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Saturday, July 15th

CBS News Correspondent Steve Dorsey reports on the latest developments in the meeting disclosed by Donald Trump Junior he had last year with a Russian lawyer, a conversation with United States Secretary of Veterans Affair, increase in Facebook scams, Visa's efforts to get more businesses to go cashless. All that and more in this week's edition of the CBS News Weekend Roundup with CBS News Correspondent Steve Dorsey. 


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Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news hear the stories you'll be talking of Colin searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. This is the CBS news weekend roundup the president defends his eldest son my son is a wonderful young man plus VA secretary David choking on cleaning up the department almost 800 employees have either been. Fire suspended group in fourteen days or demoted from their positions later a new tool to spot fake news. It pulls in hundreds of thousands of lives every day and measures the ones that are gaining lights and across the street I'm Steve Dorsey at the CBS news Washington bureau. After Bastille day military parade and celebration in Paris the president and First Lady departed for the US spending the weekend at his club in bed minster New Jersey. Mr. trump strip that was overshadowed by news about his eldest son Don juniors. Meeting with the Russian lawyer last year after promises of incriminating information on Hillary Clinton. The president defended him alongside French president a manual McCraw at a news conference Thursday. My son is a wonderful young man. He took a meeting with a Russian lawyer. That is. Government lawyer but a Russian learn. It was a short meetings. It was it meeting that. Went very very quickly very fast. President trump described the meeting is opposition research. But we also learned Friday a Russian American lobbyist says he was also at that meeting. He reportedly has ties with Russian intelligence agencies but denied to the Associated Press. He was ever formally trained as a spies. Despite that distraction the White House hail but the air strip as a success let's talk now with CBS is Elaine Cobb she's in Paris on Skype. Allaying mr. trump has few friends left in Europe would opportunity does not chrome offer him. President McCraw will offer. President trump. And Ian in Europe and this chance to keep the dialogue open with the European Union despite their differences. And I think it's something that is an artist to Bozeman and something present crop. Wants to build on he is. Said he would like to be the person to stop Donald Trump becoming. I still that he wants president trump to. Be kept within related to stay with in the entry national dialogue and so many of the issues. National. You mention the international dialogue they're split though between. The US is it in France and other countries Ronald Rome Paris climate accord what do we hear about that. She did say we disagree and present Michael said but it's important that we continue to talk about as it should interestingly president trump sent me. Do you disagree on it but. Maybe something might happen with respect the ours court. We'll see what happens and if that happens that will be wonderful. Sets and you said it does how well backs to. President trump Elaine also praised the relationship. Between the US and France going back centuries and he mark the Centennial of the US entering World War I. We'll also singling out threats from rogue countries like Iran North Korea and of course Syria what kind of relationship. Do you think will have with of the French in countering terrorism and rogue countries around the world. Countering terrorism is a huge issue for France because of course it's been hit so badly. By ice led or ice inspired attacks over the past two years. France is a strong player on Syria and docs going to change both leaders stressed. In its very important to. Keep moving forward with northern Iraq and with Syria. On the day's stress that they want a wrote up not just for now but also for the future to. Buildings Tbilisi so there's seem to be a lot of agreement between the two. And president trumps I'd. That he felt president Michael going to be very tough on people who broke the law or who threatened France and that is something we know he had Mars so very much on. Both of them with the same message. CBS is a link Cobb in Paris thanks for talking with hustling. You're welcome the White House this week it is also pushing for Republicans in the senate to get behind a new build reform health care more from CBS is Nancy quarters. We urge every member of the United States senate. Roll their sleeves up and get this bill to the president's desk and David Pearson. The White House announced its support for the party's new health care bill even as some GOP senators held back. I hear about it though senator. Maine senator Susan Collins said she will vote no so did Kentucky's Rand Paul. Do you think the new version is better than the old version. Eyes worse. I mean the old version repealed mostly obamacare taxes this repeals about half the obamacare taxes to build uses that tax revenue to pay for mobile Lloyd addiction treatments. And it puts an additional seventy billion into a fund to stabilize premiums on the individual market but it does not roll back the deep Medicaid cuts in the first version. But he's sticking point for at least half a dozen moderates we haven't come this is. This four the only holdout who has gone from no to yes so far is Texas conservative Ted Cruz the new bill includes his proposal to let insurers offer cheaper plans with fewer benefits I think we've made. Very significant progress. Expanding choices expanding options expanding competition and reducing premiums but his backing won't be enough to keep the bill alive. And that has even supporters of the bill like Lindsey Graham casting about for alternative everybody's looking for an idea that is more Republican. And does not run into the concept you're taking money from poor people to give it to rich people. Nancy Courtis reporting from Capitol Hill. A lawyer for a man involved in the case of four young men who went missing in Bucks County Pennsylvania says his client confessed to killing them. More from correspondent DiMarco Morgan. It's. That apology was all Cosmo DiNardo said to reporters as he was led away in handcuffs. Poll late quote to rebels defense attorney said his client was much more forthcoming with prosecutors. He confessed to his participation or commission. In the murders of four young man in exchange for that confession mr. DiNardo was promised by the district attorney. That he cool spare his life. By none evoking the death penalty shot anonymous source with firsthand knowledge of the confession told the Associated Press to novel sold marijuana to the victim. But he felt cheated or threaten to during the transactions. The source said the men were killed separately and a co conspirator was involved in the three of the killings truly excellent. I can't answer that. Text messages Joseph DiNardo had been part of a group chat set up by friends of the missing men when asked if he was worried about his buddy dean Fidel Ciara. DiNardo called them a pill popping junkie. Who probably just jumped parole. Those messages as well as snapshot photos of DiNardo posing with a revolver were first reported by Philly dot com. But county district attorney Matthew one draw I know more than I'm sharing on the relationships. And I have to keep it that way on FaceBook for the TO rules on Tino wrote hi im completely crushed heartbroken and not. They go about cleanup work with the Tokyo. I'm gonna miss them you know I feel bad. Are you wanna be strong women because he wasn't strong kid you not DiMarco Morgan reporting still to come reforming the VA we've adopted a zero. Tolerance policy that's next on the weekend around. And. Breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right to the rim not to like knowing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. On this CBS news weekend around him and Steve receive. Lawmakers in congress have reached an initial bipartisan deal to reform the post 9/11 GI bill. It would remove a fifteen year time limit to tap in the benefits and boost money for thousands of the National Guard and reserve. It's part of efforts to improve how the country treats its debts correspondent Kenny McCormick spoke with VA secretary David joke in to discuss what he's too. I did Department of Veterans Affairs embarking on the largest transformation and modernization efforts in recent history BBA's tackling head on a lot of issues at a lingered for years. Let's start with the accountability and transparency issue making it easier. To fire employees in making that information public how many VA employees and officials have been fired so far for misconduct well. We started to publish the disciplinary actions we're taking against our employees so every wrong can see that's almost 800 employees have viewed her bin. Fired suspended greater than fourteen days or demoted from their positions. Are there it can you do is there a trend here and what the offenses are register recently that drug theft by VA employees is a problem. Well drug diversion is a problem in every health care system across the country. It's something that were very concerned about particularly with the abuse of narcotics. And so we've adopted a zero. Tolerance policy if you war. Found to have been taking drugs inappropriately or diverting drugs. You will no longer be working at the VA. So what did a lot of these other offenses involved. Well they really involve. Deviations from our accepted standards. So they can either be professional. Issues they could be. Violations of long. Policy violations that are significant. Repeated a failure to perform your job duties. Losing 800 people are you able to find the right people to fill these positions now. Well of course for us accountability is not just firing employees are moving employees but it sexually. Making sure that we get the right employees in the right positions and so we need to approach this from both ends of the spectrum being able to hire. Appropriately and quickly as wells being able to remove. Employees when it's appropriate. And the act protecting whistle blowers how many have come forward is that had a significant impact so far. We do see. Significant. Rise in the amount of employees who feel safe enough to be able to come and tell us when there are problems. We want to make sure the people know that when they do see issues that they can raise. Our concerns and not have any retaliation against them and so we've worked hard to do that. We also want to make sure that when people do raise issues that they are appropriate issues because we're seeing. Lot of people raise issues really is a way just to avoid. Then performing their own job duties. The veterans choice program that allows veterans to go to private community providers. There has been some criticism of this program by some veterans who say it's a false choice and it adds layers of bureaucracy. And cost without actually improving care. And from the doctors themselves who say the VA has been slow to pay them because it VA is still the primer primary coordinator of benefits for this program. What's being done to it to correct those problems. Well I think all of those criticisms are fair criticisms this has been a very complex program to witness her. It was brought in to legislation by congress very quickly in response to the wait time issues. In 2014. But it was designed as a government program that had many rules and levels to it and so what we've been working with congress right now. Is to make sure that we can get veterans the choice that they deserve in the community. Without all of the complexity. So that there's a single. Source of money that we can pay for this instead of the current eight different sources of money that we have to pay for this. That veterans have a much easier time without those layers and that we can pay your providers. In a quick in a quick and expedited way because they deserve to be paid when they deliver these services. When you're talking about seriously injured veterans from combat. Are they able to find the care that they would need it private community facilities and talking about traumatic brain injury PT SD prosthetics or products spinal injuries. Unease is that something the VA hopes to improve itself because it seems like especially in small town America those services would be very difficult to find. Well this is the reason why I believe so strongly. That we need a strong BA and that VA is essential. For the national security of this country. This services that you described it like traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress and or products and blind grieved the location are not readily available in many parts of this country. And it is the reason why VA needs to exist and to strengthen its services and so I am committed his secretary. To invest more of our resources into those. Services that veterans really do need to rely upon and when we send our men and women off to defend this country and to enter conflict. We have the responsibility to make sure when they returned that they have world class services like the ones that you talked about. A top twos some veteran amputees who say they live in smaller. Towns and there's not a processes. That's available to see them when they need to be seen. So many of them come back to Walter Reed here in the nation's capital of some the other major military hospitals that they deal with prosthetics. But how difficult a problem is that when you're talking about veterans who live in these small towns to find these qualified people. It is a problem it's not only a problem for the VA it's a problem for all of American health care that. There's so many parts of this country where there is a health care professional shortage. But for the VA in particular rural. Medicine is really critical because it as you may know. Many veterans when they return from conflict prefer to live in rural areas so 40% of veterans live in rural areas. And so we're looking for new ways to get them the services that they need and one of those areas is telemedicine and so we actually have. Prosthetics professionals available to rural. Veterans through telemedicine and that's how we tried to address that. Need. So let's go back to some of the problems that have been around for several years now what are the wait times. At this point it VA facilities and house the VA complaint hotline going. Well in terms of wait times of course that is our. Major focus to make sure that no veteran is waiting for care and has harmed during that wait so we've established. Same day services. For primary care and mental health in every single one ever VA medical centers across the country. We've also published a week times on the Internet for everybody to see what those wait times are so veterans to make the right. Choices for their own health care because we believe strongly. That veterans must be in charge of their own health care and there is no other health care system in the country has publishing its wait times. So we have areas that the wait times are longer and we want them to be particularly in areas where there are shortages. Health care professionals but were being open and transparent. About those problems. Doctor David chilcott secretary of veterans affairs thank you for joining us thank you up next a new way to spot fake news. On the CBS news we can round. Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen semi dot com it's anywhere need sock thirteen seventy right choice. On this CBS news get around. Steve of course we've been here a lot about fake news lately especially from president trump himself pleased acting news organizations especially on Twitter. Now there's an online service that aims to do with the work. Define what is real news and what is fake news Morton shank. Is joining us by Skype from year Brussels in Belgium and he runs a web site called trend analyzer thanks for talk with a Smart. Yeah welcome tell me what you think fake news really is. Earthlink knows it's a basically anything that's not true and that people are presenting its noose. So it can be anything you don't have. Different motivations of the people that are spreading ignorance for political purposes. And that's basically broke down and out disinformation. But are also people that are spreading fake news for financial reasons how to struggle as a war. Dead satellites it is an engine that's. To colleagues information about what's depending on the Internet. So it peoples and hundreds of thousands of links everyday image as the ones that aren't gaining likes of apostles greens. So it can be used for more than just fine big nose. But since the US presidential election in the primaries restart the system I think you adding fake news web sites. Their lists of sources seem symbolizes. And then we started looking at which articles from the sides are gaining like said the fossil streets. Am I don't worry we didn't bury opens Boston new feature news. That's gaining traction and Ramiro them 24 hours ahead of all the fact checking web sites. So that allows us to where I'm reacted pretty Ricky we have a website call lead stories they'll go home. Remember posts. Articles debunking the big news. By pointing out that the best foot though he was with yard to go for example is five years old order the spokesperson doesn't exist. Am various open in because very often think there's web sites have a disagreement on their sites. It's well in the volatile debates. That says yeah everything your read on this site is not there except I don't sue us. If you point it out and yet you don't even need these sorts. All the facts there early because they're seeing themselves that it speaks. And why did you choose to create an analyst. It's basically only bridging that got out of hand so a big fan of the website that it didn't look go home. Where people don't submit links and and everybody Jenna foot arm down on them. And I was curious to see your term Boston's I am dreading what was going to be on the front page of grenades. So right to bear on the list athletes that were being at a spirited and I started checking FaceBook to see which ones were gaining likes to foster's. An island Erica little script and ultimately that's am Netanyahu an intermediary. Or something here that says. Which links are spending or the most ending so end. Wanting to let the analysts and now it's an engine that's doing three to 400000 leagues and he didn't cost the team brings up interesting stuff haven't seen before. Martin changed creator of trend analyzer speaking to us from near Brussels Belgium thanks Maarten yet figured. Experts say more people are falling Vick dome too skinny arms on FaceBook. More from correspondent in a Warner. I wouldn't wish this morning enemy that's Chile dramas reaction to what happened to her on FaceBook. It started when she found the profile for a friend from years back named Debra Boyd I was already on messenger and my friend's name came up. Sooner or her friend Boyd was telling her about a so called government grant she'd gotten through an agent on FaceBook. Sure enough he agent Ben told Drummond she can get financial assistance from the government. Walsh had to do was provide some personal information then send 15100 dollars in fees to get up to 100000. Dollars in grant money. The person that I was corresponding with that I thought was my brain. Had vouched for this foundation. And I believed her. So dumb and wired the 15100 dollars to Florida. Then waited for the delivery driver like the one shown on FaceBook to deliver her 100000 dollars in catch but they never came. And when she tracked down her friend buoyed by phone average selling it wasn't me. No that's dead. Turns out Boyd's FaceBook account had been attacked. Ice cameras who walked around then quickly reached out to try to cut on her family and friends who she then had to Warren please do not send them and they. Edgar beat yourself up. All that hate because it's not me a Fletcher is with the Better Business Bureau. There basically capturing that trust you have in this person and using it for their own game. So we wondered where the scammer is still act dip. Just about we setup our own fake account on FaceBook and contacted Boyd's impostor. Sure enough she claimed she got a 50000 dollar grant and said we could get one too it wasn't alone and we wouldn't have to pay it back. Just not wasting any time some we showed Fletcher has the conversation progressed and is that typical of what you see happening well once you show an interest. You know they're going to go in for the kill. And it wasn't just the faith Debra Boyd account we found what appears to be on network of fake FaceBook profiles offering grants. From 50000. To one million dollar all while assuring us it wasn't a scant. Swear to god once said. But those photos of the age since a quick search using Google images turned up the truth. The photos are real but those people don't offer grants one is a real estate agent from Vermont the other a professor at MIT. So what those aren't the real people who really running those FaceBook accounts what this website is is. AIP. Tracker the computer expert Gary malaska. He's set up a way to attract this gamers location he do this page that looks like a money transfer companies web site. But really finds a computer's unique identifier and location. So when they click the links thinking they're going to money popular money transfer website. They're allowing us to track that we got this cameras to click on it and lo and behold there we are now or in Lagos Nigeria. That's right those cameras are in Nigeria. Russians use malware the Chinese use malware the Nigerians. They use social engineering and the use the social media. But if we were able to track. Graham what about FaceBook. But when he told us it has a dedicated team hoping to detect and block these kinds of scans and has developed several techniques to stop the abuse. But boy told us Facebook's still hasn't solved her problems and the scammer is still have a fake profile up with her name. These people should not still be contacting my friends and family. No way you should they be this is what six months later not months later coma. Laughter we reached out to FaceBook and provided them with big URLs to those scam accounts it appears they did block those accounts but. Deborah Boyd tells us she's never been able to get back into her old account which has a lot of family photos and memories she'd like to have back. In a Warner reporting coming up on the weekend roundup outlets reveled in his affecting. And it's the system that Iran rest you don't follow us on Twitter that headlines at CBS radio news. Including Steve underscore we're. On the CBS. Weakened round. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael Berry shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. On this CBS news weekend around its course. Now a story about man's best friend. And the trump administration's travel ban. But Dan of course doesn't specify that animals or pets from the countries affected are prohibited from entering the US. But it can complicate things as CBS news correspondent Steve Foreman found out he spoke with a woman known as the polled queen. For her efforts in saving abused and abandoned dogs. Bringing a dog into the US from a foreign country can be a daunting task under any circumstance. But what about if the dog is from a land while federal courts are considering the trump administration's travel ban there was just. No way for him to survive a bit there you know he has abused he was abandoned on the side of the road no one wanted to take care of Andy he thought he was a bird and it was on February 1 that Isabella saint James. First heard about an abused young puppy up hug internal ram that weight she was physically he wouldn't have survived and he does it. Like threatening injury he had just five days earlier though we weren't sure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers. Are fighting overseas president trump signed his initial travel ban. The 41 year old saint James who was born in Poland is a US law school graduate. Is a former Playboy bunny and the former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Was worried this is happening all during the difficulties of the travel ban can't go to a brand back. Yes exactly could have happened and were intimidating time and I definitely had my doubts and. Questions for Christian myself then the travel ban was put on hold but there were other complications which took months. After figuring out all the nooks and crannies seeing change who's ready to make the attempt. Finally on Memorial Day just weeks before portions of the band were reinstated. It happened we couldn't find a volunteer in on wanted to help this little guy from over there. So fortunately I had Iran in lady who was able to. And willing to fight there for four hours of my back and Allen now the dog named chance is in the US and this is chance seemed as though that you're trying to address yeah well this is the dog program NAFTA since the doctor there and stand Isabella saint James who was known in the poker world as the Pug queen. Has even learned a few words in Farsi. Achievement of. I learned a couple of words of first if I can get them excited and he does he figures seem to Africa he just react to your. Do you guys react to an end among hog lovers chance has become a celebrity had somebody. We are locking over at in the low plaza and mentioned chance. You know chance from not use chance who is now a year old it is the size of a four month old Pug has had surgery to repair his damaged back. He is still learning to walk again. The prognosis is good. Steve Letterman CBS news Los Angeles. A court commissioner and LA has granted a temporary restraining order against rob Kardashian. In response to the reality television stars posting of explicit nude photos of his ex fiance black China on social media last week. Well I think first and foremost I think he's just been granted I mean this is very no water to protect me. Kardashians attorney says he's sorry he shared does naked photos Lisa bloom is the attorney representing black China first. Lisa what's your reaction to the temporary restraining order against her ex fiance. Well we are delighted that we had a complete and total QB court yesterday. Work to call the end of last week and all he can't get them working very hard to put together also. Sacks for the court and supportive I can street corner and. Black China claims that rob hitter in the thigh earlier this year. How could she ever filed charges when that happened is rob abusive. Well for the same reason that the vast majority of domestic victims don't file charges because they hope it's a one time incident states the the perpetrators who apologize they are going to happen again at the very high profile couple. I actually do with this. Session to report as she did take pictures of the broken hinge on the door that she says he broke down to try to get her. You represent Lisa and a number of other high profile clients many women including Kathy Griffin. It was at the server on public struggle after posing for a picture as you know holding the decapitated head of president from Xia apologize for that. What's next for her. I think happier taking a break right narrow it sort recruit they. So it's really only can say about her. Any criminal charges filed capture of course because she is not a crime. And we explained their press conference that was her attempts to sort of mock. Couldn't transfer what he won't one coming out of his quite complete your article ever. Unfortunately he owed it she realized that could be seen differently if you. Very much appalled and that in part. Now I. Am totally in its should get fired from job. It was really quite vicious towards her. How do you think gender is a factor in the public spotlight whether it's in Hollywood or Washington. Well gender unfortunately. Is being very confident after he kept secret didn't think any deal. Median. It had during over the years and yet the level of hate to treat all true and we. After power went completely different than what the other experience. You know what they're going to revenge porn cases like lecturing. Chip are. It's the very candidate kind of attack. Take an incident in each of the woman's encode at 90% of victims of revenge corn are. We still within a culture that's actually women from weak link in her brief to the court. You know the idea that a woman has ever been. Actually act in court dressed provocatively. Or a picture to a boyfriend or husband. You know use against her and that there's no difference between sending a picture chilly at partner hosted on the entire world city. So I know that I still have a lot of work to do not even when rates. Still have a lot of work to do with that. Women who are single and that should be sexually active or sexually provocative. You'll have their legal right to pour. What what has it changed or should there be more policing of social media content should there be. Harsher laws protecting against that. Well you know we have pretty good laws and my law practice that was true I probably if it is at a court victory sexual harassment he. What it really hate it when when standing up for their rights and say no. I think not. I had to you know most women are sexually harassed that the queen why India but it's. They need questions for Qaddafi has been active life. It's not a fact of life. And I find that interpreter. When they become the power but it has a ripple effect and other Democrats won. Big reason why black Chinese decided to do this because she wanted to but it wouldn't know. This does not OK but not acceptable and that for yourself and by the way. Indicate that urban core and if it's considered domestic violence that it is California that you don't even have to have a lawyer go to or call her a look at what the form of global reject. You can get help for free insurance because I'll go right. Attorney Lisa bloom thanks for talking with us thank you have a great day coming up how visas to encouraging more businesses to cope. On the CBS news we can round. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world. Take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 tweeting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirty teens and indeed the right choice. On this CBS news he get around Steve of course. Parts of the midwest are drying out and cleaning up after storms dumped several inches of rain flooding towns. More from correspondent David Agnew in Findlay Ohio. But torrential rain was relentless and areas already covered in water. A view from above central Ohio shows the widespread damage to clear up carnival high school football field and several homes were immersed under inches of water it just one stop. You know you just keep sales please just. One person had to be rescued after rushing water swept their vehicle away. In nearby he Brenda heavy rains forced dozens of people to evacuate this mobile home park first responders used boats to get them out it's put it before. But nothing missing here this is totally incredible. And in Findlay several city streets are closed because of high water some callers were left stranded. To the northwest and Wisconsin the fox river reached record levels cresting at more than seventeen feet. That is two feet above the highest level recorded. House speaker Paul Ryan returned to his home state to tour the areas devastated by the storm. This happened so fast. It really really happened so fast in the league were caught off guard. So it's a real blessing that we did not have the kind of loss of life or injury that could happen. All for some people in Lincoln charge just north of Chicago. Paddling was about the only way home and we're gonna pray that this is it just as high as it goes nobody else needs more water it's done enough damage. David they know reporting in American doctor has agreed to travel to the UK do examined it critically ill baby as his parents fight to bring into the US for. EXP or mental treatment. The New York neurology expert professor me she over Rondo of Columbia University Medical Center is coming to London Monday. To assess whether eleven month old Charlie guard should be given an experimental treatment in the US. That might save his life or be taken off life support. Has his London hospital insists the judge says it'll be at least ten days before a full hearing on Charlie's fate Larry Miller CBS news London. Listen up especially if you've got kids a new report is raising questions about chemicals found in foods particularly. The cheese powder used in some macaroni and cheese products. The report funded by four advocacy groups that's common chemicals known as style links are found in the macaroni and cheese. And other cheese products their findings are not surprising are inconsistent wind unfortunately. Increasing literature that has documented. Bally's and easily getting into and staying in. Especially dairy products. Without weights are chemicals used to make plastics soft and can get into food during packaging and processing. They can just run the hormones in the body. And could affect the developing brains of children. Doctor Leonardo trust Sunday at NYU Orlando medical center says this research has shown a link between Alex and increases in blood pressure. And resistance to insulin and children. While it's difficult to avoid valley to. Doctor just Sunday says simple steps can reduce your exposure eating fresh fruits and vegetables in particular is a great way to avoid contact but the food packaging in the first place experts say don't microwave in plastic. The heat can cause of the chemical to seep into your food. Also don't use the dishwasher for plastics glass and stainless steel containers are good alternatives for storage. And have a plastic container scratched or damaged its best to toss it. Don champion CBS news Dallas. The visa wants more restaurants and food vendors to go cash list. It's offering fifty of them in a ward of up to 101000 dollars each to help upgrade the payment technology if they commit to ditching cash. CBS news financial contributor melody Hobson talked about it on CBS this morning. For years it would talking about this trend to go in tax less beef is finally doing it tell us more about this program so it's a very small program to start its fifty merchants don't keep in mind they have something like. Thirty million merchants that use these are around the world to with a small step 500000 dollars but the idea is Cassius they're biggest competitor. Cast is still the number one way that we pay in this country and it's growing around the world so it's not master card that they're worried about are apple pay its cash. They wanna take some of that business away for cash so who benefits when we go Catholics certainly the credit card companies the debit card companies the banks they absolutely benefit remember every time we swipe to get a piece of the action. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1% for back and more for American Express. Certainly that contact less networks like apple paid Google pay because they're going to. In best in those that technology for these businesses so they can accept those digital payment networks. And then at the end of the day the merchant you don't have to worry so much about fast. You're not worried about how you close that the Castro terrorist register at the end of the day. Taking the money to the bank at the end of the day so all of those things go away at sees a lot of time for the merchant. You're not worried about physical stuff which you can be worried about digital fast plan to other issues they come up cyber attacks which remains a big concern today to issue and growing the cyber criminals are getting better and better at what they do and we just have to be very very Cognos that. Of that we've read about these breaches target Yahoo! the one with Verizon. So this is something that we've all gotten used to leap to understand. They're getting more more sophisticated and you just have to accept it as a way of life and that ever was a while an estimated credit card because one's gonna be breached it was right I mean let's hope it gets better at some point and it was so far behind Europe that what they've done with chip and pay. We've been chipped piece we haven't gotten the pen peace. I am done yet which is the double to factor rockets is authentication and that really helps sort of cut down on this level of fact. Financial contributor melody Hobson talking with CBS this morning scientists in Japan are developing a device that aims to detect dirty bombs. Officials hope to deploy it before the 20/20 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Conventional X ray baggage screening machines can't detect the presence of nuclear materials. So Japan has refining a device that uses neutron beams. It can identify even Trace amounts of fissionable material hidden in luggage with them a second. Authorities are concerned about preventing attacks using so called dirty bombs which are easy to assemble and can contaminate large areas. Lucy craft CBS news Tokyo. And finally this week in a tribute to legendary CBS newsman who would have turned 100 Friday. Douglas Edwards hurt his calling on the radio march that. 1938. Blows the first world news round up and I said that's where I want ago I wanna join. Those guys are heroes Douglas Edwards with the CBS world news round up avoid service. Aren't they on the radio Edwards was also the first network TV anchorman in 1948. This was a fifteen minutes CBS news broadcast. And eventually became a CBS evening news and it launched him on a forty year run on television Steve case and CBS news. That doesn't for the weekend roundup thanks for listening we wanna get your feedback send us your story ideas. Autograph requests but remedies whatever to weaken around up at CBS The show is always online on apple podcast who will play stitcher and now Spotify. We can round up has produced at the CBS news Washington bureau the walker is the technical supervisor who were able area is the production assistant in New York. Have a great week. I'm Steve Dorsey CBS. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven boat.