrett reports on the Russia investigation. Correspondent Nancy Cordes recaps the testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Steve talks with California democratic Congressman Brad Sherman on his proposal to impeach the President. Correspondent Jeff Pegues reports on the investigation into the attack on republicans practicing in Alexandria, Virginia, for the Congressional Baseball Game. Correspondents Steven Portnoy and Bill Rehkopf cover the game.

Segment 2: Correspondent Cami McCormick reports from the Pentagon on a possible increase to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan. Steve talks with General Stanley McChrystal and author Chris Fussell. Correspondent Michelle Miller reports on the UVA students freed from North Korea but in a coma. Correspondent Brook Silva-Braga reports on the London apartment tower fire.

Segment 3: Correspondent Peter King reports on concerns about lead in some baby food. Correspondent Julie Watts reports on efforts to remove a chemical often found in cans. WWJ reporter Jon Hewett reports on new charges in the lead water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Reporter Lucy Craft reports from Tokyo on the pending collapse of airbag maker Takata. Reporter Adrienne Bard reports from Mexico City on a new report on immigration under the Trump administration. Correspondent John Blackstone reports on a deadly workplace shooting at a UPS packing facility. Correspondent Tony Dokoupil reports on a New York teen who may be deported.

Segment 4: Correspondent Pam Coulter reports on a peacock's rampage. Correspondent Meg Oliver reports on shark sightings off the coast of California. Correspondent Danielle Nottingham reports on how drones are fighting fires. CBS News Business Reporter Jason Brooks reports on Amazon buying Whole Foods. Steve talks about it and other tech stories with CBS News Technology Consultant Larry Magid.

Segment 5: Correspondent Steve Futterman reports from LA on a new documentary on movie scores. Correspondent Dave Barrett interviews jazz icon Ramsey Lewis. Correspondent Omar Villafranca reports on pitbulls being recruited for police jobs. Correspondent Jim Chenevey reports on the new popularity of typewriters. Correspondent Steve Kathan reports on a big moment for the son of one of the victims of the Charleston church shooting.

The CBS News Weekend Roundup is produced in the Washington bureau of CBS News. It is hosted by Executive Editor & Correspondent Steve Dorsey. Lew Walker is the Technical Supervisor. Dori Valerio is the Production Assistant in New York.


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Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. AM weekday afternoons at 12343530. Make you smarter huh. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice. This is that CBS news weekend roundup president trump accused of medley in the Russian investigation and church. A rare moment of unity following that congressional baseball practice attack. And the players have taken a neat the Pentagon weighs sending more troops to Afghanistan I think the real question we have to ask ourselves is what a long term. Instead I'm Steve Dorsey at the CBS news Washington bureau president trump on Friday afternoon in Miami announce some. Roll backs of efforts by the Obama administration to make it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. We will enforce the ban on tourism. We will enforce the embargo. We will take concrete step. Doings you'll learn that investment flowed directly to the people. Meanwhile the White House has been trying to dodge reports that special counsel Robert Moeller is widening the Russia investigation and possibly probing to see whether the president obstructed justice. When he fired FBI director James coney. More from White House correspondent Major Garrett. Why is it that Hillary Clinton's family and dams dealings with Russia are not looked at but mine none dealings are the president asked on Twitter. Another tweet called the probe the greatest witch hunt in American political history Mr. President do you believe you are under investigation now. The White House repeatedly referred all Russia questions to the president's personal attorney mark according to the Washington Post mr. Trump's sudden laud Jared Kushner also a top White House advisor. It's now under special counsel scrutiny the post said Robert Mueller is investigating parishioners finances and business dealings. In a statement to CBS news commissioners attorney said that Kushner had not been contacted by the special counsel's office. Mr. Kushner previously volunteered to share with congress what he knows about Russia related matters and quote. He will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other in Corey thank you secretary. In a sign of the newfound seriousness of Muller's investigation vice president pens his office confirmed Thursday that he too had hired a lawyer to deal with a special counsel and. To geisha on Tuesday attorney general Jeff Sessions testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee amid concerns about his involvement in firing Tony. Despite his pledge to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. Correspondent Nancy Courtis was at that your. I didn't have not have communications with the Russians. The last time sessions testified was at his confirmation hearing in January. Since then he has acknowledged. The Russian ambassador Wendy sixteenth two meetings went very very after they. And has recused himself from his own agencies Russia pro. I should not be involved investigative. But the former FBI director suggested last week that there might be more to witness the act. We also were aware facts and. I can't discuss an open setting. That would make his continued engagement in Russia related investigation problematic. Sessions denied there was anything problematic. About his refusal. On Wednesday former Homeland Security secretary Jay Johnson will testify to the House Intelligence Committee congressman Sherman a Democrat from California. Has proposed an article of impeachment against the president congressman Sherman your accusing president from of the obstruction of justice. I think it's very clear. He did not want general went and investigated. There was an ongoing FBI investigate. He called him the FBI director at a time when the FBI director wanted to keep his job. And pressured him threaten him to drop the investigation. Hood general split that's obstruction of justice. So where does is go from here I've circulated. That of this article wanted to put them like oh it's. See if we can make that much better than I would submit that. For consideration by the hopes it will be referred to did you do shriek. And it will merge. The pageantry. Well hold hearings and will see. Where they act which if this suspect. Sheer act uses. Two well. Take this matter seriously. The floor and make a privilege solution which would trigger and be so. Are you ready to do that if you need to. What won't work our way through the process but if articles are submitted and the Judiciary Committee does not so cold here in each I'm ready to total floor and make. Congressman Brad Sherman of California thanks for talking with us thank you. Not a congress house majority whip Steve school leaks undergoing more surgery. At a Washington hospital after he was shot and hip Wednesday morning and Alexandria Virginia practicing for the congressional baseball game. Several others were also hurt the FBI identified the shooter genes hodgkin's and of Belleville Illinois he died after a shootout with police. Investigators are now looking at his social media post many of which were anti trump here's justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff gates. Looking at his social media pages there was a simmering anger and perhaps. Investigators think that perhaps. There was something there that they caused him. To act out. There was some rare bipartisan unity on display Thursday for the charity baseball game at nationals ballpark you're in Washington. Correspondent Steven Portnoy was there covering joined on air by correspondent bill rake off and. Nancy Pelosi and top house Democrat is shaking hands with the Paul Ryan the speaker of the house and there's Chuck Schumer at the top senate Democrat. And just nearby is Kellyanne Conway from the trump White House along with Gary Cohn the president's top economic advisors so what we have here now. Odd going on I'd just behind home plate is a real true example. Of the bipartisan comity. Again COM ITY. And desperate cooperation with the leaders seem to show. And the players have taken in need. And the stadium is has grown somewhat quiet Beers. There is superb being offered no doubt for room. Congressman's police in the others who recovering but Stephen brings up concerns about security and there have been members of congress who say look we feel like. At times were sitting ducks. They're protected here tonight with the US capitol police but again the he was brought up many many times yesterday that had it not been for. Steve's polices di tale as a member of the house leadership. That it might be awhile. You know before anybody else showed up so we'll there's going to be a lot of conversation. It going forward about how members of congress are protected particularly you know. Concerns though there's no question about that in such tremendous universal praise for the US capitol police and see if in evidence here tonight this. May possibly be one of the injured capitol police. Police agents. You're right about that and here better than we. He's known for its. And news. Warmer. Player Roberto Clemente junior is gonna. It's. Still to come what's next in Afghanistan are we prepared to do other things in the future that's next on the weekend around. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new top thirteen seventy dot com stay export with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. On this CBS news weekend around Steve of course. The president is okay Defense Secretary James managed to all the number of US troops in Afghanistan. Here's correspondent Kenny McCormick at the Pentagon. Although he said the president has given him the authority to set troop levels secretary Matta said he's not yet ready to say what those numbers will be it will depend he says on the weight admission will change in Afghanistan. That includes taking into account bordering countries like Pakistan and Iran. And ignoring those means you put in out strategy that has not take into account. Some of the most fundamental factors that would impact on the success or failure. At increasing air support for the after we restricted them from using our air support there's some idea that we would wean them off the need of it. Tammy McCormick CBS news the panic. Let's talk now with general Stanley McChrystal he with a forward to a new book called one nation how leaders build a team of teams by former. Navy seal Chris fossil who's with McChrystal thank you both for talking with us thanks for and NS sixty. Let's start with General McChrystal do you think the Pentagon should add more troops to. Stan well I personally think that secretary medicine general. I Nicholson earned the right position to make that decision and I support it but I think the real question we have to ask ourselves is what our long term aims there we did their fifteen years. And if a small increase in troops does not work. Are we prepared to do other things in the future. How well do you think president trump has done leading the Pentagon as commander in chief well yeah I mean it's it's very difficult assesses this is cursor and this early in his in his tenure but I can say the problems are seen around the world from from when I was in the service on the battlefield they continue to increase. In their complexity in their reach around the globe. So that the that the problems at this. Becoming harder and harder for whoever's in the office and I think what any leader needs to be doing now is pulling together. The Teamsters to stand point the folks that are on the front line up of folks are in the rear. Trying to figure out what are we trying to accomplish here that's the message I would look for from from any senior leader right now and it's sitting inside the beltway. General McChrystal what's the next challenge for the US. Leading. The world. In terms of the military. I think he used to work correctly it would not be a us leading the world by acting alone it's going to be asleep in the world by building alliances by building relationships by proving ourselves of reliable partner trusted ally. I don't think that will ever at least in my lifetime be able to alone solve anything all by ourselves. But we should be graded on our ability to build those relationships and to make them strong and then I think we can accomplish tremendous. You so optimistic though I mean this is. This is a time when a president has been skeptical of international partnerships. Certainly he's been skeptical NATO in the past and other. A non military deals with the Paris climate court. Are you convinced he can engage these international. Alliances and partnerships. I commanded NATO troops and 46 total nations in Afghanistan and I came away more. A believer in the unity of alliances than ever the importance that I think. Any president over the time in office is going to realize that's the real strength we have moral. Authority in the world we have the ability to leverage allies if we build those partnerships correctly and I thinks that's her direction it will go. General Stanley McChrystal and author. Chris fossil. Where the new book one mission how leaders build a team of teams thanks for talking with us thanks thank you. Doctors say you'll be a student in prison to North Korea were nearly eighteen months has extensive rain damage. After being in a coma for more than a year North Korea released 28 year old auto warm beer and he arrived back in his hometown of Cincinnati for treatment. More from correspondent Michelle Miller. Doctors describe warm beer as being in a state of and responsive wait fullness a condition where patients are conscious. But unable to respond all of the circumstances of his injuries remain unknown one thing it's for certain. North Korea's version of what happened to him. Isn't adding up. Sue. New video from until warm beer Stanley shows him alongside members of this tour group in North Korea before his arrest. Nearly eighteen months later that 22 year old was returned to his family on a stretcher and it comatose like state. I'm so proud of motto my son. Who has been. In a pariah. Regimes for the last eighteen months brutalized. And terrorized wearing the same jacket as some ward is trial. Fred warm beer describe the moment they were finally reunited. I knelt down by his side not hugged him. And I told him I missed him and I was so glad that he made it home. Doctors say they don't know what caused the warm Beers injuries but said Thursday that brain scans reveal they were likely caused by a sudden stopping of the heart. He shows no signs of understanding language. Responding to verbal commands. Or awareness of his surroundings. North Korean officials claim that warm beer fell into a coma shortly after he was imprisoned the last march. After contracting botulism and taking a sleeping pill. On Thursday doctors confirmed. That no traces could be found. He has no signs of infection. Or dysfunction. Of the major non neurological organs. And maybe the worst mistake of my I have warm beer was sentenced to fifteen years hard labor for committing hostile act against the regime. After a change in administrations and months of quiet diplomacy we are glad he is home. Rejoined with his family the state department's security news release upon learning of his condition last week these things are tough to process but he's with us and. We're trying to make him comfortable and we wanna be part of his life. Warm Beers medical team said that while I'm responsive his vital signs are stable and he's able to breathe without supplemental oxygen. In terms of in the long term chances for improvement doctors have declined to comment as family's request. London firefighters are still combing through the burned out shell. Of a public housing tower looking for bodies. As prime minister Teresa may launches in investigation into that deadly inferno it killed dozens of people that death told. Is still rising the queen visited the scene Friday correspondent Brooks Silva Braga is there. Authorities say he could take weeks to search the site. I think they know we I'm not expecting funding miles not disparage him hasten the the main thing is we'll be an absolute miracle anyone's gonna fly. Fire experts believe cosmetics citing recently added to the building's exterior may have fueled the blaze. North Carolina native of Osama tiny lives nearby people have been complaining repeatedly to the tenant management organization and better. File plans have. Have to be put in place neighbors have donated everything from clothes since. Diapers and toys now volunteers are organizing in the boxes. So we can be handed out. You know running seeing it usually does relief working in the Middle East it's those very same London. Like to play action. It's like being back Syria or Iraq is back like a war zone was stroking. British singer Adele attended a vigil Wednesday night. These messages of remembrance fill wall near the site authorities say more than a dozen people are still missing Brooks of the bracket for CBS news London. Up next a new warning for parents about beating. On the CBS. We can't round. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the fourth the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven's Michael Berry show. On this CBS news weekend around its course. An environmental watchdog group is warning parents about some baby food the Environmental Defense Fund says eleven years of government data showed detectable levels of lead in 20% of a large sample mostly in juices vegetables. Even in cookies. The levels were set to be relatively low but he BF says no safe level for lead content his release ever been established. The lead scientist says it may come from soil or processing he says the FDA is working the issue but he adds that he wishes that it would work faster. Peter King CBS news a new study says food makers are moving fast enough to get rid of what chemical found in some canyons. It's been removed baby products reusable water bottles looks to. Chemical bisphenol a or BP A is still a lot of packaging this is just a sampling of them the environmental health recently tested more than 250 K for supermarket and dollar stores they nearly 40%. Still contain BP A 67% two years ago but still much too high and we need them to get down to easier. BP is used in outlining. But studies show can seep into the food. And while the eighth and BP A is safe at current levels occurring and it's. California recently added BP H it would prop eight on list as a chemical built on the reproductive toxicity several major manufacturers that not taking BP out of their products. Or are in the process of doing so concerned consumers in outlook for can't labeled BP A free this. Market where can purchase and at that for the study. Tell us they are working with manufacturers to three PGA out of all the canceled in their stores in different it out I'm Julie Watson. New charges in the land water crisis in Flint, Michigan in all five people have been charged with involuntary manslaughter including the head of Michigan's Health Department nick Lyon who is accused of failing to alert flight residents about an outbreak of legionnaires' disease linked by some experts to the city's lead water crisis here's Michigan attorney general bill shooting the health crisis and threat has created a trust crisis in Michigan government. Michigan governor Rick Snyder expressed support for Lyon who he said she be presumed innocent John Hewitt CBS news Detroit. Japanese company to cada is preparing a new strategy to deal with its massive airbag recall reporter Lucy craft has more from Tokyo. Japanese reports say to Cotter corporation holding liabilities of about nine billion dollars related to its exploding air bags. We'll seek protection from creditors in Tokyo district court. To kind of plans to spin off its profitable operations under the US based key safety systems to continue supplying air bags. Connor would become the biggest failure of the Japanese manufacturer. In modern history. Lucy craft CBS news Tokyo. In a new report called facing walls Amnesty International says president trump stricter border measures are endangering children and other asylum seekers. More from CBS is Adrian Bart in Mexico City. The human rights group believes unaccompanied minors fleeing Central America has started to turn to more dangerous routes because of president trump stricter border control measures. In the Arizona desert. Overall migrant deaths have doubled in the first few months of this year compared to last Amnesty International also holds the Mexican government responsible. For turning back thousands of asylum seekers fleeing extreme violence in Central America Adrian barred CBS news Mexico City. In undocumented immigrant arrested just before his high school graduation has failed to win some extra time in the US. More from correspondent Tony to COPEL Diego Poland I can say it was expected to walk in his high school graduation ceremony this weekend. And he was just hours away from attending his senior prom. But instead one day after his mother was taken by immigration authorities he found himself cowering in a closet and his cousins home while agents prepared to arrest him. We like that they Olympic authorities. Federal agents came to Gabby not can say is possibly New York home last Thursday looking for her cousin. Diego puma muck and say yeah. It's very skinny causes him on how it's supposed to be safe than. The nineteen year old had spent the night after his mother Rosa was detained by immigration authorities the previous day. Diego and his mother left their native Ecuador in 2014. Integrating from Mexico through Texas to New York. According to ice they were told by an immigration judge last November to leave the US CSU chancellor wearing down and that's that's a police on the back. Us an ex mayor Victoria Garrity saw eighteen surrounding the house. Only instance we've been aware of from the past. Involved folks are believed to be dangerous. And in this case it's just very different Diego and his mother to seem dangerous trucks. If you're bilingual. You should be uncomfortable. He should be looked him over his shoulder at a hearing on Capitol Hill this week New York congresswoman Nita low wage who represents our sending. Asked acting ice director Thomas home in weather than teens with on a priority list seen going after a student who is graduating. And Fulham guiding star law by. You violated law. And was told by him and immigration that you must leave he failed to do so. According to Gabby Moroccans say agents threatened other members of her family so they say give us Diego or we take everybody else. Did Diego feel like him to give himself up to save the family. He talked me he said. And by 'cause he harm. To my wallet. It's my time it would T screening flying from couldn't be blunt. As what happens to Diego hanger on change who you think of America. Can't change it. Creek country and our car maker and or immigrants. Gabby was brought to the US as a child and is protected under the Obama Arie DREAM Act. Ice for its part disputes her version of events saying family members were never threatened with the removal and that this was a targeted enforcement. I'm family's legal counsel reports that Diego and his mother are now in these same facility in New York. After the feds had initially kept them in separate facilities. Tony to cope with reporting a growing memorial at a San Francisco packing facility is paying tribute to three long times UPS employees. Who were shot and killed by a co worker Wednesday. Correspondent John Blackstone has more. The street outside the UPS distribution center filled with many of the buildings 315 workers have been minutes after the shooting started. All of that bring them luck and yeah coming up at. Drivers were gathering for a morning meeting when he UPS employee was an assault pistol opened fire. Marvin called Iran had just finished loading his truck. This is spinning it out in out. Don't find guys don't go don't go and do what is that run. As workers rushed out San Francisco police officers rushed him deputy chief Tony champ. One contact team located the suspect who was still armed with a assault vessel. The suspect but the guy and his dad and discharge the web. Before killing himself a gunman shot five UPS employees three of them are dead. San Francisco mayor at least praise UPS workers. They're happy. Hard working people. And we know them we know them in every single neighborhood of the city. The white UBS building back here remains a crime scenes so far police have not released the names of the victims or this year but they believe he acted alone. And so far there's no suggestion of motor John Blackstone CBS news San Francisco. Coming up on the weekend roundup Amazon that's being on groceries I think we're very well for Ramadan file was on Twitter we've got headlines that CBS radio news. And I'm tweeting. Steve underscored Dorsey. On the CBS news week and round. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world. Take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen seventy elevenths waiting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen cent indeed the right choice. On this CBS news weekend around him. Steve Emerson. But tale now. Of a peacocks wild night a bully isn't the only thing that can do damage in a China shop oral liquor store as the case maybe. A peacock strolled in through an open door that Arcadia California liquor store. The owner says the bird had expensive tastes knocking over bottles worth a total of 500 dollars including some champagne. It was eventually ushered out by the owner an animal control later. Pam Coulter CBS news out of some other animals sharks spotted off the coast of California and taking a body out of business. Sun shining rays ready to fire and this year sharks lurking offshore. After dozens of sightings local businesses are feeling with some are calling shark at that. For surf camp owner John pierce this is his lowest attendance in her team years. And are merely got by Tony plus kids in the class that runs classes. For all summer lately lists his business is down more than 50%. Since her cancer canceling classes entirely. From poor Reynolds did you like art programs you or are willing to get in the water. Well into the Imus moment say I'm so sorry you had done my husband. This is now one chance or visitors. Kansas Lazare is one of those moms since made her family witnessed shark sightings in beach closings and that's why at the last minute she decided donors. Would sit camp out we have the Linear way ahead if I'm there and apparently can be out how to react. Can you wanna marry out there is that chance yes there is. And that does weigh on your mind yeah one of my for my kid in the surf camp something happens when you write forgive yourself telling us that. I am feeling and I thank you up. Taking and playing music and that's playing ended there was just found they need to report its my right after the and then Haley did gain out of here and it's crazy. Within the last year alone to shark attacks took place within a 29 mile stretch of Southern California beaches. On April 29 a 36 year old mom laws harder for right leg she remains hospitalized. Lifeguards now begin each morning standing water shots. Very start creating. Junior guards will go on as scheduled for the day in San Clemente like Archie don't Humphries says the predators impact crowds. The bigger picture is there's far more starts. In this area it's an anomaly right now eleven year old in a McGovern had to convince her mom's litter trained as a junior lifeguard in a room. But even she doesn't wanna hang in the ocean alone and Sherrie. Dean please sir. I did but now I have my share thank you all the naysayers like Braylon can now because this check. That's sharp cutbacks on the local kids surfing competition that was supposed to happen later this month. And while there aren't any concrete numbers just yet this piece is surrounded by ice cream parlors and restaurants insert shots. We'll all say they've had fewer customers so far this summer. Jane you get CBS news San Clemente California. There's a strange sighting in the skies over some fires correspondent Daniel nodding and explains. This is the end Q nine reaper the US Air Force's latest remotely piloted aircraft. The attack drone is replacing an older model which will be retired next year the MQ nine is equipped with high definition sensors and more fire power or. And with the larger payload it can carry thousands of pounds of missiles and bombs. And fly up to 24 hours without refueling MT nine's larger it flies faster flies a little higher. And has got a great camera. Drone weighs about two and a half tons despite its massive size it can be disassembled and packed into a single container this of around the world. BMQ nine is huge for more than surveillance and attack missions its heat seeking technology can be a big boost of fighting while. Fires correspondent Michelle Miller report Amazon is buying whole fruits CBS news business reporter Jason Brooks has more. If there were any doubts about Amazon's intentions for the groceries business you can set them aside. The e-commerce giant is buying whole foods for thirteen point seven billion dollars. They nearly 40% premium over whole foods current stock price Amazon has been gradually entering the groceries business. Developing checker this convenience stores and adding food delivery to its pride service. Whole foods has been struggling under weakening sales. And its stock price has lost half of its value since peaking in October of 4013 let's get CBS news technology consultant Larry maggots take on this Larry how do you think this works with Amazon's strategy. Well I think it's really interesting get it means Amazon number one had faith supplier of food which reaches age demographic more behind demographic. Given no whole food prices and and what they offer but also a national distribution network where they can if they choose to. Take ordered on line for food and have it delivered or for that matter picked up with the store depending on how they approach it but it means. That they've got a competitive edge when you're dealing with Wal-Mart and some of the other companies that are or are likely to get into the grocery delivery business so. I think it works very well for Amazon. Both from a demographic standpoint given what whole foods her presents and also from a distribution standpoint and I'm hoping at least that it will have an influence for the whole foods pricing beacon of Amazon is known for lower price is not the lowest lower. And whole foods has yet many people know if known for high prices fell maybe it means less expensive groceries at whole foods. Larry had another big tech company Yahoo!. It's an end of an error actually Yahoo! has been around for a very long time I remember going out to lunch with one of its co founders. And I think I picked up the tab because I might have had a little more money in my pocket that he did back then that that's no longer the case. That was David file low but the bottom line is I've seen it grow up by Phoenix thrive and unfortunately for I guess many people I've seen it get going to decline that. Now live began as a subsidiary of Verizon. It for a provide the right and some advertising. Chopped it provides some contents of both video and text sport's financial. And it also integrates well I guess and a bright and other digital properties which also include AOL Huffington Post and and several other Phil Verizon is now a bigger media company. Thanks to its acquisition of Yahoo! and speaking of Verizon sprint. Trying to make some moves of its own you know spritz of it for the extraordinary. Announcing free service and and their. Aren't really catches or some limitation I free what they mean is you get a year's worth of voice unlimited data. And tax high speed data by the way. You are limited in terms of what phone you can use you have to bring your own phone is a limited number for if you don't have one of those phones you have to go apply at full price that that could be a deal killer. Also did a small three dollar charge for. The sim card and attend our delivery charge you have to pay in taxes and fees but for all practical purposes it's very close to free for a year. They can do this because their marketing costs go down they only do the phone line you've got to do by the end of June he can't get it on the store and their cost of acquisition of the customer is very very low. And they can to make their money not in the first year ban on subsequent years I think it that way for. Predict they try for free for an entire year. If you like it stick with that few will you'll pay the full price going forward. CBS news technology consultant Larry Magid on the line from Silicon Valley thanks Larry. Thanks Steve the. It's coming up reliving our favorite movie school. On the CBS news. Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seven. On this CBS news weekend around. Steve Morse. A new documentary is tracing the sound of movie scores the motion picture score is often an integral part of a feature film. This is behind me claims score from the Shawshank redemption he scores of films are some of the most powerful music that's been produced. Today it's actually created to make you feel something some motion picture scores are instantly recognizable. You hear this. You almost certainly know it comes from store war. And go back a few decades. This is the classic score from gone with the wind. Naturally there is the director of the documentary score. The score can transform a movie if you just you know if you have a clip take any clip of two people talking. Sad music is going to convey something that's much different from really kind of become more active music that would suggest that ego and plot is being. You know there's some steam being patched or something. So it can it can change the whole thing and actually I think it's probably. The biggest component of what kids film it seemed emotional. Sentiment. This system for bogey opening theme from twelve here's a slow way. A score can transform a particular city. Like the famous shall receive from the Psycho. The modern motion picture score dates back to in 1933. And the film King Kong when Kong's climbs the empire state. Building yeah you know you're okay. He wasn't till ping pong where a studio orchestra was actually recorded and distributed and went out with this big film. And confused people going to the movie theater because they're looking around saying where's the orchestra and hearing all these strings and hearing trumpets and hearing. All these sounds that aren't in the room but it ended up becoming. The way you can control. What each film does. In terms of its emotional. Components that. Sometimes a score can be used cars like the opening of the social network. But we usually think of lavish grand production. Imagine a movie without. The music and annexed it to us sounds such such a crazy idea because you would expect to have a musical experience when you. You sit down to watch film steep Letterman CBS news Los Angeles. Checking in on his jazz icon. I'm Dave Garrett. Jazz master Ramsey Lewis is hanging in there book in Ontario on the bird you know. I could clear their homes. Get boring after a while. Belated happy birthday 82. Of you don't feel that way. Know now. I don't know worried pilgrim feel more like. Fifty. And it was 52 years ago that he had this hit. Do travelers although that was her thirteenth album but it was probably. He's wanted to. I'm Dave Barrett CBS name. Some pit bulls are being put to work for police while getting new leases on life in San Antonio Texas. And Bob Dora has her eye on the ball and that's exactly where it needs to be. And it. The one and hacked you'll shelter dog was rescued from death row before giving birth to her own litter of puppies. We had its first is is saying it seemed okay with confined space with. Brad croft runs universal Cano at birth so our guy bad. San Antonio based program that trains dogs to work with law enforcement the heck yeah. He's running drills with karaoke letter out to see she has the chops to become a police dog recruit guess who searches for. As a pit bull mix she's an unexpected candidate. Pure breeds like German shepherds and Belgian Malin laws or elaborate doors are traditionally chosen as canine officers. Because of their drive to work. But croft is taking a banned in a deductible pit bulls right. Yeah and teaching him to use their powerful sense of smell to sniff out drugs detect bombs. And tracked people these are the ones they get put down you know because people think what dogs got to mention energy now and they just get looked over the muscular pit bull has become upper right idea in recent decades reports often show dogs identified as pit bulls. As the aggressors in horrific sometimes fatal attacks. Hundreds of cities across the country banned the breed. Or require owners to spay or neuter their dogs this dog is the exact opposite I'm glad it's pain and to be croft hopes to change the public perception. Like teaching pit bulls to protect and serve communities along side their handlers. So far he's graduated more than thirty pit bulls to police and sheriff's departments across the country. We're including tweak Kirk bring it to a weaker works in Texas with Grimes county sheriff's deputy Stephens here Cousteau. What we're looking for drug traffickers were. Circuses last dog was the yellow lap. My next week girls were surprised but I'm not disappointed. Tweeter if you'll notice when you go figure out she she rated good. She's market she's energetic she's kind of caught occasional go to work. In the months since he's joined the sheriff's department weaker has made several drug busts and even found a weapon we're saving a life. Which is a dog. And we're saying then that lives to save many lives a worthy of bronco reported from San Antonio a big moment for the soul and of one of Charleston shooting victims. Not long after the Charleston church massacre the son of one of the victims spoke out from the moment they got here Orman. She loved everybody with our our Chris Singleton talked about his mum on a baseball diamond now the outfielder at Charleston Southern University is getting a shot of the big leagues. He was the final pick of the nineteenth round in the Major League draft by the Chicago Cubs. He was cleaning pools when he got the news business he started to help his family make ends meet Steve case and CBS news. Another case of what's old. Is new again guess what's making a comeback. But type writers from public high finish this recall selling personalized typewritten homes typewriters are all the rage in those anti royal and Underwood are going for big bucks. A documentary on typewriters is set for release this summer featuring Tom Hanks who just happens to have one of the hottest apps available where you can type on a virtual typewriter the Hanks Ryder. Jim Genovese CBS news. That doesn't for the weekend round up thanks for listening we wanna get your feedback send us your story ideas. Autograph requests but remedies whatever to weaken around a CBS They choose always on line on apple podcast who will play stitcher and now Spotify. We can round up has produced at the CBS news Washington bureau the walker is the technical supervisor who were able area is the production assistant in New York. Have a great week. I'm Steve Dorsey CBS. Texas weather can change on a dime. 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